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Archives: 8/04-12/04

Thursday  11/18/2004

The Republicanization of America: An African's Observations on the 2004 US Elections  11/18/2004 Black Commentator 

Political nonsense galore; here's a reasonable analysis  11/18/2004 Rockford Register: "One thing that didn't change from the election of four years ago is that most of the states Bush carried are "taker" states -- states that get more back from the federal government in grants and services than they pay in federal taxes. The states that Kerry won are mostly "giver" states -- those that get less back from the feds than they pay in taxes. For example, Illinois, which went big for Kerry, gets 73 cents back for every dollar it sends to Washington. South Dakota, which went big for Bush, gets back $1.49 for every dollar. As economist Daniel H. Pink has observed, "Republicans seem to have become the new welfare party -- their constituents live off tax dollars paid by people who vote Democratic." "

Wednesday  11/17/2004

And our governor is ... check back next week, or maybe even later  11/17/2004 Seattle Post Intelligencer 

Tuesday  11/16/2004

Black Supreme Court Judge Faces Runoff in Miss.  11/16/2004 Black America Web: "Graves, one of the nation’s few black state Supreme Court justices, had about 47.8 percent of the vote. His closet challenger, Circuit Court Judge Samac Richardson, trailed 17 points with 30.5 percent in the 22-county district that includes parts of central and northern Mississippi. Votes certified in Hinds County, Miss., on Friday show that Graves received 3,331 of the provisional votes – more than half the provisional votes accepted. Richardson got 850 votes, Bill Skinner, Hinds County Justice Court judge, garnered 1,139 and Ceola James, an attorney and former chancery court judge, received 263." [So why are they having a runnoff?]

Commentary: The Red State-Slave State Connection is all too Real  11/16/2004 Black America Web: map of election vs slave and slave tending states pre-civil war.

Monday  11/15/2004

First-time voters Found a Reason to Cast Ballot  11/15/2004 NNPA: “I just couldn’t stand Bush and that made this election different,” Anderson explains. “I didn’t like the blatant lies he told about the war and economics and I hated being lied to blatantly about the weapons of mass destruction.”

Sunday  11/14/2004

Fla. Panel Approves 2004 Election Results  11/14/2004 AP 

Presidential Race Still Undecided in New Mexico \  11/14/2004 Reuters 

Mapping the election  11/14/2004 Tom Dispatch 

Friday  11/12/2004

Axis of evil - Meet the new Republican senators. Five of them hope to make your worst nightmares come true.  11/12/2004 Boston Phoenix 

Thursday  11/11/2004

Bush Victory's Lesson to the World  11/11/2004 Consortium News: "One Albanian told me that she had struggled for democracy for much of her life and suffered beatings by state security forces for speaking out for freedom. During those dark days, the United States had been the brightest beacon of hope, inspiring activists to keep fighting, she said. But now, in the United States, she was learning about voter intimidation and other irregularities during a briefing at the national call center of the Election Protection Coalition in Arlington, Virginia. Her voice shook as she recounted reports of black voters being challenged by Republican lawyers at polling places, of minorities asked for two forms of identification when only one was needed, of polling places moved to police stations in minority precincts, of hundreds of electronic voting malfunctions, and of polling stations lacking enough provisional ballots. The Albanian parliamentarian, flipping through page after page of her notes, was stunned by the bigger picture of disenfranchisement aimed at minority voters. “How could this happen here?” she asked me. “How could this happen in America?”"

Wednesday  11/10/2004

Democrats Gaining a Foothold in Texas Increasing Hispanic Population Is Credited With Diversifying Winners of Local Races  11/10/2004 Washington Post 

Monday  11/8/2004

New Black Sheriff in Fla. overcame Voter Intimidation  11/8/2004 Black America Web 

DEAN WINS! The incredible story of how Howard Dean became President of the United States.  11/8/2004 New Haven Advocate 

Evangelicals Say They Led Charge For the GOP  11/8/2004 Washington Post: "But the untold story of the 2004 election, according to national religious leaders and grass-roots activists, is that evangelical Christian groups were often more aggressive and sometimes better organized on the ground than the Bush campaign. The White House struggled to stay abreast of the Christian right and consulted with the movement's leaders in weekly conference calls. But in many respects, Christian activists led the charge that GOP operatives followed and capitalized upon."

Saturday  11/6/2004

Republican gains in Congress could hurt New England  11/6/2004 AP 

Vandals Hit GOP Headquarters in N.Carolina  11/6/2004 AP 

Jesse Jackson says Kerry ignored key Democratic blocs  11/6/2004 Chicago Tribune 

Three Senators Consider Bids for Governor  11/6/2004 NYT: "People are just giving up," said one Democratic strategist who has been a key adviser to Senate and House candidates from the New York region. "They're realizing that they may be able to accomplish a lot more from a governor's mansion than from Capitol Hill."

Friday  11/5/2004

Congressional Black Caucus says Democrats may have lost but African Americans gained in Congress  11/5/2004 AP 

US Christian right exultant after Bush re-election  11/5/2004 AP 

3 Blacks elected Mayor in Southern cities  11/5/2004 Black America Web: "In Richmond, former Virginia governor L. Douglas Wilder came out of retirement to win election as mayor of the city that once served as the capital of the Confederacy. In 1990, Wilder was sworn in as the state's first black governor. Eighth-grade teacher Mike Blake also won a mayoral contest Tuesday when voters in Cocoa, Fla. made him that city's chief executive officer. Residents of Cocoa, whose population is 60 percent white, also elected a majority-black city council. In Louisiana, state Sen. Melvin “Kip” Holden was elected mayor-president of East Baton Rouge Parish, which includes the city of Baton Rouge. He defeated the city's white incumbent mayor by nearly 15,000 votes. The parish's population is 60 percent white and 40 percent black. Holden, a Democrat, beat Republican Mayor Bobby Simpson with the support of white voters."

Jim Crow Constitution upheld in Ala.; 3 Strikes law stand in Calif.  11/5/2004 Black America Web: "Voters in Alabama – where former Gov. George Wallace once vowed "segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever" – narrowly defeated a move to strip Jim Crow language for the state's constitution that provided for segregated schools. With 99 percent of the votes counted, the amendment was losing by 2,561 votes. A total of 690,155 people voted against the amendment while 687,594 voted for it, according to unofficial results from the office of Alabama secretary of state."

Ohio to keep counting provisional ballots  11/5/2004 Black America Web 

Big Wins for Instant Runoff Voting - Election 2004 By the Numbers  11/5/2004 Counterpunch: "If anything, the number of battlegrounds likely will decline in 2008. If this year,s national vote had been a 50-50 tie and the vote share had changed equally across the nation, only 5 states would likely have been decided by less than 4%, and only 15 states by less than 8%. Democratic states in fact are more solid than Republican ones in this scenario ­ a tie vote this year certainly would have elected John Kerry based on this year,s results. Thus, don,t expect more inclusive presidential campaigning in 2008 ­ and quite possibly an even smaller one, with all attention again paid on the two big truly swing states, Florida and Ohio."

