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Archive 5/03

Saturday  5/31/03

Hillary Clinton rules out 2004 run  5/31/03 AP 

Kerry plays up his military service  5/31/03 AP 

TOP CONTRIBUTORS TO PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES LED BY GOLDMAN SACHS  5/31/03 Open Secrets: "Career Fundraising Profiles of Democratic Presidential Contenders Available on"

Stop the Florida-tion of the 2004 election  5/31/03 Working For Change: "Today, there is a new and real threat to voters, this time coming from touchscreen voting machines with no paper trails and the computerized purges of voter rolls. You can join SCLC President Martin Luther King III and investigative reporter Greg Palast in opposing the "Florida-tion" of the 2004 Presidential election by signing this petition. A complete copy of the petition will be delivered by Working Assets to Attorney General John Ashcroft.'

Friday  5/30/03

Dems Need A Strong-backed Stance  5/30/03 Mother Jones: "While American officials gave no public explanation for amending what had been a much tougher plan to rid postwar Iraq of heavy weapons, military officials have said they recognize the difficulties in disarming citizens at a time when Iraqis feel their security is still at risk."

Blacks, Hispanics Align To Set Agendas for 2004  5/30/03 Newsday: "Hoping to press Democratic presidential candidates on issues important to communities of color, black and Hispanic lawmakers will sponsor several debates and forums across the country this summer and fall. "We need to energize our base," said Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. "We have to be careful as a party that we take care of the people who take care of us." ...The Washington Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Black Journalists are also planning a debate here in September."

Black candidates re-engage Democrats  5/30/03 USA Today 

Thursday  5/29/03

Black business tycoon joins Republican race for U.S. Senate  5/29/03 AP: "A famed black restaurant executive from Atlanta is joining Georgia’s crowded race for U.S. Senate. Herman Cain, who once ran the Nebraska-based Godfather’s Pizza chain, wants Zell Miller’s Senate seat. But he has never run for office before, and he must beat two sitting congressmen and another black businessman to get the Republican nomination in 2004."

It’s Lonely at the Bottom  5/29/03 MSNBC: "Carol Moseley Braun wants to run for president. But a visit to her Chicago campaign headquarters proves how little public interest she’s seen."

Top Latino endorses Lieberman  5/29/03 Sacramento Bee, CA 

Black candidates re-engage Democrats  5/29/03 USA Today 

A Different Approach For The 2004 Campaign  5/29/03 Znet 

Wednesday  5/28/03

Texas Democrats Set a Mark for Whole Party  5/28/03 AP 

Texas: No uproar as Senate moves up primaries  5/28/03 Austin American Statesman 

Stop George in 2004!  5/28/03 

Lawsuit Smokes Out 312 More Bush Pioneer Fundraisers  5/28/03 Texans for Public Justice: "A federal lawsuit has smoked out 312 previously unknown individuals who volunteered to become part of George W. Bush’s record-breaking 2000 “Pioneer” presidential fundraising effort. This new information more than doubles the previously known list of participants in the Pioneer program, which the campaign once shrouded in complete secrecy. The new disclosure also provides some data on the total amount of money that some previously known Pioneers delivered to the campaign. Topping this list are business partners William DeWitt and Mercer Reynolds, whom the new records reveal supported Bush to an extent rivaled perhaps only by Enron. Sharing the same Pioneer tracking number, these two men (who bailed out Bush’s hemorrhaging Bush Oil Co. in 1984 and invested in the Texas Rangers venture that made Bush a millionaire 15 times over) delivered a minimum of $605,082 in Pioneer money."

Bury It -- Why Democrats can't afford bickering between the center and the left  5/28/03 The American Prospect 

Tuesday  5/27/03

A Jew in 2004? Why is Joe Lieberman behind in the polls?  5/27/03 Fortune 

Runoffs bring big changes to City Council  5/27/03 San Antonio Express News: "The results of the six runoff races, which also set historic precedents for black and Anglo candidates on the North and West Sides respectively, assured seven of the council's 11 seats will change hands after a recent period of scandal and contentious issues."

