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Archive: 4/03

Wednesday  4/30/03

Police: Dem Fund-Raiser in Murder-Suicide  4/30/03 AP: "Berlin was a Miami businessman who raised millions of dollars for political candidates over the years. Dating back to 1997, Berlin aided such well-known Democratic senators as Joe Lieberman (news - web sites) of Connecticut, Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, Tom Daschle of South Dakota and Bill Nelson of Florida, according to Federal Election Commission fund-raising records."

POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Sharpton to mark Navy's departure from Vieques; Kerry plans speeches; nearly half still undecided in South Carolina poll  4/30/03 AP: "Sharpton was among a dozen people arrested for trespassing on the Navy firing range on Vieques two years ago to protest bombing exercises there. He served a 90-day federal prison sentence and then went on a 43-day hunger strike while he was incarcerated. "I thank God we won this battle. We haven't won the war," Sharpton told a crowd celebrating the Navy's exit. "I think we have a long way to go... to make a humane policy" in the military."

Dean's early sniping draws fellow Democrats to battle  4/30/03 Boston Globe: "The catalyst in this escalating war of words is Howard Dean, the former governor of Vermont who entered the race as an unknown but has risen to prominence on his opposition to the US invasion of Iraq as well as his willingness to break from the pack and sharply criticize his opponents. Dean is now running neck and neck with a fellow New Englander, Senator John F. Kerry of Massachusetts, in the all-important state of New Hampshire, host to the nation's first presidential primary."

Kerry says his Bush remark was quip He insists that call for regime change was electioneering  4/30/03 Boston Globe 

John Kerry takes lead in NYC fund-raising  4/30/03 Crain's: "Based on first-quarter reports of Democratic presidential candidates, Mr. Kerry raised $613,000 from city residents. Mr. Kerry has been the most aggressive of the White House wannabes in organizing here. He was the first candidate to put a full-time staffer here--former House aide Jamie Whitehead--and earlier this year named businessman Dennis Mehiel to oversee his New York effort."

Lieberman attends fund-raiser in South Florida  4/30/03 Stamford Advodate, CT: "U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., raised more than $50,000 at a private reception in South Florida and will return to the area next week in an effort to continue building support for his 2004 presidential campaign. Lieberman addressed a crowd of about 900 attending a Holocaust memorial service on Tuesday at the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center. His wife, Hadassah, was born in a refugee camp in Czechoslovakia to a mother who survived the Nazi death camps at Auschwitz and Dachau and a father who was a slave laborer under the Nazis."

Sharpton's Money Matters  4/30/03 Washington Post: "Sharpton reported contributions from a variety of prominent personalities, including Newark Mayor Sharpe James, Atlanta businessman Clinton Barrow and Abner Louima, the Haitian immigrant who became a symbol of police brutality. Louima, who last July received an $8.7 million settlement from New York City and the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, gave Sharpton $1,000. Sharpton was something of an unofficial spokesman for Louima's family."

Right wing loves Rev. Al Sharpton - Reverend gains powerful new ally -- a smirking GOP  4/30/03 Working for Change: "As a newly declared candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination, Mr. Sharpton has garnered the chortling support of almost every conservative pundit in the nation. They’re suddenly as eager to see Mr. Sharpton on television as the reverend himself. Republicans who once condemned him as a blight upon America, and wished to see him banished from the airwaves, are now hoping that he will never disappear—at least not until sometime after Election Day 2004."

Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator John Kerry Visits Montgomery  4/30/03 WSFA, AL: "59 year old Kerry started the Alabama campaign trial in Birmingham. That's where he met with potential supporters before traveling to Montgomery Tuesday night. He was the keynote speaker at the Democratic Party's annual salute to the Legislature. He addressed the group of 600 saying the American economy, rather than the War in Iraq will the issue voters care most about when they cast their ballots next year. He criticized Bush's tax cut plan as being targeted to the wealthy."

