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Archive: 12/03

Tuesday  12/30/03

Al From Targets the Wrong Candidate  12/30/03 BuzzFlash: "In the December 23, 2003 issue of the L.A. Times, Al From, of the Democratic Leadership Council asked, "Why is Howard Dean running away from Bill Clinton?" adding, "That's no way to build on the progress of the most successful Democratic president of our time." In my opinion, Al From directed this statement at the wrong candidate. He should have directed it at many of the other declared candidates, such as Senator John Kerry, Senator Joe Lieberman, Senator John Edwards and Congressman Richard Gephardt, all of whom voted for many, if not all, of the pieces of legislation put forth by Pres. Bush. Any votes supportive of Bush only sabotaged progress made by President Clinton."

Sharpton Adds Key Operatives, New Office in SC as he Gains in the Polls  12/30/03 The Black World Today 

Washington Goes to War (with Howard Dean  12/30/03 The Nation: "Saddam Hussein may be out of his spider hole, but Washington's real enemy is still at large. His name: "Howard Dean"--and nobody in America poses a bigger threat to the city's sense of its own importance. New Republic writer Michelle Cottle returned from maternity leave to find Washington fit for a "Tarantino-style blood bath," with the Democratic front-runner cast as a "paleoliberal...a heartless conservative...too naďve to beat Bush...too politically cynical to trust...a Stalinist...[and] a neofascist [who] kills babies and drinks their blood." In its self-appointed role as semiofficial punditocracy politburo, the Washington Post editorial board issued what ABC News's The Note properly termed "a button-popping, eye-bugging anti-Dean editorial" that it undoubtedly hoped would serve as Dean's political death sentence. Expressing editorial shock and awe over Dean's unarguably accurate observation that Saddam Hussein's capture left the United States no safer than before, Post editors termed the candidate's views to be "not just unfounded but ludicrous" and complained of his "departure from the Democratic mainstream." "

Dean Labels Bush 'Reckless'  12/30/03 Washington Post: "From Iraq to homeland security to public health, President Bush's "reckless" habit of placing "ideology over facts" has resulted in "the most dangerous administration in my lifetime," Democrat Howard Dean charged over the past two days."

Monday  12/29/03

RON WALTERS: Dean, Gore and blacks  12/29/03 Black America Today 

Republicans attack Soros plan for $12m campaign against Bush  12/29/03 Independent, UK: "In a fund-raising e-mail sent to Republican supporters at the weekend, the Bush campaign singled out for attack George Soros, the Hungarian-born financier who plans to use part of his fortune to help those who would turf the President from the White House. Mr Soros has pledged $12.5m (Ł7m) to ensure that "we can write off the Bush doctrine as a temporary aberration". The financier has been especially critical of Mr Bush's foreign policy and of the Iraq war. The Bush camp e-mail message warns: "Liberal special interests, led by billionaire currency trader George Soros, are raising millions in soft, unregulated money to defeat President Bush." "

For Howard Dean to Win, He'll Have to Beat Nixon  12/29/03 LA Times: "Nixon saw his opportunity in the decline of the great civil rights movement and the killing of Martin Luther King Jr. He judged that the South, a solid Democratic bloc that had never forgiven Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans for the Emancipation Proclamation, was furious about 10 years of civil rights progress and was ready to turn on the Democrats, who had received faithful Southern support since before the Civil War. In the end, Nixon defeated the Democrats not because of their worst disaster, Vietnam, but because of their greatest accomplishment, civil rights… No Democrat since John Kennedy has won a majority of white Southern votes. Dean knows that if he is to run successfully for president he will have to run against Nixon. He knows that if the fight is out in the open, both Nixon and his racist approach are beatable."

Dean Wants Party Leader to Slow Rivals' Attacks  12/29/03 NYT 

Sunday  12/28/03

Sharpton, Mosely-Braun Supporters: Stand On The Sidelines  12/28/03 Black News Weekly 

Democrats schooling Dean on foreign policy  12/28/03 Boston Globe: "I do not believe that Howard Dean's opposition to the war in Iraq by any means suggests that he is weak on national security," said Berger, who has advised Dean and other candidates. Berger said he came away from the meetings convinced that Dean "would be willing to use military force if called for," a tenet of the centrist Democratic philosophy on national security. Steve Walt, academic dean of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, said: "If you look at the group that seems to be around him, they are solidly from the center wing of the Democratic Party. These are not woolly-headed idealists."