New York Times Killed "Bush Bulge" Story  11/5/2004 FAIR: "Lindorff says two other major newspapers, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times, also decided not to pursue the story, which featured a leading NASA satellite photo imaging scientist's analysis of pictures of the president’s back from the first debate."

Understanding the 2004 Presidential Election: Beyond the Polarized Electorate, And The Republicans' Superior Voter Turnout  11/5/2004 FinLaw: "The caller had also told her friends that there was no connection between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein's Iraq - and pointed out that Vice President Cheney had admitted as much in the Vice Presidential debate, and that the 9/11 Commission's report had so found. But her friends insisted there had indeed been such a relationship; that Cheney had misspoken, and she was wrong about the 9/11 Commission's report. Where did her two colleagues get their factually erroneous information? The caller explained that they attended the same evangelical church, and got their information from a sermon their minister had given on the subject."

The Gay Marriage Myth - Terrorism, not values, drove Bush's re-election.  11/5/2004 Slate: "It's true that states with bans on the ballot voted for Bush at higher rates than other states. His vote share averaged 7 points higher in gay-marriage-banning states than in other states (57.9 vs. 50.9). But four years ago, when same-sex marriage was but a twinkle in the eye of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, Bush's vote share was 7.3 points higher in these same states than in other states. In other words, by a statistically insignificant margin, putting gay marriage on the ballot actually reduced the degree to which Bush's vote share in the affected states exceeded his vote share elsewhere… When you control for that variable, a 10-point increase in the percentage of voters citing terrorism as the most important problem translates into a 3-point Bush gain. A 10-point increase in morality voters, on the other hand, has no effect. Nor does putting an anti-gay-marriage measure on the ballot. So, if you want to understand why Bush was re-elected, stop obsessing about the morality gap and start looking at the terrorism gap.""

Thursday  11/4/2004

Indymedia Election Coverage  11/4/2004 IndyMedia: protests, jailings, beatings over vote fraud issues.

Republicans Appeal to Latinos' Conservative Side to Sway Vote - Ethnic Media Reaction to Election 2004  11/4/2004 Pacific News 

Wednesday  11/3/2004

Nader Can't Reprise His Spoiler Role  11/3/2004 AP 

Small bonuses of staying up all night  11/3/2004 Eric Umansky: "Fareed Zakaria on ABC News, at about 3am: “This is what really divides the U.S. from the other industrial democracies: Gods, Gays and Guns, if you will. If you were to take a sampling of public opinion in countries all the world—and this has been done by the Pew foundation—you would find that the United States on most of these core cultural issues is much closer Nigeria and Saudi Arabia than it is to Europe to Japan.”"

Overreaching at the polls - OUR OPINION: LAW SHOULD PROTECT VOTERS -- AND FREE SPEECH  11/3/2004 Miami Herald: "Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections Theresa LePore and sheriff's deputies abused their authority with the arrest of freelance journalist James S. Henry for trying to photograph voters waiting in line on Sunday. In the process, they violated the First Amendment and true intent of statutes to ensure orderly voting. State law restricts nonvoters -- specifically, political committees, committees of continuous existence or other groups or organizations -- from ''within 50 feet of the entrance to any polling place.'' Ms. LePore's order restricting journalists to a tent 100 feet away violates the spirit and letter of the law as well as the media's right to monitor elections as the public's surrogate."

THE KIDS AREN'T ALL RIGHT  11/3/2004 The American Prospect: "It appears that the much-rumored youth turnout boom did not, in the end, materialize. Instead, the under-30 set came out to vote in our typically paltry numbers."

Young People and Christians  11/3/2004 Village Voice: "Along with many other sources, Christianity Today's blog thinks evangelical Christians probably swung it. "Among those who cited moral values as their top priority, Bush defeated Kerry 79-18. The numbers were dramatic in Ohio, the state that ensured Bush's victory. Self-described white evangelical/ born-again voters composed 25 percent of the Ohio electorate and supported Bush by a 76-24 margin."

Sunday  10/31/2004

A Guide to Election Night for the Non-Political Junkie  10/31/2004 Media Monitors 

Races to Determine Control of House and Senate Have Been Nasty, Expensive and Local  10/31/2004 NYT 

Saturday  10/30/2004

Bush and Kerry see election hijacked by their old enemy  10/30/2004 Independent, Uk: "But the opposite may happen. Voters may be reminded that the man who has for the first time explicitly admitted he was behind the 11 September terror attacks is still at large, strengthening the feeling that the war against Iraq was a mistake, a distraction from the real war against Bin Laden and international terrorism."

Kerry squeaks ahead in Florida  10/30/2004 Palm Beach Post 

Transcript of Greenberg, Devine, Donilon, Lockhart Call (1/2)  10/30/2004 US Newswire: "I'm going to read you paraphrasement about Osama Bin Laden's videotape - this is a poll that was conducted by Democracy Corps, I'm going to read you a paraphrasement about the release of Bin Laden's videotape, please tell me what comes closer to your view: One, it makes me think that George W. Bush took his eye of the ball in Afghanistan (news - web sites) and diverted his resources to Iraq; Two, it underscores the importance of George Bush (news - web sites)'s approach to terrorism By ten points, 46-36 percent, voters responding to the survey agreed with the first statement , rather than the second."

Friday  10/29/2004

Florida election: In the eye of the storm  10/29/2004 Afro American Newspapers 

Ohio GOP Loses Bid to Fight Registrations  10/29/2004 AP 

State Department Tried to Stop Airing of Bin Laden Tape  10/29/2004 AP: "The State Department on Friday urged the government of Qatar, which finances Al-Jazeera, not to broadcast a videotaped speech by Osama bin Laden, a senior State Department official said."

What Could Go Wrong: Part III  10/29/2004 CBS: "Some worry the mere presence of so many lawyers and monitors could erode the perceived legitimacy of the election. "I think it could be a very serious problem," said Sen. John McCain in an interview outside the final presidential debate in Tempe."

Kerry's Contra-Cocaine Chapter  10/29/2004 Consortium News: "In December 1985, when Brian Barger and I wrote a groundbreaking story for the Associated Press about Nicaraguan Contra rebels smuggling cocaine into the United States, one U.S. senator put his political career on the line to follow up on our disturbing findings. His name was John Kerry."

'US al-Qaeda' warns of attacks  10/29/2004 ITV 

Fla.: Kerry Takes Commanding Lead in Early Voting  10/29/2004 NewsMax: "Among 16 percent of Florida voters who said they had cast early ballots, Kerry received 56 percent of those compared to Bush's 39 percent."

