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Barbara Lee in the Media

Rep. Lee disputes UN Sudan finding, urges action  2/2/2005 SF Bay View 

Erase the Darfur Blood Stain From California's Pensions  1/30/2005 LA Times: "By Barbara Lee, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) serves on the House International Relations Committee and its Africa subcommittee."

Shirley Chisholm: ‘Unbought & Unbossed’  1/29/2005 People's Weekly: "Featuring stirring archival footage, period music, interviews with supporters, opponents and observers, and Chisholm’s own commentary — then and now — “Chisholm ’72” is a remarkable recollection of a campaign that broke new ground in politics and truly reached out to “the people.” Among those interviewed are author/activist Amiri Baraka (then known as LeRoi Jones), Black Panther founder Bobby Seale, authors Susan Brownmiller and Octavia Butler, former Congressmen Rev. Walter Fauntroy and Ronald Dellums, Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-California), who got her start in politics with Chisholm’s campaign, and journalist/historian Paula Giddings."

Public Can Force Iraq Troop Withdrawal, Lawmakers and Critics Say  1/28/2005 New Standard: "Representative Barbara Lee (D-California), in addition to signing onto Rep. Woolsey’s letter to President Bush, also sent another letter co-authored by Representative Pete Stark (D-California) containing more detailed demands for moving troops from the populated areas of Iraq to that country’s insecure borders as well as "ending war profiteering by US companies that receive no-bid contracts." "

Contra Campaign  9/23/2004 Miami New Times: "The so-called Kerry Committee alleged that Rodriguez had helped steer $10 million from the notorious Medellín cocaine cartel to the contras. The committee concluded that trafficking was rampant in the rebels' effort… That was some seventeen years ago, but Rodriguez's hatred for Kerry -- and his closeness to the Bush family -- has driven Rodriguez from the CIA shadows onto the open political stage. He's railed against Kerry on Cuban radio and in the October edition of Soldier of Fortune magazine. He also jumped at the chance to join the Vietnam Veterans for Truth, an anti-Kerry group that invited Rodriguez to speak at a nationally televised September 12 rally at the Capitol… President Dick Cheney, who was then a congressman, played a key role in the disinformation campaign. He led the effort to squelch various Iran-contra investigations, especially when it came to drug allegations. And George W. Bush? Well, he seems to have no qualms about Iran-contra, since he has hired several of the scandal's central figures -- including Elliott Abrams, Otto Reich, and John Negroponte -- to serve under him… Perhaps the most damning allegation against Rodriguez comes from former Drug Enforcement Administration agent Celerino Castillo, a decorated Vietnam vet who was stationed in Central America during Iran-contra. While working for the DEA, Castillo says he became aware of drug trafficking at San Salvador's Ilopango air base, where Rodriguez was organizing the contra supply effort. The DEA agent has testified in Congress and recounted in his well-documented book, Powderburns, how the airport hangars controlled by Rodriguez and other government operatives were used by drug traffickers. "The only reason Felix wasn't arrested is because he knew where all the bodies were buried in the Iran-contra operation," says Castillo, who is now a substitute high school teacher living in Texas."

Black Media Warns Of Sequel to 2000 Florida Fiasco  9/14/2004 Pacific News: "Due to the efforts of Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Berkeley) and 12 other members of Congress, the Bush administration has heeded to the pleas for an outside, nonpartisan observer in Florida."

Barbara Lee applauds international election monitors, condemns high unemployment  8/11/2004 SF Bay View: "Congresswoman Barbara Lee lambasted the Bush administration for failing yet again to provide enough jobs for Americans. After Friday's release of the July employment numbers, economists criticized the Bush administration for producing only 32,000 new jobs even though a minimum of 200,000 jobs had been expected. In addition, the weak employment increases for May and June were revised downward by a total of 61,000 jobs."

European team due to observe election  8/6/2004 Miami Herald: "It's a step in the right direction," said Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland. "Given our position of strength in the world, we should be glad and happy for sunshine and transparency." ...In a statement Thursday, Buyer said, "I welcome any outside entity to observe our electoral process, but I oppose what House Democrats asked, which was for the U.N. to come assess the validity of our elections." Lee insisted that she and other Democrats would keep pushing. "This isn't done yet," she said.

Information on Representative Barbara Lee of Congressional District number 9 of California  8/2/2004 Contacting Congress 

BARBARA LEE (D-CA) - Contributions by Geography  8/2/2004 Open Secrets 

Top Zip Codes  8/2/2004 Open Secrets: numbers for both Lee & Bermudez

Representative Barbara Lee  8/2/2004 Politics Nationwide 

Barbara Lee: 2004 Congressional National Political Awareness Test  8/2/2004 Project Vote Smart 

Representative Barbara Lee (CA)  8/2/2004 Project Vote Smart 

Tauscher and Lee praise Kerry  8/2/2004 Tri-Valley Herald, CA: "Two East Bay members of Congress stood upon the stage of the Democratic National Convention's final evening to sing the praises of nominee John Kerry -- one with a speaking role praising Kerry's military acumen, the other the earliest critic of post-Sept. 11 military action… After leaving the stage, Lee met with reporters further back on the podium. She said had she been given a chance to address the convention herself, she would have said "that this is an election that we will not allow to be stolen," that every vote must be accurately cast and counted. "We're going to continue to fight for international monitors, we're going to protect democracy." "

