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Archive 6/03

Monday  6/30/03

The Buzzwords of John Kerry  6/30/03 Slate 

Saturday  6/28/03

A Quick California Campaign Swing Adds to Bush's Coffers  6/28/03 NYT: "President Bush scurried down the coast of California today to collect more than $5 million for his 2004 campaign, bringing the Bush-Cheney re-election effort totals to more than $18 million, and within sight of the campaign's latest goal of up to $30 million by the end of the month."

Bush declares African prosperity a priority  6/28/03 Sydney Morning Herald 

Welcome to the Machine - How the GOP disciplined K Street and made Bush supreme.  6/28/03 Washington Monthly 

Friday  6/27/03

Report on the 2003 PAC Primary  6/27/03 Move On 

Bush Calls for Changes in Africa to End Wars and Promote Trade  6/27/03 NYT 

Thursday  6/26/03

Bush League Fundraising  6/26/03 Alternet: "It's payback time in Bushland. As June comes to an end, President Bush and Vice President Cheney are going to the people they've enriched over the last two-and-a-half years and who they've promised to fight to enrich even further, and asking them to help build the most obscenely porcine campaign war-chest in almost all of American political history."

Obama to Have Name Removed from DLC List: Says “New Democrats” acted “without my knowledge."  6/26/03 Black Commentator: "Barack Obama will not be carrying the Democratic Leadership Council’s baggage in his race to become the second Black person to represent Illinois in the U.S. Senate. The state senator and professor of constitutional law has told The Black Commentator that he is acting to have his name stricken from the “New Democrats Directory,” a list of several hundred DLC-affiliated elected officials."

Wednesday  6/25/03

Thousands Cast Votes in Online Primary  6/25/03 AP: "More than 210,000 people have voted so far in the 48-hour, online Democratic presidential primary being held by the advocacy group, officials with the organization said Wednesday."

Issa was charged in San Jose car theft  6/25/03 SF Chronicle: "Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, the driving force behind the effort to recall Gov. Gray Davis, was prosecuted with his brother in San Jose in 1980 for allegedly faking the theft of Issa's Mercedes Benz sedan and selling it to a car dealer for $16,000, according to court records."

Tuesday  6/24/03

Poll: Most Jews remain Democrats  6/24/03 Washington Times' 

Monday  6/23/03

Democratic Candidates Court Black Voters  6/23/03 NYT 

Sunday  6/22/03

Democrats blast Bush at forum  6/22/03 Desmoines: "He can't even find the weapons of mass destruction he said were there," Sharpton said about Bush. "At least he's consistent. I can't find the votes that made him president of the United States."

So Many Democrats, So Few Dollars  6/22/03 Washington Post 

Saturday  6/21/03

Rev. Al Sharpton: Brings levity along with passion  6/21/03 Star Tribune, MN 

Friday  6/20/03

Carpe Diem  6/20/03 Democratic Underground: "In the last weeks we Democrats were treated to two appalling examples of why we lost the 2002 elections and are likely to lose in 2004 if we do not begin to assert core Democratic values and wrest control of the party's agenda from its current weak-kneed legislative spokespersons. I refer in particular to Tom Daschle's apologetic questioning of the failure to discover weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and his rather pathetic and craven retraction of those assertions in the face of the usual fury of the Republican attack machine. And to Joe Biden's equally spineless response to the noises being made about maybe attacking Iran sometime soon, where Mr. Biden opined that he really did not have any quarrel with the administration's aims in Iran, only their timing."

Thursday  6/19/03

Let the People Speak Early  6/19/03 Alternet: " PAC, the progressive online political organization, has turned the political system on its head by rapidly launching an online grassroots political primary long before the political establishment has weighed in on the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination. When MoveOn surveyed its members, 96.3 percent of the 186,000 respondents said they were eager to jump into the process early. The 1.4 million MoveOn members and new joiners are eligible to vote for one candidate from the field of nine in the primary scheduled for next Tuesday and Wednesday. MoveOn announced that the top tier of contenders, according to a straw poll of its members, are Dennis Kucinich, Howard Dean and John Kerry. In response to members' interest in the three, MoveOn is giving them an assist with a special focus email."