Monday  5/26/03

Sharpton Wants Indep. Probe Into Shooting Death  5/26/03 1010 WINS: "Gov. George Pataki should appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the fatal shooting of an unarmed African immigrant by a police officer, the Rev. Al Sharpton said Monday. A spokeswoman said the governor preferred to leave the investigation to New York police and a grand jury."

Lieberman leads poll of Michigan Democrats  5/26/03 AP 

Reaction to Carlucci move is a cultural wrong turn  5/26/03 Florida Times Union: "As a Republican who decided to do what he felt was right rather than what was expected -- a daunting task for most politicians -- the City Council representative decided to back Democrat Nat Glover for mayor over his fellow party member, Republican John Peyton. Carlucci's decision led to racial epithets being spray-painted on the sign in front of his insurance office. It also has led to other troubles."

Sunday  5/25/03

Transcript: Sen. Joe Lieberman on Fox News Sunday  5/25/03 Fox News 

Lieberman: Iran Needs 'Regime Change,' Bush 'Stonewalling' 9/11 Probe  5/25/03 NewsMax 

Rev. Al's on the road and off the books  5/25/03 NY Daily News: "Although some of his Democratic opponents have spent more than a million dollars so far, Sharpton's campaign filings say he's spent only $54,500 of $114,000 in campaign donations — and nearly half was for one splashy event in Washington. But a Daily News examination of Sharpton's campaign finances raises questions about whether he has disclosed all his spending as required by law and whether he has used paid speeches, a book tour and his nonprofit National Action Network to improperly subsidize his presidential ambitions."

Saturday  5/24/03

Sharpton Offers New Support to Old Ally  5/24/03 ABC: "Democratic presidential candidate Al Sharpton has offered new support and a monetary contribution to a lawyer suspended for comments made in a racially charged case in the 1980s. Sharpton said Friday that reminding voters of his involvement in the Tawana Brawley case, a controversial part of his resume, should not hurt his bid for the Democratic nomination."

Howard Dean 2004 Call to Action Weblog  5/24/03 Dean Call to Action 

National Dean in 2004 Meetup Day  5/24/03 Dean in 2004 Meetup: "Dean in 2004 Meetups can happen in up to 545 cities worldwide on the same day. Enter your location to find the one near you."

Howard Dean 2004  5/24/03 DeanBlog 

Bush's Heaviest Hitters to Be Called Rangers  5/24/03 NYT: "President Bush, who owes his personal fortune to the Texas Rangers baseball team, is hoping the name will help provide him another bonanza in political fund-raising. People close to the Bush re-election campaign said the top Republican fund-raisers, those who raise at least $200,000 for the Bush campaign, will be known as Rangers."

Friday  5/23/03

Howard Dean Raises $1M Via Internet  5/23/03 AP 

States Rush to Early Position in 2004 Primaries  5/23/03 Fox News: "Fed up with Iowa and New Hampshire getting all of the attention, other states are rushing to move up their presidential primaries, resulting in what election analysts are calling a worrisome front-loading phenomenon."

Al Sharpton to visit Shreveport  5/23/03 Shreveport Times: "Civil rights activist and 2004 presidential candidate the Rev. Al Sharpton will make a stop in Shreveport on June 3 during a "convoy against racism" that begins June 1 in New York City and ends in Corpus Christi, Texas. Sharpton, founder of the National Action Network, decided to make a stop in Shreveport after local citizens requested he come and speak about the fatal March 15 police shooting of Shreveporter Marquise Hudspeth."

Thursday  5/22/03

Lieberman's beliefs slow his campaign  5/22/03 Gannett News Service 

Commentary: Moseley Braun may fold tent  5/22/03 UPI: "There was speculation among black activists that Braun's campaign was some kind of Democratic "dirty trick" to blunt the campaign of New York City activist Al Sharpton, who is running citing the impact his mentor, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, had on the party during his historic campaigns in 1984 and 1988. Jackson registered more than 2 million new voters, Sharpton said during an appearance at Today's Black Woman Expo last month, adding that led to the election and re-election of Bill Clinton."

