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MLK Assassination Resources

The Assassination of Martin Luther King

April,  2012

Martin Luther King assassination in 1968 a ‘cruel and wanton act’  4/4/2012 WaPo 

January,  2012

Martin Luther King Assassination: James Earl Ray's Lawyers Proposed Arguing There Was A Conspiracy  1/17/2012 Huffington Post 

April,  2008

Uncovering the Coverage  4/8/2008 Acorn: Published in 2000 - "On December 9, 1999, on page A23, next to the weather and the national classified ads, The New York Times reported on the verdict in Memphis. By way of background information, the Times claimed that James Ray confessed to firing the shot that killed Dr. King --- which is not true --- and added a quote from Gerald Posner: "It distresses me greatly that the legal system was used in such a callous and farcical manner in Memphis. If the King family wanted a rubber stamp of their own view of the facts, they got it." With that broad swipe at the King family, the judge, the attorneys, and the jury's verdict, the Times's story closed."

Martin Luther King and Civil Rights  4/8/2008 Education Forum: set of threads on MLK, mostly on his assassination.

The Martin Luther King Conspiracy Exposed in Memphis  4/8/2008 Probe Magazine: Published in 2000, recounts the 1999 trial in Memphis which identified various elements of the US government as co-conspirators in the MLK murder.

Has the King Family Been Bamboozled by William Pepper?  4/5/2008 Daily Kos: "Because I admire Martin and Coretta Scott King so much, I feel compelled to do a follow-up while the interest in King's life and death is so high. So today I would like to explore William Pepper, the man who has wormed his way into King's legacy and seems intent on doing irreparable harm to it."

Is Raoul Frenchy?  4/5/2005 Education Forum: thread on identification of Raoul, who guided James Earl Ray during the MLK assassination.

March,  2005

MLK Assassination Song THEY SLEW THE DREAMER by Gary Revel Free Download Now  3/14/2005 PR Leap 

January,  2005

Ray's aliases  1/16/2005 xymphora: "Melanson tracked down the Canadians, and the scenario he details in his 1989 book, The Murkin Conspiracy, is downright chilling. Months before the assassination, Ray was using the alias, 'Eric Starvo Galt.' Melanson discovered that, during the same period, the Toronto man named Eric Galt was signing his middle name, St. Vincent, as 'St. V.,' scribbling lopsided circles for the periods, so that the full name looked to the uninitiated like 'Eric Starvo Galt.' In an impressive bit of detection, Melanson found that at some point, the real Eric St. Vincent Galt changed his signature, and began signing documents and personal checks as Eric S. Galt. At about the same time, the recidivist American crook James Earl Ray changed his alias to 'Eric S. Galt.' And this was months before Ray's first and only visit to Toronto!"

April,  2002

My father killed King, says pastor, 34 years on  4/6/2002 SMH: "It wasn't a racist thing; he thought Martin Luther King was connected with communism, and he wanted to get him out of the way." But the Gainesville Sun newspaper quoted Mr Wilson as saying his father belonged to the Ku Klux Klan and took part in the beatings of black people. His father had also fired gunshots at houses in St Augustine, Florida, during King's visit there in 1963. "My dad told me James Earl Ray had nothing to do with the shooting other than to buy a rifle for them," the newspaper quoted Mr Wilson as saying. "My dad was the one who shot Dr King."

January,  2002

MARTIN LUTHER KING - THE FATAL SHOT CAME FROM A DIFFERENT DIRECTION  1/1/2002 What Really Happened: "The evidence in the photo taken just moments after the assassination is unequivocal. The claim that the witnesses are pointing to the rooming house where James Earl Ray was staying is a complete fabrication. The gunfire came from another direction high above the bathroom window."

June,  2000

King Report  6/1/2000 Dept of Justice 

February,  1997

Martin Luther King Assassination - Interview with Dr. William Pepper  2/14/1997 Let Them Talk: "DeRienzo: Is there evidence Raoul exists? Pepper: He exists and we have four people who identified him and I know who he is, where he is, what his phone number is, everything about him that one needs. All I need is a criminal trial so I can have him subpoenaed. DeRienzo: Who is Raoul? Is he a government informant, Mafia informant, what was his role in this? Pepper: He was associated with the Marcello organized crime group out of New Orleans and he also had intelligence ties."

December,  1979

Report of the Select Committee on Assassinations of the U.S. House of Representatives  12/1/1979 National Archives 

April,  2004

MLK's Sister Says He Foresaw Own Death  4/3/2004 AP 

February,  2004

Eyewitness to MLK's death speaks  2/21/2004 Parkersburg News, WV 

October,  2003

Tenn. Court Dismisses MLK Rifle Appeal  10/16/2003 AP: "A Tennessee appeals court has thwarted an attempt by the brother of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassin to obtain the rifle purported to have killed the civil rights leader. Jerry Ray has been trying to obtain the .30-06-caliber hunting rifle since James Earl Ray died five years ago. He and King's family say they doubt the rifle was the murder weapon and contend James Earl Ray was the fall guy for a murder conspiracy."

August,  2003

Chairman of House sub-committee on King assassination sheds light on new evidence in Dr. King murder  8/22/2003 Final Call: "While the search for the truth about the 1968 assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. continues 35 years later, Rev. Walter E. Fauntroy, chairman of the House Sub-Committee that investigated the King Assassination in 1978, spoke with The Final Call in response to the allegation that the King Family accused the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson and Rev. Samuel Billy Kyles of complicity in the assassination of Dr. King. "There is no evidence that our committee uncovered, that implicated in any way the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson or Rev. Samuel Billy Kyles in the conspiracy to kill Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. That is one thing that has to be clear on the basis of somebody who speaks with that authority" he added."