Tuesday  4/29/03

Kerry begins his Southern campaign  4/29/03 Atlanta Journal Constitution: "Sen. John Kerry was reunited Monday with a member of his Vietnam gunboat crew, underscoring the Massachusetts lawmaker's combat experience as he began a swing through three Southern states George W. Bush won in the last presidential election."


Racism alleged again in San Marcos election  4/29/03 San Antonio Express-News: "A mass e-mail sent last week to students and faculty at Southwest Texas State University has led to charges that racism is marring a city election for the third consecutive year. Though the e-mail simply urged support for City Council candidates who support later bar hours, the return address ended in "," leading some to believe it was a racist attempt to intimidate blacks."

Kerry Campaign Blasts Dean's Credentials  4/29/03 Washington Post: "Dean's statement, made to a New Hampshire audience earlier this month, "raises serious questions about his capacity to serve as commander in chief," Kerry communications director Chris Lehane said in a campaign news release. "No serious candidate for the presidency has ever before suggested that he would compromise or tolerate an erosion of America's military supremacy." "

Monday  4/28/03

Bush leads Edwards in senator's home state; Kerry gains in Democratic field  4/28/03 AP: "President Bush is maintaining his double-digit lead over Sen. John Edwards in a presidential matchup in Edwards' home state of North Carolina, while Democratic rival John Kerry is gaining on Edwards. Bush had the support of 58 percent in the Research 2000 poll conducted for The News & Observer of Raleigh, and Edwards was at 39 percent. In March, Bush led 55 percent to 41 percent, and in February, a similar survey showed the president up 58 percent to 39 percent. Edwards led the crowded Democratic field with 43 percent, followed by Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts at 23 percent. Kerry has moved up from 9 percent among Democrats in January, while Edwards has dropped from 51 percent."

Lieberman fails to collect McGreevey endorsement  4/28/03 AP: "Presidential hopeful Joe Lieberman hoped to collect an endorsement from fellow Democrat Gov. James E. McGreevey on Monday, but he left the Statehouse empty-handed. The two met to discuss the economy and other domestic issues during a New Jersey visit that included a fund-raiser for the Connecticut senator."

Sharpton takes in $114,456 for presidential bid  4/28/03 AP: "Democratic presidential hopeful Al Sharpton raised $114,456 for his campaign from January through March, putting him near the bottom in the race for early money. Sharpton filed a first-quarter campaign finance report with the Federal Election Commission on Monday, about two weeks after eight other Democratic hopefuls filed their reports."

Taped from South Carolina it's the Democratic debate; Ford endorses Kerry; Lieberman gains in national poll  4/28/03 AP: "Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford Jr. on Monday endorsed John Kerry's presidential campaign, calling the Massachusetts senator "the Democrats' best chance to win the White House." … Democratic presidential candidate Joe Lieberman, a strong proponent of the U.S.-led war against Iraq, has improved his standing in a national poll of Democrats in recent weeks. Lieberman was at 23 percent, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts was at 17 percent and Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri was at 15 percent, according to a CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll. The three were essentially tied in mid-March."

Sharpton takes aim at Bush priorities  4/28/03 Buffalo News: "The Rev. Al Sharpton on Sunday promised, if elected president, to scrap President Bush's tax cuts and inject more money into health care and education. Speaking as guest pastor at the 9 a.m. service of True Bethel Baptist Church on East Ferry Street, Sharpton, a civil rights activist running for the Democratic presidential nomination, also emphasized his anti-war stance. "I still question why we can do for others what we can't do for ourselves," Sharpton told more than 700 people in the church."

Alabama Democrats organize Hispanic caucus; GOP close behind  4/28/03 Gainesville Sun: "It is the fastest-growing minority group in Alabama. Working with Hispanic citizens, we already know they have the same issues we do, like good schools," said former first lady Marsha Folsom, executive director of the Alabama Democratic Party."

