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Archive: 1/04

Saturday  1/31/04

Kerry Fires Back at Dean Charges of Cronyism  1/31/04 Reuters 

Danger for Bush as doubts grow over prewar intelligence  1/31/04 The Age, Australia 

New York Times calls for exclusion of Kucinich and Sharpton from debates  1/31/04 World Socialist 

Friday  1/30/04

The Leak of CIA Agent Valerie Plame Wilson's Identity: Why Competing Congressional and Special Counsel Investigations Will Inevitably Cause Problems By JOHN W. DEAN  1/30/04 FindLaw 

Thursday  1/29/04

Sen. Lieberman’s ties to Blacks are Deep  1/29/04 Black America Web 

The Awesome Destructive Power of the CPM (Corporate Power Media)  1/29/04 Black Commentator: "The New York Times, through its chief political reporter, Adam Nagourney, set the parameters of coverage by eliminating any mention of the three “bottom tier” candidates – starting with his “analysis” of the May televised debate in South Carolina, a state in which Al Sharpton is a key player! Nagourney systematically erased Sharpton, Kucinich and Carol Moseley-Braun from his weekly coverage of the contest – a professionally suicidal routine were it not consistent with the objectives of corporate management. The Times proudly sets the standard for national reporting, but its leadership was not necessary to ensure that the bottom tier would remain at the bottom. The organs of corporate speech all march to the same tune because there is not a dime’s worth of difference between their owners… The real story here is that Koppel felt empowered to all but demand that the three most progressive candidates (and both Blacks) vacate the Democratic presidential arena. Koppel had fumed to the New York Times about the uppity intruders, the month before. The day after the debate, ABC withdrew its reporters from all three campaigns. (None of the other networks had even bothered to give full-time coverage to the bottom tier.) Koppel’s arrogance, so unbecoming to a journalist, is rooted in his actual status at ABC/Disney: he is a corporate executive who pretends to be a newsman on television. His professional history notwithstanding, Koppel and each of the high profile TV “news” personalities are millionaire executives who act as spokesmen for the corporate divisions of their parent companies. They interact with executives of other divisions, principally marketing – the domain of sales and “impressions.” Koppel is incapable of thinking in terms other than money and polls, an important marketing tool. He is proprietary about the political process because, as an esteemed executive in the ruling corporate class, he thinks he owns it."

Edwards Says No Reparations for U.S. Slavery  1/29/04 Reuters 

CALMING DOWN, DEAN SHOWS HE'S NOT DEAD  1/29/04 San Jose Mercury News: "The story line that was supposed to finish off Howard Dean -- the crazy screamer married to the feminist frump -- did not entirely accomplish its mission. The Dean campaign is not dead. Not yet… But whatever happens to the Dean candidacy, the 2004 campaign will be shaped in large part by Howard Dean. He handed the establishment candidates the script for campaign 2004: True courage means standing up to a sitting president. Without Dean, all the top tier candidates would be echoing Joe Lieberman on the Iraq war. And that is no way to beat George W. Bush."

Wednesday  1/28/04

Kerry's `band of brothers' bolsters campaign  1/28/04 AP: "A bit paunchy and gray now, some brothers-in-arms from Kerry's Vietnam days are a constant presence in his campaign, their loyalty unquestioned and their energy high, though they have little political history."

Hilliard says he may be delegate for Sharpton  1/28/04 Birmingham News, AL: "Former U.S. Rep. Earl Hilliard said Tuesday he will not be a candidate for public office this year but he might show up on the Democratic primary ballot as a delegate for presidential aspirant the Rev. Al Sharpton. Hilliard, a five-term congressman from Birmingham, said backing the underdog Sharpton is a way to keep issues affecting blacks in the limelight. Sharpton is the only black remaining in the Democratic field."