IRS reviewing NAACP tax-exempt status  10/29/2004 NYT: "This is an attempt to silence the NAACP on the very eve of a presidential election," he said. "We are best known for registering and turning out large numbers of African American voters. Clearly, someone in the IRS doesn't want that to happen." He added, "It's Orwellian to believe that criticism of the president is not allowed or that the president is somehow immune from criticism." "

NAACP Faces IRS Investigation - Report  10/29/2004 Reuters 

NASA photo analyst: Bush wore a device during debate  10/29/2004 Salon: "Physicist says imaging techniques prove the president's bulge was not caused by wrinkled clothing."

Thursday  10/28/2004

Politics Gets Uglier in Florida  10/28/2004 Capitol Hill Blue: "That's when (Garone) walked up to my car and stuck a gun to my head," Pickering said. "I said 'I'm sorry' and 'Please don't kill me,' drove away and called the cops."

Will Bad News Bring Bush a Bad Day at the Polls?  10/28/2004 Capitol Hill Blue 

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS video may be linked to missing explosives in Iraq  10/28/2004 KSTP: "Once the doors to the bunkers were opened, they weren't secured. They were left open when the 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS crew and the military went back to their base. "We weren't quite sure what were looking at, but we saw so much of it and it didn't appear that this was being secured in any way," said photojournalist Joe Caffrey. "It was several miles away from where military people were staying in their tents". Officers with the 101st Airborne told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that the bunkers were within the U.S. military perimeter and protected. But Caffrey and former 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS Reporter Dean Staley, who spent three months together in Iraq, said Iraqis were coming and going freely."

Wednesday  10/27/2004

Hillary Clinton Stumps For Kerry In South Florida  10/27/2004 AP 

Police: Driver Tried to Run Over Florida Rep. Harris  10/27/2004 Reuters: "Florida motorist was arrested Wednesday on charges of trying to run down U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris at an intersection where the controversial former state elections chief was campaigning for re-election to Congress."

`My vote is safer here'  10/27/2004 Sun Sentinel: "Both Republican and Democrat poll watchers kept track of the number of people voting at the African-American Research Library. They said more than 200 voters, most of them black, cast ballots daily at the library. At Lauderhill Mall, lines of 100 or more people were common last week. But that was not the case at Palm Beach County's lone black community polling place. Election officials said Belle Glade has been the least active of eight early voting locations in that county. Only 361 people had voted as of Tuesday. Blacks are voting at other Palm Beach sites."

Bush blunders block path to reelection  10/27/2004 The Hill 

Tuesday  10/26/2004

Mel Martinez: a Monster in Silk Clothing  10/26/2004 AfroCubaWeb 

Bill Clinton and John Kerry meet with Black Clergy  10/26/2004 Black America Web 

Investigative Reporter and Author Robert Parry Plumbs History, Unearths the Roots of the Bush Dynasty  10/26/2004 Buzzflash: "America lives in a historical vacuum, empty of context and devoid of truthful reporting, especially when it comes to contemporary events. The corporate media cares little about actions or words from the past. As a result, Americans are left with a disjointed view of reality -- with no context."

High-Stakes Battle For The Big 3  10/26/2004 CBS 

Bush Has only Half as Many Top-Level Blacks as Clinton  10/26/2004 NNPA 

President Bush Snubs the Black Press  10/26/2004 NNPA 

No more stolen elections - Wednesday, November 3rd 2004 05:30 pm - Gainesville, FL USA  10/26/2004 "A rally and march in response to vote suppression by Republicans and related election theft activities--women struggled for the vote for over a century, we're not about to let the male supremacists steal our vote now so they can take our rights next. All groups and individuals who want to see a fair and just election and want to see democracy protected and expanded are invited to join us."

Gore urges Riviera Beach crowd to take action at polls  10/26/2004 Palm Beach Post: "Gore also got in a jab at Elections Supervisor Theresa LePore, whose "butterfly ballot" design is blamed by many Democrats for confusing voters and costing Gore the election. This year, LePore has been criticized by some black leaders for not putting an early voting site in predominantly black Riviera Beach. "I believe there ought to be a place to vote early here in this community, in Riviera Beach," Gore said. When members of the crowd mentioned LePore's name, Gore said, "Is she still in office? Yes, she is. Not for long, but she still is.""

Monday  10/25/2004

Kerry demands answers about missing explosives  10/25/2004 AFP: "Today, the Bush administration must answer for what may be the most grave and catastrophic mistake in a tragic series of blunders in Iraq," senior Kerry advisor Joe Lockhart said in a statement dispatched before sunrise. "How did they fail to secure nearly 380 tons of known, deadly explosives despite clear warnings from the International Atomic Energy Agency to do so? Why was this information unearthed by reporters -- and was it covered up by our national security officials?"

Sunday  10/24/2004

Federal appeals court: Provisional ballots cast outside Ohio voters' home precincts not valid  10/24/2004 AP 

Three Ohio Newspapers Endorse Bush  10/24/2004 AP 

Karl Rove in a Corner  10/24/2004 Atlantic: "Karl Rove is at his most formidable when running close races, and his skills would be notable even if he used no extreme methods. But he does use them. His campaign history shows his willingness, when challenged, to employ savage tactics."

Daily Endorsement Tally: On 'Super Sunday,' Kerry Makes Huge Gains  10/24/2004 Editor & Publisher: "Senator John Kerry continued his raid on newspapers that backed President George W. Bush in 2000, grabbing 20 new "flip-flops," as well as The Washington Post. He has now won over at least 31 papers that went for Bush in 2000, while Bush has only earned two Gore papers. However, Bush got a prize in Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch. Kerry now leads Bush 118-69 in endorsements in E&P's exclusive tally, and by about 14.9 million to 8.9 million in the circulation of backing papers."

Corrine Brown and Michael Moore at Metropolitan Park  10/24/2004 Jacksonville Advocate 

Secret report: terrorism spreading across Iraq  10/24/2004 Sunday Herald: "They include Sunni resistance groups, Ba’athist groups loyal to the ousted Saddam regime, Shi’ite resistance groups, and other terrorists groups that have moved into Iraq from Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Pakistan and Egypt since the occupation began in the spring of last year. The intelligence revision of the scale of the insurgency, which puts the number of militant cells at over 50 and growing, indicates that the current level of coalition forces will struggle to cope with an increased level of insurgent activity as the election approaches next year."

Florida vote still a tossup; turnout will be key factor  10/24/2004 Times Union, Jacksonville, FL: "Kerry received 48 percent support in the poll. Bush had 47 percent, and independent Ralph Nader had 2 percent. In a sign the race is intensifying toward a battle over turning out voters, only 2 percent were undecided. The survey of 600 likely voters was conducted Monday to Thursday by Research 2000, a Maryland polling firm. The poll's margin of error is 4 percentage points."

Martinez, Castor seek last-minute support in final debate  10/24/2004 Times Union, Jacksonville, FL: "Geoffrey Becker, former executive director of the Republican Party of Florida, said Castor is expected to run strongly among South Florida's Democratic base. But Martinez, who would be the first Cuban-American in the U.S. Senate if elected, could undermine that in Miami-Dade. "In a race like this, if he can blunt Betty's obvious Democratic strength in southeast Florida ... (with) the story, he's way better positioned," Becker said."

