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Vote Fraud News

Sunday  10/31/2004

Georgia's e-voting system will get biggest test on Tuesday  10/31/2004 AP 

Problems still remain in Florida balloting  10/31/2004 Capitol Outlook, FL: "Noting that it was revealed just yesterday on the Tom Joyner Morning Show that 12 million single moms were not registered to vote in November, Greene said, "I just wish some kind of way these people would understand that if government goes this far to throw your registration card out, that should prove to you just how important that little card is, in terms of registering and voting." "

Minority voter suppression: Lynching by laptop  10/31/2004 Insight News 

Voter Suppression Becomes Biggest Election ‘Issue’  10/31/2004 New Standard: "News surfaced Tuesday evening that the Bush campaign’s Florida office has a list of the names and addresses of 1,886 voters in and around Jacksonville, Florida, a predominately black city inside Duval County, where official voter registration figures show Democrats have a nearly 50,000 person edge over Republicans. In an October 26 broadcast of the BBC’s Newsnight, investigative journalist Greg Palast reported that Florida Bush/Cheney campaign officials are keeping a spreadsheet they call a "caging list.". The broadcast included portions of an interview with Ion Sancho, the Leon County election supervisor who headed up statewide recount efforts on the orders of the Florida Supreme Court back in 2000. Sancho has raised the possibility that the "caging list" will be used to challenge the eligibility of voters at the polls, an action permitted by an arcane law passed in 1895."

Fraud File: States to Watch  10/31/2004 NewsMax: "Unlike in 2000, Florida now has a statewide recount law. Recounts are automatic if the result is within 0.5 percent of total votes cast." [This extreme-right paper forgets that over 30% of the voting machines are incapable of doing a recount.]

Saturday  10/30/2004

The Caging List - Jacksonville, FL  10/30/2004 Black Voter Net: "Are Republicans keeping a Caging List so as to challenge Black voters?"

Sparks couple take vote battle to state high court  10/30/2004 Las Vegas Review Journal: "A Sparks couple who claim a Republican-backed voter drive lost or destroyed their Democratic registration forms have taken their case to the Nevada Supreme Court."

Republicans Pressed To Halt Voter-Suppression Efforts  10/30/2004 OneWorld: "With political analysts agreeing that voter turnout, especially of minority and youth voters, will likely determine the outcome of next Tuesday’s presidential election, civil and human rights groups are pressing the Republican National Committee (news - web sites) (RNC) to call off plans aimed at discouraging people from casting ballots."

Friday  10/29/2004

Election day trickery  10/29/2004 Afro American Newspapers: "If you vote by provisional ballot, physically be at the Election Board office on Thursday [Nov. 4] after the election to make sure your vote is counted. The goal is to vote by any means necessary," said Cheatham.

Charges over voter rights intensify  10/29/2004 Boston Globe: ''Republicans are yet again crying fraud and spinning a story of chaos at the polls . . . and laying the groundwork for challenges," said Christine Anderson, a Kerry campaign spokeswoman in Fort Lauderdale. ''They're developing lists of voters they plan to challenge. They could bring these to the supervisor of elections office ahead of time to try to get it resolved before Election Day, and they've not done that. They'd rather scare people away from the polls."

Another Voter Intimidation Tactic: Flyer Full of Lies  10/29/2004 Buzzflash: "This is an example of the type of tactic being done in the African American neighborhoods to suppress the vote. It is not an accident; it is intentional and it is aimed at the newly registered and infrequent voter, or the fearful voter. This is why we need all of you to please keep your eyes and ears open, participate wherever you can and encourage people to not be intimidated by or discouraged from voting."

Bush Administration Attempts To Overturn Decades of Legal Precedence & Block Voting Rights Lawsuits From Voters  10/29/2004 Democracy Now 

Ohio Lawmakers Call for Secretary of State Blackwell to Resign  10/29/2004 Democracy Now: "Meanwhile, Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell has come under fire in recent weeks for his directives on provisional ballots in the state that many say would disenfranchise voters. Several Ohio Democratic Senators are calling for the immediate resignation of Blackwell, stating in a letter addressed to him that he has been "unresponsive to the needs of Ohio's voters" and has "failed to uphold [his] duties as chief elections officer." "

Secret Document Suggests GOP Preparing to Challenge Black Vote in Florida  10/29/2004 Democracy Now: "GREG PALAST: Yeah. That's why I’m grateful that you have run the report today. Because the Republican National Committee is threatening BBC, as they have done before with my reports, saying that if Greg Palast is on the air there will be no interviews for the network. From the Republican National Committee, which is, of course, cutting off the air supply of the news organization, and you can immediately see why American news organizations won't touch the story. That's basically that the Republican Party has a hit list of black people they're going to try to wipe out on Election Day, stop them from voting, and in particular, this has the effect of not only of intimidating the voters, eliminating voters, but in places like Jacksonville where three and four-hour waits are expected, this could entirely sabotage the voting operation. Understand, this is illegal if they're targeting black folk. It is against federal law." ...GREG PALAST: What you saw was a guy, Ion Sancho, who is probably considered the most experienced and respected of election supervisors in Florida. Unfortunately, my one mistake was to identify him as a Democrat, because the Republicans told me he was a Democrat. He's very independent, not affiliated with any party. He has also asked the parties not to challenge voters on Election Day. The supervisors have said it's really never been done in Florida history. This basically is an attempt to stop the entire voting process, bring it to a halt. As for registrations, what happened was that students, mostly Democrats, students filled out petition forms for medical use of marijuana, and it turns out they were signing the back of registration forms without knowing it, reregistering themselves as republicans. This was definitely tied to a republican-paid operation, and at least 4,000 of the forged registrations, which is a felony to forge registration, have been found, and Jeb Bush's department of law enforcement says that they don't have time for the next few weeks to get around to arresting the forgers. It's just -- this is just the beginning of the game."

Bush campaign says early voters not ID'd, Dem electioneering allowed  10/29/2004 Denver Port 

Residents see a pattern of prejudice  10/29/2004 Detroit Free Press: published 12/13/00, the Board is now more diverse - "The all-white and all-Republican Duval County Canvassing Board deliberately confused voters by issuing a ballot that was radically different from the sample ballot that had been released earlier to newspapers and voters. Voters were encouraged to bring the sample ballot to the polls with their choices already marked. Voters who made mistakes on the ballot and realized it were refused replacement ballots, a violation of Florida law, which allows voters up to two replacement ballots."