S.C. seen largely up for grabs  1/28/04 Boston Globe 

Tuesday  1/27/04

Civil rights leaders quiver at ideologically pure Sharpton  1/27/04 Armstrong Williams: "Opposition to school vouchers, opposition to Bush's faith-based outreach, fake charges of voter fraud in Florida, just hand Jackson a few stacks of cash and he'll offer an indictment straight from the pulpit. The party returns the favor with its support - white support. This is the model that enabled Jackson's success in 1984 and 1988. It's the same model that Carol Moseley Braun currently employs. Having re-established some credibility and name recognition with her presidential bid, Braun is now handing her single-digit black support over to Howard Dean. In return, Dean is paying off her campaign debt and the party is welcoming her back into the fold. Sharpton isn't so willing to play lapdog. In the past, he's turned on the party and endorsed Republican candidates. Get it? Sharpton won't sell out. Given the appalling lack of black senators and congressmen, that makes Sharpton black America's most viable mouthpiece."

Sharpton Fined by Federal Election Commission  1/27/04 National Legal and Policy Center 

Poll: Edwards Leads in SC; Sharpton Surprisingly in Third Place  1/27/04 Talon News 

Monday  1/26/04

Clyburn plays S.C. kingmaker in quest for black vote  1/26/04 Boston Globe: "While Clyburn is not tipping his hand, he clearly has an affinity for Edwards, whose biography, he said, closely matches Gephardt's humble upbringing and who has South Carolina roots to boot. Clyburn is cool toward Dean, saying the former governor hurt himself among black voters with his comment that he wants to "be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks." In any event, he said, the presence of the Rev. Al Sharpton of New York in the field will dilute the impact of any endorsements from prominent blacks in South Carolina. Many young voters, in particular, want to vote for the only African-American candidate, though they know he has "no chance of winning," Clyburn said."

Dean predicts comeback, takes swipe at media  1/26/04 CNN 

Sharpton too liberal for 'conservative' South?  1/26/04 Crimson White, AL 

Nigerian corruption trail leads to US, Paris  1/26/04 Mail & Guardian, South Africa: "In Paris, a French judge has reportedly warned that United States Vice-President Dick Cheney could be charged over allegations that his former company, Halliburton, paid $180-million in bribes to build a Nigerian gas plant. Halliburton has called the accusations untrue, and Cheney's spokespersons have refused to comment on the case."

Dean, Democrats, and Democracy  1/26/04 Zmag: "Listen to Dean himself, being interviewed for a recent page-one profile in the nation’s leading business newspaper The Wall Street Journal (January 5, 2004). “I’ve always considered myself a centrist,” Dean told the Journal, hoping to attract potential campaign contributors from the financial sector that paid for his breeding atop the steepest national-socioeconomic pyramid in the industrialized world. Dean reassured Journal readers that “he had been unfairly tagged as a leftist because of his opposition to the invasion of Iraq and his signing of a Vermont law sanctioning civil unions of gay couples.” “I want people to know I can run the country,” Dean told the Journal, using code language to promise that THE RICH WILL CONTINUE TO RUN THE COUNTRY (as usual) in the event of a Dean presidency. “I am pro-business,” Dean told the Journal, citing his well-documented record of “iron fiscal discipline” at the reins in Vermont – a rather different message than what he was giving to farmers and labor union members in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines and leftish students in Grinnell."

Sunday  1/25/04

Democrats spar, alter strategies in rapidly shifting presidential race  1/25/04 AP 

McKinney talks like a candidate - Run for House seat looks possible  1/25/04 Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Sharpton's transformation to Presidential candidate  1/25/04 LA Times 

Dean: ‘I’m going to get rid of mandatory minimum sentences’ - Dean shifts stance on Black issues  1/25/04 Michigan Citizen 

Trump's Top Op.(Donald Trump's political adviser Roger Stone)  1/25/04 National Review: Stone is now advising Al Sharpton, this was published in 12/99 - "After high school, Stone enrolled at George Washington University and took an apprenticeship with Chuck Colson at the Nixon outfit, the Committee to Re-Elect the President (later known, not so affectionately, as CREEP). There, Stone adopted a pseudonym and wrote a check to Pete McCloskey, a Republican congressman from California who had been spending time in New Hampshire, thinking of challenging President Nixon. The check came from a group calling itself the Young Socialists Alliance. When it cleared the bank, Stone ran to the press to embarrass his target. "I did some things, in retrospect, which were in terribly poor judgment," he told the Washington Post in 1986. In 1974, he lost a job in Bob Dole's Senate office after Jack Anderson wrote a column pinning Stone as a "dirty trickster." "

