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Voter Protection
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Coalition for Voting Integrity

Credo Action
Protect the '08 Election
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Text messages on Election Day in case of fraud

Election Incident Reporting System

Election Protection - - rate your poll

National Campaign for Election Protection

No Voter Left Behind
Founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Expose - Spot - Report

People for the American Way  
- Know Your Voting Rights (by state)

Portal:Election Protection Wiki

Stealing America: Take Action

"Steal This Election" Citizen Investigation Map, Mother Jones

True The Vote (Tea Party affiliate)

Verified Voting - Election Incident Reporting System
see also EIRS, Election Incident Reporting System
affiliated with Voter Protection Coalition

Video the Vote works with, Election Protection Coalition

Vote Count Protection Project, Election Integrity

Voter Action

Voters Unite!

Voters Unite! Voting News

Election Returns

CNN Elections Center 2012

Yahoo 2012 Elections

Wikipedia - Democratic Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2012

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Alternet Election 2012

Baltimore Sun - the Swamp

Black America News Sources

Boston Globe Campaign 2012


Cspan Campaign Network

Fox News - You Decide 2012

McClatchy Election 2012

MSNBC Politics

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New York Times - the Caucus

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Rasmussen Reports

Real Clear Politics

Rural Votes

USA Today 2012 Election Coverage

US News & World Report

Washington Post Politics / Elections

Election Reform

Common Cause


EcoTalk Voting Security

Federal Election Reform Network

Open Voting Consortium


American Research Group

Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008

Pew Research Center


Real Clear Politics - Polls

USA Elections Polls

Get Out The Vote

America Votes

Declare Yourself

Democratic National Committee

Choice USA

Hip-Hop Summit Action Network

Move On

Rock the Vote

Voters Unite!
Check Your Registration and Polling Place 

Of Interest

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

League of Women Voters

Liberty Tree

Mobilizing America's Youth

New Millennium

New Voters Project

Project Vote Smart

Strive for Five

United for Peace & Justice

US Census Data



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