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Not So Fast … Save Darfur?  5/11/2006 Counterpunch: "If President Bush had any foresight at all, he'd intervene in the Darfur mayhem just to slice a wedge in the antiwar movement. President Nixon attempted to do such a thing in the early 1970s when his administration helped establish the Environmental Protection Agency. Nixon thought the antiwar movement at the time was largely made of up radical environmentalists, so he figured why not divide the movement by appeasing a few of the enviros' wishes. Fortunately for those who wanted U.S. armed forces out of Vietnam, Nixon's ploy didn't work. Today, the Save Darfur campaign is the cause du jour for the liberal wing of the antiwar movement. And unlike Nixon and the EPA in the '70s, if Bush gets involved in Darfur he may well derail the mounting opposition to the war in Iraq. George Clooney and a handful of other Hollywood big shots, along with over 164 humanitarian and religious groups, are now calling on the United States to hustle troops over to stop the ethnic conflict. Bin Laden, in his latest radio hit (if it was really him), claimed the Darfur region of the Sudan, which is largely Muslim, would be the next stop for the U.S. imperial armies. Let's hope he's wrong, even if Clooney and Amnesty International desire it. The United States, if troops were deployed, would most likely only escalate the deaths, not end them. "

Is There Something Other Than Altruism Afoot? The Dangers of Misunderstanding Sudan  5/8/2006 Counterpunch 

Thousands Rally to Stop the Violence in Darfur Washington protesters urge Bush to push for a stronger multinational peacekeeping force.  5/1/2006 LA Times: ""Let's tell President Bush he needs to do more," said David Rubenstein, coordinator of the Save Darfur Coalition, an alliance of 165 religious and humanitarian groups that sponsored the rally… People came from as far away as California to send that message and to hear such speakers as actor George Clooney, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), Nobel Peace Prize winner and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel and Olympic speedskating gold medalist Joey Cheek."

Tens of thousands rally for Darfur In Bay Area and nationwide, a call for U.S. to act against Sudan genocide  5/1/2006 SF Chronicle 

UN takes bin Laden’s threat seriously : official  5/1/2006 Sudan Tribune 

5 congressmen led away in handcuffs after Darfu protest at Sudanese Embassy  4/28/2006 CBC: "The slaughter of the people of Darfur must end," Representative Tom Lantos (D-Calif.), a Holocaust survivor who founded the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, said from the embassy steps before his arrest. Four other Democratic Congress members - James McGovern and John Olver of Massachusetts, Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas and Jim Moran of Virginia - were among 11 protesters arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and unlawful assembly, a misdemeanour subject to a fine."

UN dismisses bin Laden threat in Sudan  4/25/2006 Sydney Morning Herald 

Bin Laden cites Sudan as West waging war against Islam  4/24/2006 Reuters South Africa 

The Dilemmas of Darfur - The Politics of Disintegration, Oil, and Foreign Intervention  10/17/2004 Islam Online 

"Janjaweed" obscures tribal conflict in Darfur  9/27/2004 Reuters 

Darfur misery has complex roots  9/26/2004 BBC 

PANA's Sudan Page - African Media  9/24/2004 PANA Press: PANA's Sudan page, in English.

Ethnic Warfare as Policy in Sudan  9/23/2004 Black Commentator 

Anti-Arab Propaganda Under Fire  9/16/2004 indyBay: "The U.S.-lead allegation that the present crisis in the black African nation of Sudan involves “genocide” was uniformly rejected by an all-black panel discussion cablecast Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2004, on C-Span. Characterizing the conflict in Sudan as a “civil war”, Akbar Muhammad, a spokesman for the Nation of Islam, asserted that the “complex...humanitarian conflict” is “not about race”. All the panelists agreed on this central point. “It is not genocide, nor is it ethnic cleansing”, said black activist Imam Khalid Abdul-Fattah Griggs. The “humanitarian crisis” is real, but he says the war is about “unequal distribution of resources”. "

Lethal Weapon star arrested in US  8/27/2004 BBC: "Lethal Weapon star Danny Glover was arrested on Wednesday outside the Sudan Embassy in Washington during a protest over Sudan's humanitarian crisis."

African Union Force Seen as Main Hope for Darfur  8/27/2004 Reuters 

Nigeria Hosts Darfur Peace Talks  8/23/2004 VOA 

'You are slaves, die like slaves': Darfur refugees tell of Janjaweed killing spree  8/22/2004 Independent 

Death and Sorrow Stalk Sudanese Across Border  8/20/2004 NYT 

Village makes poison claim  8/16/2004 Toronto Star: "Inhabitants of this picturesque village in western Sudan said the Sudanese air force sprayed them with a strange powder that killed two villagers and dozens of heads of livestock in May. Another bomb, dropped by a jet fighter the same day, produced a poisonous smoke that injured about 50 people on the other side of the village, they said."