Rivals Mine Kerry Senate Years for Material to Slow Him Down  1/25/04 NYT 

Sharpton's Bid Aided by an Unlikely Source  1/25/04 NYT: "But the men have found a common agenda in the Democratic primary. They have delighted in skewering Dr. Dean, with Mr. Sharpton generating one of Dr. Dean's lowest moments in a debate when he forced him to admit he had no blacks or Hispanics in his cabinet when he was governor of Vermont. "I saw Roger's fingerprints all over that," said the developer Donald Trump, who has worked with Mr. Stone over the past two decades."

A brief history of the Democrats - Some perspective for the 2004 elections  1/25/04 Zmag 

Saturday  1/24/04

Dean Alleges Dirty Attacks in Iowa  1/24/04 AP: "Dean said his rivals ``had their folks really beating up on the people who went in, trying to get them to change their minds in caucus.'' ``I think Iowa is going to have to change the way it conducts its caucuses if it wants to continue to be first,'' he told reporters in an interview on his campaign bus in New Hampshire… Asked Saturday for specifics about the negative attacks, Dean pointed to a book distributed by North Carolina Sen. John Edwards' campaign that instructed supporters how to attack other candidates during the caucuses. For example, it told campaign captains in Iowa to describe Dean as an ``elitist from Park Avenue in New York City.'' ``I never dreamed that would happen,'' Dean said. ``And I don't think that's a healthy thing for democracy. It's enough to have it go on for weeks and weeks in the press, but when it goes on inside the caucus, I don't think that's good,'' he said."

Newsweek Poll: Campaign 2004  1/24/04 Newsweek: "52 Percent of Voters Don't Want to See Bush Re-Elected (44% Do), 37 Percent Strongly Want to See Him Re-Elected, 47 Percent Strongly Do Not"

Who Killed Kennedy?  1/24/04 Portsmouth Herald: "Gen. Wesley Clark: You know, I have done casual reading on this. I’ve never made an exhaustive study. I believe he was the lone gunman."

Friday  1/23/04

Bush, Marriage, and Iraq  1/23/04 Future of Freedom: "The headline on the front page of the January 14, 2004, edition of the New York Times read, “Bush Plans $1.5 Billion Drive for Promotion of Marriage.” According to administration officials, the money would be used to train couples to develop interpersonal skills in order to sustain “healthy marriages.” This from a president who belongs to the Republican Party, the party that once claimed to stand for limited government and fiscal discipline. Bush’s proposal is further proof that “compassionate conservatism” is just a euphemism for big-government conservatism."

Global Eye – Royal Flush  1/23/04 Moscow Times: "To carry out this choice bit of war profiteering, Halliburton hooked up with Altanmia Marketing of Kuwait. Altanmia was given exclusive rights to ship Kuwaiti gasoline to Iraq -- "even though it had no prior experience transporting fuel," U.S. Congressional investigators report. So what is the firm's actual expertise? Investments, real estate -- and acting as "representative agents for companies trading in military and nuclear, biological and chemical equipment," The Wall Street Journal reports. In other words, Halliburton's new partner traffics in the essential elements of WMD -- the very stuff whose spread and sale the United States is ostensibly dedicated to stopping around the world. Ostensibly. But as always with the Bushists, the rhetoric of "security" is a thin rag to cover their unquenchable thirst for state-supported brigandage."