Wednesday  5/21/03

Lieberman Touts Disease-Cure Initiative  5/21/03 AP: "Democratic presidential candidate Joe Lieberman on Wednesday called for a $150 billion, 10-year federal initiative to quickly bring cures for diseases to the marketplace."

Poor voter turn-out at the PA Primaries  5/21/03 NBC: "Election Judge Dr. Hugh Jones said, "voter turnout in the U.S. is pathetic, and the primaries are often more important than the general elections in areas like this that are predominantly one party." Only about 25-percent of registered voters showed up at the polls. Election officials in Franklin County were hoping that the number of hot seats up for grabs, including for Sheriff and the County Commission, plus Tuesday's nice weather, would help spark at least a 30-percent turn-out."

What Would Scoop Do?  5/21/03 Wall Street Journal: Donna Brazile was Al Gore's campaign manager.

Tuesday  5/20/03

Democrats turn on Bush over handling of national security  5/20/03 Independent, UK 

GOP gains don't faze liberal lawyer  5/20/03 Montgomery Advertiser, AL 

Al Sharpton: front-runner?  5/20/03 MSNBC: " “FRONT-RUNNER Al Sharpton.” Sounds ludicrous, right? Well, first take a breath. Now, define “front-runner.” It could mean a number of things — the candidate who leads in treasury, for instance. Or the candidate who leads in the polls. Or in organization. Or delegates, when the voting actually begins. Or the person the media calls the front-runner. Or, in a standard most easily understood by casual observers, it could mean the candidate who gives the best speech and gets the biggest crowd reaction. And that’s where Sharpton has it all sewn up… Over the last couple of days, Democrats have been hard at work trying to limit the number of debates, forums and joint appearances their presidential candidates have to attend. No wonder. The only one who wins these is Al Sharpton."

Monday  5/19/03

Thousands of al-Qaida suspects ready to attack, warns US official  5/19/03 Guardian, UK: "US Democrats said last week's attacks in Morocco and Saudi Arabia showed that George Bush had overstated claims of success in the war against terrorism. "Al-Qaida never went out of business," Senator John Kerry, a Democratic presidential candidate, said on CBS television."

Rev. Al rips Harlem raid - Blames cops for woman's death, wants sitdown  5/19/03 NY Daily News 

Howard Dean Warns of Depression, Bush Mismanagement  5/19/03 Republicons 

Sunday  5/18/03

Sharpton: Mayor Must Answer for Police Raid Death  5/18/03 1010 WINS 

Edwards proposes pension parity  5/18/03 Charlotte Observer: "He and the Rev. Al Sharpton of New York scored highest with a focus group of Iowa-based union members who watched the candidate forum in a separate room at the Polk County Convention Center. Touching a dial when they heard something they liked, the 30 Democrats in the focus group gave Kucinich a 78 (out of 100) and Sharpton a 76. Edwards scored a 69. That was better than Sen. Bob Graham of Florida (a last-place 63) and former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois (66), but Edwards trailed Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri (75) and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (73). Sens. John Kerry of Massachusetts and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut did not attend the Saturday morning forum."

Democratic hopefuls save their barbs for Bush  5/18/03 Courier, IA: "Seven Democratic presidential hopefuls sought to convince voters Saturday they have the best strategy for reviving the sluggish U.S. economy while roundly condemning tax cuts favored by President Bush. Candidates shared the same stage for almost three hours at a town hall meeting held by the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, or AFSCME. Each is trying to win the endorsement of a union representing 1.4 million public employees nationwide."

All together now, presidential rivals take potshots at Bush Democrats lay off each other at Iowa town meeting  5/18/03 LA Times: "Moments later, the crowd also gave a standing ovation to Rev. Al Sharpton when he chided Bush for promising American funding to rebuild Iraq. "What about the 50 states we already occupy?" Sharpton jibed to loud applause."