Saturday  10/23/2004

Campaign event security spurs arrests, removals  10/23/2004 DesMoines Register: "But when he got there, a campaign staffer pulled him aside and made him remove his button that said, "Bush-Cheney '04: Leave No Billionaire Behind." The staffer quizzed him about whether he was a Bush supporter, asked him why he was there and what questions he would be asking the president. "Then he came back and said, 'If you protest, it won't be me taking you out. It will be a sniper,' " Sachs said. "He said it in such a serious tone it scared the crap out of me." Sachs stayed at the event, but he was escorted to a section of the 7 Flags Events Center where he was surrounded by Secret Service and told he couldn't ask questions. "I was just in a state of fear," he said. "I was looking at the ceiling and I didn't know what to expect, I was so scared.""

Florida Has 1.55 Million New Voters  10/23/2004 News4 JAX: "Since November 2000, Republicans have increased their numbers by 465,328 while Democrats have added 460,461 new party members, a difference of 4,867 in favor of the GOP. "I'm shaking my head. To think that out of 1.6 million that there would be less than 5,000 new registrants separating the two parties," said Aubrey Jewett, a University of Central Florida political science professor. "I just can't believe it." What that means as Democrat John Kerry tries to defeat Bush on Nov. 2 is anybody's guess, especially considering 628,507 new voters didn't choose either party."

Friday  10/22/2004

West Virginia: Elector Says He Might Not Vote For Bush  10/22/2004 AP: "South Charleston Mayor Richie Robb said that based on his research, an elector has "qualified discretion" when it comes to casting a vote. Still, Robb called it "highly unlikely" that he would cast a vote for Democrat John Kerry. He says he might cast his vote for Vice President Cheney or another Republican instead, meaning the president would lose out on one electoral vote."

Wis. anticipates electing first Black to Congress  10/22/2004 Black America Web 

Polls say Bush could face electoral college defeat  10/22/2004 Financial Times: "Corrine Brown, Democratic congresswoman from Duval County in Florida, where 27,000 ballots were discarded in 2000, said there was widespread concern about voter intimidation, voting irregularities and a replay of the outcome four years ago. An AP/Ipsos poll on Friday showed Mr Kerry had pulled three points ahead among likely voters, after a Gallup poll at the beginning of the week said that Mr Bush had an eight point lead. Norm Ornstein, political scientist at the American Enterprise Institute, said: “There is a significant chance that we could end up with a nail-biter election, with several states that are very close. This is not going to be a dispute limited to one state.” "

Profile: Rep. Corrine Brown  10/22/2004 News 4 JAX: "Despite winning over retired Navy officer Jennifer Carroll by 16 percentage points two years ago, Carroll's back in the race this year. None of her fine opponents have received more than 44 percent of the vote in the designated minority district, which snakes from Nassau County to Orlando. Brown -- who's held elective office for almost 20 years -- remains popular despite several brushes with controversy and not always taking the most popular political positions."

Most College Students Favor Kerry -Harvard Poll  10/22/2004 Reuters 

Thursday  10/21/2004

AP Poll: Bush, Kerry in Dead Heat  10/21/2004 AP 

Kerry Looks to Avoid Gore Recount Errors  10/21/2004 AP: "Sen. John Kerry, bracing for a potential fight over election results, will not hesitate to declare victory Nov. 2 and defend it, advisers say. He also will be prepared to name a national security team before knowing whether he's secured the presidency."

Kerry Closes Gap To Make Florida Too Close To Call, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Senate Race Is A Dead Heat  10/21/2004 Quinnipiac University 

Personal Voices: Staying up Late to Vote Early  10/21/2004 WireTap 

Wednesday  10/20/2004

Rock the Draft - Choking Free Speech  10/20/2004 Counterpunch 

EARLY VOTING: Democrats grab turnout lead - Party says kickoff to election in Nevada bodes well for Kerry win  10/20/2004 Las Vegas Review Journal 

Vatican Says Anti-Kerry Lawyer Hoodwinked Them  10/20/2004 Reuters 

Anti-Kerry Film Won't Be Aired - Democrats, Investors Push TV Conglomerate to Alter Broadcast Plans  10/20/2004 Wahington Post 

Tuesday  10/19/2004

Bush: Beyond Reason  10/19/2004 Consortium News: "Journalist Ron Suskind relates a chilling conversation he had in 2002 with a senior aide to George W. Bush, who taunted Suskind for being a person from “what we call the reality-based community." "

GOP Pressures Rock the Vote to Stop Talking About the Draft  10/19/2004 Democracy Now: "Last week GOP Chairman Ed Gillespie sent an extraordinary letter to the group Rock the Vote requesting that it "cease and desist" from promoting its campaign warning young voters that the government may reinstate the draft. Gillespie threatened to take legal action and said the group's non-profit status could be in jeopardy."

Kerry slow to energize black vote  10/19/2004 USA Today 

Monday  10/18/2004

As election approaches, U.S. troops experience difficulties voting  10/18/2004 Knight Ridder 

George Bush Bulges  10/18/2004 pics of Bush's mid-back communications gear.

Sunday  10/17/2004

Bush, Kerry eye vote in Florida  10/17/2004 AFP: "Both Republicans and Democrats are looking to get core supporters out early in Florida -- which like some other states now lets citizens vote up to 15 days before the election -- so they can devote themselves to undecided voters. "We want to say to people get out and vote early, tomorrow," said Kerry campaign spokeswoman Allison Dobson. "The candidate's time is so precious now we are absolutely looking for key states where we can gain some new ground." "

S. Carolina Campaign Takes a Hard Right  10/17/2004 LA Times 

Saturday  10/16/2004

Bush Lawyer Anticipates Delay in Tally  10/16/2004 Washington Post 

Friday  10/15/2004

Volunteer on Election Day. 25,000+ needed to get people to the polls.  10/15/2004 ACT 

Jeff Blodgett Tells All (...About How To Get Out the Vote)!  10/15/2004 Buzzflash 

Kerry Attacker Protected Rev. Moon  10/15/2004 Consortium News: "Carlton Sherwood, who has produced an anti-John Kerry video that will be aired across the United States before the Nov. 2 elections, wrote a book in the 1980s denouncing federal investigators who tried to crack down on Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s illicit financial operations."

Wednesday  10/13/2004

The bulge returns  10/13/2004 Salon: "As this screen shot from the Wednesday night debate indicates, the Bush mystery will not disappear…"

Saturday  10/9/2004

Debates Matter, Kerry Besting Bush  10/9/2004 CBS 

Thursday  10/7/2004 redirects to  10/7/2004 as cited by VP Cheney.