Northeastern liberal image haunts Kerry in S.C.  12/28/03 The State, SC 

As Pre-Primary Season Closes, Questions Cling to Dean's Gains  12/28/03 Washington Post 

Saturday  12/27/03

Kerry Says Dean Has No Chance Vs. Bush  12/27/03 AP 

Rev Al , Moving on up  12/27/03 Black World Today: "The Reverend Al Sharpton is tied for second place with General Wesley Clark in a new poll of South Carolina Democratic Primary voters released today by the American Research Group / Pew Research Center.While former Vermont Governor Howard Dean leads in South Carolina with 16%, Reverend Sharpton and General Clark both garnered 12% while North Carolina Senator John Edwards dropped to 11%."

Thursday  12/25/03

Seeking a new emphasis, Dean touts his Christianity  12/25/03 Boston Globe: "Presidential contender Howard B. Dean, who has said little about religion while campaigning except to emphasize the separation of church and state, described himself in an interview with the Globe as a committed believer in Jesus Christ and said he expects to increasingly include references to Jesus and God in his speeches as he stumps in the South."

Wednesday  12/24/03

More 'Right' on Israel Than Bush  12/24/03 Alternet: "It is a less-known fact that when it comes to the Israel/Palestinian issue, the Democratic establishment is virtually indistinguishable from the Bush administration."

Tuesday  12/23/03

What U Need to Know About George Bush  12/23/03 Daivey D's Hip Hop Daily News 

Dumping On Dean  12/23/03 Tom Paine 

US Political Outlook Next Year's Election Seems Positive for Bush  12/23/03 Voice of America 

Monday  12/22/03

Schmoke walks fine line in backing Dean  12/22/03 Baltimore Sun: "As someone who 15 years ago earned recognition - notoriety, mostly - for his bold suggestion that illegal drugs be decriminalized, Schmoke has had to walk a fine line in supporting any national candidate."

Moseley Braun bills herself as Bush's opposite  12/22/03 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 

Sunday  12/21/03

In South Carolina, Dean banking on volunteers and black vote  12/21/03 Boston Globe: "The importance of African-American voters like Wilson was underscored at the Dec. 7 rally, where Jesse Jackson Jr. endorsed Dean and a sign proclaiming "African-Americans for Dean" was positioned prominently at the lectern. Of more than 400 people attending, about one-quarter were black, according to a count by Dean's staff. As many as 50 percent of the voters in the first-in-the-South primary are expected to be African-Americans."

Thursday  12/18/03

Sharpton listed first on Va. primary ballot  12/18/03 AP: "By the luck of the draw, the Rev. Al Sharpton will be first on the ballot for Virginia's Democratic presidential primary on Feb. 10."

Dean Makes Racial Political History  12/18/03 Black Commentator: "For four decades, the primary political project of the Republican Party has been to transform itself into the White Man’s Party. Not only in the Deep South, but also nationally, the GOP seeks to secure a majority popular base for corporate governance through coded appeals to white racism. The success of this GOP project has been the central fact of American politics for two generations – reaching its fullest expression in the Bush presidency. Yet a corporate covenant with both political parties has prohibited the mere mention of America’s core contemporary political reality: the constant, routine mobilization of white voters through the imagery and language of race. Last Sunday, Howard Dean broke that covenant…"

Freedom Rider: Congressional Black Caucus Target of Pro-Israel Lobby  12/18/03 Black Commentator: "The Baltimore Sun reported that the Cummings endorsement was in jeopardy because leaders of Baltimore’s Jewish community were concerned about Dean’s commitment to Israel. Dean made headlines in September when he said that the United States should be “even handed” in dealing with Israel and the Palestinians. One would have thought from the response that Dean had expressed love for suicide bombers. It didn’t seem to help that Dean’s wife is Jewish and that his national campaign co-chairman, Steve Grossman, was formerly president of the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC). Anyone who steps outside of pro-Israeli orthodoxy gets the cold shoulder, even if his credentials are otherwise acceptable."