Tensions rise in Florida as charges of intimidation, ballot problems  10/29/2004 KVOA, Tucson 

GOP calls 925 felons illegal voters  10/29/2004 Miami Herald: "The Republican Party of Florida drew up its own list of felons it says are ineligible to vote. The party could use the information to contest election results if they are close again in Florida."

The Shadow of Jim Crow: Voter Intimidation and Suppression in America Today  10/29/2004 NAACP 

FOX Continues to Flail Away About "Voter Fraud"  10/29/2004 News Hound: "Notice how all the misdoings in the piece are by Democrats? And if the challenges in Ohio have been turned down by the courts, why is FOX still reporting on it in a piece called "Fraud File?" My feeling is that FOX is using these stories to lay the groundwork for future voter challenges in the swing states and for casting the results of the election in doubt just in case - horror of FOX horrors - the unthinkable happens and Bush loses next Tuesday."

The Return of the 'Butterfly Ballot'  10/29/2004 NYT 

Thursday  10/28/2004

Florida ballot papers go missing  10/28/2004 BBC: ""It looks like they're trying to steal the vote again," said Diane Glasser, vice-chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party. Both the Democrats and Republicans have already begun filing lawsuits in states across the US, challenging different aspects of the election process… "It looks like they're trying to steal the vote again," said Diane Glasser, vice-chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party. Both the Democrats and Republicans have already begun filing lawsuits in states across the US, challenging different aspects of the election process."

Black Vote Smothered by Electoral College  10/28/2004 Black Commentator: "The whites of the Old Confederacy - once Democrats, then rebels against the Union, then Democrats again, and now mostly Republicans - practice racial bloc voting to keep Black minorities - ranging from 16 percent (Arkansas) to 36 percent (Mississippi) - in political check within state boundaries. But it is the Electoral College that chains Black southern voters to their white political antagonists, in effect forcing Blacks to add the weight of their franchise to that of the Republican Party's racist base, every four years. We vote against their candidate - they walk away with the southern half of Black America's electoral votes."

Election 2004: The Vote Theft Begins  10/28/2004 Black Commentator: "Derisive terms like Uncle Tom should be used rarely. It is easier to use invective rather than well reasoned debate. Name calling can be an easy out. On the other hand, it works perfectly for the Ken Blackwells of the world. Mr. Blackwell not only has a name filled with irony, but he may have replaced Clarence Thomas as the worst Uncle Tom in the nation. Blackwell began his descent into turncoat hell by doing everything in his power to suppress the vote in Ohio, one of the so-called “swing states” that will decide this election. He tried to uphold an obscure and seldom enforced law mandating that voter registration forms only be accepted if they were on paper of a certain weight. Blackwell still wasn’t finished. A federal judge ordered him to count provisional ballots that may be cast in the incorrect voting precinct. The legal fights will continue in Ohio and many other states until well after Election Day. It is likely that on November 3rd the outcome may still be unknown."

U.S. to dispatch election monitors  10/28/2004 CNN: "The Justice Department is expected to announce Thursday where it plans to send about 1,000 federal election monitors charged with protecting the voting rights of citizens in the November 2 balloting."

New Evidence of Voter Blacklist in Florida?  10/28/2004 Institute for Public Accuracy 

Republican list of ineligible voters stirs controversy in Florida  10/28/2004 KRT: "The GOP found the allegedly illegal voters by using the same flawed list of felons that had been drawn up by the state elections division but was scrapped after news organizations exposed its inaccuracies. The party has built a list of 14,489 registered voters it says should not be allowed to vote because they are felons whose civil rights have not been restored. Of those, Republican officials say 925 thus far have either voted early or requested an absentee ballot."

Missing ballots to be remailed  10/28/2004 Miami Herald: "Broward County's election office is resending about 76,000 absentee ballots to voters who say they asked for but still haven't received them, an ominous sign of voting problems just days before the nation again sets its eyes on Florida."

"It Will Be Worse Than in 2000"  10/28/2004 Salon: interview with Julian Bond - "I think it will be worse than in 2000. For one thing, in 2000 you did not have the law-enforcement apparatus of the government engaged on one side of the contest, as you do now. Attorney General [John] Ashcroft has instituted this so-called ballot integrity program. Yes, despite appeals to him to issue statements saying we're interested in protecting the voters' right to cast their votes, he's focused entirely on suspicions and allegations of fraud. I don't think anyone thinks that fraud is a widespread problem in the American electoral system. Instead, he's instructed his attorneys general across the United States to be on the alert for fraud, rather than be on the alert for people who are likely to stymie voters and keep them from casting their votes. The two parties are much more aware, taking a lesson from 2000, that every vote counts, and the Democrats take the lesson to mean we need to get all our people to the polls, while the Republicans take the lesson to mean we have to keep as many people as we can away."

Gov. Bush: Poll watchers can, should challenge voters  10/28/2004 St Petersburg Times: "Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections Buddy Johnson met with a John Kerry lawyer this week to discuss how to handle challenges from Republican lawyers. "We are hopefully going to rely on civility, and beyond that, we are going to rely on law enforcement," Johnson said. The concept of challenging voters isn't restricted to Florida. In Ohio, Republicans already have challenged the eligibility of 35,000 of Ohio's 800,000 newly registered voters. Florida Democrats on Wednesday released a memo sent to state and local election officials insisting such challenges should be rare, accompanied by irrefutable proof and not disruptive to other voters. The Democratic Party and Kerry's campaign said it will have 7,000 poll watchers in Florida on Election Day, including 1,500 lawyers."

Students Decry Registration Problems - Democrats Allege 'Scare Tactics' to Suppress Young People's Poll Turnout  10/28/2004 Washington Post: "Reports of college students being discouraged from registering by local officials in a host of college towns are growing more common in the Granite State, where Kerry and President Bush are locked in a tight race. The issue of student eligibility has also been a source of contention in other states, including Virginia, Texas and Maine. Democrats allege a systematic program of "scare tactics" designed to suppress turnout among one of their key constituencies. Republicans say they will be monitoring out-of-staters at the polls on Nov. 2 to ensure that state election laws designed to prevent voter fraud are enforced."