July,  2003

Did the FBI Play a Role in King's Death?  7/15/2003 LA Times 

June,  2003

Review - An Act of State: the Execution of Martin Luther King  6/11/2003 Green Left, Australia 

January,  2003

Target: Martin Luther King A New Look at America's Most Unresolved Assassination  1/8/2003 Village Voice 

King Conspiracy Theories  1/1/2003 InfoPlease: "A variety of outlandish conspiracy theories abound, but the evidence still squarely points to James Earl Ray"

Percy Foreman - Mouthpiece or Silencer?  1/1/2003 JFK Research: "Percy Foreman was a prominent Houston criminal attorney who represented James Earl Ray. While Ray was awaiting trial for killing Martin Luther King, Foreman showed up unannounced at the prison and convinced the accused assassin to drop his lawyers in favor of him. Foreman convinced him that his attorneys were not adequate for a trial of that magnitude, and that he risked the electric chair if he did not retain him instead. Despite Foreman’s highly unethical approach, Ray agreed to change attorneys. Foreman assured Ray that there was no case against him, and that he would not only save him from the electric chair, but prove him innocent. However, on the eve of the trial, Foreman informed the accused assassin that he would be found guilty and sentenced to death if he did not agree to a plea-bargain. Terrified and left without any other options, Ray pleaded guilty and was sentenced by the Court to ninety-nine years in jail… In 1975, Foreman was indicted by a federal grand jury for obstruction of justice. Also indicted in this case were Nelson Bunker Hunt and W. Herbert Hunt, the sons of the Dallas oil man H. L. Hunt. The grand jury charged that the Hunt brothers paid the attorney $100,000 to insure that Foreman’s clients (Rothermel & Curington) would not testify against them. The two men, allegedly employed by the Hunt to conduct illegal wiretaps, were offered money by Foreman to accept a jail term rather than testify the principals involved in the case. Naturally, the distinguished attorney never told his clients that he was really working for the Hunts. As the trial was about to begin, Foreman claimed that he was too ill to continue. After Senator James O. Eastland made several inquiries with the Justice Department, the defendants, including Nelson Hunt, were allowed to plead no contest to a lesser charge and pay a fine. The New York Times reported that great political pressure was brought in Washington to keep the Hunts from going to trial, and that Eastland, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, had denied that he had received $50,000 from the Hunts for his lobbying efforts."

October,  2000

Evidence in assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. goes to museum  10/4/2000 CNN: "Twenty-three boxes of evidence in the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. have been moved to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. Among the items were the .30-06 hunting rifle allegedly used to kill King, confessed assassin James Earl Ray's transistor radio, and gum wrappers from King's room at the Lorraine Motel -- where the killing occurred and now the site of the museum."

June,  2000

Uncovering the Coverage  6/9/2000 JFK Place: "On December 8, 1999, a jury in Memphis, Tennessee, found Lloyd Jowers liable in the wrongful death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The next night on CBS news, Dan Rather reported that the jury had "opined" the existence of a conspiracy in King's death. According to Webster's dictionary, "opine" means "to hold or express an opinion; think; suppose: now usually humorous." Instead of providing details on the witnesses or their accounts, CBS sought the opinion of Gerald Posner, author of Killing the Dream, a book advancing the lone assassin theory of King's murder. CBS's message to its viewing audience was unmistakable. The verdict will be, at best, a footnote in the story of how James Ray shot Dr. King." Dan Rather performed similar functions in the JFK assassination.

February,  2000

Who Killed Martin Luther King? By Douglas Valentine  2/21/2000 Consortium News: "Douglas Valentine worked as a researcher for the King family and testified at the trial about suspicions that Dr. King might have been under U.S. government surveillance at the time of the assassination."

November,  1999

Judge Joe Brown unveils new information on King murder weapon  11/23/1999 Court TV: "Over 30 years after Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination, Memphis and TV Judge Joe Brown unveiled new information on the murder weapon: the fatal bullets found in King does not match those found in the gun… Judge Brown, who reportedly heard Ray's last appeal for a new trial, testified Monday that the bullets taken out of King's body did not match the bullets found in the murder weapon. "After extensive testing, it was found that the four bullets found in the gun chambers were metallurgically identical," Judge Brown said. "The bullets taken from Dr. King's head ... were not identical."

April,  1998

King's widow seeks new probe into husband's death  4/2/1998 CNN 

August,  1997

Who Shot Martin Luther King?  8/7/1997 Sonoma County Independent, CA: long article by J.J. Maloney - "Why it's ludicrous to put all the blame on unsophisticated, doomed James Earl Ray"

July,  1997

Ray attorney: Bullets fired from Ray's gun don't match fatal bullet  7/11/1997 CNN 

June,  1997

Sources: Tests fail to rule out King assassination rifle  6/13/1997 CNN: "A Tennessee judge said Friday he wants to see the results of FBI tests taken in 1968, after learning that bullets fired from James Earl Ray's gun do not match the bullet that killed the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. "The bullet we took out of Dr. King should show what those test rounds show," said Criminal Court Judge Joseph Brown." [Judge Joe Brown of TV fame]

February,  1997

Martin Luther King Assassination: Interview with Dr. William Pepper  2/14/1997 Paul DeRienzo 


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