Friday  5/16/03

Bush Files Papers For Re-Election Bid  5/16/03 AP 

Inheritance Boosts John Kerry's Finances  5/16/03 AP 

Lieberman suggests regular Democratic debates  5/16/03 AP 

LiberalOasis Interviews Howard Dean  5/16/03 Liberal Oasis 

Senator John Kerry Becomes Third Democrat to Issue Health Plan  5/16/03 NYT 

Book and speaking fees boost Lieberman income  5/16/03 Stamford Advocate, CT 

Thursday  5/15/03

Democrats go back to church to find black voters - For African Americans, worship and politics are linked through history  5/15/03 Charlotte Observer 

Wednesday  5/14/03

Clinton: Democrats can win in 2004 if they quit bickering, develop clear message  5/14/03 AP 

Sen. John Kerry proposes $80 billion health care plan  5/14/03 News Tribune, WA 

Tuesday  5/13/03

One Million New Voters for the Environment  5/13/03 Earth Day Network: "Our objective is to mobilize new registrants in 8 to 10 key states to vote for candidates who commit to policies that ensure healthy communities and a sustainable environment. By doing so, we hope to inject dialogue about environmental issues into the national debates of 2004. We will also work with get out the vote (GOTV) groups to ensure that these new voters and those already registered go to the polls on Election Day 2004. A more diverse environmental movement is a more influential one. Our partners now include Project Vote, Southwest Voter Registration Project, Earth Communications Office (ECO), and NAACP Voter Project. We will be working with three other voter registration and get out the vote (GOTV) partners as well as over 50 groups that are currently working on community issues and GOTV in the 8 targeted states."

Glover concedes Jacksonville mayoral race  5/13/03 Gainsville Sun: "Jacksonville Sheriff Nat Glover's bid to be the first black mayor in the "Bold New City of the South" ended in defeat Tuesday to a Republican businessman making his first run for political office."

Monday  5/12/03

Graham Alleges a 9/11 'Coverup'  5/12/03 LA Times: "Sen. Bob Graham on Sunday accused the Bush administration of engaging in a "coverup" of intelligence failures before and after the Sept. 11 attacks to shield it from embarrassment, and said the war with Iraq has allowed Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups to become a greater threat to Americans than ever before. Graham, a presidential candidate and former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, also accused the administration of jeopardizing the safety of Americans by blocking the release of a landmark congressional report on the government failures that preceded the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. The Florida Democrat said the White House has withheld from the public important information about the continued existence of terrorist cells in the United States — including some with ties to foreign governments that the U.S. has been afraid to go after."

Black Republicans court votes  5/12/03 Washington Times: "They are meeting quietly in heartland cities like Indianapolis — black Republicans with a plan they hope will garner 25 percent of the black vote for President Bush next year."

Run, Joe, Run  5/12/03 WSJ: "The nature of those fights is suggested by the two groups Mr. Lieberman is most aggressively courting: blacks and moderate whites. He is downplaying Iowa and New Hampshire, where both groups are underrepresented, and counting on the six states that will likely vote on Feb. 3: South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, New Mexico, Arizona and Missouri, four of which have large black populations and three of which allow independents and Republicans to vote in the Democratic race. At first glance, Mr. Lieberman's strategy seems schizophrenic: blacks and moderate, southern whites are generally considered the Democratic Party's ideological polar opposites. But a look at past Democratic primaries suggests that they often vote in harmony, joining together to support Walter Mondale, Bill Clinton and Al Gore and opposing high-minded reformers like Gary Hart, Paul Tsongas and Bill Bradley, who captured the hearts of upper-income white liberals."

Sunday  5/11/03

Poll suggests mayor popular among blacks  5/11/03 Baltimore Sun: "In response to questions about whether Mayor Martin O'Malley would face a unified black opposition in this fall's primary, his campaign released numbers yesterday suggesting that he is broadly popular among African-Americans and has helped minority businesses. Some of O'Malley's potential rivals in the September contest, however, said that the mayor's poll results and statistics don't tell the whole story, and that he could be politically vulnerable in a city that is two-thirds black."