Phony letters tell people they cannot vote  10/28/2004 WKYC, Ohio: "The phony letter says newly registered voters signed up by the Kerry or Capri Cafaro campaigns or the NAACP, their registrations are illegal and they will not be able to vote. “That was not authorized by the Board of Elections, said Elections Director Jan Clair. “It was not mailed by the Lake County Board of Elections.”"

Wednesday  10/27/2004

Pre-Election Suits Feed Election Doubts  10/27/2004 AP 

Voter Intimidation in Jacksonville  10/27/2004 Black Voter Net: "Voter intimidation is not a myth my God I feel like I am in a third world country so far today I have handled four cases that were clear intimidation that we over turned with lawyers the office I am running has had the computers compromised, my phone bank suddenly shut down, and then a county inspector came in and shut off our water so we have no bathrooms. We are in a strip mall and we are the only ones shut down and we can't get anyone over to turn us back on, I had to go back to my host home to get computer work done."

3 former workers: Firm paid pro-Bush bonuses  10/27/2004 Minneapolis Star Tribune: "Three former canvassers for a company working in Minnesota to reelect President Bush have come forward to say they were paid bonuses for registering Bush supporters but got nothing for registering voters who favor challenger John Kerry. One man, who worked for only a few hours for the company, Sproul and Associates, said it was implied that he could be fired for coming back with only Kerry registration cards. "I was told, your job is to bring in Republican cards. If you don't, then you won't be working here for very long," said Adam Banse, who quit after two hours."

Going through hoops to vote  10/27/2004 North Jersey Media: "In spite of being dazed by a sucker punch, Florida's black voters have rallied through aggressive outreach and have increased African-American registration by more than a third. Look at how those Jacksonville folks got knocked down and are up before the 10 count to fight for those precious few minutes to choose governmental representatives. Florida is up 18 percent overall, New Jersey 18.5, both impressive indicators of increased voter interest."

Stolen Election? This Time Around, Let’s Be Prepared  10/27/2004 Progressive Trail: by Medea Benjamin - "A new coalition, made up of peace, women, labor, civil rights, religious and environmental groups, has set up an Urgent Response Network to be activated in event of a stolen election. On the group’s website,, tens of thousands of people have already signed a pledge saying that they remember the fraud-ridden presidential election of 2000 and that if the election is stolen again, they will join nationwide protests starting on November 3rd--either in their local communities, in the states where the fraud occurred, or in Washington DC. The pledge signers include personalities such as Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson, and Dolores Huerta, as well as representatives from groups such as the AFL-CIO, Sierra Club, United for Peace and Justice, Global Exchange, CodePink, and the Feminist Majority."

Counties urged to protect early voters from harassment  10/27/2004 Sun Sentinel: "The state sent the memo, which includes a recommendation to hire off-duty law enforcement or private security experts for crowd and traffic control, at the request of Gov. Jeb Bush. Over the weekend, Bush heard complaints and read newspaper reports of voters being intimidated, harassed and heckled while casting early ballots."

BBC report sparks Florida vote storm  10/27/2004 UPI: "Republican state campaign spokeswoman Mindy Tucker Fletcher confirmed to the BBC that GOP poll workers in Florida would be instructed to challenge voters "where it's stated in the law." But at the time she refused to deny the possibility that the "caging list" would be used to create a challenge list for black voters from overwhelmingly Democratic districts. Later, she offered another explanation for it."

THE MINORITY VOTE  10/27/2004 Washington Monthly: "Suddenly the Bush campaign's obsession with challenging voters in minority neighborhoods makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Their own internal polling is probably telling them the same thing that Fabrizio's poll says: unless they somehow manage to keep the minority vote down, they're doomed."

Democrats file 9 suits in Florida  10/27/2004 Washington Times 

Tuesday  10/26/2004

AP Poll: Voters Skeptical About Election  10/26/2004 AP 

Poll reveals Florida blacks wary of touch-screen voting  10/26/2004 AP 

Thousands of lawyers prepare for battle in the state  10/26/2004 AP 

New Florida vote scandal feared  10/26/2004 BBC: by Greg Paslast - "Two e-mails, prepared for the executive director of the Bush campaign in Florida and the campaign's national research director in Washington DC, contain a 15-page so-called "caging list". It lists 1,886 names and addresses of voters in predominantly black and traditionally Democrat areas of Jacksonville, Florida. An elections supervisor in Tallahassee, when shown the list, told Newsnight: "The only possible reason why they would keep such a thing is to challenge voters on election day." "

Making Votes Count: Is a Theft of the 2004 Election Already Underway?  10/26/2004 Democracy Now 

Suppressing the overseas vote  10/26/2004 Guardian 

Early voting in Florida produces problems, fuels concerns  10/26/2004 KRT: "Lines have moved so slowly on new touch-screen voting machines that only six votes per hour are being cast in parts of South Florida, a troubling ratio for next week's expected crush of voters. Gov. Jeb Bush ordered election supervisors to "preserve order at the polls" after episodes of voter harassment arose and some workers threatened to abandon their posts when an aide was nearly choked by an angry partisan grabbing the identification badge around her neck. "I don't trust it," said Janice Monaldi of Fort Lauderdale, whose suspicions about the election system were heightened when she discovered her home address had been inexplicably changed on her voter registration, which would have invalidated her ballot had she not checked. "I just hope it's enough of a landslide so it can't be questioned.""

Democratic officials: Republicans to try to intimidate voters  10/26/2004 Las Vegas Review Journal: ""They are looking to take as many Democrats off the roll as possible," Summers said. "This a systematic approach, here and across the country."...Larry Lomax, Clark County's top election official, said a poll watcher can challenge a voter's residency or identity."

Local 10 Uncovers Big Ballot Mystery  10/26/2004 Local 10, Fort Lauderdale, FL: "Local 10 has received many phone calls from viewers in Broward County who say they have not received the absentee ballots –- and the news from the elections office doesn't sound good. Local 10 has learned that many as many as 58,000 ballots that were supposed to mailed out on Oct. 7 and 8 could be missing. The Broward County Supervisor of Elections office is saying only that the situation is "unusual," and they are looking into it."