Bush And Kerry: Take A Look At Cuba  10/7/2004 Tampa Tribune 

Tuesday  10/5/2004

Florida's Hispanic Vote  10/5/2004 Village Voice: "The Cubans are put out with Bush. He allowed several fugitives who fled to U.S. shores to be returned to Cuba and Castro justice. Attacked by right wingers in the community, Bush tried to make up for the blunder by announcing broad travel restrictions by Cuban Americans to Cuba. This angered Cubans who go back and forth to visit relatives. The BBC reports, "[P]olls show that among older Cubans, who tend to be the most hard-line, Mr. Bush's support has slipped from 82 percent—the vote he got in the last election—to 70 percent." Among Cubans born in the U.S., Kerry leads Bush, 58 to 32 percent."

Monday  10/4/2004

Cuba policies have some rethinking their support for president  10/4/2004 Sun Sentinel, FL 

Sunday  10/3/2004

Republicans Seem Likely to Retain U.S. Congress  10/3/2004 Reuters 

Cuban Americans' key role in election 2004 Community no longer Republican monolith in Miami  10/3/2004 SF Chronicle 

Saturday  10/2/2004

Don't it make a red state blue  10/2/2004 Salon: "In Arizona, influential Republican women are increasingly coming out for John Kerry."

Friday  10/1/2004

Democratic keynote speaker Barack Obama calls for missile strikes on Iran  10/1/2004 World Socialist 

Thursday  9/30/2004

Black voter registration breaking records But white war schizophrenia will determine election  9/30/2004 Black Commentator 

Monday  9/27/2004

Strong Charges Set New Tone Before Debate  9/27/2004 NYT 

Saturday  9/25/2004

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power  9/25/2004 Gurardian: "Loftus said Prescott Bush must have been aware of what was happening in Germany at the time. "My take on him was that he was a not terribly successful in-law who did what Herbert Walker told him to. Walker and Harriman were the two evil geniuses, they didn't care about the Nazis any more than they cared about their investments with the Bolsheviks." What is also at issue is how much money Bush made from his involvement. His supporters suggest that he had one token share. Loftus disputes this, citing sources in "the banking and intelligence communities" and suggesting that the Bush family, through George Herbert Walker and Prescott, got $1.5m out of the involvement. There is, however, no paper trail to this sum."

Kerry Taps Controversial Elian Attorney  9/25/2004 NewsMax: "Kerry must have forgotten that after the Elian brouhaha record numbers of Cuban Americans in Florida voted against Al Gore – ceding the closely contested Florida race – and the presidency to George Bush. The Miami Herald reported Saturday that "a lawyer unpopular with many Cuban Americans for his role in the Elián González case will help prepare John Kerry for the upcoming presidential debate to be held at the University of Miami.” That lawyer’s name is Gregory Craig, a well-connected Washington attorney who represented Elian Gonzalez’s father."

Thursday  9/23/2004

Kerry Says Bush Avoiding Reality on Iraq  9/23/2004 AP 

Racism and the Presidential Elections  9/23/2004 Black Commentator: "President George W. Bush, of course, acts as if everything is just fine, and we all love each other in this wonderful land of hope and opportunity united against the evil terrorists. Democratic Presidential hopeful John Kerry, on the other hand, does talk about affirmative action, black voter disenfranchisement, the idea of "two Americas" and possibly other racial justice issues, but from the reports I've heard, only before black audiences. But race and racism may become a more public part of the debate before Election Day. There are reports that the Bush campaign is preparing a TV commercial using statements of Rev. Al Sharpton as a foil to undercut Kerry. And Kerry, under pressure from black Democrats, may see the need to take stronger public positions on racial justice."

The Lynching of Dan Rather on British TV  9/23/2004 Black Commentator: by Greg Palast - "This is not a story about Dan Rather. The white millionaire celebrity can defend himself without my help. This is really a story about fear, the fear that stops other reporters in the US from following the evidence about this Administration to where it leads. American news guys and news gals, practicing their smiles, adjusting their hairspray levels, bleaching their teeth and performing all the other activities that are at the heart of US TV journalism, will look to the treatment of Dan Rather and say, "Not me, babe." No questions will be asked, as Dan predicted, lest they risk necklacing and their careers as news actors burnt to death."

What happened to that Bush lead?  9/23/2004 Gadflyer 

Anti-Cuba policy still coming under attack  9/23/2004 Granma: "Florida’s importance in the upcoming elections is also evidenced by that fact that it is precisely the state selected by Bush and Kerry for their first televised debate on U.S. foreign policy and combating terrorism. The tightening of the brigade, direct measures against the Cuban family, and even military threats by the present administration are coming under attack from a significant part of the Cuban community in Florida, the influential U.S. media, important political, economic and social sectors at home, and in forums and events at international level."

Contra Campaign  9/23/2004 Miami New Times: "The so-called Kerry Committee alleged that Rodriguez had helped steer $10 million from the notorious Medellín cocaine cartel to the contras. The committee concluded that trafficking was rampant in the rebels' effort… That was some seventeen years ago, but Rodriguez's hatred for Kerry -- and his closeness to the Bush family -- has driven Rodriguez from the CIA shadows onto the open political stage. He's railed against Kerry on Cuban radio and in the October edition of Soldier of Fortune magazine. He also jumped at the chance to join the Vietnam Veterans for Truth, an anti-Kerry group that invited Rodriguez to speak at a nationally televised September 12 rally at the Capitol… President Dick Cheney, who was then a congressman, played a key role in the disinformation campaign. He led the effort to squelch various Iran-contra investigations, especially when it came to drug allegations. And George W. Bush? Well, he seems to have no qualms about Iran-contra, since he has hired several of the scandal's central figures -- including Elliott Abrams, Otto Reich, and John Negroponte -- to serve under him… Perhaps the most damning allegation against Rodriguez comes from former Drug Enforcement Administration agent Celerino Castillo, a decorated Vietnam vet who was stationed in Central America during Iran-contra. While working for the DEA, Castillo says he became aware of drug trafficking at San Salvador's Ilopango air base, where Rodriguez was organizing the contra supply effort. The DEA agent has testified in Congress and recounted in his well-documented book, Powderburns, how the airport hangars controlled by Rodriguez and other government operatives were used by drug traffickers. "The only reason Felix wasn't arrested is because he knew where all the bodies were buried in the Iran-contra operation," says Castillo, who is now a substitute high school teacher living in Texas."

Wednesday  9/22/2004

Exile: President Bush has failed to bring democracy to Cuba  9/22/2004 Miami Herald: "Speaking at a Democratic Party rally Tuesday in Little Havana, a prominent Miami exile figure denounced President Bush as leading ``probably the worst administration we've ever had on Cuban policy.'' The remark by Joe Garcia, former executive director of the Cuban American National Foundation, signals what could be an unprecedented battle for Hispanic voters in the upcoming presidential race… Garcia left CANF this month to accept a post with the New Democrat Network, a recruitment arm of the Democratic National Party that is launching a $6 million media campaign targeting Hispanics."

kerry_lied_while_good_men_died_rally_update  9/22/2004 "Felix Rodriguez, Bay of Pigs veteran and CIA officer, dramatically recounted his personal encounters with Kerry in Senate Intelligence Committee hearings." Felix Rodriguez managed the Contra Resuply operation out of Ilopango, El Salvador, a hub of Contra arms for Cocaine trafficking.