Bush phenomenon vexes Democrats - Popularity has state liberals scrambling to find a contender  5/11/03 SF Chronicle: "Riding high in the polls, Bush's political battle strategy has included charging into California -- which he lost by 1.3 million votes -- to announce the end of major combat in Iraq and to push his economic plan in Silicon Valley. Influential party activists and major donors in this state grudgingly admit that the president -- whom they've dismissed as an illegitimate leader and an unworthy opponent -- has lately appeared larger than life."

Council's majority shifts to white  5/11/03 The Herald, SC: "Two years ago, the Chester City Council gained its first black majority. Mayor Wanda Stringfellow finally had a coalition she could work with. By electing council members Elijah Carter, Willie Graham, King Thompson, Annie Reid, Odell Williams and Ben Guy Jr., the city's majority black population was finally flexing its political muscle. But racial electoral politics is fickle. Two years later, the pendulum has swung back, thanks to the old one-two political punch -- two black candidates and a white candidate on the same ballot. Three of the four black incumbents on the same ballot with black and white challengers lost their bid for re-election… Lee said this year's black-white contests were no accident. "It's by design," he said. "What it did was split the black vote." "

Saturday  5/10/03

Black strategists begin search for a challenger to O'Malley  5/10/03 Baltimore Sun: "With the city's primary less than four months away, an organized effort to find the best African-American candidate to challenge Mayor Martin O'Malley is quietly under way. Raymond V. Haysbert, chairman of the Greater Baltimore Urban League, had O'Malley's six leading rivals to a private dinner convened Wednesday to develop strategies to defeat the popular incumbent."

Friday  5/9/03

Al Sharpton Opens Mock Political Convention  5/9/03 ABC: "The Rev. Al Sharpton said Thursday that both major political parties have taken black voters for granted, a slight his Democratic presidential campaign intends to correct."

Sharpton wants to take rap generation to the polls  5/9/03 Chicago Sun Times 

CAMPAIGN CONFIDENTIAL  5/9/03 Forward: "Speaking of the South Carolina debate, ABC News is catching some flak for its press releases about the event. The problem? In three releases, the network prominently cited Lieberman's Sabbath observance as the reason for the debate's late start. That rankled several journalists and politicos, who thought it unfairly singled out Lieberman. "Tacky" was a word used more than once in messages to the Forward. The offending sentences: "The 90-minute debate will begin at 9:00 p.m. The debate is beginning at 9:00 p.m. so Senator Lieberman may participate consistent with his religious observance." "

Lawmakers object to Sharpton speaking  5/9/03 Oakland Press: "Led by Rep. Marc Shulman, R-West Bloomfield Township, a group of House Republians has called on caucus chair Derek Albert to rescind the group's invitation to the Rev. Al Sharpton to speak at its awards dinner "because of (Sharpton's) long history of intolerance, racism and anti-Semitic statements." "

Democratic candidate for president helps kick off 3-day event Sharpton hones wit at W&L University  5/9/03 Roanoke Times, VA: "Add this to the list of things you thought you'd never see: Pulpit-banging civil-rights activist-cum-2004 presidential candidate Al Sharpton visiting the tomb of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. "This is where he's buried?" Sharpton asked as he stood beside a sculpture of Lee lying in state inside Lee Chapel on the Washington and Lee University campus Thursday evening. In fact, Lee's body is entombed one floor below."

Thursday  5/8/03

Sharpton to address black caucus dinner despite criticism  5/8/03 Black America Web: "Democrat Al Sharpton will address an awards dinner of the Michigan Democratic Party's Black Caucus on Friday despite criticism from state Republicans who say the presidential candidate has "a long-standing history of inciting bigotry and intolerance on a prominent stage." Last week, 28 state House Republicans signed a letter asking the caucus to rescind its invitation to Sharpton to be the keynote speaker at the dinner, the theme of which is "United We Stand: Power with a Purpose." Derek S. Albert, who chairs the caucus, called the letter an intimidation tactic coming from the office of state Republican Rep. Marc Shulman, the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, which controls funds for the caucus. "It seems like an attempt to say if you guys don't back off this, we're not going to give you any money," Albert said Thursday. "I hope that's not the message, but it seemed like it." "

Lieberman seeks crossover GOP in SC  5/8/03 Black Commentator 

Black vote called key for issue win  5/8/03 Cincinnati Enquirer: "If there was ever any doubt that there is strength in numbers - particularly in Cincinnati's predominantly black neighborhoods - Tuesday's passage of the Cincinnati Public Schools' $480 million bond issue should dispel it. Last November, when the measure was narrowly defeated, voter turnout in most African-American neighborhoods was below the districtwide turnout of 40.7 percent."