Arab militia resumes attacks on black African villages  8/16/2004 World Tribune, VA 

Crisis in Sudan - Oil Profits Behind West's Tears for Darfur  8/9/2004 Counterpunch: "While US and European governments' goal is renewed access by their countries oil corporations to Sudan's oil wealth, Washington's latest threats against Sudan are part of a "carrot and stick" approach that it has pursued with Khartoum since the 9/11 attacks. Knowing that Sudan is desperate to "normalise" relations with the US, Washington is attempting to lure Khartoum back into the neocolonial fold using the "carrot" of promises to lift US economic sanctions imposed in 1997 and the "stick" of the threat of further sanctions. Such an approach was successful with neighbouring Libya. Washington too is eager to lift its economic sanctions. Since 1997, US oil companies have been excluded from profiting from the massive expansion of Sudan's oil industry since 1999, which has been dominated by Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Canadian and some European companies. Fighting in the 21-year-long civil war in Sudan's oil-rich south, as well as pressure from human rights activists, has forced Canadian and most European firms to sell off or suspend their operations in southern Sudan over the last two years."

Sudan forces Darfur refugees from safety of camps to be killed by Arab militiamen  8/8/2004 Independent 

Sudan Says to Accept African Forces, No Peacekeepers  8/7/2004 Reuters: "Sudan will accept African troops to protect observers in its troubled western Darfur region, but underlined any peacekeeping role would be limited to Sudanese forces, Foreign Minister Mustafa Osman Ismail said on Saturday."

'They want to kill us all. They are just devils'  8/6/2004 Independent, UK 

Sudan army's anger over UN 'war'  8/2/2004 BBC 

U.N. Begins Airdrops in Darfur Region  8/2/2004 Guardian 

The armed horsemen of Darfur  7/30/2004 Indian Express: "It is a startling coincidence that just when ONGC and Reliance are considering massive investments in Sudan’s oil, the images beamed at us by western networks are of “armed horsemen” looting and killing in the country’s Darfur province. Words like “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide” are being commonly used. President Bush, who once did not know the name of India’s prime minister, is today pronouncing “Janjaweed” with expert ease. The word actually means “an armed devil on a horse”, though most images are of armed men on camels."

Protesters Challenge Sudan Government  7/29/2004 NNPA: “If the United States of America can go and attack Iraq for murders that have been committed, they sure should have the moral authority to go into a country to save the lives of millions of people,” says Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), who was arrested for trespassing while protesting outside the Sudan Embassy July 13. “And I am certain that by doing this, America will once again have light and a beacon to shine, to have some people to believe that we don’t just care about oil, but we’re concerned about life.”

Annan Appeals for Aid to Sudan  7/28/2004 AP 

Sudan refugees are big burden on impoverished Chad  7/28/2004 Reuters 

Sudan warns against foreign intervention  7/26/2004 AFP 

US raising stakes over Darfur crisis  7/26/2004 CSM 

US State Department holds off on Sudan genocide finding  7/24/2004 ABC 

Europe adds to U.S. pressure on Sudan  7/24/2004 Reuters 

Race & Resources Drive Darfur Conflict - says human rights center head  7/23/2004 VOA 

Rev. Daughtry and Councilman Barron Arrested  7/22/2004 Black World Today: "Frustrated in their attempts to meet with officials at the Sudan embassy in New York, the Rev. Herbert Daughtry and Councilman Charles Barron decided to dramatize their plight."

Sudan's Shame  7/21/2004 Mother Jones: "For well over a year the Sudanese government has denied charges that it supports the Janjaweed. But survivors of the violence have regularly described the military and militias working side-by-side. In a briefing paper released Tuesday, Human Rights Watch uses documents obtained from the civilian administration in Darfur to back up these claims."

Darfur: US and UN could stop the slaughter by Mumia Abu-Jamal  7/21/2004 SF Bay View: "As we speak, hundreds of thousands of people are being herded into deadly concentration camps, and tens of thousands of others are being forced to flee - to make hellish death marches under a searing sun, seeking a moment’s shade and rest. These people are under relentless assault by murderous bands of rapists and thieves backed by a central government, and the governments of the West, including the U.S. and the U.N., can barely raise a murmur in protest."