Bush 'misled Americans on war'  6/19/03 Ananova: "George Bush broke his promise to build an international coalition against Saddam Hussein, claims a presidential hopeful. John Kerry, a top contender for the Democratic Party's nomination to challenge Bush in the 2004 election, said he then waged a war based on questionable intelligence. "He misled every one of us," said John Kerry, a top contender for the Democratic Party's nomination to challenge Bush in the 2004 election. "That's one reason why I am running to be president of the United States." "

Bush challenged over Iraq weapons  6/19/03 BBC: "In a strong attack on Mr Bush's administration, Democratic Senator John Kerry accused the president misleading everyone."

Not "Corrupted" by DLC, Says Obama  6/19/03 Black Commentator: "Illinois State Senator Barack Obama rejects any “suggestion” that “inclusion of my name” on a Democratic Leadership Council/New Democrats membership list amounts to “an endorsement on my part of the DLC platform.” In a June 13 letter to The Black Commentator, the Black candidate for U.S. Senate defended his civil liberties, anti-war, and social welfare legislative record, and requested “that folks take the time to find out what my views are before they start questioning my passion for justice or the integrity of my campaign effort.” "

Poll: President Bush holds big leads over Democrats in New Jersey for 2004 race  6/19/03 Newsday: "President Bush holds double-digit leads when matched up with several Democratic candidates in the 2004 presidential race in New Jersey, according to a new poll. However, the Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday also found that Bush's approval rating has fallen to 58 percent, a drop of nine percentage points from its last poll taken in April."

Wednesday  6/18/03

Kerry says Bush misled Americans on war  6/18/03 AP 

Braun Not Campaigning Just Against Sharpton  6/18/03 NNPA 

The Buzzwords of Howard Dean  6/18/03 Slate 

Monday  6/16/03

Ed Gillespie Named Republican Chairman to Replace Marc Racicot  6/16/03 Bloomberg 

Saturday  6/14/03

Democratic Presidential Primaries  6/14/03 Big, Left, Outside 

Dean Easily Wins Wisconsin Democratic Straw Poll  6/14/03 Reuters 

Friday  6/13/03

Democratic candidate buys first ads of presidential campaign  6/13/03 AP 

Black-Jewish Tensions Mar Mayoral Campaign  6/13/03 Forward: "Last week, the City of Brotherly Love's Democratic mayor, John Street, reprimanded an African-American city official who allegedly complained last month in a city commerce department meeting that "Jewish lawyers" and "Jewish architects" were getting city contracts for an important redevelopment project at the expense of black firms. Street, who is black, condemned the remarks, saying in a statement, "I will not tolerate actions or statements that undermine our values of equality, respect and fairness." He declined, however, to fire the official, Hanford Jones, saying that Jones was protected as a civil service employee. That angered Street's Republican opponent, businessman Sam Katz, who demanded that Street dismiss Jones."

Democrat Presidential Hopefuls Make Iowa Their Second Home  6/13/03 KCRG, Iowa 

Thursday  6/12/03

McKinney Seems Set for Comeback Bid  6/12/03 Black Commentator: "The unfinished business in DeKalb County is a national Black concern. Although many on the Left see only the progressive vs. corporate front aspect of last year's McKinney-Majette race, the assault on McKinney was actually a concerted Right effort to prove that the Black Consensus has collapsed, shattered by fundamental class and attitudinal differences among African Americans. Corporate media described the race as a contest between the civil rights-oriented Old School, and an "independent minded," "more conservative" Black youth and middle class. Racists came out of their closets long before the votes were cast, celebrating the dawning of a new era in which race relations were finally freed from the shackles of Black bloc voting. Every major corporate electronic and print media organ in the nation took a keen interest in the outcome, and cheered when Majette won by a 16 percent margin. House Negro reporters danced in the aisles of their newsrooms, for the benefit of their editors… The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, having nowhere to slink away to, decided to falsify the evidence. In a crime against journalism and reality itself, the newspaper invented a "study" that showed Majette had won with a "biracial coalition" including a quarter to a third of Black voters."