Old South racism appears during New South election - Racial graffiti in Jacksonville  5/8/03 Miami Herald: "And a sign in front of the office of one of Glover's white Republican supporters was defaced to label him a ``N----- LOVER.'' ''It's despicable and certainly not consistent with what Jacksonville is all about,'' said Glover, the first black sheriff elected in Florida since Reconstruction. ``I think the city took race off the table when they elected me sheriff in 1995 and reaffirmed it in 1999, when I won with 81 percent of the vote. I won't say we don't have our problems, but this is not the work of the larger community.'' "

Al Sharpton aims to register 1.3 million voters this year  5/8/03 Nando Times: "Democratic presidential candidate Al Sharpton said he will travel across the country this summer with musicians and religious leaders in an effort to register 1.3 million new voters by next January. Determined to play a major and credible role in national politics, Sharpton said he will try to persuade the hip-hop generation, the elderly and poor that participating in elections can improve their lot in life. His rivals, Sharpton argues, are focused on winning over existing voters."

Wednesday  5/7/03

Kerry schedules speech to outline his health plan  5/7/03 Boston Globe 

Some see Jewish shift toward GOP  5/7/03 Boston Globe: "For the first time in more than 20 years, one Democratic pollster said he sensed an erosion of support from Jewish activists that could affect the presidential race. And according to researchers at B'nai Brith, younger Jewish Americans seem more likely to lean Republican than their parents. Younger Jews do not have the attachment to defining moments in Democratic history like the New Deal that their parents and grandparents do, making them more open to consider voting for a Republican candidate, the researchers said."

Alexandria Election Makes History  5/7/03 NBC4: "Euille topped Republican candidate William Cleveland and Independent candidate Townsend Van Fleet to become Alexandria's first African-American mayor. Euille is a native of Alexandria and a former three-term council member who has his own contracting firm. The headline issues during this election were the soaring property tax rate, traffic congestion and controlling growth. Euille told News4 during his victory celebration, "This is a big victory, it's a historic moment for Alexandria, a city that's 253 years old. We've come along way and I'm proud of this opportunity to service this city as its first African-American mayor, but I will be a mayor of Alexandria for all citizens." "

It's Time for Bush to Rebuild America, Activists Say  5/7/03 NNPA: "As the Bush administration concentrates on rebuilding a post-Saddam Hussein Iraq, some social policy experts are urging the president to give equal attention to rebuilding America’s social fabric."

Town vote makes history  5/7/03 Post-Tribune, IN: "MERRILLVILLE — Voters embraced diversity and crushed the coalition in a primary election that earned a place in the town’s history books on Tuesday. Not just one, but two black candidates won the chance to run in the Nov. 4 primary election, marking the first time any minority candidate has won a council election in the town."

The Gore-ing of John Kerry  5/7/03 Salon: "Media accounts describe him as phony and calculating, incapable of making a heartfelt statement. His history is analyzed cynically, sometimes falsely: Misrepresentations of his statements and actions metastasize into myth. As a result, he is seen as the archetypal slippery, soulless politician. That much of the supporting evidence is false seems utterly beside the point. That's how Republicans caricatured Al Gore in 2000 -- a line the media dutifully parroted. And as the 2004 presidential campaign gets underway, it's happening again. This time the victim is Sen. John Kerry."