The "Caging" of Black voters in Jacksonville by the GOP  10/26/2004 MyDD: "UPDATE: A few readers have pointed out that even if the Republicans are telling the truth that the list is only a compilation of bad addresses returned from a direct-marketing mail, its purpose could have been less than innocent -- to challenge voters on residency grounds (since the GOP would have some reason to believe their addresses didn't qualify). This is plausible; it's worth noting, and we should have noted earlier, that the RNC has in fact been accused of these actions before, and in 1987, in response to a civil rights suit, it signed a consent decree pledging not to do this. But Republicans told War Room that this was not the purpose of this list, and, so far, we have no way of proving them wrong."

Getting it on in Florida  10/26/2004 NY Daily News: datelined Jacksonville - "Corrine Brown, a Democratic congresswoman from Jacksonville, said yesterday that state officials in Tallahassee have 60,000 more registered Duval County voters on their lists than local pols ever knew about. Those names, according to Brown, are about to be struck from the rolls as "inactive" because they have not voted since 2000. The congresswoman is threatening - what else? - a lawsuit to get to the bottom of the possible purge. "Blood is thicker than water. It's thicker than good government," says Brown, referring to Gov. Jeb Bush, the President's brother."

Election Day Misdeeds  10/26/2004 NYT: "In the name of fraud prevention, the Republicans plan to use 3,600 challengers in Ohio, a pivotal state where the race is dead even and there has been a big surge in first-time registrations for Democratic voters. There is no telling how many partisan challengers there will be nationwide next week because many states do not require them to be identified in advance. If challengers behave properly, they can help make elections better. But partisan challengers acting in bad faith can do considerable damage. Aggressive challengers have been known to bully poll workers, many of whom are elderly and have only limited knowledge of election law. It is likely that some voters will be challenged next week not because they appear to be ineligible, but because partisan challengers think that they will vote for the other side. There is a long history of challengers' targeting minority precincts and minority voters. It is troubling that in Ohio this year, the Republicans appear to be focusing much of their effort on Cleveland, Dayton and other cities with large African-American and Latino populations."

Some Fear Ohio Will Be Florida of 2004  10/26/2004 Washington Post: "But Democrats, and some election officials as well, say the most potentially disruptive action could be Republican challenges of voters' eligibility filed over the past few days. Although some of the more than 35,000 challenges have been withdrawn or rejected by county officials, about 25,000 are pending." [The same tactics are apparently being planned for Florida.]

Florida ballot chief warns on 'observers'  10/26/2004 Washington Times: "In a related matter, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR) has asked Attorney General John Ashcroft to refrain from issuing directives and communications that could deter voters, saying Justice Department policy clearly shows that voter fraud investigations or the threat of them can lead to voter suppression. LCCR officials urged Mr. Ashcroft to tell U.S. attorneys nationwide that press releases about efforts to preserve voting integrity should simply provide contact information, rather than outline penalties and types of activities vulnerable to fraud. They said the releases could "scare some voters off or cause them not to seek legitimate help." " [The Rev. Moon's papre does its usual psyops job of mixing truth and propaganda.]

Monday  10/25/2004

This Time, the People Are Watching  10/25/2004 Alternet: "Citizens who care about democracy must be prepared to defend the vote. There are things that can be done to better the odds that fewer votes will be discarded this time. There is a wonderful election protection operation - Election Protection 2004 that has been put together by an alliance of civil rights groups, to defend people's right to vote at the polls. This time, because so many people have mobilized, the GOP forces will have more trouble intimidating people at the polls, getting ballots tossed out on technicalities, ignoring provisional ballots, and knocking voters off the rolls."

Judge dismisses suit seeking paper trail for touch-screen machines  10/25/2004 AP 

Portrait of a Country on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown  10/25/2004 Axis of Logic 

Philly Block the Vote -- "keep that number down."  10/25/2004 Campaign Extra: "The most powerful Republican in Philadelphia (how's that for an oxymoron) is now caught up in the GOP Block the Vote scandal here, all because of a comment he made to U.S. News & World Report. The official in question is Pennsylvania House Speaker John Perzel, who represents a rowhouse neighborhood in Northeast Philly and is considered the most powerful GOP figure in Harrisburg. He's also very active in local politics. Here's what he told the magazine: "The Kerry campaign needs to come out with humongous numbers here in Philadelphia. It's important for me to keep that number down.""

Suppression, Fraud and Breakdown: Voting Problems Emerge in States Across the Country  10/25/2004 Democracy Now 

GOP Plans to Wage War Against Vote Fraud  10/25/2004 NewsMax: "Believing that Democrats are poised to engage in massive vote fraud in key battleground states, the Republican Party is planning to deploy thousands of monitors to challenge questionable voters."

Reports of intimidation mar early voting  10/25/2004 Orlando Sentinel: "Incidents from Miami to Jacksonville prompted the Republican Party on Friday to send Secretary of State Glenda Hood 13 affidavits from voters who said they were intimidated along with a letter pleading for more voter protection at early-voting sites. "We had one guy that walked away and didn't cast his vote," said Mindy Tucker Fletcher, a senior Republican adviser. "It's a problem. People shouldn't be harassed as they go in to vote." The Democrats also reported some abnormalities, including voters who called a Democratic hotline to report that they "felt intimidated" or were turned away from voting, said Christine Anderson, a spokeswoman for the national Democratic Party."

Early vote sites besieged by chaos  10/25/2004 Palm Beach Post: "Similar problems have erupted in Palm Beach County, where Supervisor of Elections Theresa LePore said Sunday that she wouldn't rule out closing one or more of the county's eight early voting sites. Staff members have been harassed by campaign partisans and unruly voters, she said. Several temporary workers have abruptly quit their posts because of the abuse, she said."

Sunday  10/24/2004

Florida Sets Up Voter Fraud Task Force  10/24/2004 AP: "FDLE spokesman Tom Berlinger said most of the problems seem to be cropping up with forms turned in by groups that hire people to register new voters."