Barbara Lee Votes With the Hague, Against Israel  8/1/2004 ChronWatch: "The security fence was built to protect all Israelis, Jews, Muslims, Christians, secular peoples, and others, from suicide (homicide) bombings. Over 1,000 people--innocent Israelis and visitors to Israel--have been blown to bits by these suicide bombings, not to mention the many severely injured victims of the bombings whose lives have been ruined. The security fence is a non-military barrier and was built by the sovereign State of Israel to protect its citizens, the most important duty a state has. "

Lee Fights For Better AIDS Policy  7/31/2004 Alternet: "Rep. Barbara Lee makes her mark again, introducing a bill that would eradicate the White House's abstinence-only approach to HIV/AIDS prevention."

An Interview with Barbara Lee: A Woman on a Mission  7/30/2004 Berkeley Daily Planet 

Getting Every Vote Counted  7/27/2004 LA Times: "Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) is among those who are calling for United Nations monitors to oversee the November elections. She said proponents have been told that the State Department would need to make the request, and they forwarded the proposal July 8 to Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, with whom she served as an elections monitor in Nigeria in 1999. "This is a major movement taking place," Lee said. "We're working with lawyers, labor unions, ensuring that votes will be counted, and there are no shenanigans as there were before." Like some others at the Mississippi Freedom delegation event, Lee linked efforts to protect the election of 2004 to the struggle of the late Fannie Lou Hamer, the head of the Mississippi Freedom delegation in 1964 and the granddaughter of a slave who was raised on a plantation in Sunflower, Miss., by her sharecropper parents. "We've come a long way because of heroes and sheroes like Fannie Lou Hamer," Lee said. "But we still have work to do.""

African Americans propose far-reaching reform of U.S. immigration system  7/26/2004 Athens News: "Co-sponsored by nine members of the Congressional Black Caucus, including California¹s Barbara Lee and Michigan¹s John Conyers, the bill would legalize undocumented people who have lived five years in the United States, have a basic understanding of English and U.S. culture, and have no criminal record."

Russell Simmons and the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network's Hip-Hop Team Vote Continues to Build National Momentum toward Election Day 2004, Drawing Thousands of New Young Voters at Its Boston Hip-Hop Summit  7/26/2004 BusinessWire: "Congresswomen Maxine Waters (D-CA), Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) all brought greetings to the Boston Hip-Hop Summit."

The Bay Area's leftward leanings have long shaped U.S. political consciousness  7/19/2004 San Mateo County Times 

Bush's policy for fighting AIDS comes under attack  7/13/2004 AP: "Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni was the only big-name speaker at the International AIDS Conference to support the Bush administration's ABC policy: abstinence, being faithful and condoms, in that order… U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., and other delegates urged rich countries to spend more on condoms and other HIV-fighting programs for the developing world. "In an age where 5 million people are newly infected each year and women and girls too often do not have the choice to abstain, an abstinence-until-marriage program is not only irresponsible, it's really inhumane," Lee said."

Fight AIDS With Education  7/12/2004 LA Times: "Last month, the House passed a bill sponsored by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) that would take a modest step toward that goal by requiring the president to develop transparent programs for "coordinating and implementing assistance programs for [AIDS] orphans." Unfortunately, the Senate has yet to schedule a vote on a similar measure by Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) or one by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) that matches Lee's."

U.N. won't monitor U.S. votes - Lawmakers, including Rep. Barbara Lee, requested oversight of election  7/11/2004 Oakland Tribune: "United Nations elections observers take to the war-torn and disenfranchised corners of the world, from Kosovo to Burundi and Rwanda to East Timor. In Mexico City recently, they taught elections to Iraqis. Thirteen U.S. House Democrats, led by Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson and including Oakland's Rep. Barbara Lee, say it's time the United States joined the list, "given the troubling events of the 2000 election and the growing concerns about the lack of necessary reforms and potential for abuse in the 2004 election." "

Lawmakers ask U.N. to monitor elections Florida's contested vote prompts call for oversight in U.S  7/9/2004 SF Chronicle 

State Department Backs Down Temporarily on Interrupting Americans’ Study at Cuban Medical School  7/1/2004 Barbara Lee: "Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) received written notice from the State Department that the Bush Administration has temporarily delayed part of the draconian travel restrictions to and from Cuba. Those restrictions could have forced the 80 American medical students studying in Cuba to abandon their studies in the middle of their final exams. Since 2001, American students have studied at the Latin American Medical School in Havana, where tuition is free. Students pledge to return to their communities and offer low-cost health care to those who cannot afford it."