Nixon's Successes Could Guide Bush to Re-Election  1/23/04 Pacific News 

New Math - How a trio of savvy Kerry campaign workers used a fresh voter equation to win Iowa  1/23/04 The American Prospect 

The Phony Dean 'Meltdown'  1/23/04 Tom Paine 

Supreme Court's Gag Rule on Us  1/23/04 Village Voice: ""Beginning 30 days before the first primary or caucus . . . December 14, 2003 . . . Section 203 [of McCain-Feingold] will criminalize broadcast references to the President in a series of geographic blackouts that will continuously ripple through the Nation, blocking every broadcast outlet, wherever located, whose signal can reach 50,000 persons in an upcoming primary or caucus state until June 8, 2004. "This blackout will become national in scope on July 31, 30 days before the August 30-September 2 Republican National Convention . . . and it will then continue without interruption throughout the remaining 60 days until the November 2 election. Thus, from July 31, 2004 until the election, it will be a crime for a union, corporation, or incorporated non-profit organization to pay to broadcast any 'reference' to the President by 'name,' 'photograph,' 'drawing' or other 'unambiguous' means anywhere in the United States." " Monarchy at its best.

Four wedge issues - Bush sketches outline for campaign; look out, Bud Selig  1/23/04 Working For Change\ 

Thursday  1/22/04

Al-Qaida will do Whatever it Takes to Assure Bush is Re-elected  1/22/04 Salt Lake City Tribune: "Terrorists generally rant about their goals but stay silent about their strategies, so now we have to do a little work for ourselves. If the real goal is still revolutions that bring Islamist radicals to power, then how does attacking the West help? Well, the U.S. in particular may be goaded into retaliating by bombing or even invading various Muslim countries -- and in doing so, may drive enough aggrieved Muslims into the arms of the Islamist radicals that their long-stalled revolutions against local regimes finally get off the ground. Most analysts outside the United States long ago concluded that that was the principal motive for the 9-11 attack. They would add that by giving the Bush administration a reason to attack Afghanistan, and at least a flimsy pretext for invading Iraq, al-Qaida's attacks have paid off handsomely. U.S. troops are now the unwelcome military rulers of more than 50 million Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq, and people there and elsewhere are turning to the Islamist radicals as the only force in the Muslim world that is willing and able to defy American power. It is astonishing how little this is understood in the United States. I know of no American analyst who has even made the obvious point that al-Qaida wants Bush to win next November's presidential election and continue his interventionist policies in the Middle East for another four years, and will act to save Bush from defeat if necessary."

Wednesday  1/21/04

The State of the Union: Black America Responds  1/21/04 Black America Web 

Dean struggles to regain campaign momentum in N.H.  1/21/04 Copley News 

Busted Treasury Drains Bush Bravado  1/21/04 IPS: "U.S. President George W. Bush, who has made it his mission to avoid his father's political mistakes, appears poised to repeat them in spite of himself. His surprisingly defensive State of the Union Address on Tuesday, which was long on determination and defiance but exceedingly short on programme detail and new initiatives, underlined how firmly his course has been set and how little he can or is willing to do to change it."

Tuesday  1/20/04

D.C. Mayor Vows to Fight Recall Effort  1/20/04 Black America Web 

Did Clark Protect 800,000 Rwandans?  1/20/04 Rush Limbaugh: from the drug crazed maestro himself…

Clark Vows to Protect Black Electorate  1/20/04 Washington Post 

Clark Vows to Protect Black Electorate  1/20/04 Washington Post: "While most of his Democratic rivals awaited results in Iowa on Monday, Wesley K. Clark flew to South Carolina, where he celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday and appealed for black votes."

***WORLD EXCLUSIVE! DRUDGE A LYING SACK OF SHIT... ***  1/20/04 Who's Lying 

Monday  1/19/04

Howard Dean's decline  1/19/04 Robert Novak: "Dean's problems nationally started when he dismissed the importance of capturing Saddam Hussein. But his Iowa slide began, says one prominent Democratic neutral, on Jan. 11 in the town of Oelwein, when a Republican heckler called Dean "pompous," accused him of "mean mouthing" and then interrupted him. Dean erupted, shouting: "You sit down! You had your say! Now, I'm going to have my say!" That exchange may have been responsible for a lackluster performance by Dean at the "black and brown" debate that same day. Nearly a week later, I heard the Oelwein story repeatedly retold by disapproving Iowans." The press reporting on this Oelwein encounter has been substantially distorted, following the usual pattern.