Campaign 2004: Washington Wrap  12/18/03 CBS: "Super-duper news for John Kerry in this morning’s Des Moines Register, in which political columnist David Yepsen writes that despite the proliferation of stories on Howard Dean, "There’s another political story developing in Iowa: the improving position of John Kerry. The Massachusetts senator has been quietly doing things here that are improving his caucus prospects." "

Wednesday  12/17/03

Congressional Black Caucus leader officially endorses Dean  12/17/03 AP 

Howard Dean’s search for the South’s poor ‘n’ oppressed  12/17/03 Citizen, FL 

Dean camp condemns bin Laden ad  12/17/03 CNN: "Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean's campaign called on rivals Wednesday to disavow a television ad that uses an image of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to attack the former Vermont governor's national security credentials. A group calling itself "Americans for Jobs, Healthcare and Progressive Values" aired the ad in the early Democratic battlegrounds of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina."

Howard Dean Must Still Compete for the Black Vote  12/17/03 NNPA: "Although Democratic presidential front-runner Howard Dean has received several key endorsements, including one from former Vice President Al Gore, he does not have a lock on the Black vote, political analysts say. "If Dean reaches out to the rank and file, when he reaches out to grass roots African-Americans by addressing the issues, by asking for their support, then Howard Dean will have a leg up in the race," says Donna Brazile, Gore's former campaign manager. "In terms of the Black vote, I think the Black vote is up for grabs." " Donna Brazil has not to date been closely tied to Dean...

The New Electable Howard Dean  12/17/03 Village Voice 

Tuesday  12/16/03

Dean's Foreign Policy: I Am No George Bush  12/16/03 Alternet 

Lieberman Sharpens Criticism of Dean  12/16/03 AP 

Anti-War Protest Set for Republican Convention  12/16/03 Reuters: "A coalition of anti-war groups plan to greet delegates to next summer's Republican National Convention with a massive protest against U.S. foreign policy, hoping to keep the Iraqi war alive as an issue in the 2004 election, organizers said on Tuesday. The march could be one of the largest demonstrations in U.S. history, organizers said."

Monday  12/15/03

Bush Takes a Poke at Howard Dean  12/15/03 NYT: "Dean has riled Republicans in recent weeks by tossing out a theory that Bush had advance warning from Saudi Arabia of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, suggesting Bush knew what was going to happen and did nothing to stop it. When asked about the theory, Bush at first stuck to his formulation that ``there's time for politics'' later and that he has a job to do first. But then he could not resist rejecting the theory. ``It's an absurd insinuation,'' said Bush, his eyes narrowing."

Sunday  12/14/03

S.C. Promises to be Fiercest Primary Battleground  12/14/03 BlackAmericaWeb: "New Hampshire may hold the nation’s first presidential primary, but the upcoming primary in South Carolina, which has a 30 percent black population, could be the most important for the nine Democratic presidential hopefuls. The Palmetto State will be the first test of how a candidate can do with a large number of black voters. The Feb. 3 primary, which arrives seven days after the New Hampshire primary, will also provide a good gauge of a candidate’s crossover appeal since it is open to all registered voters, including Republicans. “This will be the first primary where there will be a substantial black vote,” Lee Bandy, a veteran political correspondent for The State newspaper in Columbia, told “Some of the candidates are looking to build a firewall to keep (former Vermont Gov. Howard) Dean from spreading. That firewall is being built in South Carolina.” "

Political candidates court youth vote; appeal to rock stars  12/14/03 Chicago Sun Times 

Friday  12/12/03

Clark Comes To Harlem  12/12/03 CBS: "General Wesley Clark took his campaign to Harlem Thursday, to pick up a passionate endorsement from Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y."

Politics without soft money  12/12/03 CSM: "Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance leaves GOP with the edge in raising funds."

Moseley Braun running ‘for love of country’  12/12/03 Portsmouth Herald, NH 

Gore's backing a boon and hindrance to Dean  12/12/03 Straits Times, Singapore 

Thursday  12/11/03

Young likely to endorse Clark for president  12/11/03 Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Andrew Young, the former Atlanta mayor and U.N. ambassador, is expected to endorse Wesley Clark's Democratic presidential campaign in an an effort to boost the retired general's standing with African-American voters."

ABC recalls producers from three campaigns  12/11/03 Boston Globe: "A day after ABC "Nightline" anchor Ted Koppel generated criticism for over-emphasizing strategic issues as moderator of the Democratic presidential debate in New Hampshire, ABC News confirmed yesterday that it has pulled three "off-air producers" from the campaigns of Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, former senator Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois, and the Rev. Al Sharpton of New York."