Sudanese court orders convicts' hands, feet cut off - Special court charged with cracking down on militia violence  7/19/2004 AP 

Bid to end Chad's refugee riots  7/19/2004 BBC: "Following riots over the weekend, aid agencies pulled out of two camps, housing some 50,000 Sudanese refugees. The unrest was apparently sparked when a Japanese environmental agency asked the refugees to plant trees. The refugees took this as a sign that they would stay in Chad permanently, instead of returning to Darfur."

Sudan crisis worsens as militias strike  7/19/2004 The Age, Australia 

AU tries to restart Darfur talks  7/18/2004 BBC: "The African Union says it will intensify efforts to restart peace talks between the warring parties from the western Sudanese region of Darfur."

Sudan sets up groups to probe rapes in Darfur  7/18/2004 IOL, South Africa: "Sudan, under global pressure to end violence in its western provinces, ordered on Saturday that committees of female judges, police officers and legal consultants investigate rape accusations and help victims through criminal cases."

Possibility of epidemic joins violence as threat in Sudan  7/18/2004 NYT: "Days after Powell and Annan ended their tour, witnesses said, gunmen stormed a girls' school in the desert region of Darfur, chained a group of students together and set the building on fire. The charred remains of eight girls were still in shackles when military observers from the African Union arrived on the scene."

Pro-government militia in south Sudan vows to fight for survival  7/18/2004 Sudan Tribune: "A pro-government militia in southern Sudan which could be outlawed under a peace deal aimed at ending more than two decades of conflict has warned it will fight for its survival. Sudan's government and the main southern rebels Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) are expected to wrap up Monday a penultimate round of peace talks in Kenya to secure a permanent ceasefire crucial to ending Africa's longest civil war."

Darfur peace moves in disarray as rebels quit  7/17/2004 Reuters 

Experts Weigh 'Genocide' Designation for Darfur Crisis  7/17/2004 VOA 

Ethnic Media, Activists Decry Crisis in Sudan  7/16/2004 Pacific News: "Armenian activists joined with Rep. Charles Rangel and leading African American and human rights activists at a demonstration July 13 outside the Sudanese Embassy calling for United States and international pressure to end the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan. The Washington protest, organized by the Sudan Campaign, featured the arrest of rep. Charles, Rangel, a senior Democrat and New York Congressman who serves as the Ranking Member on the influential United States House Ways and Means Committee."

Sudan: A Silent Scream of Death Watched by the Blind Eyes of World  7/16/2004 US Foreign Aid Watch 

Why Is the NAACP Silent on Sudan?  7/15/2004 BeliefNet: by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach - "Hatred, so the saying goes, is blind, and there are times when leaders are so consumed with hatred of their perceived opponents that it blinds them to the real needs of their people. This is an apt description of the leadership of the NAACP who seemed so consumed with a loathing for George W. Bush that they chose to make their hatred of the President the centerpiece of their recent convention in Philadelphia while failing to awaken the world to the genocide of Black Africans in the Sudan."

Racism at root of Sudan's Darfur crisis  7/14/2004 CSM: "But anyone - including Mr. Powell and Mr. Annan - interested in averting more tragedy there must understand that Darfur is not an accidental apocalypse of mass slaughters, enslavement, pillage, and ethnic cleansing. The Darfur pogrom is part of a historic continuum in which successive Arab governments have sought to entirely destroy black Africans in this biracial nation. Darfur is not a mere humanitarian disaster that access by international relief agencies can reverse. The raison d'être of the atrocities committed by government-supported Arab militias is the racist, fundamentalist, and undemocratic Sudanese state. What is required for peace in Sudan is either regime change, in which a democratic, inclusive state is born, or a partition, in which the black African south and west become an independent sovereign state free of Khartoum and the Arab north."

Rep. Rangel Arrested in Sudan Embassy Protest  7/14/2004 Democracy Now 

Rangel arrested in Sudan protest Congressman in demonstration at Sudanese Embassy  7/14/2004 The Hill 

NCC GENERAL SECRETARY ARRESTED IN PROTEST OUTSIDE SUDAN EMBASSY  7/14/2004 WFN: "In an act of civil disobedience and protest of the genocide unfolding in Darfur, Sudan, the Rev. Dr. Robert W. Edgar, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches USA, was arrested outside of the Sudanese Embassy here today."