Sunday  4/27/03

Graham urges S.C. to remove Confederate flag  4/27/03 AP: "U.S. Sen. Bob Graham of Florida is the latest Democratic presidential candidate to come out against the Confederate flag that flies at the South Carolina capitol. Graham issued a statement about his feelings on the flag. "At this time that our nation is under threat, we should be rallying around symbols that tie us together and not tear us apart," he said. "The Southern Cross that flew as the Confederate battle flag has become a symbol of hatred to many Americans and should not be prominently displayed at the South Carolina capitol." "

Bush plan to win over Democratic voters lags  4/27/03 Boston Globe 

Democrats chase S.C. endorsements  4/27/03 Charleston Post & Courier: "Gephardt, who is locked in a tight and crowded race to become the Democrats' presidential nominee, took time out from his busy schedule last year to send $1,000 from his Effective Government political action committee to support Gadsden's bid for re-election in June. Gadsden is grateful, even as he remains uncommitted in the presidential race. "I got the check. I put it in the bank," he said. "I didn't ask any questions. All the black mayors got them." "

All eyes on S.C. this weekend  4/27/03 The State, SC: "Historically, the first Southern primary has been the most important after Iowa and New Hampshire. Because of that, Emory University professor Merle Black said, the S.C. debate takes on added importance. South Carolina is the only state with an early primary that has a large African-American population. Also, it will be the first contest in which New York civil rights activist Al Sharpton and former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois could affect the outcome, Black said, assuming both are still in the hunt after New Hampshire and Iowa." "

Friday  4/25/03

Roe: Al Sharpton, our next president  4/25/03 Carolina Morning News, SC: "Sharpton's campaign announcement will destroy Sen. John Edwards' campaign strategy in the Southern state primaries as Sharpton could possibly gain a simple majority in numerous Southern states. He will also be a major factor in key industrial cities. Many moderate and conservative blacks will see the Sharpton circus as the last straw in their loyalty to a politically corrupt party. So far no group has been successful in controlling this man. Sharpton may not be the presidential choice of Democrats but his strong vote in the primaries will make it hard to deny him the vice presidential nomination."

CAMPAIGN CONFIDENTIAL  4/25/03 Forward: "Joe's natural big constituency is sitting on their hands," said one New York fundraiser and Lieberman supporter who spoke on condition of anonymity. "Many, many Jewish people do not want a Jewish president." The fundraiser said that many politically conservative and centrist Jews "are big fans of George Bush right now," especially because "the Israelis are telling people that he's their best friend" and "people do not want a Jewish president when relations with Israel could become very tense."

3 Democratic hopefuls address black mayors  4/25/03 Houston Chronicle: "In the richest, most powerful country in the world, no American should live in terror because they don't have health insurance," said U.S. Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri a day after unveiling his $200 billion-a-year health care plan. Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean and the Rev. Al Sharpton of New York also addressed the National Conference of Black Mayors, meeting this week at the Inter-Continental Hotel. Both had sharp words for Bush's foreign policy and education plans."

Bush to nominate Raleigh lawyer  4/25/03 News Observer, NC: "Duncan's name first surfaced publicly in January in a news report in which U.S. Sen. John Edwards, a North Carolina Democrat, said he would likely support her nomination. Duncan, a black Republican, is a former state appeals court judge and is president-elect of the N.C. Bar Association. Her confirmation would end a long-running impasse that has kept North Carolina from having any judges on the 4th Circuit, which hears cases from five Southeastern states."

Health Care Plan Could Help Redefine Gephardt  4/25/03 Washington Post 

Thursday  4/24/03

Sharpton vs Stephanopoulos: hair-raising confrontation  4/24/03 Black Commentator: scroll down - "Al Sharpton's South Carolina prospects are ideal. Forty percent of the state's Democrats are Black, and African Americans comprised 60 percent of voters in the last Democratic primary. On the face of things, it would appear that the Great White Hope in the February 3 primary - the first batch after New Hampshire's January 27 starting gun - will be the Caucasian American who comes in number two. Certainly, that's how the corporate press will play it."