Dems worry: Can anyone stop Howard Dean?  12/11/03 Capitol Hill Blues: "But Dean faces an array of pitfalls on his road to the nomination. While party insiders have warmed to his record-breaking fund raising and energetic grass-roots network, some Democrats said there is still high anxiety about Dean leading the party in a November showdown with President Bush and Republicans. With many voters just beginning to tune into the race, he will face increased criticism from his rivals and scrutiny from the media, and must prove he can expand his appeal in the South and industrial Midwest while meeting the high expectations swelling around his one-time longshot bid. The emergence of a clear alternative to Dean from the jumbled pack of eight Democratic rivals could scramble the picture, with Democrats possibly rallying around the new anti-Dean -- whoever that may be."

Sharpton revs up against Dean  12/11/03 NY Daily News: "If Howard Dean wins the Democratic presidential nomination, he may have to campaign for black votes without any help from Al Sharpton. The Rev is furious at the Doc for invading his home turf Tuesday, when Dean went uptown to receive former Vice President Al Gore's endorsement at the National Black Theatre on 125th St. Sharpton didn't appreciate the coronation - or the venue."


HONCHOS OF HARLEM SAY YES TO WES  12/11/03 NY Post: "Two of Harlem's top black Democrats will endorse retired Gen. Wesley Clark for president today in an "in your face" response to Al Gore's stunning support of Howard Dean, The Post has learned. The endorsements, by Senate Minority Leader David Paterson and Assemblyman Keith Wright, will come at a press conference in the State Office Building arranged by U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, Harlem's senior Democrat and one of Clark's earliest supporters, sources said."

Dean's campaign like no other  12/11/03 USA Today 

Wednesday  12/10/03

Selling Out the Democratic Party  12/10/03 Alternet: "To win, Gonzalez needed significant support from the city's minority communities, who would have given him a landslide. But faced with a choice between two thirty-something men – one represented the wealthy elite (Newsom) and the other (Gonzalez) drew his support from the white hipster nexus – African Americans, in particular, stayed home in droves."

Harlem’s Significance Not Lost on Gore, Dean  12/10/03 BlackAmericaWeb: "The official line from the Howard Dean presidential campaign regarding Al Gore’s endorsement of the former Vermont governor in Harlem this week is because it just made scheduling sense. “They were both going to be in New York,” says one Dean aide, “and we already had the fundraising event set up.” Of course, the proper politically savvy response to that is, “Yeah Right.” But even if the timing line is true, it is vastly understated both in its significance and its symbolism. The truth is that the event at the National Black Theater’s Institute for Action Arts was a grab bag of political goodies for Dean, and the importance of the moment was lost on no one, including the same Dean aide who conceded, “The significance of Harlem is that it is Harlem.” "

Al Gore's Judas Kiss - Dean Joins the Party  12/10/03 Counterpunch 

Dean is whistling Dixie about black voters  12/10/03 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

NEWSOM: 'THE TIME FOR CHANGE IS HERE' CLOSE RACE: Gonzalez does well against Dems  12/10/03 SF Chronicle: "Gavin Newsom, riding voter frustration with homelessness and fueled by nearly $4 million in campaign contributions, won election Tuesday as San Francisco's 42nd mayor in a campaign viewed as a test of strength for the city's dominant Democratic Party organization."

Gore signals war to be key issue in vote  12/10/03 Toronto Star 

Tuesday  12/9/03

The Anybody-But-Dean Syndrome  12/9/03 Alternet: "The stakes are high for peace and justice activists, including Dennis Kucinich supporters and undecideds, who can tip the balance in the close competition between Dean and Gephardt in Iowa. A de facto Iowa coalition between Dean and Kucinich supporters, even if Kucinich himself stays in the race, would be a victory for the anti-war movement and grassroots activism in the Democratic Party. On the other hand, if Dean is thwarted in Iowa, it will be a victory for "centrists" based in the party's Washington DC power centers, who supported Bush in Iraq. That would mean demoralization among Dean's 550,000 signed-up volunteers, and also open a space for an increasingly probable Ralph Nader candidacy."