Dems face ethnic rift in California  5/7/03 The Hill, DC: "Hispanic voters, a cornerstone of California’s Democratic coalition, are increasingly challenging liberal Jewish incumbents to turn over the reins and make way for a new generation of leaders. The rift pits one of the California Democratic Party’s fastest-growing groups against one of their most influential and threatens party unity in that state and, possibly, in Texas, Arizona, Colorado and elsewhere, Democratic Party officials say… “I can see Republicans using the accident, as it were, of many Jewish congresspeople to create a wedge issue against the Democrats,” said Rep. Bob Filner, whose newly drawn 51st District includes 340,000 Latinos, 53 percent of the electorate. “That is,” the Jewish Democrat continued, “to try to get Hispanic support by claiming there’s a Jewish conspiracy or something against them.” "

Alexandria elects first black mayor  5/7/03 Washington Times: "Democrat William Euille had a decisive lead last night as Alexandria seemed poised to elect its first black mayor in the city's 253-year history."

GOP lawmakers pushing plan to redraw voting districts  5/7/03 Washington Times 

Cheney Says He'll Be Bush's Running Mate  5/7/03 Yahoo 

Tuesday  5/6/03

Kerry, Dean tied in latest poll  5/6/03 AP: "Democratic presidential rivals John Kerry and Howard Dean are tied in the latest poll of likely New Hampshire voters. The survey by Franklin Pierce College, conducted April 27-May 1, found the two candidates at 23 percent, with Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut far behind at 9 percent and Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri at 8 percent."

The Democratic Candidate Reportcard: SC Debate  5/6/03 Republicons 

Monday  5/5/03

CAROLINA FACE-OFF  5/5/03 PBS: "LEE BANDY, Reporter, The State: The African American vote is extremely important. This will be the first primary in which there is a significant African American vote. Most people think that African Americans will make up a majority of the primary. If you look at the 2000 election, the last time we had an exit poll of the Democrats who voted in that election, 54 percent were African Americans. Now the candidate who comes here and thinks he's going to win this by just getting most of the black vote is barking up the wrong tree. GWEN IFILL: Why not? LEE BANDY: Well, I think the African American vote will be split among the candidates left in the race, and therefore the independent white voter suddenly becomes pivotal, and really the whites, ironically, could decide the outcome of this primary."

Sharpton Names Watkins As Campaign Manager  5/5/03 Sacramento Observer: "A press secretary and director of communications for Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), Watkins is on loan to Sharpton and will manage Sharpton's exploratory campaign. Sharpton said Watkins brings an array of expertise, having worked on the two presidential campaigns of Jesse Jackson Sr."

Sunday  5/4/03

Up For Grabs - As Democrats Kick Off Campaign, Bush Looks Strong but Not Unbeatable  5/4/03 ABC News 

Democrats debate in warm-up for 2004 campaign  5/4/03 AP: "The nine Democrats vying for the White House clashed over the U.S.-led war against Iraq, health insurance and President Bush's tax cut in an ultra-early primary debate in which the candidates hoped to distinguish themselves from the pack… Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut took issue with that assessment. "Saddam Hussein was a threat to the United States and, most particularly, to his neighbors," Lieberman said. "We did the right thing in fighting this fight, and the American people will be safer as a result of it." But Al Sharpton argued that "we could have disarmed Hussein by working with the United Nations." Sharpton and Carol Moseley Braun, the former Illinois senator, focused on the expense of keeping U.S. forces in Iraq and the reconstruction of the war-torn nation."

S.C. gets the Dems' rush  5/4/03 Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "South Carolina votes Feb. 3, just one week after the fabled early New Hampshire primary. It's the first state on the primary calendar where African-American voters are expected to play a significant role in the outcome, and all nine candidates have called for removal of the Confederate flag from the grounds of the state Capitol."

Kerry, Dean tangle in Democrats' first debate  5/4/03 Boston Globe: "One of the other two candidates, the Rev. Al Sharpton of New York, won over the crowd with a speech filled with rhetorical rejoinders and a call to arms for party activists. He countered Republican criticism of his opposition to the Iraq war by declaring that Democrats, too, respect the soldiers who were sent to fight. ''We love the troops so much, we want them to have the same universal health care Mr. Bush wants to give to Iraq,'' he said. He said the president wants to spend billions rebuilding Iraq, now under US occupation, ''but we don't have enough money for the states we already occupy.'' And in a conclusion that brought the delegates to their feet with cheers and laughter, he called for an awakening in the Democratic Party, symbolized by a donkey. ''I want to slap the donkey until the donkey kicks, and we kick George Bush out of the White House,'' Sharpton said. ''I will slap the donkey.'' "