Why Franklin can’t be a senator  4/24/03 Gwinnett Daily Post: "Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin says she is entertaining a possible bid for the U.S. Senate based on a poll showing her defeating two powerful Republican congressmen, Johnny Isakson and Mac Collins… A couple of things are wrong with this poll, the first being that it’s pure malarkey. The people who designed this survey must have just dropped in from Mars. Otherwise, they would know the following almost by instinct: n A mayor of Atlanta — any Atlanta mayor, black or white, male or female — can not be elected to major statewide office in Georgia. Non-Atlanta Georgia generally detests the state’s principal city and regards Atlanta-based politicians with great suspicion…"

Four proposed bills would close primaries  4/24/03 News Star, LA: "The chances of legislative approval of closed primaries are better this year, "especially among Republicans because of the disastrous results of the 2002 election in the 5th Congressional District of North Louisiana," he said. Republicans watched an extremely negative campaign that resulted in control of the district returning to the Democrats for the first time in six years."

Law Firm's Donations To Edwards Probed  4/24/03 Washington Post 

Wednesday  4/23/03

Division in black caucus widens  4/23/03 Charlotte Observer: "The Easter Sunday split cast a sharp wedge into the most influential political voice of the county's black community. It comes just weeks before the start of a local election season when caucus endorsements and get-out-the-vote efforts usually carry significant weight among black voters. Several races for Charlotte City Council and Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board could turn on the size and solidarity of African-American votes."

Alabama GOP Seeks to Keep Bush on 2004 Nominating Ballot  4/23/03 Fox News: "Unless Alabama's election law is changed, President Bush could be left off the state's presidential election ballot in 2004."

Democrat calls for release of redistricting maps  4/23/03 Houston Chronicle: "Republicans report possible theft of plan drawn by DeLay's office."

Republican Says Bush's High Poll Numbers Can't Last  4/23/03 Reuters 

Bush ups ante to £125m for 2004  4/23/03 Scotsman, UK: "GEORGE Bush’s advisers are planning to spend $200 million (£125 million) on his bid to secure the presidential nomination of the Republican Party, even though he faces no serious competition for the post. The money will fund a massive political advertising campaign for Mr Bush’s campaign to win a second term in the White House. It will lay the ground for a triumphal party convention, held in New York in 2004 and timed for the third anniversary of the 11 September terrorist attacks."

Black seen as future mayor  4/23/03 Washington Times: "We're making history here in Alexandria," said William D. Euille, the Democratic candidate and a City Council member. "For the first time the city will have someone of color. It's a city going in the right direction."

Hollings seat seen as ripe for GOP  4/23/03 Washington Times: "Republicans have their eyes on the seat of Sen. Ernest F. Hollings, South Carolina Democrat, as one of their best opportunities to pad their slim majority in the Senate."

Tuesday  4/22/03

Sharpton: Officially a candidate, FEC forms next week  4/22/03 AP: "He said his presidential campaign would focus on the economy and health care for the working class. He also said he wants his campaign to get Democrats to stop taking black voters for granted. Democrats treat black voters like "mistresses," Sharpton said, enjoying what they have to offer while not "taking us home to mom and dad." "Either we get married, or we're gonna break up and find someone who will respect us," he said."

Monday  4/21/03

ROLAND S. MARTIN: The credibility deficit of Al Sharpton  4/21/03 Black America Web 

Sharpton visits ASU  4/21/03 WALB, GA 

Democrats Facing February Primaries Several States Move Balloting Earlier  4/21/03 Washington Post: "As always, the 2004 nomination process will begin in Iowa and New Hampshire, which will hold their contests in late January. But in contrast to four years ago, when there was a five-week gap between voting in those two states and the next round of events, at least a dozen states -- most of them small or medium-sized -- will hold primaries or caucuses in February." Still leading off with heavy white majority states.