Dean Still Puzzles Some Political Experts  12/9/03 BlackAmericaWeb 

Politicians as Usual - Gore, Dean and the Greens  12/9/03 Counterpunch: "Gore is backing the governor because Dean is strongly leading vital primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire. The more conservatives that back Dean, the less the Democratic Party looks like wild-eyed progressives. And oh, dear no, they can't stand the thought of that sort of label. Why else do you think they flew Al Gore, and Bill Clinton into San Francisco to rally behind corporate embedded Democratic Mayoral candidate, Gavin Newsom? Because they fear their party is losing vital credibility, even in historic strongholds like the Bay Area. The progressive candidacy in San Francisco of an ex-Democrat turned Green, Matt Gonzalez; is the second Californian testimonial after Arnold's win, that proves the Democrats are virtually through as an oppositional party. And a trip to Cali from Gore and Clinton will only inflame this breeding fervor."

Monday  12/8/03

Kerry's profanity gets Bush's attention  12/8/03 AP 

Dean Whistles Dixie  12/8/03 CBS News 

Jackson helps Dean in South Carolina  12/8/03 Chicago Tribune 

THE GREAT ELECTION GRAB  12/8/03 New Yorker: "“This was a fundamental change in the rules of the game,” Heather Gerken, a professor at Harvard Law School, said. “The rules were, Fight it out once a decade but then let it lie for ten years. The norm was very useful, because they couldn’t afford to fight this much about redistricting. Given the opportunity, that is all they will do, because it’s their survival at stake. DeLay’s tactic was so shocking because it got rid of this old, informal agreement.” But Texas law contained no explicit prohibition on mid-decade redistricting, so the leadership of the state government, now unified in Republican hands, tried during the summer of 2003 to push through a new plan. Democrats attempted novel forms of resistance. In May, fifty-one House members fled to Oklahoma, to deprive the new leadership of a quorum; in July, a dozen senators decamped to New Mexico, for the same purpose. But defections and the passage of time weakened Democratic resolve, and, on October 13th, the plan sponsored by DeLay was passed."

Sharpton Gets $200,000 Settlement in NYC Stabbing  12/8/03 Reuters 

Homelessness an issue in S.F.  12/8/03 UPI: "The standoff over San Francisco's homeless could prove to be the deciding factor Tuesday as the Green Party reaches for its first victory in a big-city mayoral race against a Democrat who has been painted as an enemy of the poor by members of the city's sizable left-wing community."

Sunday  12/7/03

Sharpton Appears on 'Saturday Night Live'  12/7/03 AP 

Saturday  12/6/03

Defying the police state in Miami  12/6/03 Counterpunch: "If the police firepower is absurdly out of proportion to the size of the protest, it’s because Chief Timoney has a wider agenda. Already notorious for ordering pre-emptive arrests and police raids on activists at the 2000 Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, where he was police chief, Timoney has become an ambitious national player in law enforcement and private-sector security. After leaving Philadelphia, he served as consultant for the World Economic Forum meeting in New York in 2002, the Iraqi police in Kirkuk--and next year’s Democratic National Convention in Boston. For Timoney, the FTAA protests offer a chance to run a multi-agency operation--local jurisdiction, state troopers, FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and more--and build his resumé for a top job in the federal Department of Homeland Security."

Democrats disagree over role of 2000 election in 2004 campaign  12/6/03 Miami Herald 

Friday  12/5/03

Poll shows Dean edging past Edwards in S.C.  12/5/03 MSNBC: "THE ZOGBY POLL of 500 likely voters found the race extremely tight in South Carolina, where voters will go to the polls on Super Tuesday, Feb. 3, with the top six candidates within the survey’s 4.5 percent margin of error. Dean leads the pack, with 11 percent of those questioned making him their top choice, followed by Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut and retired Gen. Wesley Clark, tied at 9 percent, and North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, the Rev. Al Sharpton and Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt knotted at 7 percent. More than one-third of voters — 37 percent — remain undecided as to their choice, the survey found."

Sharpton Is Campaigning for Presidency and Influence  12/5/03 NYT 

Thursday  12/4/03

Dean and the Corporate Media Machine  12/4/03 Common Dreams 

Black voters divided on candidates  12/4/03 Washington Times: from the Rev Moon's paper.

Monday  12/1/03

Defend Boston!  12/1/03 InfoShop: "In less than a years time, the Democratic National Convention will come invade the city of Boston. With the DNC will come Police Chief John Timoney, the architect of the 'Miami Model.' Our streets will be shut down, our subway lines closed, our communities swarmed with militarized police, and barricades erected in our city. All of this to keep the people away from the 'political process.' All of this to ensure that the domination of multinational corporations continues unchallenged. In response, we are mobilizing to defend our town. Today we call for a consulta to be held here, in Boston, in February of 2004."

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