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For Immediate Release – May 28, 2003

In a continuous mission to encourage young minorities to take advantage of their voting rights, Worldwide Educational Television today announced the production of their new video, "Making Every Vote Count". The video explores the urban legend that African-Americans will lose the right to vote in 2007.

This is an ambitious effort supported by, which will be used to publicize the video and provide comprehensive information on issues concerning African-American voters. The film is designed to look at what would happen if African-Americans were to fail to use their voting rights and then lost them. The video also goes into the history of voting and of civil and voting rights.

Vanessa Kerr, executive producer of the film and C.E.O. of WETV says, "WETV’s ultimate goal is to coordinate efforts with other organizations involved in getting out the black vote. We also hope that this video will be a valuable tool for high schools, colleges and other organizations geared toward young people." Kerr states that the film "is a part of a movement to increase voter participation in African-American communities nationwide." "Education is the key."

Contact Information:

Worldwide Educational Television, Inc.
Box 1280
Arlington MA 02474

(781) 777-1547

Vanessa Kerr, C.E.O. and Executive Producer of "Making Every Vote Count"

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