Sunday  4/20/03

Democrats, GOP roll forward with ’04 campaigns  4/20/03 Arkansas Democrat Gazette 

Thornton-Reese in 4th campaign for council seat  4/20/03 Dallas Examiner 

Saturday  4/19/03

Carroll Is Florida House's First Black Republican Woman  4/19/03 AP: "Jennifer Carroll made history this week by becoming the first black Republican woman elected to the Florida House of Representatives."

States jockey for early primaries  4/19/03 Atlanta Journal Constitution 

"Why Bush Will Win California in 2004"  4/19/03 Chron Watch: "Finally, the Field Poll showed that Latino favor a democrat candidate by a close margin of 42 to 36%. President Bush garnered only 28% of the California Latino vote in 2000. Nationwide, he won 35% of the Hispanic vote. But in 2002 the Latino turnout in California dropped from 13% of the electorate in 1998 to 10%. The low turnout among non-white voters wasn't confined to Latino voters. Also in the 2002 election cycle, the share of black voters among the statewide electorate decreased from 13% to 4%, and the turnout among Asian-American voters dipped from 8% to 6%."

Milwaukee: City could be in for crowded mayoral race  4/19/03 Milawaukee Journal Sentinel: "Clarke's decision could most affect Pratt, who is also African-American. Pratt, who has said he is in the mayoral race to stay, has declared neither would win if both he and Clarke run because the black vote would be split. One African-American potential candidate, former state Rep. Antonio Riley, was taken out of the mix when he took an appointment in Gov. Jim Doyle's administration."

Friday  4/18/03


Lieberman Has Yet To Electrify Key Backers  4/18/03 Hartford Courant: "There's a distinctively Jewish wrinkle to Joe Lieberman's latest fund-raising report: Hundreds of donors sent dollar amounts that were multiples of 18, considered a Jewish lucky number. Trouble was, there were not enough of those contributors to make Lieberman look as good as some expected he would."

In S.C., Black Voters' Clout Reshapes Presidential Race  4/18/03 LA Times: "For decades, the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary have dominated the initial phase of the presidential campaign, giving the two virtually all-white states enormous power to winnow the field to the final contenders. But South Carolina is positioned to become the first state in years with a large black population to influence the Democratic race during the opening stage. That means the ability to mobilize African American voters -- a skill critical to the party's hopes in any general election -- could become a more prominent test on the road to the nomination as well. Anywhere from one-third to half of the South Carolina Democratic primary vote will be black, local analysts predict."

Thursday  4/17/03

Sharpton won't report campaign money  4/17/03 AP: "Watkins said Sharpton has been raising money on the phone and in small fund-raisers, and will disclose the funds if the Federal Elections Commission tells him to. He would not say how much Sharpton had, other than to say it's not in the range of the leading fund-raisers in the race, Sens. John Edwards of North Carolina and John Kerry of Massachusetts, at about $7 million."

Registration on day of election considered  4/17/03 Journal Now, NC 

Wednesday  4/16/03

BAMPAC's Candidate Listing  4/16/03 BAMPAC: Black America's PAC's candidates

Presidential Hopeful Braun Low on Funds  4/16/03 BET: "Carol Moseley Braun, Democratic presidential hopeful, has less cash than any of the other eight candidates running for the top office, according to the Associated Press. At the beginning of the month, the former Illinois senator had $45,005 to spend, AP reported. Now, she has $72,450 to spend."

Williams Signs First-In-The-Nation Primary Bill  4/16/03 NBC4: "Williams said one of the reasons for the change is to draw attention to congressional voting rights in the city. The mayor also proclaimed what is Tax Day for most Americans to be "D.C. Voting Rights Day" at a rally Tuesday afternoon. Many of the 572,000 District residents are paying taxes and some are now serving in Iraq, but they don't have a member of Congress who can vote on the floor."

