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Claudia Bermudez in the Media

Claudia Bermudez is the daughter of Nicaragua's Col Enrique Bermudez of Dark Alliance fame, who is reputed to have organized the LA based crack-cocaine schemes to re-supply the Nicaragua Contras in the 80's. She is running against Rep Barbara Lee in 2004.

Claudia Bermudez - Political Campaign Fundraising and Campaign Finance Info  8/2/04 Campaign Money 

About Claudia Bermudez  8/2/04 "Claudia is proud to carry on a tradition of political activism that she inherited from her late father, Enrique Bermúdez, who led the pro-democracy forces against the Marxist Sandinistas in Nicaragua in the 1980s."

Claudia Bermudez: 2004 Congressional National Political Awareness Test  8/2/04 Project Vote Smart: "MS. CLAUDIA BERMUDEZ REPEATEDLY REFUSED TO PROVIDE ANY RESPONSES TO CITIZENS ON ISSUES THROUGH THE 2004 NATIONAL POLITICAL AWARENESS TEST MS. CLAUDIA BERMUDEZ REFUSED TO PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION WHEN ASKED TO DO SO BY: Major News Organizations and key national leaders of both parties including, John McCain, Republican Senator Geraldine Ferraro, Former Democratic Congresswoman Michael Dukakis, Former Democratic Governor Bill Frenzel, Former Republican Congressman Richard Kimball, Project Vote Smart President"

Ms. Claudia Bermudez (CA)  8/2/04 Project Vote Smart 

AMERICA'S SECRET WAR  8/2/04 Third World Traveler: "Blandon was the son of a wealthy Nicaraguan family who fled from Nicaragua to Los Angeles on June 19, 1979, at age 29, just as the Somoza dictatorship collapsed. His family's ranches and real estate holdings in Managua, and his wife's substantial wealth, were confiscated by the Sandanista government. The Blandons worked in Los Angeles to build an anti-Sandanista movement, holding rallies and cocktail parties, but Blandon testified that their efforts raised little money. The trial record shows that, in 1981, Blandon was introduced to Norwin Meneses, another Nicaraguan living in California. With Meneses, Blandon flew to Honduras where they were introduced to the military chief of the CIA's Contra army, Enrique Bermudez. According to the MERCURY NEWS, "Bermudez was hired by the Central Intelligence Agency in mid-1980" to create the FDN. The MERCURY NEWS says, "Bermudez was the FDN's military chief and, according to congressional records and newspaper reports, received regular CIA paychecks for a decade, payments that stopped shortly before his still-unsolved slaying in Managua in 1991." (The Contra-Sandanista war ended in 1988.) After meeting with the CIA's Bermudez, Blandon testified in court, he and Meneses started raising money for the Contra revolution by selling drugs in L.A."

THE BRIAN SUSSMAN SHOW  6/9/04 KSFO Talk Radio, CA: "6pm - Brian spent the hour reminiscing about President Ronald Reagan's legacy,specifically the Iran -Contra scandal. Brian got a call from Claudia Bermudez, who is hoping to unseat Barbara Lee for the District 9 representation, and discussed how her father, Enrique Bermudez, had been a general in the Contra army and how grateful she was to President Reagan for his support."

Barbara Lee’s 11th hour - Local Republican seeks to retake 9th district  3/1/04 California Patriot: "What is your current occupation? I’m the CEO and co-founder of, which is the first community job website for people over fifty. It parallels the growing internet usage with an aging population, so they can access job availabilities online. I’m not a politician, so I guess you can’t call me a public servant in that sense."