Tuesday  9/21/2004

Bush Has Taken His Eye Off the Ball  9/21/2004 Black Voice News 

Fear of Flying: A Duval County Woman Says Nerves Ended W's National Guard Service In Texas -- by Susan Cooper Eastman  9/21/2004 Folio Weekly, Jacksonville 

An Early Exit from Iraq? Talks with Syria suggests the U.S. may want out in the not-too-distant future  9/21/2004 Time 

Monday  9/20/2004

Group of US soldiers' wives to campaign for Kerry  9/20/2004 AFP 

Friday  9/17/2004

Sides Ready For Nader's Ballot Battle  9/17/2004 Tampa Tribune: "Representing Nader in Florida is Kenneth Sukhia, a George W. Bush lawyer during 2000 who was later nominated by the president for a federal judgeship. Hood, a Republican appointed by the governor, is being represented by George Meros, who has represented the GOP on legislative issues. Hood, who oversees the state elections division, certified Nader for the ballot and appealed a lower court ruling removing him, which allowed her to order him back on. That doesn't mean she's taking sides, the governor maintained. ``Obviously there are partisan motives here, but that's not my concern nor Secretary Hood's concern,'' he said. Florida Democratic Party Chairman Scott Maddox called that assessment ``heifer dust.'' "

Wednesday  9/15/2004

Obama says it’s time to move beyond ‘One Black’ Syndrome  9/15/2004 Birmingham Times: “We’re beyond the point where we just have one messiah,” Obama says in an NNPA interview during the Congressional Black Caucus’ Annual Legislative Conference. “What we need is collective leadership helping to move the ball forward. I think everybody’s got a contribution to make.”

Still Unreported: The Pay-off in Bush Air Guard Fix  9/15/2004 Greg Palast 


Tuesday  9/14/2004

Solidarity Denial In Times Of Need  9/14/2004 AfroCubaWeb 

Monday  9/13/2004

Gore Unleashes Fury on Democrats' Behalf  9/13/2004 AP 

Kerry must Excite Black Voters, Key Supporters Say  9/13/2004 Black America Web 

Reasons why Blacks should Vote: Reason No. 2  9/13/2004 Black America Web: "While Cheney disingenuously raises specter of another terrorist attack on U.S. soil, more than 1,000 American servicemen and women have been killed in Iraq – and over 7,000 have been wounded. Thirteen percent of the dead in this conflict are black. That’s a heavy price to pay for a military action that has little to do with our fight against terrorism and a lot to do with the arrogance and gall of Bush and Cheney. Anyone who thinks that we’re safer now that Saddam Hussein is in prison and his sons are dead has been badly fooled."

When It's "Unreasonable" to Talk About Palestinian Rights - Kerry/Edwards Website Censors Discussion of Israel/Palestine Issues  9/13/2004 Counterpunch 

GOP numbers slip in Sarasota County  9/13/2004 Herald Tribune, FL: "Defying state and national trends, registered Republicans in Sarasota County are on the decline, with their numbers dropping by more than 4,100 over the past two years. Only five other counties in the state have posted drops in Republican registrations in the same time period, raising hope among outnumbered Democrats that Republicans are losing their once dominating grip on Sarasota. While Republicans lost 4,149 voters in the last two years, Democrats have added 2,096 registered voters to their side."

Sunday  9/12/2004

Bush family history shows a dark past unseen by most  9/12/2004 News Miner, AK: "In 1951, following Thyssen's death in Argentina, the U.S. alien property custodian released the assets of Union Banking Corp. Prescott Bush cashed out his ownership share for $1.5 million. (In 2004 dollars, that's more than $10 million.) He used it to fund a successful U.S. Senate campaign from Connecticut and launch his son, the president's father, in the oil business. Other American companies that armed Hitler included General Motors, Standard Oil and Chase Bank. All were quietly sanctioned after Pearl Harbor; then government files were lost or forgotten. For 60 years, the full record of Prescott Bush's complicity in the Nazi war machine has been ignored or denied by participants and the U.S. media. But no more. Documents relating to the seizures were recently uncovered in the National Archives and the Library of Congress. Confirmed by Dutch government sources, they show that Bush shipped tons of strategic resources to the Third Reich as Hitler prepared to invade Poland."

Friday  9/10/2004

Kerry, Nader and Bush Graded on NAACP Score Card  9/10/2004 Black America Web 

Republicans enlist Castro in poll campaign  9/10/2004 Guardian 

Thursday  9/9/2004

Kerry Holds Ten-Point Lead Over Bush in Oregon; Battleground State Not So Close, New Zogby International Survey Reveals  9/9/2004 Zogby 

Tuesday  9/7/2004

CBC Urges Kerry to Address ‘Black Issues  9/7/2004 NNPA 

What Bush means to African-Americans  9/7/2004 Town Hall: "I congratulate the president for bold and creative leadership and for emphasizing content over form. I want to encourage him to be even bolder. It is not enough for government to allow African-Americans to put a toe into the pool of ownership and choice. We need government to get out of the way and let us dive in."

Monday  9/6/2004

Blood on the Political Waters  9/6/2004 Capitol Hill Blue: "Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Mel Martinez pulled ahead of former Rep. Bill McCollum after polls showed Martinez trailing just days earlier. Martinez won by a surprising 45 percent-to-31 percent margin. How'd he do it? According to The Washington Post, by painting a solid conservative (one viewed by party higher-ups as too conservative to win the general election) as "the new darling of the extreme homosexuals" (as opposed to, perhaps, moderate homosexuals?) and other unmentionable sinners."

Kerry Running Short of Options  9/6/2004 Capitol Hill Blue 

Soros Blasts Hastert Over 'Drug Money' Allegation  9/6/2004 The Hill: The spat began in an interview on Fox News with anchor Chris Wallace, in which Hastert said, "You know, I don't know where George Soros gets his money. I don't know where – if it comes overseas or from drug groups or where it comes from. ..."

The GOP's problem with blacks  9/6/2004 USA Today 

Saturday  9/4/2004

Illinois GOP failed to ask right questions about Keyes  9/4/2004 Black News Today 

Friday  9/3/2004

‘Mission not accomplished’ Dems’ reply to GOP Confab  9/3/2004 Black America Web 

Bush’s Promises for the Future Connect With Neither Past nor Present  9/3/2004 NNPA 

Thursday  9/2/2004

Who will be the next president of the United States on November 3, 2004?  9/2/2004 Birmingham Times: "I have also said that it is going to be a close race but I have changed my mind about the race being close. I think that Bush will win big time. It is hard to believe that George W. Bush will win this race with the record that he has established during his term in office. There's a strong possibility that George Bush will go down in history as the worst president of the United States since President Hoover… The reasons the Republicans get away with so much is they understand negative campaigning better than anyone. Not only will they destroy their Democratic opponents, they will destroy fellow Republicans. If you don't believe this, ask John McCain or Michael Dukakis. The Republicans have almost destroyed Senator John Kerry's reputation. They do this is so issues such as health insurance, education, jobs, foreign policy, preserving the environment, Bush's close ties to groups manufacturing negative ads about Kerry will be pushed aside."