President scores higher than any Democrat in race  4/16/03 SF Chronicle 

A Campaign Plan for Making Al Sharpton Matter - From Sideshow To Big Tent -  4/16/03 Village Voice: "His handlers have already zeroed in on the primary in South Carolina, where 40 percent of all Democratic voters are black. The February contest is one of the first, offering Sharpton the chance to look good early. One of two African Americans in the race, he could easily finish second there, or—and this is what gives Dems the dry heaves—actually win."

DC: Mayor signs bill to move primary  4/16/03 Washington Times: "D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams has signed legislation to move the District's presidential primary to the first Tuesday in January — two weeks ahead of the tentative date for the New Hampshire primary. Congress has the power to reverse the decision, although aides to Rep. Thomas M. Davis III, the Virginia Republican who heads the panel charged with overseeing the District, have said he would not interfere with such a move. When both the House and Senate reconvene, they will have up to 30 days to overturn the District's decision to schedule its primary first. If they decline to act, it will become law. The likely beneficiary of such a move would be the Rev. Al Sharpton, whose huge popularity among blacks would stand him well in a D.C. primary."

Tuesday  4/15/03

9 hopefuls to join in S.C. debate  4/15/03 Charleston Post & Courier 

Kerry tries to motivate S.C. Democratic party  4/15/03 The State, SC: "But cynicism and distrust of elected leaders exists and is reflected in voter attitudes, he said. Kerry mentioned a recent poll showing that 60 percent of Americans say they don't know whether they'll vote next year. He called it a serious problem "We've got to start organizing," he urged. Kerry asked the predominantly black audience to "believe again." "Even though my skin may not be the same color as yours, my heart, my soul and my gut are in the same place as yours." "

Monday  4/14/03

S.C. Democrats eye center stage  4/14/03 Greenville News: "The 90-minute debate will begin at 8:30 p.m. on May 3 in the Longstreet Theater on the University of South Carolina campus. George Stephanopoulos, the Clinton White House aide turned broadcast commentator, will be the moderator." The Longstreet Theatre is named after a pro-slavery minister who was president of South Carolina College and whose students were so fired with his rhetoric that they enlisted as one into the Army of the Confederacy.

Sharpton Commands Most Support From Blacks  4/14/03 Sacramento Observer: "Presidential candidate Al Sharpton has twice as much support among African Americans as his closest Democratic rival, ties North Carolina Sen. John Edwards for fourth-place among all registered Democratic voters and is ahead of former Illinois Sen. Carol Moseley Braun, Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, Florida Sen. Bob Graham and Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a new Time-CNN poll shows. Democratic presidential hopeful, the Rev. Al Sharpton is currently favored by 20 percent of Black voters, according to a new poll."

Mayoral Contest's Unspoken Word: Race - Alexandria's Everyday Issues, Not Historic Ballot, Are Steering Public Debate for Election  4/14/03 Washington Post 

Sunday  4/13/03

Black Republican Delegate Mulling Congressional Run  4/13/03 AP: "The Virginia General Assembly's lone black Republican is considering challenging U.S. Rep. Robert C. Scott this fall. Norfolk Del. Winsome Sears, who is stepping down after serving only two years in the House of Delegates, said Scott may be vulnerable due to his opposition to the war in Iraq and his liberal voting record."

BET Bulletin Board on Condi for Governor  4/13/03 BET 

Edwards cultivates support at his roots  4/13/03 Boston Globe 

Saturday  4/12/03

Howard Dean Issues Iraqi Reconstruction Plan  4/12/03 Republicons 

Friday  4/11/03

Condi Rice may seek Calif. guv's post  4/11/03 AP 

Democrats must find a credible candidate for Zell Miller's seat  4/11/03 Atlanta Business Chronicle: "Finally, Democrats need a credible candidate in Georgia to counter the one Democrat who has expressed an interest in the Senate race to date -- Cynthia McKinney. McKinney recently took out paperwork seeking a rematch with Denise Majette for her old congressional seat. However, she has let it be known that if no Democrat enters the Senate race soon, she will seek that post instead. Such a scenario is nightmarish for Democrats. With McKinney on the ballot and sure to lose, she could possibly drag enough state Democrats down with her to allow Republicans to take over the state House."