Priced Rite Investigations, Jacksonville  10/24/2004 E Investigator: noticed videotaping the one Jacksonville voting location serving over 2 million people - "Priced Rite Investigations. Owner Name Fred Hillerich, Address 6453 Solandra Dr. So., Florida, Telephone 904-779-9815, E-Mail, Description Video SV, Domestic and Background Checks, wireless remote cameras."

Twelve ways Bush is now stealing the Ohio vote  10/24/2004 Free Press, OH: "The Republican "November Surprise" to steal the 2004 election is in full force here in Ohio. With polls showing a dead heat, the GOP is staging an all-out attack on a fair vote count in the Buckeye State."

Questionable Absentee Ballots Lead To Criminal Charges  10/24/2004 KOTA TV News: "Six Republican notary publics face misdemeanors in connection with absentee ballot applications filled out on South Dakota college campuses."

Activists Criticize Limited Hours Of Duval's Early Voting Sites  10/24/2004 News4 JAX: "Monday through Friday, while the downtown office will be open for voting 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., voting hours at the libraries will be 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. But weekend hours for voting at the library sites and the supervisor's office at 105 East Monroe St. will be 1 to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, which has prompted criticism from Democratic officials and civil rights activists."

FDLE Investigating Voting Fraud In Duval, Other Counties  10/24/2004 News4 JAX: "Many of the problems seem to be cropping up with forms turned in by groups that hire people to register new voters. An FDLE press release singled out the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, saying its "workers have been connected with the widespread voter irregularities." [And from ACORN's site,, "ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, is the nation's largest community organization of low and moderate-income families, with over 150,000 member families organized into 800 neighborhood chapters in 65 cities across the country. Since 1970 ACORN has taken action and won victories on issues of concern to our members. Our priorities include: better housing for first time homebuyers and tenants, living wages for low-wage workers, more investment in our communities from banks and governments, and better public schools."

Judge Hears Arguments Over Duval County Early-Voting Sites  10/24/2004 News4 JAX: "Attorney Laura Shores told U.S. District Judge Harvey Schlesinger that compared with other large Florida counties, Duval County's five early-voting sites are not enough. She said Duval county has the largest African-American population in the state, but the fewest early-voting sites of any large city in Florida."

BALLOTS - Training is needed  10/24/2004 Times Union, Jacksonville, FL: "The North Florida Democratic Party leadership would do well to undertake an extensive voter education program. There is no doubt that if all the ballots been properly cast in 2000, we would have had a different outcome. It is time to stop the complaining and start the training. G.I. BIARNESEN, inspector, Jacksonville"

Priority placed on getting mistakes off the ballot  10/24/2004 USA Today: "Duval County, Fla., had the most errors. It spread the presidential candidates' names over two pages. More than 10,000 people voted once on the first page for Bush or Gore, then again on the second page for a minor-party candidate. It won't happen again. Duval County replaced its punch-card system with touch-screen voting machines that make such errors impossible. "We've gotten rid of those gosh-awful things," says Mike Hightower, Republican Party chairman in Duval County, which includes Jacksonville. His Democratic counterpart, Clyde Collins, agrees: "The new design is light-years ahead of what we had."" [But can you do a recount?]

Saturday  10/23/2004

Florida: Questions raised about double voting, student registrations  10/23/2004 AP 

GOP challenges voters Party questions validity of thousands in Ohio  10/23/2004 Columbus Dispatch, OH 

Black Caucus members visit Florida to get out vote  10/23/2004 Dallas Morning News: "Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Dallas, said after a Kerry rally in Pembroke Pines, near Fort Lauderdale. "We've already witnessed some of the shenanigans going on." "

Three-Fourths of Voting Machines will be Used Again on Nov. 2  10/23/2004 NNPA 

Big G.O.P. Bid to Challenge Voters at Polls in Key State  10/23/2004 NYT: "Among the main swing states, only Ohio, Florida and Missouri require the parties to register poll watchers before Election Day; elsewhere, party observers can register on the day itself. In several states officials have alerted poll workers to expect a heightened interest by the parties in challenging voters. In some cases, poll workers, many of them elderly, have been given training to deal with any abusive challenging."

Voter intimidation begins early in Florida  10/23/2004 Simply Appalling: "Black ministers and others decried Carlberg's decision to open a single early voting site and last week descended on his office but left unappeased after Carlberg, who is white, refused to open additional sites or work to correct voter registration applications that were incomplete… On Thursday, the elections office contacted police after Democrats complained about men videotaping people in front of the office all day. U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown and coalition members confronted them in the evening. But Scheu said the videotaping was allowed on a public sidewalk across the street. "We're powerless to stop them," Scheu said. Owner Fred Hillerich of Price Rite Investigations of Jacksonville declined to say who hired his firm to videotape events at the office. But he said he had done the work elsewhere before, and "I ain't doing anything to nobody." "I'm sure it is, it's intimidation," said the Rev. Willie M. Bolden, a Southern Christian Leadership Conference official who joined others questioning Hillerich. "They're doing all kinds of things across the state." "

Early vote case in federal court; state forms task force on fraud  10/23/2004 Times Union, Jacksonville, FL: "Coalition of preachers, citing black "disenfranchisement," want 4 more Jacksonville voting locations."

Friday  10/22/2004

Reports of Voter Irregularities Plague Cities Across the Country  10/22/2004 Black America Web: "Don’t rely on mailings or calls that claim to be informing you where the polling place is located. One of the most popular confusion tactics used in the 2004 primaries was to inform black voters of the wrong polling location through mailings and phone calls according to Melanie Campbell, executive director of the National Council on Black Civic Participation."

Could the Associated Press (AP) Rig the Election?  10/22/2004 EcoTalk: "The Associated Press (AP) will be the sole source of raw vote totals for the major news broadcasters on Election Night. However, AP spokesmen Jack Stokes and John Jones refused to explain to this journalist how the AP will receive that information. They refused to confirm or deny that the AP will receive direct feed from voting machines and central vote tabulating computers across the country. But, circumstantial evidence suggests that is exactly what will happen. And what can be downloaded can also be uploaded. Computer experts say that signals can travel both to and from computerized voting machines through wireless technology, modems, and even simple electricity. Computer scientists have long warned that computer voting is an invitation to vote fraud and system failure. An examination of Diebold election software by several computer scientists, including Dr. Avi Rubin and his staff, proved that secret backdoors can be built into computer programs that allow votes to be easily manipulated without detection."