Bush Runs Offense and Leads Kerry by 2 Points; President Rallies Troops and Stumps on Leadership, Strength and Decisiveness; New Zogby America Poll Reveals  9/2/2004 Zogby: not 11%…

Tuesday  8/31/2004


Monday  8/30/2004

Felix Rodriguez: Kerry No Foe of Castro  8/30/2004 NewsMax: "Rodriguez is also looking forward to his featured speech against the candidate that is scheduled for a Sept 12 rally in Washington, D.C. sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans for the Truth. This vet group, like the hard-charging Swift Boat clan, is doing everything it can to, in Rodriguez’s words, “to get the real word out about John Kerry.” ...Without targeting specific programs, Kerry’s slash-and-burn bill sought to reduce the Intelligence budget by $300 million in each of fiscal years 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. Rodriguez has, of course, tracked all this and is using it for fodder in his radio broadcasts. According to the hero, he has had to ramp up production of the Spanish edition of “Shadow Warrior” to accommodate all the requests from his listeners, who want to learn more about the real record of Kerry."

Saturday  8/28/2004

Still Unreported: The Pay-off in Bush Air Guard Fix  8/28/2004 Greg Palast: "In that close race, Bush denied the fix was in to keep him out of 'Nam, and the US media stopped asking questions. What did the victorious Governor Bush's office do for Barnes? According to the tipster, "Barnes agreed never to confirm the story [of the draft dodging] and the governor talked to the chair of the lottery two days later and she then agreed to support letting GTech keep the contract without a bid." And so it came to pass that the governor's commission reversed itself and gave GTech the billion dollar deal without a bid. The happy client paid Barnes, the keeper of Governor Bush’s secret, a fee of over $23 million. Barnes, not surprisingly, denies that Bush took care of his client in return for Barnes’ silence. However, confronted with the evidence, the former Lt. Governor now admits to helping the young George stay out of Vietnam."

Friday  8/27/2004

Bush's Cuban-American support slips  8/27/2004 St Petersburg Times: "The poll underscores that the new Cuba policy has turned some former critics of the Clinton administration into Bush critics. Jose Basulto, head of Brothers to the Rescue, and Ramon Raul Sanchez, head of the anti-Castro Democracy Movement, have come out against the policy."

Thursday  8/26/2004

Wall St fundraisers shy away from Bush  8/26/2004 Financial Times 

And You Thought His First Term Was a Nightmare  8/26/2004 Salon: "President Bush's plans for a second term threaten a devastating series of far-reaching challenges to the viability of the Democratic Party itself. Under Bush's slogan of an "ownership society," the Republicans intend a long-term effort, using changes in Medicare, Social Security and taxes to pit better-off and worse-off Democrats against each other, offering all-but-irresistible incentives for some to desert the others -- and any progressive national coalition. Congressional Democrats reeling from the impact of the last four years of Republican government in the White House and Congress (apart from the brief Democratic-controlled Senate in part of 2001-02) will find no respite in the platform's subtext about the party-splitting wedges ahead. A second-term Bush agenda will constantly impale Democrats on the dilemma of abandoning their poorer, sicker, older and minority groups, or seeing their better-off, healthier and younger members lured off to the other party. If it sounds like a political nightmare for the Democrats, that's because that's what it is planned to be."

Tuesday  8/24/2004

Battleground States Poll  8/24/2004 WSJ: "The latest Zogby poll of 16 battleground states shows Kerry leading Bush in 14 of them."

Run the Numbers: As Blue as It Seems?  8/24/2004 WSJ: "A look at how the results of the latest Battleground poll by Zogby Interactive could play out on Election Day."

Monday  8/23/2004

GOP Plan Calls for Revamping Intelligence - Pentagon, CIA Would Give Up Many Duties  8/23/2004 Washington Post: "The plan was welcomed by the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kerry, who has endorsed the changes advocated by the commission, including creation of a national intelligence director."

Sunday  8/22/2004

Dole Questions Kerry's Vietnam Wounds  8/22/2004 AP 

Friday  8/20/2004

Could Najaf Cost Bush the Election?  8/20/2004 Juan Cole: "Even though the crisis at the Shrine of Ali seems to have passed, the U.S. military actions in the holy city of Najaf have been deeply unpopular with American Muslims. A major demonstration was held by Shiite Iraqi-Americans in Dearborn, Michigan, last week. It demanded that US troops get out of Iraq. These expatriate Iraqi Shiites had been the most gung-ho group about the US going to war against the Saddam regime in 2003, and they were big Bush supporters. But now they are filled with second thoughts and regrets. The US military campaign in Najaf has deeply offended their religious sensibilities. They have made an about-face and now want the US out of their country, immediately."

Wednesday  8/18/2004

The Bush-Keyes two-step  8/18/2004 Progreso Weekly: "Just when you thought Republicans had reached the outer limits of hypocrisy, cynicism and intellectual confusion, they reach deep down and find the strength to go further. And so George W. Bush, who only got into Yale because his daddy and granddaddy went there, now says “legacy” admissions to universities should be abolished; and Alan Keyes of Maryland is the new GOP candidate for U.S. Senate in Illinois. Who says the GOP won't lift a finger to help black Americans get ahead?"

A political assassination attempt  8/18/2004 Radio Progreso: "On Aug. 11, in a news story headlined “Heinz-Kerry charity assailed, defended,” The Herald reported that three Miami Republican Congresspeople – Lincoln Díaz-Balart, his brother Mario, and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen – charged that “charitable donations from Teresa Heinz-Kerry's fortune ... may have indirectly helped the Cuban government link up to the Internet over a decade ago.”

Monday  8/16/2004

U.S. to Remove Up to 70,000 Troops from Europe, Asia  8/16/2004 Reuters: "Advisers to Democratic presidential rival John Kerry warned the plan could make America more vulnerable. "This ill-conceived move and its timing seem politically motivated rather than designed to strengthen our national security," said retired Gen. Wesley Clark."

AA Crowd Boos Keyes  8/16/2004 The Hamster: "If U.S. Senate candidate Alan Keyes had any notions of capturing the hearts and minds of Chicago's black electorate, the annual Bud Billiken Day Parade on Saturday proved that this task will be nothing short of daunting for the Republican. Keyes, the conservative political figure from Maryland who entered the Senate race last week after GOP nominee Jack Ryan withdrew his candidacy, made his first trip Saturday into the heart of Chicago's black community. Keyes, an African-American, was greeted with a resounding chorus of jeers and boos that bordered on outright hostility. "Go back to Maryland!" and "Down with Keyes!" were the most common refrains."