Too Little, Too Late - Colin Powell’s visit to Darfur only highlights the United States’ inaction  7/13/2004 In These Times 

A Call to Arms  7/8/2004 "1) If you can, contact your Congressperson/Representative to voice your concern over the crisis in the region and call for this to be officially labeled a genocide. You can find contact information for your Senator(s) at: You can find contact information for your Representative(s) at:"

Gambits don't hide Darfur crisis - Powell gets earful from relief groups, U.N. officials  7/7/2004 CNN: "It was the leather shoes that caught the eye of U.S. officials with Secretary of State Colin Powell in a camp for Sudanese uprooted by ethnic violence. Sudanese forced from their homes by war or famine normally have the most primitive footwear or none at all. Many had leather shoes at the camp and obviously didn't belong there. As U.S. officials saw it, they were assigned to intimidate actual residents who might be inclined to tell their harrowing stories to Powell and his party, including reporters."

A CRISIS IN SUDAN - Bush, UN are obligated to help  7/7/2004 Newsday: "The Bush administration and the United Nations finally are waking up to the grotesque atrocities, privations and famine in Sudan and are demanding action from the international community - African nations above all - to deal with the world's worst humanitarian crisis."

The new Sudanese plan for 'concentration' camps  7/6/2004 Daily Star, Lebanon: "The appointment, a month ago, of Interior Minister General Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein as Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir's special representative in Darfur passed without comment outside Sudan. This was a mistake, especially at a time when the Sudanese government was coming under pressure to take meaningful action to halt the destruction of Darfur by the country's armed forces and its proxy Janjaweed militia. Although Hussein was never in the public eye in the same way as other regime figures, his hard-line credentials are right up there with the best of them - "shadow head" of the army at the time of the 1989 coup that brought the National Islamic Front to power; after the coup, secretary to the Revolution Command Council that suspended the 1985 constitution, abrogated press freedom, disbanded all political parties and trade unions, and endorsed ethnic militias as a weapon of war. Hussein is not the man, then, to manage the complex crisis that is Darfur, where African tribes have risen in revolt against decades of oppression and mismanagement by Khartoum and its proxies. Historically one of Sudan's most neglected regions, Darfur is today the scene of the Khartoum government's latest attempt at ethnic engineering - both geographic, through enforced population movements, and physical, through rape. (A high-ranking international official in Darfur told the Washington Post last week: "These rapes are ... orchestrated to create a dynamic where the African tribal groups are destroyed. It's hard to believe that they tell them they want to make Arab babies, but it's true. It's systematic.")"

Sudanese Refugees Seek Shelter in Chad  7/5/2004 AP: "Nearly 200,000 terrified villagers have sought sanctuary in one of the most inhospitable areas on Earth, the deserts of Chad, near the border of Sudan. They are some of the more than 1 million people chased from their homes in the past 16 months in what humanitarian workers call a systematic campaign of terror in Sudan's Darfur region."

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Disappointed by Secretary of State Powell's Failure to Call Sudan Crisis 'Genocide'  6/30/2004 All Africa: "Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) expressed concern today that Secretary of State Colin Powell, on a trip to Sudan with United Nations (UN) Security General Kofi Annan, refused to declare the ethnically-motivated murder of tens of thousands of people "genocide." With the designation of the Sudan crisis as "genocide," any country party to the Genocide Convention can ask relevant UN bodies to take appropriate action to prevent or stop the killing, including bringing the issue before the International Court of Justice. The International Court has the authority to order immediate protective measures."

Nowhere To Hide  6/28/2004 Time: "How the ethnic cleansing of western Sudan has created a humanitarian crisis that threatens 500,000 lives."

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Calls for Bush Administration to End Genocide in Darfur  6/23/2004 Barbara Lee 

Oncoming Catastrophe The United Nations’ continued inaction could lead to 1 million deaths in Sudan  6/23/2004 In These Times: 'The genocide in the Darfur region of western Sudan is accelerating in ways that are all too predictable. For months, the National Islamic Front regime in Khartoum has waged war, directly and through proxy Arab militias, on the African civilian populations in this region the size of France. (See “Genocide in Sudan,” May 31.) This deliberate, systematic assault on the African tribal groups—primarily the Fur, Massaleit and Zaghawa—is now universally described as the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis. The impending famine, a result of massive violence and the resulting displacement of people, will claim hundreds of thousands of lives."

Salvery in the Sudan  6/1/1997 Sudan Update: "‘There has been an alarming increase in the number of reports ... of slavery, servitude, the slave trade and forced labour. I regret the total lack of interest shown by the competent Sudanese authorities...’ Dr Gaspar Biro, UNRapporteur on Human Rights in Sudan, February 1996 "

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