Sunday  1/18/04

Political Rallies End in Brawl  1/18/04 WOITV, Des Moines: "A Democratic rally at Drake's Olmstead Center, urged young Iowans to get out and vote. It was targeted toward high school and college students. A group known for not voting. The rally featured comedian Janene Garafalo and classic rock star Joan Jett, but it got a surprise visit from some unwanted guests. A group of college republicans at their Midwest caucus leadership conference heard about the rally and stormed in. "There are seven of us who worked really hard at putting this conference together, said Jason Cole of the college republicans. "so, we met, discussed and majority ruled. We went down there." What they didn't discuss is what to do if things get out of hand. One of the Bush supporters shoved Jett and she pushed back in anger. Ole said that was the decision of one person, and not at all representative of what the conference was trying to do."

Saturday  1/17/04

Is Bush Doomed?  1/17/04 AntiWar: "If Bush delivers on his democracy promise, the Shi'ites with 60% of the population will be elected, and the country will break out in civil war. If he tries to water down Shi'ite representation with his plan for an assembly elected indirectly by caucuses, the so far peaceful Shi'ites are likely to join the violence… Bush, desperate to be extricated before doom strikes him is experiencing a reality totally different from the chest-thumping of neocon megalomaniacs, such as Charles Krauthammer, who declared the US so powerful as to be able to "reshape, indeed remake, reality on its own." Bush now knows that he lacks the power to deal with the reality of Iraq. Indeed, Bush cannot even deal with his own appointees."

Sharpton Commends Mosley Braun  1/17/04 Black World Today 

Poll: Bush's Approval Sinking  1/17/04 CBS: "A CBS News/New York Times poll of 1,022 adults puts the president's approval rating at 50%, matching his lowest ever, and the largest number ever – 45% - disapproving."

Friday  1/16/04

The New Hampshire Poll  1/16/04 American Research Group 

Heil Hit-Slur!  1/16/04 ConWebWatch: "The ConWeb's outrage over that Bush-Hitler ad obscures the fact that it has quite a history of comparing Democrats to Nazis."

The digital, not racial, divide  1/16/04 Miami Herald: "Polls have shown that Dean's support is coming mostly from younger, suburban, college-educated whites. His support is weakest among two of the pillars of the Democratic base: older voters and minorities. That could be because Dean's message isn't resonating with those groups. But it also could be due in part to an issue seldom talked but that is still very much with us: the digital divide. The Pew Research Center's most recent ''Internet and American Life'' study found that while more than 126 million Americans used the Internet last year, a profound gap remains between those who are wired and those who are not."

Clark's war stance under fire  1/16/04 Scotsman, UK: "WESLEY Clark’s anti-war stance was in tatters last night after it emerged the candidate for the US Democratic party’s presidential nomination had made the case for a war in Iraq two weeks before Congress voted to act against Saddam Hussein."

Protest greets Bush in Atlanta - Service at King's tomb booed  1/16/04 Toronto Star 

Conservative groups break with Republican leadership  1/16/04 Washington Times: "National leaders of six conservative organizations yesterday broke with the Republican majorities in the House and Senate, accusing them of spending like "drunken sailors," and had some strong words for President Bush as well."

Thursday  1/15/04

DC Is On The Map: Sharpton Makes Major Impact In DC  1/15/04 Black World Today 

'Proud To Support' Dean, Braun Exits Race  1/15/04 NBC 

Dean says there’s no ‘war’ on terror – and he’s right!  1/15/04 Progresso Weekly 

Wednesday  1/14/04

Happy Birthday, Dr. King - To Write Off the South is to Surrender to Bigots  1/14/04 Counterpunch 

Dean Defeats Sharpton In D.C. Protest Primary  1/14/04 Washington Post: "Dean thanked his campaign workers in a speaker-phone call from Vermont that was amplified to about 150 supporters in a Connecticut Avenue bar. He reiterated his support for giving the city voting rights in Congress and called it wrong that five of his rivals opted out of the contest. He also said he won the vote among an electorate with a majority of African American voters -- defying critics and some political analysts who questioned his appeal to this historically crucial voting bloc for Democrats. Vermont has few minorities and little representation of blacks in its state government, as Sharpton has pointed out in recent days. "We're going to build a rainbow coalition to take over this country for the people who own it," Dean told his supporters."