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Joins Michael Moore in Press Conference on Fahrenheit 911  6/24/2004 Barbara Lee 

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Calls for Bush Administration to End Genocide in Darfur  6/23/2004 Barbara Lee 

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Calls 9/11 Commission Finding on No Iraq-Al Qaeda Connection Confirmation that Bush Administration Misled American People  6/16/2004 Barbara Lee 

Barbara Lee on telling the TRUTH  5/26/2004 SF Bay View: "Barbara Lee: "We need an independent investigation, and this Truth Commission would do just that. I support CARICOM in their efforts to seek the truth, and the United States of America should seek the truth. We shouldn't allow a violent overthrow of the government. We wouldn't allow a foreign government to come in and violently take out our president regardless to whether or not we agree, so why would we support efforts to violently overthrow a democratically elected president in a Black Caribbean country? It's outrageous." "

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Rails at HUD Secretary’s Statement that Being Poor Is “State of Mind”  5/20/2004 Barbara Lee: "Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) today condemned Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Alfonso Jackson’s statement, “I do not believe being poor is a condition. I believe it is a state of mind.” Secretary Jackson, who was recently named by the Bush Administration as HUD Secretary, was making his first appearance before the Subcommittee on Housing, which has oversight of HUD. Joined by other Members on the Housing committee, Lee led the charge against Jackson, saying that his statement -- and the mindset that it revealed -- was a disgrace and insult to the millions of Americans who are victims of the Bush Administration’s harsh policies. “It’s obvious then,” Lee said, “why you’re cutting Hope VI, Shelter Plus, and all the other homeless programs.” "

LCV Endorses Rep. Barbara Lee for Reelection in CA-9 House Race  4/26/2004 League of Conservation Voters: "The League of Conservation Voters (LCV), the political voice of the national environmental and conservation community, today announced its endorsement of Rep. Barbara Lee (D) for reelection in California’s 9th Congressional district."

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Introduces H.R. 3919, the TRUTH (The Responsibility to Uncover the Truth about Haiti) Act  3/9/2004 Barbara Lee 

Rep. Barbara Lee Criticizes U.S. "Systematic Destabilization and Undermining of Democracy in Haiti"  3/4/2004 Democracy Now 

Barbara Lee Accuses Bush Of Haiti Coup D'Etat  3/1/2004 ABC 

An Open Letter to Barbara Lee  10/14/2002 Counterpunch: "I am writing to express my deep gratitude for your courageous votes against authorizing the (illegitimate) Bush Administration to wage wars against unknown enemies and innocent civilians for an unknown length of time and with unknown goals. I'm against the war. I support you."

Alternatives to War by REP. BARBARA LEE  9/30/2002 Counterpunch: "Our nation is today on the verge of going to war against Iraq. In a rush to launch a first strike, we risk destabilizing the Middle East and setting an international precedent that could come back to haunt us all. President Bush's doctrine of pre-emption violates international law, the charter of the United Nations and our own long-term security interests. It forecloses alternatives to war before we have even tried to pursue them."

Dumping Barbara Lee - The odd political imaginings of Audie Bock and California's GOP  10/24/2001 Working For Change: "Since casting the lone vote in Congress in opposition to handing President Bush a blank check to pursue the war on international terrorism, Rep. Lee has paid a heavy price. She's received death threats, scads of ugly email, been branded a traitor by right-wing ideologues and has become the number one "poster child" for the conservative movement."

Why I Opposed the Resolution to Authorize Force by Barbara Lee  9/23/2001 SF Chronicle: "We must respond, but the character of that response will determine for us and for our children the world that they will inherit. I do not dispute the president's intent to rid the world of terrorism -- but we have many means to reach that goal, and measures that spawn further acts of terror or that do not address the sources of hatred do not increase our security."

Standing Alone  9/21/2001 MSNBC: "Why a California congresswoman voted against using force in response to terror attacks."

Barbara Lee (D-CA): Statement in Opposition to S.J. Res. 23 Authorizing Military Force in Afghanistan  9/20/2001 American Rhetoric 

In Defense Of Representative Barbara Lee  9/20/2001 Black Electorate: "The more unlikely an event, the more information it yields, the maxim goes. That is our reaction to Rep. Barbara Lee's (D-Ca.) decision to vote against the resolution authorizing President Bush's use of "all necessary and appropriate force" – military action plus – in response to last week's terrorist attack against the U.S. Unfortunately, Rep. Lee's vote has not been viewed in a similar light by many political observers, media professionals and American citizens across the country. But Rep. Lee's position was not only reasonable, it was appropriate and logical considering the political context out of which Rep. Lee operates. The Congresswoman sits in the seat of former Black Caucus member Ron Dellums. Dellums, who served California's 9th district for almost 3 decades, was a pacifist and an outspoken critic of U.S. military action, as were many of his constituents who live in both Oakland and Berkeley. Rep. Lee was Congressman Dellums' chief of staff and succeeded him."

Alone on the Hill  9/20/2001 Mother Jones: "Self-described 'Army brat' Barbara Lee explains why she cast Congress' only vote against giving the president a free hand to attack suspected terrorists."

Barbara Lee's Stand  9/20/2001 The Nation: "When Congress voted to authorize the Bush Administration to use military force in response to the September 11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Representative Barbara Lee stood alone in opposition to what she saw as a "rush to judgment." Lee, the California Democrat who holds the Bay Area seat once occupied by antiwar activist Ron Dellums, spoke with John Nichols, The Nation's Washington correspondent, this week."