War intelligence and Democrats' risky responses  6/12/03 CS Monitor: "Candidates already divided on Iraq revive a clash that could sway '04 vote."

Wednesday  6/11/03

Senate race could change state's misconceptions of black politicians  6/11/03 Atlanta Business Chronicle 

With no other opposition, he's virtually assured House of Delegates seat - Ware rallies black vote to secure nomination  6/11/03 Roanoke Times, VA: "Roanoke lawyer Onzlee Ware won a Democratic state House primary Tuesday that will forever make him a substantial part of Western Virginia political history. By winning the party primary, Ware in effect became the first black delegate west of Lynchburg. The candidate filing deadline was also Tuesday, and no Republican or independent candidates entered the race."

Tuesday  6/10/03

Al Sharpton Aide Moses Stewart Dies at 48  6/10/03 1010WINS 

Sharpton cancels scheduled speech at Central Methodist  6/10/03 Columbia Tribune, MO 

Bush Family Whitewashing in Iraq and Nazi Germany  6/10/03 Counterpunch: "Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, and Prescott's father-in-law, George Herbert Walker, helped finance the rise of the Nazi Party through their intimate entanglements with Nazi industrial, shipping and banking interests. This long (and well-documented) collaboration continued even after America was at war with Nazi Germany. It seems the blood money was just too good to pass up--even if it had to be dug out of the corpses of young American soldiers and innocent civilians throughout Europe and North Africa. The Walker-Bush cabal's Nazi partners also helped finance--then profited from--the Auschwitz camp. Finally, in 1942, the U.S. government seized the Walker-Bush Nazi assets under the Trading With the Enemy Act. But the well-connected clan managed to bury the news in the back pages: brief mentions of the companies involved, but no names of the Establishment grandees behind them. They also pulled strings to keep their American assets from being seized as well, even though the profits from these enterprises were inextricably mixed with their Nazi loot. Prescott later cashed in these tainted assets for millions, a nest egg that helped launch him into the Senate and his son and grandson into the White House."


WILL THE REV GO ROGUE? By Dick Morris  6/10/03 NY Post 

Monday  6/9/03

Picnicking Populists - The Democrats call Bush a liar.  6/9/03 Slate 

Time tempers Jews' euphoria over Lieberman  6/9/03 USA Today: "Jews are only about 4% of the U.S. electorate, but they have clout beyond their numbers. They are active fundraisers and contributors. In competitive states such as New Jersey, where they make up 12% of the electorate, they can be a pivotal voting bloc. Jews voted 4-to-1 for Democrats in the last three presidential elections, a ratio Republicans want to narrow in 2004. Lieberman's pollster, Mark Penn, says Lieberman has a 93% approval rating among Jews. But only about half that percentage pick him when asked whom they'd vote for in a Democratic primary."

Sunday  6/8/03

John Kerry, Howard Dean atop New Hampshire poll  6/8/03 AP 

Lieberman plans to open his Iowa campaign office  6/8/03 AP 

Wife of Sen. John Kerry could be a hard sell in the Midwest  6/8/03 North West Indiana Times 

LAST FLIGHT FOR CHELSEA RAID VICTIM  6/8/03 NY Post: "The body of the 43-year-old African immigrant was put on a plane to be returned to his home country of Burkina Faso - but there weren't any angry marches or protests. "We prefer conversation to confrontation," the Rev. Al Sharpton said. "But don't think because there's no marches, we're not angry." "

Details Sought on Bush Role in Texas Dispute  6/8/03 Washington Post: "A Democratic leader asked yesterday for details of communication by President Bush and his senior adviser, Karl Rove, with House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) about a partisan Texas dispute that absorbed federal resources. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (Conn.), ranking Democrat on the Governmental Affairs Committee and a presidential candidate, said White House Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr. told him by telephone Tuesday that DeLay spoke with Bush and Rove about the matter. The issue is politically sensitive because the Department of Homeland Security has acknowledged assisting law enforcement officers who were asked by Republicans to round up Democrats who had fled the state to avoid voting on a redistricting plan championed by DeLay. The plan died when a deadline passed without a quorum."