Tuesday  1/13/04

Dem Candidates Square off in Des Moines  1/13/04 New York Beacon: "The Democratic presidential contenders squared off Sunday in Des Moines in a final debate before next week’s Iowa caucus. While they hit lightly on the Confederate Flag, social security, taxes and national security, race soon took the spotlight."

Dean's Wife Shuns Politics  1/13/04 NYT 

Dean Must Work to Connect With Blacks  1/13/04 Pacific News: "Sharpton wants to break up the chummy good ol' white guys presidential club and goad the Democrats to take strong positions on civil rights and poverty issues. That's a good aim, but bashing Dean smacks more of racial opportunism than idealism. Meanwhile, in the critical Democratic primary season, Dean has a chance to show greater consistency, competency and familiarity with black issues."

A Show of Hands - Today's D.C. Primary May Not Count, but to Organizers It Still Matters  1/13/04 Washington Post 

Monday  1/12/04

Dixie Trap for Democrats in Presidential Race  1/12/04 Common Dreams 

In Iowa, Dean Is Again Target - Rivals Cite Record On Minorities In Final Debate  1/12/04 Washington Post: "Al Sharpton, who with former senator Carol Moseley Braun (Ill.)was one of two blacks on the stage, said Dean's comments made his own history fair game. Citing news articles and a study by an advocacy group, Sharpton charged that in Dean's administration "not one black or brown held a senior policy position, not one." Dean dissented, saying he had a "senior member of my staff on my fifth floor." But he acknowledged under persistent questioning from Sharpton that he had no minorities in his Cabinet, in a small, northern state that is overwhelmingly white."

Saturday  1/10/04

Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin Endorses Dean  1/10/04 AP 

Report: Rev. Al Sharpton's campaign report raises new questions about finances  1/10/04 AP: "The Rev. Al Sharpton's latest presidential campaign report is filled with oversights and potential violations that renew questions about his financial probity, according to a published report."

Dean gains endorsements in the South  1/10/04 Black News Weekly 

Bush savaged by former Treasury chief  1/10/04 Financial Times: "In the CBS Sixty Minutes interview Mr O'Neill, the former chief executive of the aluminium company Alcoa, says there was little constructive dialogue between officials and the president. Speaking about his first meeting with Mr Bush, which lasted about an hour, Mr O'Neill says: "I went in with a long list of things to talk about and, I thought, to engage [him] on. "I was surprised it turned out me talking and the president just listening . . . It was mostly a monologue." "

Former Treasury Sec. Paints Bush as 'Blind Man'  1/10/04 Reuters: "Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill likened President Bush at Cabinet meetings to "a blind man in a room full of deaf people," according to excerpts on Friday from a CBS interview."

Friday  1/9/04

Cheney Target of Criminal Investigation  1/9/04 Altnernet: "Though neglected by major media in the United States, international news sources report that French law enforcement authorities have made Vice President Dick Cheney the target of a criminal investigation for his role in a massive bribery scandal during his time as CEO of Halliburton. Le Figaro, one of France's biggest (and most conservative) newspapers, reports "an investigative judge is looking into allegations of corruption during construction of a natural gas complex in Nigeria by Halliburton and" a French oil company. According to a gas and oil trade publication (picked up by the international AP newswire on October 11, 2003) the judge is "looking into who may have benefited from nearly $200 million in potentially illegal commissions allegedly handed out from 1990 to 2002." In May, Halliburton admitted that, under Cheney's stewardship, it paid "$2.4 million in bribes to Nigerian officials to get favorable tax treatment." Halliburton now says it is cooperating with a simultaneous review by the Security and Exchange Commission."

Washington Wrap  1/9/04 CBS 

French sleaze inquiry targets US oil subsidiary  1/9/04 Guardian: "Some observers, however, said that the potentially embarrassing French investigation into such a well-connected American company could merely be a cynical tit-for-tat response to an equally sensitive investigation in the US into alleged wrongdoing by Crédit Lyonnais during the French bank's buyout of Executive Life Insurance Co, a failed US insurance company. French judicial officials said on Wednesday that the US was seeking the extradition of four former senior French executives in the case. Crédit Lyonnais has been under investigation in the US since 1998, when American authorities discovered it had secretly - and illegally - acquired Executive Life's assets in the 1990s."