Nicaragua, Crack and the CIA  7/10/01 Forget Maganzine: "So the CIA was given the task of engaging in a covert war against the new Nicaraguan government. In the process, men like Enrique Bermudez, a military official under Somoza, were put on the CIA payroll. Bermudez was chosen by Washington to lead the Nicaraguan Democratic Force, the largest of several anti-communist groups commonly called the contras. It wasn’t long before Blandon and Meneses, who was already known as a notorious drug dealer in Nicaragua during the Somoza regime, met Bermudez in Honduras. “There is a saying that the ends justify the means,” Blandon testified during a cocaine-trafficking trial in San Diego in the mid-1990s. “And that's what Mr. Bermudez told us in Honduras, OK? So we started raising money for the contra revolution.” "

Floor Remarks of Rep. Maxine Waters - CIA Admits Ties to Contra Drug Dealers - July 17, 1998  7/17/98 "Perhaps the most amazing revelation from these leaks is the admission that the CIA knew of drug trafficking allegations against the infamous Legion of September 15 Contra organization. "This group included the key Contra military commanders, including the Contras top military commander Enrique Bermudez, and was the core of the most famous of the Contra armies - the FDN. They were comprised of a group of violent ex-bodyguards of Nicaraguan dictator Somoza. And they had proven themselves among the worst human rights violators in the entire Contra war era. The Times somewhat inaccurately reported that this organization was disbanded in January 1982. Of course, the Legion of September 15 had, by then, merged into the FDN-Contra army. "So we now know that the CIA knowingly worked with Contra rebels involved in drug dealing, including the core of the FDN. We also know that the CIA and the Attorney General had a secret Memorandum of Understanding that allowed drug trafficking by CIA assets to go unreported to law enforcement. This, of course, was confirmed in documents I submitted for the record in May. And we know that CIA officials at the highest levels knew of the Contra drug trafficking activities."

C.I.A. Says It Used Nicaraguan Rebels Accused of Drug Tie  7/17/98 NYT 

CIA Report Exposes Drug Smuggling Scandal  1/1/98 CIA Drugs: "According to the testimony of former L.A. drug kingpin Danilo Blandon, the contra middleman who sold Meneses' cocaine to South-Central's crack dealers, it was the Legion's commander in chief, Enrique Bermudez, who recruited him and Meneses in late 1981 to raise money for the contras in California."

Chapter VII: Enrique Miranda-Jaime  12/1/97 US DOJ: "OIG investigators interviewed Miranda in the presence of his attorney, in a Granada, Nicaragua, prison where Miranda was serving his prison sentence. He stated that in 1981 his Sandinista superior, Bayardo Arce Castana (Arce), whose lover, Blanca Castana (a niece of Meneses) had given Meneses' name and telephone number in San Francisco to Miranda. Arce told Miranda to see if Meneses would use his drug network in the United States to sell drugs for the Sandinista government. According to Miranda, when he proposed this plan to Meneses in San Francisco, however, Meneses had refused, explaining that he was already selling drugs for the Contras, with the support of the CIA. Meneses said he was working with Oliver North, that Adolfo Calero and Enrique Bermudez were aware of this arrangement, and that some of the drug profits were going to buy weapons and supplies for the Contras on the United States black market."

British Media Exposes CIA-Cocaine Links  2/1/97 Sumeria: "New York Times reporting was so eager to distance the CIA from the contras that it ventured into absurdity. On Oct. 21, the Times noted that pro-contra cocaine traffickers Norvin Meneses and Danilo Blandon "traveled once to Honduras to see the (contra) military commander, Enrique Bermudez." But the Times quickly added: "Although Mr. Bermudez, like other contra leaders, was often paid by the CIA, he was not a CIA agent." "

The Dark Alliance - Gary Webb's Incendiary 1996 SJ Mercury News Exposé  8/22/96 SJ Mercury News: One of the most censored stories of the decade - censored by other news media, who attacked it at an irrational pitch.

Exposed: The Contra-Crack Connection  10/1/86 "Webb connects Blandon and Norwin Meneses, his boss in the operation, to top contra leaders like Enrique Bermudez and Adolfo Calero "There is a saying that the ends justify the means," Blandon testified. "And that's what Mr. Bermudez told us in Honduras, OK?" Law enforcement agents told the Mercury News (8/18/96) that the CIA squelched investigations against the Meneses/Blandon operation in the name of "national security." Federal prosecutors who used the trafficker as an informant obtained a court order preventing defense attorneys from inquiring about Blandon's ties to the CIA."

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