The Coming Post-Election Chaos: A Storm Warning of Things to Come If the Vote Is as Close as Expected - By JOHN W. DEAN  10/22/2004 FindLaw: "It does not seem to trouble either Rove or Bush that they are moving us toward a Twenty-first Century civil war -- and that, once again, Southern conservatism is at its core. Only a miracle, it strikes me, can prevent this election from descending into post-election chaos."

Florida is focus of furor again  10/22/2004 Gregory Law Firm - USA Today 

Florida's E-Voting Concerns Complicate Recount Worries  10/22/2004 News4 JAX: ""The Republican party has tried to disenfranchise us," said Addie Greene, a black Democratic commissioner for Palm Beach County. Greene helped the county purchase 5,000 Sequoia voting machines, and then became an active opponent of paperless voting and is asking constituents to send in absentee ballots. "Palm Beach County will create a stir nationwide that no one ever would believe ... if we're disenfranchised again," she said."

Group wants 8 more sites for early voting  10/22/2004 Times Union, FL: "Owner Fred Hillerich of Price Rite Investigations of Jacksonville declined to say who hired his firm to videotape events at the office. But he said he had done the work elsewhere before, and "I ain't doing anything to nobody." "I'm sure it is, it's intimidation," said the Rev. Willie M. Bolden, a Southern Christian Leadership Conference official who joined others questioning Hillerich. "They're doing all kinds of things across the state.""

Thursday  10/21/2004

Lawsuit barrage heralds elections Electronic voting and provisional ballots among challenged issues.  10/21/2004 AP 

Federal Judge: Provisional Ballots In Wrong Precinct Don't Count  10/21/2004 News4 JAX: "TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Rejecting a claim by Democrats, a federal judge said Thursday that the state must reject provisional ballots if they're cast in the wrong precinct."

Early Voting Could Be Perilous  10/21/2004 Pacific News: "The worst excesses have occurred in Florida. The winner in Miami's 1997 mayoral election was removed from office after a court found that many of the absentee ballots that helped elect him had been forged, coerced, stolen from mailboxes or were otherwise fraudulent. Four years earlier, a judge ordered a new election for mayor of Hialeah because of absentee ballot irregularities. Absentee votes also were part of the controversy over voting in Florida during the last presidential election, with Democrats claiming Republicans had misused them to help secure George Bush's victory."

Foreign observers see problems in U.S. election  10/21/2004 Reuters: "Substantial threats to the integrity of the U.S. presidential election remain despite an improvement in election practices since 2000, an international delegation of election observers reported on Thursday. The delegation of 20, including lawyers, diplomats, civic leaders and veteran election monitors from 15 countries, visited five key states last month to review preparations for the Nov. 2 balloting. They plan to return to Florida, Ohio and Missouri on Election Day, although officials in some counties have so far not agreed to allow them access to polling places and vote counting centers."

Suppressing the overseas vote  10/21/2004 Salon 

ELECTIONS: Make them fair  10/21/2004 Times Union, Jacksonville, FL: "In Jacksonville, 27,000 votes were invalidated by the people who cast them. In 5,000 cases, they simply failed to cast a vote. In 22,000 other cases, they voted for two or more candidates in the presi- dential race. (It should be noted that their votes did count in the races where they voted properly.) No liberal yet has been able to explain how elections officials could have divined the voter intent in those invalid ballots, absent the aid of a psychic." [Note how the city's main paper fails to mention that the instructions said to vote for one per page but the presidential candidates extended over 3 pages!]

SCLC asks for probe of voting tactics - Duval, Leon counties targeted for practices that are taken as discouraging black voters  10/21/2004 Times Union, Jacksonville, FL 

International Election Observers Release Report On Upcoming US Elections  10/21/2004 VOA: "International observers are recommending the US election process be reformed to boost public confidence and guarantee fair elections. After two weeks of meetings with citizens groups, government officials and policy experts, they’ve released a report entitled “Election Readiness: It’s Never Too Late For Transparency.” "

Caltech/MIT Report: Voting - What Is, What Could Be  10/21/2004 Votewatch: posted 7/1/04 - "Soon after the 2000 Presidential Election, Caltech and MIT conducted a nationwide study of the problems associated with the election and current voting technology. They found that at least 1 in 25 (or 4% to 6%) of the votes cast in the 2000 election were "lost" – either uncounted or miscounted."

Wednesday  10/20/2004

ACLU Sues Seminole County Elections Office Over Faxed Registration  10/20/2004 AP 

E-Voting Struggles Weigh on Diebold Earns  10/20/2004 AP 

The art of stealing elections  10/20/2004 Boston Globe: "But any fair comparison of election abuses this year will reveal that one party is expending energy to register as many supporters as possible and assure that that their votes will be counted, while the other one is registering its supporters but also systematically trying to keep the opposition's votes from being cast. There is simply no comparable Democratic program of ballot suppression. Maybe we should invite election observers from Afghanistan and Iraq."

Iowa laws on voting may face a lawsuit  10/20/2004 DesMoines Register, IO: "The League of Women Voters of Iowa, the National Voting Rights Institute and the Iowa Civil Liberties Union are among those challenging the state's requirements that voters check a citizenship box on registration forms and that reject votes cast in the wrong precinct."

IUP students duped into changing party affiliation  10/20/2004 Indiana Gazette: "An official from the Indiana County Voter Registration Office estimated Tuesday that several hundred IUP students had been duped into registering as Republicans several weeks ago."

Campaign 2004: Voter registration workers cry foul  10/20/2004 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "An ostensibly nonpartisan voter registration drive in Western Pennsylvania has triggered accusations that workers were cheated out of wages and given instructions to avoid adding anyone to the voter rolls who might support the Democratic presidential nominee."