S.C.'s Dems beaming at debate star power  5/4/03 Charlotte Observer: "...the Rev. Al Sharpton, who swept down the center aisle of the convention to deliver a political red-meat speech that had delegates on their feet cheering. President Bush spends billions of dollars to occupy Iraq, Sharpton said, "when we don't have any money for the 50 states we now occupy." All of the Democratic candidates except Connecticut's Sen. Joe Lieberman -- who was observing the Jewish Sabbath -- spoke to the convention held at the state fairgrounds."

Moseley Braun Runs for President and More  5/4/03 Women's E-News 

Saturday  5/3/03

S.C. sets stage for Dems to debate  5/3/03 Charlotte Observer 

Inside Report: No Democratic Senate  5/3/03 TownHall: "The early calculation in Democratic circles is for a net loss of four additional Senate seats, extending the present 51-49 Republican majority to 55-45. Democratic seats are in real jeopardy in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, South Dakota and Nevada."

Soft Money Ban Hits Legal Snag  5/3/03 Washington Post 

Friday  5/2/03

Carol Moseley Braun's presidential bid leaves many wondering  5/2/03 Black America Web 

Moseley Braun Campaign Ignores Conventions  5/2/03 Fox News 

Braun appearing in first debate  5/2/03 WQAD, IL: "Carol Moseley Braun will share a stage with eight Democrats running for president this weekend in the party's first debate. Yet some say she is not acting like a candidate. Braun is not making regular trips to early primary states and has raised less money than any of her rivals. She has also not yet hired a campaign team."

Thursday  5/1/03

Deciphering the Democrats' Debacle  5/1/03 Alternet: "Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu's December runoff victory in Louisiana put Republican triumphalism in perspective. Subsequent events have revived Democratic hopes, as Bush's approval ratings, especially on the economy, have fallen and his diplomatic failures leading up to the Iraq war have been exposed. That's not the only encouraging news. A careful reading of the election and its aftermath suggests the GOP position has serious underlying weaknesses. In fact, the Republican victory depended on a series of unsustainable advantages that a tough, smart Democratic effort should be able to counter, forcing a competitive 2004 election and the likely – though not certain – ascendancy that Judis and I predicted by the end of the decade."

Clyburn Urge Presidential Hopefuls to Emphasize Children’s Issues in its Campaigns: S.C. Congressman holds Teleconference with Children's Defense Fund  5/1/03 SC Black News: "U.S. Congressmen Jim Clyburn (SC-6) said he did not want the May 3rd Democratic debate to focus on the confederate flag controversy in South Carolina—a topic that has come up on more than one occasion when presidential candidates visit the state. He wants the candidates to, instead, focus on children’s issues."

Gephardt Announces South Carolina State Director; Opens S.C. Headquarters  5/1/03 SC Black News: "Rep. Dick Gephardt today announced the appointment of Isaac Williams as the South Carolina State Director of his presidential campaign. “Ike’s political experience and deep ties to activists and community leaders in South Carolina will be invaluable to my campaign in the state,” said Gephardt. “We’re organizing a winning grassroots effort to lift this lagging economy and create a new economic prosperity.” Ike Williams, most recently a district aide to Rep. Jim Clyburn, has four decades of South Carolina political experience including Clyburn’s successful 1992 election to the U.S. House of Representatives. During the 1960’s, Ike helped to organize Charleston, Orangeburg and statewide desegregation efforts to open public accommodations to African-Americans in the South."

S.C. Democratic Party Weekend 2003 will play a major role in party's Presidential nomination  5/1/03 SC Black News: “This is going to be the biggest political event in the history of South Carolina,” said Dick Harpootlian, Chairman. “This only illustrates the prominence that the candidates place on the South Carolina Presidential Primary next year,” Harpootlian said."

Sen. Kerry Says Will Take Years to Balance Budget  5/1/03 Washington Post 

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