Saturday  6/7/03

Davis aide Garry South to advise Lieberman  6/7/03 Contra Costa Times: "Garry South, the pugnacious political strategist who masterminded Gov. Gray Davis' past three election victories, is signing on as a senior campaign adviser to Democratic presidential hopeful Joseph Lieberman. South's appointment comes as Davis faces the threat of a recall, and means the governor will have to fight back with only part-time help from his closest political aide."

Friday  6/6/03

Sharpton Mocks Bush Over Iraq Weapons  6/6/03 1010WINS 

Thursday  6/5/03

Sharpton calls for full investigation into fatal police shooting  6/5/03 AP 

McKinney poised for political return  6/5/03 Atlanta Journal Constitution 

In search of the real Barack Obama: Can a Black Senate candidate resist the DLC.?  6/5/03 Black Commentator 

Runoff dilutes minority coalitions  6/5/03 Denver Post: "Former State Sen. Penfield Tate and Denver City Councilwoman Elbra Wedgeworth are straddling a racial divide that emerged in this spring's local political scene."

'04 Democrats See Plus in Iraq Weapon Hunt  6/5/03 LA Times 

Wednesday  6/4/03

Braun Hopes for Democratic Nomination  6/4/03 AP 

POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Dean to make 'house calls'; Kerry on Bush's foreign policy; Sharpton rules out third-party run  6/4/03 AP 

Wife's Fortune Out for Kerry's Campaign  6/4/03 AP 

PRIMARIES: House Joins Senate In Backing Single Vote In August  6/4/03 Hartford Courant: "State legislators late Tuesday ushered in a new era of elections in Connecticut, allowing prospective candidates to bypass the party convention process and petition directly onto ballots for primary elections in August."

Democrats Botch Firing of Black Staffers  6/4/03 NNPA: "If the Democratic National Committee can’t handle the next presidential campaign any better than it executed last week’s botched attempt to lay off a group of African-American staffers, it may as well concede the White House to George W. Bush in 2004, some key African-Americans leaders say."

'We felt those bullets'  6/4/03 Shreveport Times, LA: "The 48-year-old Sharpton, a Democrat, is an announced candidate in the 2004 presidential election. His trip to Shreveport, however, was not meant as a political rally but instead was prompted by local black ministers and activists to refocus local attention and possibly draw national attention to the controversial March 15 shooting death of Shreveporter Marquise Hudspeth, 25, by local police. "I wanted to come tonight to say, 'When you shot Marquise, we felt those bullets,'' Sharpton told more than 1,000 people who filled the Martin Luther King Jr. Drive community church. "We are not anti-police. Who makes the police bad are bad police. The law has to be the same law for everybody." "

Tuesday  6/3/03

Outgoing Denver Mayor Leaves Impressive Legacy  6/3/03 VOA 

Monday  6/2/03

A 12-Step Program for Regime Change  6/2/03 Alternet 

100 Largest Black-Owned Firms Include 14 in D.C. Suburbs  6/2/03 Washington Post 

Black conservative seeks seat in Senate  6/2/03 Washington Times: "The kind of black candidate that many conservatives dream of has entered the Republican primary for Georgia's Senate seat in 2004. Herman Cain is a pro-life Reaganite and the chairman of Godfather's Pizza chain. He took over management of the once-troubled company, making it a success and finally buying it for $50 million from Pillsbury in 1988. Most people outside the business world don't know that Mr. Cain is also a former chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, a regular on the motivational speaking circuit and the author of three books."

Sunday  6/1/03

Cynthia McKinney Speaks to Heartwood  6/1/03 Chicago Standard 

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