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Archive 2000 - 2002

Monday  12/30/02

Racism by Reverend Al Sharpton  12/30/02 Black Electorate 

Sunday  12/1/02

IS THERE A LEADERSHIP CRISIS IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY?  12/1/02 Voter News Network: "Are blacks beginning to realize that Messrs. Jackson and Sharpton are leading them down the path to destruction or has the black community realize that after all these years of supporting the Democratic Party blindly, that there is nothing to show for it? When was the last time you remember a black member of Congress in a leadership position of either party? If you answered J.C. Watts, Republican of Oklahoma, your correct. It was the Republican members of Congress that selected Rep. Watts to be their Chairman of the Republican Conference a position that placed him right behind Tom Delay, the House Republican Whip in terms of leadership."


Monday  11/11/02

Voter News Service has to work in 2004  11/11/02 TV Week: "There is consensus on that among the members of the consortium-the news divisions of ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC and the Associated Press-that oversees and funds the complicated mechanism for vote counting and outcome projecting and exit polling on election days."

Sunday  11/10/02

Bush, the Polls & 2004  11/10/02 Consortium News: "Bush’s general "re-elect" numbers lag his positive approval ratings. An Ipsos Reid/Cook Political Report poll conducted Aug. 16-18 found that 41 percent say they would vote for Bush if the election were now, while 29 percent say they would vote for someone else and 27 percent say they would consider someone else. Three percent of the respondents were undecided. The Bush "re-elect" numbers had dropped 15 points, from the 56 percent support six months ago. As a general rule of thumb in politics, re-elect numbers below 50 percent reflect vulnerability, and below 45 percent offer a real take-over opportunity."

Thursday  11/7/02

Democrats in the Aftermath: Stand for Something!  11/7/02 Counterpunch: by Rep. CYNTHIA McKINNEY

Tuesday  10/15/02

Nonvoters Key to November Elections  10/15/02 Sacramento Observer: "A. Peter Bailey is an Afrocentric journalist, author, lecturer, college professor and activist. He cares deeply about national and international issues - but not enough to vote. He has voted only once in the past 25 years and that was for Jesse Jackson in 1984."

Friday  9/6/02

9-11 Put More Blacks Than Ever in Bush Camp  9/6/02 Pacific News: "The 9-11 terror attacks made more Blacks than ever willing to swap some personal freedoms for increased security, put civil rights and civil liberties on the back burner and cheer President Bush. On the first anniversary of Sept. 11, writes PNS contributor Earl Ofari Hutchinson, those surprising attitudes appear firmly in place."

Saturday  12/1/01

BLACK AND LATINO VOTERS GIVE BLOOMBERG A GOP VICTORY IN NEW YORK MAYOR'S RACE  12/1/01 Voter News Network: "As Election Day neared, Green found himself in an unexpected battle for black and Hispanic voters who are traditional Democratic voting groups. A heavy defection of Hispanic voters from the Democratic Party, together with a strong showing among black voters and white liberals, helped to propel Michael Bloomberg to victory. Exit polls found Green and Bloomberg running almost even among Hispanic voters. Only 7 in 10 black voters supported Green. Democratic strategists had expected Green to garner 90% of the black vote. Bloomberg also received the majority of the white votes cast. Green's campaign aides were surprised by his poor showing in Hispanic and black neighborhoods. The defection of Latino and black voters from the democratic ranks has been growing in recent years."

Friday  8/11/00

Lieberman a close ally of Miami's Cuban exiles  8/11/00 Reuters: "Since his election to the Senate in 1988, Lieberman has been a close ally of anti-Castro exiled in Florida and has voted to toughen the four-decade-old embargo at every turn. By picking the Connecticut senator as his running mate, Democratic nominee Al Gore can hope to recover support among Cuban Americans lost by the Clinton Administration's decision to return the shipwrecked boy, Elian Gonzalez, to Cuba in June. This year, Lieberman was the top recipient among three senatorial candidates of campaign contributions by the Free Cuba PAC, the political action committee of the largest exile organisation, the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF)." The CANF is a largely white exile organization while Cuba is 70% AfroCuban.

Tuesday  8/8/00

Lieberman a friend to Cuban-Americans  8/8/00 St Petersburg Times 

Tuesday  3/7/00

The Mainstreaming Of Al Sharpton As Top Democrats Court N.Y. Activist, Questions of Racial Divisiveness Linger  3/7/00 Washington Post 

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