Saturday  8/14/2004

GOP bastions in Deep South buck Bush's Cuba policy  8/14/2004 AP: "President Bush promised Florida's Cuban American voters a fortified American trade embargo against Cuban dictator Fidel Castro by cutting what U.S. tourists can spend in Cuba from $167 to $50 daily. But Southern states solidly in Bush's electoral camp - including Mississippi, Texas, Alabama and Louisiana - have been rejoicing over multimillion-dollar Cuban trade contracts for the past three years."

Thursday  8/12/2004

Cuba policy is used against GOP  8/12/2004 Miami Herald: "Democratic candidates hope disagreements among Cuban Americans over the Bush administration's new restrictions on travel to Cuba will convince some to abandon the Republican Party."

Keyes Candidacy No Laughing Matter  8/12/2004 Pacific News 

Nader vs. the ADL  8/12/2004 Washington Post: "Nader is not backing down. In a letter to the group that will be released today, he reiterated his arguments, challenged the league to cite a recent example of when American leaders have pursued a policy opposed by the Israeli government and pointed to Israeli peace groups that he said share his criticism of that country's leadership. "There is far more freedom in the media, in town squares and among citizens, soldiers, elected representatives and academicians in Israel to debate and discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than there is in the United States," Nader wrote."

Wednesday  8/11/2004

New York lockdown  8/11/2004 Guardian: "His small anarchist collective,, runs a snitch line and an email account where disgruntled employees of New York hotels, the Garden and the Republican party itself can pass on information about conventioneers. So far, the collective has received dozens of phone calls and hundreds of emails with inside dirt on GOP activities… "We want to make their stay here as miserable as possible," says Moran, who has sandy hair, a snub nose and a goatee. The son of a retired Queens cop, he's 30 but looks younger. "I'd like to see all the Republican events - teas, backslapping lunches - disrupted. I'd like to see people from other states following their delegates, letting them know what they think about Republican policies. I'd like to see impromptu street parties and marches. I'd like to see corporations involved in the Iraq reconstruction get targeted - anything from occupation to property destruction." "

Filmmaker Moore Quotes Goss on Lack of CIA Credentials  8/11/2004 Reuters 

RNC Not Welcome 2004, NYC  8/11/2004 "The Republican National Committee has, for the first time in its 150 year history, selected New York for their Convention from August 29-September 2, 2004. In a shallow attempt at exploiting the lives lost at the World Trade Center, the RNC has pushed the Convention date to September. We have witnessed two unjust wars, at least one American life lost each day overseas, a depressed economy, the collapse of the dollar, $87 billion to boost war profiteering, the closing of our firehouses, a health-care crisis, millions of children being left behind, and now this. We say, Enough!"

Tuesday  8/10/2004

Bush Team on Defensive Over al-Qaeda Leak  8/10/2004 Anti War: "One of the greatest coups in Washington's nearly three-year war against al-Qaeda has suddenly turned sour with reports the White House prematurely exposed the identity of a key source whose contacts and communication with the terrorist group's operational masterminds had yet to be fully exploited."

Kerry stands by 'yes' vote on Iraq war  8/10/2004 CNN 

Monday  8/9/2004

Sharpton, Obama and the Promise of America  8/9/2004 Alternet 

Keyes vs. Obama in Illinois Race  8/9/2004 AP 

Sunday  8/8/2004

NAACP: Don't Purge Voters from the Rolls  8/8/2004 Amsterdam News 

Keyes is Cast as Clown Instead of Contender for Senate  8/8/2004 Black America Web: "In another place, at another time, he could have been a contender. Instead, Alan Keyes allowed himself to be cast as a clown – an entertainer, a fascination and, in the end, nothing but a distraction."

Kerry Has 20-Point Lead in New Jersey, Poll Shows  8/8/2004 Bloomberg 

Kerry digs deep on GOP turf  8/8/2004 Dallas Morning News 

Saturday  8/7/2004

Veteran claims misquote on Kerry; Globe stands by its story  8/7/2004 Boston Globe 

Friday  8/6/2004

Republicans Put a Racist on the Ballot in Tennessee  8/6/2004 Capitol Hill Blue: "In November, the GOP candidate will oppose Rep. John Tanner, a Democrat who has represented the northwest Tennessee district for 15 years. Hart, 60, vows if elected to work toward keeping "less favored races" from reproducing or immigrating to the United States. In campaign literature, Hart contends that "poverty genes" threaten to turn the United States into "one big Detroit.""

Tongue-twisted Bush is bent on self-harm  8/6/2004 Independent, UK: "Signing into law a new $417bn (£229bn) defence spending bill, the famously tongue-twisted 43rd President of the United States solemnly declared yesterday that his administration "will never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people"."

Wartime Comrade Questions Kerry's Vietnam Record  8/6/2004 Reuters 

Thursday  8/5/2004

Has GOP finally hit bottom, or is this hole even deeper?  8/5/2004 Chicago Sun Times: "I deeply resent the destruction of federalism represented by Hillary Clinton's willingness to go into a state she doesn't even live in and pretend to represent people there, so I certainly wouldn't imitate it," Keyes said then. I heard him try to reconcile that with his Wednesday arrival in Chicago, but frankly, I couldn't make much sense of it. I guess the real answer is: That was then, this is now. So much for consistency."

Charles B. Rangel on the Washington Post election site  8/5/2004 Washington Post 

Tuesday  8/3/2004

Polls Mixed on Kerry Post-Convention Gain  8/3/2004 Black America Web 

Recall the Alien and Sedition Acts Civil Liberties Elections: 1800 v. 2004  8/3/2004 Counterpunch 

There She Goes Again - Sexual Politics & Family Values in Jeb's Florida  8/3/2004 Counterpunch: "Thanks to some fine reporting back then by Tampa Tribune investigative reporter Michelle Pellemans, Henderson, Jeb's Diva for the the Department of Business and Professional Affairs, was shown to be involved in one shady dealing after another with those she was supposed to be regulating. In the end, however, it was Pellemans and not Henderson who was out of a job. Pellemans was told to let up and eventually fired for insubordination by bureau chief John Wark who, Pellemans said, was feeling the heat from the Tampa Tribune's attorney, a Jeb minion. Ironically, Wark himself was canned after he assaulted reporter Dara Kamm in a drunken rampage two years ago and which made headlines in all Florida newspapers."

Edwards, in Florida, Voices Support for Easing Limits on Travel to Cuba  8/3/2004 LA Times: "Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. John Edwards on Monday supported an easing of restrictions on travel to Cuba, a policy he said would help spur political change in that nation and that his spokesman predicted would win votes in Florida's crucial Cuban American community."

Monday  8/2/2004

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 289 Bush 232  8/2/2004 extensive article.

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