Sharpton blows off minority journalists  4/11/03 Black America Web: "Democratic presidential candidate Al Sharpton missed a scheduled appearance with young minority journalists Friday under puzzling and yet-to-be explained circumstances."


Thursday  4/10/03

Democratic Hopefuls Split on War in Iraq Presidential Candidates Attack Bush Tax Cuts and Vow Remedies, if Needed, in Mich. Case  4/10/03 Washington Post 

Tuesday  4/8/03

Al Sharpton's Rally Talks Hip-Hop  4/8/03 All Hip-Hop 

Kerry finds fodder in GOP criticism - Takes offense after 'regime change' call  4/8/03 Boston Globe: "In statements to journalists, and an e-mail sent yesterday to supporters of his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, Kerry and his staff have used the occasion to highlight the senator's military record, attack his conservative Republican critics, and raise money."

Monday  4/7/03

Kerry Continues Verbal Assaults on Bush  4/7/03 AP: "During his latest campaign visit to Iowa, Kerry told fellow Democrats that the president's policy toward North Korea is "irresponsible." He says Bush needs to jump-start discussions with the nation, despite the ongoing war in Iraq."

African American group protests Holzendorf's run for mayor  4/7/03 First Coast News: "On Saturday, a group of people protested against Betty Holzendorf's run for mayor claiming she is dividing the African American community. Betty Holzendorf and Nat Glover are among the candidates running for mayor of Jacksonville. It's a chance for Jacksonville to elect it's first African American into office."

NAACP Board Rips Bush Policies  4/7/03 New California Media: "Calling many positions taken by the Bush administration “hostile to civil rights,” the National Board of the NAACP issued a series of statements and resolutions recently following its annual meeting. Board members said President Bush continues to nominate conservative judges and on the birthday of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. issued a statement against affirmative action — saying he was opposed to policies at the University of Michigan, in a case now being heard by the U.S. Supreme Court."

Sunday  4/6/03

Primaries get voted out - Many municipalities are scrapping plans for elections due to a lack of candidates  4/6/03 Indiannapolis Star: "Nearly 20 cities and towns in Indiana have canceled primary elections this year, leaving voters without a voice in who will represent their party and their interests on Election Day this November… In Boone County, Parker said, Republicans will vote, but not Democrats, because only Republicans have contested races. In that instance, Parker said, Democrats should still have a chance to vote, if for no other reason than to show support for unopposed Democratic candidates. A Democratic attorney, Joseph Champion, sent a letter to Boone County last week, asking the Election Board to reverse its decision to cancel some party primaries."

Rev. Al Sharpton's Radio Talk Show  4/6/03 WLIB: "every Sunday at 5 p.m. CST - 7 p.m. on WLIB 1190 AM NY,NY" This is the link to the on-line radio broadcast for this station.

Friday  4/4/03

McKinney may run again in '04  4/4/03 Atlanta Business Chronicle: "Let's get ready to rumble. Another war is about to break out. Former Rep. Cynthia McKinney, the DeKalb County Democrat, has filed a campaign committee for the 2004 election with the Federal Election Commission… The defeated representative filed as a Democrat, perhaps scotching talk that she might be a Green Party presidential or vice presidential candidate. If McKinney runs, the summer of '04 will look a lot like the summer of '02. She will be in a primary against her nemesis, Rep. Denise Majette, D-4th District."


Democrats vow to use affirmative action against Bush in '04  4/4/03 Orlando Sentinel 

Kerry Lashes Out at Republican Criticisms  4/4/03 Washington Post: "The Republicans have tried to make a practice of attacking anybody who speaks out strongly by questioning their patriotism," the Massachusetts senator said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "I refuse to have my patriotism or right to speak out questioned. I fought for and earned the right to express my views in this country."