Tuesday  10/19/2004

Across the Country, Beware of Attempts to Block the Vote  10/19/2004 Minneapolis Star-Tribune: "Florida's secretary of state recently ruled that voter registrations would be deemed incomplete if those registering failed to check a box affirming their citizenship, even if they had signed an oath saying the same thing elsewhere on the form. Many counties are, sensibly, ignoring this ruling, but it's apparent that some officials have both used this rule and other technicalities to reject applications as incomplete, and delayed notifying would-be voters of problems with their applications until it was too late. Whose applications get rejected? A Washington Post examination of rejected applications in Duval County found three times as many were from Democrats, compared with Republicans. It also found a strong tilt toward rejection of blacks' registrations."

Still fighting to vote  10/19/2004 NY Daily News: "A recent report by the New York-based Century Foundation, summarizing the many studies ofthe 2000 election, concluded: "Every study found that African Americans in Florida had a profoundly higher rate of votes thrown away than whites. ... Among the 100 precincts with the highest numbers of disqualified ballots, 83 were majority black." The New York Times, which conducted its own study of 6,000 Florida precincts, found "a strong pattern of ballot rejection in black precincts that is not explained by socioeconomic differences or voting technology." "

Ballot instructions confuse voters  10/19/2004 St Petersburg Times, FL: "Absentee ballots came with two sets of instructions about how to mark a vote. But they contradicted one another on which writing tool to use."

VOTING: Double trouble  10/19/2004 Times Union, Jacksonville, FL 

Monday  10/18/2004

Problems reported as Florida voters begin casting early ballots  10/18/2004 AP: "In Orange County, the computers went down for about 10 minutes shortly after voting began, said Margaret Dunn, the senior deputy elections supervisor. She said she did not know what caused the problem." An earlier version of this story apparently had Dunn saying it was a faulty Internet connection, though these machines are not supposed to be connected to the net.

VOTING BY MACHINE OR ABSENTEE VIOLATES YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE and to have your vote counted properly  10/18/2004 EcoTalk 

DEMOCRAT PLANS IN FLORIDA  10/18/2004 Free Republic: "Well .. there's an additional Democratic tactic in Florida. The Drudge Report has obtained a copy of the Kerry/Edwards election manual for Florida. Campaign workers are encouraged to canvass local Democratic strongholds and pick up completed ballots. The ballots will then supposedly be delivered to Florida's Early Vote locations."

Group accused of destroying Democrats' voter registration cards  10/18/2004 Student Life, St. Louis: ""When we were looking to see if there was any activity in this area by this organization, we found a classified ad in Springfield, Mo., paid for by the RNC," said Sara Howard, communications director for America Coming Together, a Democratic 527 group that has been active in registering voters throughout the country. "It's hard to say [if the group was active in other locations], because the Springfield area is a largely Republican area.""

U.S.: Journalist Requests Temporary Restraining Orders Against Use of Voting Machines & Absentee Ballots - Urges Use Of Remote Polling Precincts & Provisional Ballots  10/18/2004 UN Observer 

U.S.: Republican Fraud will Disqualify 200,000 in Florida Vote, Says Harper’s and New Documentary  10/18/2004 UN Observer: "Rampant voter fraud in Florida will disqualify 200,000 mainly Democratic and African American voters on November 2, according to an article in next week’s Harper’s by Greg Palast, the BBC investigative reporter who in 2000 broke the original story regarding the infamous felon list in Florida. Palast’s findings were echoed in the October 14 New York Times Op Ed by Paul Krugman."

Sunday  10/17/2004

Punch cards may hurt blacks  10/17/2004 Columbus Dispatch, OH: "In areas with the highest population of blacks, the rate of ballots with no votes counted for president was about 5 percent, the analysis shows. For the rest of Ohio precincts it was less than 2 percent. The disparity is even more glaring if you hone in on the parts of Ohio that had the highest 10 percent of uncounted ballots. The odds of a predominantly white precinct making that list were 2 out of 33. But for predominantly black precincts, it was 2 out of 3."

Saturday  10/16/2004

VOTER FRAUD ALLEGATIONS: Judge denies request  10/16/2004 Las Vegas Review Journal: "District Judge Valerie Adair on Friday denied the Democratic Party's request to reopen voter registration to voters whose forms might have been destroyed by a Republican-backed organization."

Election-related lawsuits  10/16/2004 Palm Beach Post: "Here are the major legal challenges to Florida election laws:"

Neas Calls for Justice Department Investigation in Continuing Florida Election Scandals  10/16/2004 People for the American Way 

Friday  10/15/2004

Workers who left in ballot flap join Bush  10/15/2004 Argus Leader, SD: "South Dakota campaign official who resigned after questions arose over absentee-ballot applications will work in Ohio for the Bush-Cheney campaign, an internal Republican Party memo indicates. Larry Russell, who was chairman of the South Dakota Republican Party's get-out-the-vote operation, resigned this week after questions were raised about the validity of some of the 1,400 absentee-ballot applications gathered, largely on college campuses, by the program Russell led."

As Election Nears, Parties Begin Another Round of Legal Battles  10/15/2004 NYT 

Block the Vote - By Paul Krugman  10/15/2004 NYT: "And officials appear to be doing their best to make voting difficult for those blacks who do manage to register. Florida law requires local election officials to provide polling places where voters can cast early ballots. Duval County is providing only one such location, when other counties with similar voting populations are providing multiple sites. And in Duval and other counties the early voting sites are miles away from precincts with black majorities."

Seeing red in Florida  10/15/2004 Salon 

Democrats name GOP official in phone jamming  10/15/2004 Union Leader 

Terror Threat Complicates Election Plans in Region  10/15/2004 Washington Post: "Civil liberties groups and minority organizations across the nation have also expressed concern that a higher police presence at voting places could stifle turnout. In 2000, black voters in Florida complained that police checkpoints scared some from casting ballots in the very close election. The charges brought back echoes from the nation's civil rights history, when government power was used throughout the South to turn away black voters. "There's no question that if you were to put police officers and sheriff's deputies at the polling places, it would have an intimidating effect," said Laughlin McDonald, director of the American Civil Liberties Union voting rights project. "There are thousands of precincts around the United States. We can't make them armed guardhouses." ...In Fairfax, officials say they have implemented a secure instant message system that can broadcast text messages to thousands of pagers and cell phones. Poll workers who do not have personal cell phones will be given one, county officials said, and workers at polling places where cellular signals are weak will be given pagers. State election officials in Virginia and Maryland said they will have the capability to move personnel and data to backup locations if their offices are unusable."