'The Beginning of the End of the Bush Presidency'  1/9/04 NYT: "Following are excerpts from a campaign speech by Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts in Algona, Iowa, on Dec. 30, as recorded by The New York Times."

Cheney faces prosecution: report  1/9/04 Sydney Morning Herald: "In a letter to the attorney-general's department, magistrate Reynaud van Ruymbeke ruled out directly prosecuting Cheney on a charge of bribing foreign officials, Le Figaro said. But the official did not exclude the possibility of prosecution on the grounds of complicity in misuse of corporate assets, it added."

Thursday  1/8/04

Bush Does Better in Africa  1/8/04 Alternet: "Bush's interest in Africa, the poorest region of the world, is profoundly surprising – and not the least to Africans who realize that America's war on terrorism has distracted attention and money from the region's pressing problems of civil war, HIV/AIDS and chronic under-development. Yet Bush's engagement in Africa may well overshadow in significance the other foreign activities of his presidency."

POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Sharpton spends heavily _ relatively speaking _ on radio ad  1/8/04 AP 

Dr. Dean and the Godhead - Dean Hits the Demagoguery Pedal...Hard  1/8/04 Counterpunch 

Gephardt Aide Accuses Dean of Caucus Fraud Plan  1/8/04 My Way 

Wednesday  1/7/04

Black GOP tries to step past color - Republican African-Americans turn from race issues to focus on worldview  1/7/04 The Hill: "Many black Republicans running for Congress are turning away from the identity politics of race and ethnicity and, in the process, seeking to reshape the way politicians and voters think about skin color and ideology."

Tuesday  1/6/04

Dean gets company as rivals use taxes to target Iowa front-runners  1/6/04 AP 

Monday  1/5/04

Unintended Consequence - How Terry McAuliffe and James Carville created Howard Dean.  1/5/04 WSJ 

Sunday  1/4/04

Democrats on the debate topics  1/4/04 AP 

The Things They Carry  1/4/04 NYT: "A few weeks ago, I asked Howard Dean how, given his vehement opposition to the war in Iraq, he felt he could overcome the Democrats' reputation as the antiwar party. ''I think you're still in the old paradigm, which says that they're the party of strength and we're the party of weakness,'' Dean admonished me as I sat across from him on his campaign plane. The chaos in Iraq, he said, had upended the old stereotypes. In John F. Kennedy's day, Dean pointed out, the Democrats enjoyed the reputation as the party of resolution. ''I think this may be the year to regain it, oddly enough,'' Dean said."

White House 2004: General Election  1/4/04 Polling Report: Bush: 51%, Dean: 46% in CNN/Time Poll

Democratic Rivals Attack Dean Before Iowa Debate  1/4/04 Reuters 

Jeb Bush seeks '04 win for brother  1/4/04 Tallahassee Democrat 

Saturday  1/3/04

Pres. Bush’s optimism precludes reality  1/3/04 African American News & Issues 

Friday  1/2/04

Democratic front-runner cites terror alert in defending Saddam comment  1/2/04 AP: ""I can assure you it's not Saddam who's threatening to bomb airplanes," Dean said. "It's al-Qaida. We've not paid attention to al-Qaida. We've spent $160 billion, lost over 400 servicemen, and wounded and permanently maimed over 2,000 people because we picked the wrong target." Dean said even though he opposed the Iraq war, his greatest fear now is that "this administration will pull out of Iraq too early for political reasons," Dean said. If that happens, al-Qaida will move into Iraq and become more powerful than ever. "My fear is that the (Karl) Rove polls will tell him (Bush), 'You've gotta get out, you've gotta get out,' and he'll start doing that," Dean said, referring to Bush's chief political adviser."

Sharpton Files For Matching Funds  1/2/04 AP 

Presidential Candidate Sharpton Condemns Democrats' Shift to Right  1/2/04 NCM 

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