Thursday  4/3/03

Kerry, Dean tied in latest N.H. poll  4/3/03 AP: "U.S. Sen. John Kerry and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean are tied in the latest poll of likely voters in the New Hampshire Democratic primary. The Franklin Pierce College poll released Thursday showed Kerry and Dean each with the support of 21 percent of those questioned earlier in the week. Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut was a distant third at 9 percent, followed by Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri at 6 percent. With 38 percent undecided, the rest of the candidates each had 3 percent or less." New Hampshire has few African American voters.

Donna Brazile shows her Lieberman colors  4/3/03 Black Commentator: "We knew it all the time. Black Democratic National Committee member Donna Brazile, who convinced former Illinois Senator Carol Moseley-Braun to run for in primaries, is a supporter of the party's rightwing, Bush-minded champion, Joseph Lieberman - the Connecticut Senator with the corporate bucks. Brazile came out of the conservative closet waving the war flag. "After I heard Al Jazeera broadcasting that videotape showing what the Iraqis did to the American POWs, I was livid," Brazile told the Washington Times. "We have to send out the strongest possible message of support." Most of the Congressional Black Caucus oppose the Iraq war. "I don't want to make any comment on the Black Caucus' position. They have their reasons. For many people this is a moral issue," said Brazile, revealing her own moral deficit. "We cannot afford to be talking just to the anti-war people. That's easy. We have to talk to everybody, especially independents."

Kerry says US needs its own 'regime change'  4/3/03 Boston Globe 

Rivals' fund raising falls short of Edwards'  4/3/03 Charlotte Observer: "Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts reported Wednesday that he raised $7 million in the first three months of the year for his presidential campaign, placing second in the money primary for the 2004 Democratic nomination, which suggests that the race is wide open. Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut said Wednesday that he raised $3 million in the first quarter, and former Gov. Howard Dean of Vermont said he raised $2.6 million. All three candidates trailed freshman Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, who reported Tuesday that he raised $7.4 million in the quarter that ended Monday."

Democratic contenders raise millions for White House bids  4/3/03 CNN: "Former House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt of Missouri, who has made fund raising a key focus of his presidential campaign, said Thursday that he raised $3.6 million during the first three months of 2003."

Presidential hopeful Gephardt visits  4/3/03 Mississipi Clarion Ledger: "Democratic presidential candidate Richard Gephardt of Missouri will be in Jackson tonight for a $1,000-per-person fund-raiser in the Belhaven Heights neighborhood."

Wednesday  4/2/03

House panel pushing July primary  4/2/03 Herald Tribune, FL: "Florida voters could be at the polls on one of the hottest days of summer under a measure approved Wednesday by a House committee that also favored reinstating the runoff election voided in the 2002 election."

Democrat Edwards Aces Early Fund-Raising Test  4/2/03 Reuters: "Democrat John Edwards scored a surprising win in the presidential fund-raising sweepstakes over the first three months of the year, nipping favorite John Kerry in an early test of the 2004 campaign. The $7.4 million raised by Edwards, a first-term North Carolina senator and trial lawyer, slightly beat Kerry's $7 million and ruined predictions that Kerry would raise the most of the nine Democrats vying for the right to challenge President Bush."

Tuesday  4/1/03

The Crowded Bus  4/1/03 American Journalism Review: "Cable TV, the Internet, a massive media presence and a front-loaded primary schedule have dramatically changed the pace and tenor of presidential campaign coverage. There’s no such thing as “off-Broadway” anymore."

Lieberman Moves to Gain Support From Liberals  4/1/03 LA Times: "Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, generally considered the most conservative contender for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination, on Monday endorsed a series of liberal social goals, including affirmative action and an expansion of civil rights protections for homosexuals."

Eleven Months to Go in a Land Called Iowa  4/1/03 Washington Post 

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