Thursday  10/14/2004

4 yrs. later, Florida set for a new fiasco  10/14/2004 NY Daily News: "On Tuesday, a routine test of a small portion of Palm Beach County's new electronic touch screen voting machines - the ones that replaced the old punch card system - had to be canceled when the computer system crashed. They'll try a new test tomorrow. And this week, a group of labor unions and civic groups filed a federal voting rights lawsuit. It charges Jeb Bush's handpicked secretary of state, Glenda Hood, and other election officials with illegally rejecting new voter registration applications from thousands of black and Hispanic voters."

Burglars left plenty in political break-in - Most loot untouched at Democratic office  10/14/2004 Toledo Blaze: "One of the computers belonged to office manager Barbara Koonce, who was responsible for names and addresses of hundreds of party members, volunteers, and candidates, a master schedule for all candidates' events, and financial information. It also included a list of registered Democrats - information that had been analyzed as part of the Democrats' campaign strategy, Ms. Koonce said. "So for example, if I wanted to target African-American voters in Ward 10 now, I no longer have that list," she said."

Wednesday  10/13/2004

GOP-Funded Voter's Outreach of America Job Posting  10/13/2004 Buzzflash 

Tuesday  10/12/2004

Voter Registrations Possibly Trashed  10/12/2004 CBS: "The company has been largely, if not entirely funded, by the Republican National Committee. Similar complaints have been received in Reno where the registrar has asked the FBI to investigate."

Saturday  10/9/2004

VOTING: Machines are not the only problem  10/9/2004 Times Union, Jacksonville, FL 

Jacksonville voters describe Election Day fraud and intimidation  10/9/2004 World Socialist: published 12/00, to be repeated? "A review by the Jacksonville-based Florida Times-Union found that nearly 42 percent of the discarded votes in Duval County came from City Council Districts 7, 8, 9 and 10, located in predominantly African-American areas of Jacksonville. More than 11,300 of the 59,650 ballots in those four districts—about 19 percent—were thrown out. By comparison, 7.5 percent were discarded in District 4, where 64 percent voted for Bush."

Friday  10/8/2004

Map redrawing angers US Democrats  10/8/2004 BBC 

Lack of early-vote sites near blacks ripped  10/8/2004 Palm Beach Post 

'Election Sabotage' Alleged in Pennsylvania  10/8/2004 Republican National Committee: "Officials say citizens have complained about left-wing groups "deliberately," putting wrong information on registration forms, while other groups have submitted voter registration forms with fictitious names and addresses. "It's election sabotage," said Commissioner Mark Scott."

Democrats sue state in provisional ballot  10/8/2004 St Petersburg Times: "A federal judge refused Friday to order Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood to rescind instructions to county elections supervisors that provisional ballots must be cast in the voter's home precinct."

Thursday  10/7/2004

Florida prosecutors asked to probe possible voter fraud  10/7/2004 AP: "Duval county had already registered the voters before someone election officials declined to identify tipped them off about the suspicious information. All but three of the individuals registered as Democrats. Two chose no party and one checked Republican."

Provisional ballots join list of Florida's voting concerns  10/7/2004 St Peterburg Times: "Almost half of the provisional ballots cast in primaries were thrown out, leading to a push to make them count."

Group demands more early vote sites - Duval election office leaders "arrogant," ministers and civil rights leaders say.  10/7/2004 Times Union, Jacksonville, FL 

INTIMIDATING FLORIDA VOTERS  10/7/2004 Working For Change 

Tuesday  10/5/2004

Jesse Jackson speaks out on Ohio voters' rights  10/5/2004 Cox News: "Jackson joined three other Democrats — U.S. Reps. Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland, and former U.S. Rep. Louis Stokes — outside the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections on the final day of voter registration for the Nov. 2 election. They were there to show support for a federal lawsuit the Ohio and Sandusky County Democratic parties filed in Toledo last week, charging that Blackwell is limiting where some Ohioans may cast "provisional ballots" in violation of the federal Help America Vote Act."

Monday  10/4/2004

Kerry Accuses GOP of Suppressing Voting  10/4/2004 AP: "Republicans have been trying to suppress voting in states where the presidential race is too close to call, Democratic nominee John Kerry said Sunday at one of the city's largest predominantly black churches. "In battleground states across the country, we're hearing stories of how people are trying to make it harder to file for additional time, or how they're making it harder to even register," Kerry told an enthusiastic congregation at East Mt. Zion Baptist Church."

Thousands May Be Turned Away At Polls Due To Faulty Registration  10/4/2004 News4 JAX 

More Troubles for Diebold  10/4/2004 NYT: "Diebold, the much-criticized electronic voting machine company, got another black eye last week. A federal court in California ruled that it had violated federal law when it falsely charged two students with violating its copyrights by posting critical information about its voting machines on the Internet. The case raises more questions about Diebold's honesty and its commitment to transparency."

Saturday  10/2/2004

Idiot Boxed  10/2/2004 American Prospect: "One big reason Bush won Florida? Television (prematurely) said he did. By 2001, red-faced network news honchos promised big changes for 2004. Now we’re here. And guess what?"

Thousands of faulty registrations found in Florida  10/2/2004 AP 

Overseas voters get two ballots  10/2/2004 St Petersburg Times: "Around the globe, some 32,000 Floridians living abroad are getting similar absentee ballots in the mail. And they are confused. "Normally, when you vote, you don't get a second chance," said Bonnie Good, a U.S. citizen living in Canada. "Why am I filling out a preliminary ballot?" "

Friday  10/1/2004

Thousands of Fla. Voters May Be Refused  10/1/2004 AP: "Thousands of Floridians who think they're registered to vote could be turned away at the polls Nov. 2 because their voter registration forms weren't completely filled out, officials said Friday. Secretary of State Glenda Hood said some groups registering voters are turning in application forms with information missing, such as unchecked boxes asking whether applicants are citizens, mentally incompetent or felons. A group that's been seeking copies of the incomplete applications in an effort to help people complete them said Hood's office, citing state law, has begun blocking them."

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