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Drug Trafficking & State Support
Archives: 1994-2002

December,  2002

Colombian rebel attack kills 60  12/29/2002 BBC: "Colombian Marxist rebels have attacked their right-wing paramilitary enemies of the United Self-defence Forces of Colombia (AUC) in the northern province of Bolivar. At least 60 people were killed in the fighting, the majority paramilitaries, which were driven from the area. The right-wing paramilitaries of the AUC have called a ceasefire and are looking to start a peace process with the government… The paramilitaries are seeking to demobilise after their organisations fragmented over the issue of drugs. The largest group in the AUC, led by feared warlord Carlos Castanao, wanted to sever links with the drugs trade which provides most of the group's income. Other elements were not so enthusiastic." Do a search on Google for "AUC massacre" and you will get 2,120 results.

The Drug War According to Dr. Mengele - Agent Green Over the Andes  12/24/2002 Counterpunch: "Hostile intentions toward the people of another country. Deployment of chemical weapons and biological agents. Pursuit of a scorched earth policy. Sound like Saddam's Iraq? Think again. This neatly capsulizes the Bush administration's ongoing depredations in Colombia, all under the shady banner of the war on drugs."

US pilots in friendly fire were on drugs, says lawyer  12/22/2002 Scotsman, UK: "TWO US fighter pilots charged with accidentally killing four Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan had been given amphetamines to keep them awake, their lawyer claimed. Charles Gittens is representing the pilots, who face prison for 64 years if found guilty in a court martial next month. In an interview with a US television station yesterday Mr Gittens claimed Major Bill Umbach and Major Harry Schmidt were ordered to take six amphetamines each to ward off fatigue during their mission." High as a kite.

Details of U.S. victory are a little premature  12/22/2002 Toronto Sun: "In fact, America's Afghan adventure has gotten off to as poor a start as that of the Soviet Union. The U.S.-installed ruler of Kabul, veteran CIA asset Hamid Karzai, must be protected from his own people by up to 200 U.S. bodyguards. Much of Afghanistan is in chaos, fought over by feuding warlords and drug barons. There are almost daily attacks on U.S. occupation forces. My old mujahedin sources say U.S. casualties and equipment losses in Afghanistan are far higher than Washington is reporting - and are rising. American troops are operating from the old Soviet bases at Bagram and Shindand, retaliating, like the Soviets, against mujahedin attacks on U.S. forces by heavily bombing nearby villages. The CIA is trying to assassinate Afghan nationalist leaders opposed to the Karzai regime in Kabul, in particular my old acquaintance Gulbadin Hekmatyar… Since the U.S. overthrew the Taliban, opium cultivation has soared from 185 tons a year to 2,700. The Northern Alliance, which dominates the Kabul regime, finances its arms-buying and field operations with drug money. President George Bush's war on drugs collided with his war on terrorism - and lost. The U.S. is now, in effect, colluding in the heroin trade." Repeating the pattern established in Laos, Viet Nam, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Colombia, Lebanon, and many other places.

Colombian drug production soars despite ‘Plan Colombia’  12/21/2002 ANNCOL: or because of it? "Information taken from testimony given before the House Committee on Government Reform in Washington on December 12th, show that whilst nearly a million acres of Colombian soil have been fumigated in the past 5 years, cocaine production in Colombia has tripled in the same period… Representative Bob Barr (Republican-Georgia) also alleged during the hearings that at least 22 US helicopters have crashed or been shot down by rebels in Colombia in recent years although the Pentagon and US Embassy in Bogotá have refused to confirm or deny this." More denials, as in Kuwait and Afghanistan, maintaining the superman image.

Coca in the Cola - The soft drink of Atlanta and the coca leaf of the Andes  12/20/2002 NarcoNews: "This week, Bolivia’s undersecretary of Social Defense, Ernesto Justiniano, reported that his office had authorized the exportation of 350,000 bricks (about 159 tons) of coca leaf to the United States “for the manufacturing of the soft drink, Coca-Cola.”

Has the mafia infiltrated Israel's political system?  12/15/2002 Mena Report: The Israeli Mafia controls world wide distribution of the club drug, extasy.

5 dead in US military helicopter crash in Honduras  12/13/2002 Agence France Press: A few more details than in the AP story - "The Blackhawk belongs to a US Air Force regiment that is part of Joint Task Force Bravo, based at the Enrique Soto Cano Air Force base, located near the city of Comayagua, some 70 kilometers (44 miles) north-west of Tegucigalpa. The base is home to some 550 US military -- mainly army and air force -- personnel and more than 650 US and Honduran civilians. US forces at the base carry out anti-drug operations, training missions, and support for humanitarian relief assistance, according to the base website."

Web of deceit lies behind death of a traitor to many masters  12/11/2002 Independent, UK: by Robert Fisk - "To the rest of the world, the bomb that wounded two Israeli soldiers on the Lebanese-Israeli border was just another example of Hizbollah "terrorism", a provocation that showed Hizbollah had – in Israel's words – "crossed a red line". Israel warned of retaliation. But the truth was quite different, and infinitely more sensational. For the bomb was connected to the murder last Friday of a notorious Lebanese drug smuggler who had not only captured an Israeli collaborator accused of murdering one of the most militant Shias in Beirut but was involved in the capture of three Israeli soldiers. Even more dramatic – for the Israelis – is that the murdered man, Ramzi Nohra, used to work for Israeli intelligence."

The lost illusions of Posada and his accomplices  12/10/2002 Granma: "Traumatized. There aren’t many other words to describe Posada Carriles and his three henchmen on leaving the court on Thursday, December 5 after discovering the extent of the deceit practiced on them over the months by their defense attorney drugs lawyer Rogelio Cruz… Cruz, a former state attorney and millionaire who lost his position some years ago due to his links with Colombian drug cartels and a series of financial maneuvers that could have sent him to jail, is confronting a team of top-level lawyers in this country, doctors and university professors who are exercising their skills on behalf of various popular groups. And without charge, out of solidarity with trade union, student and indigenous organizations and the Cuban Revolution."

Powell Says U.S. Will Increase Military Aid for Colombia  12/5/2002 NYT: which will have as consequence furhter arming the paramilitaries - "The new aid will put Colombia roughly on a par with Afghanistan and Pakistan as a recipient of American military and antidrug assistance, administration officials said."

Behind Posada: Drug Trafficking  12/4/2002 Granma: Coca Contra, again - "Panamanian sources confirm links between José Valladares Acosta, accomplice of terrorist gang leader Luis Posada Carriles and Orestes Cosío, recently deported from the United States for drug trafficking and involvement in three murders • The extremely dangerous terrorist has always maintained links with drug trafficking circles in Miami - the U.S. drugs capital."

November,  2002

Colombia Naval Admiral Resigns  11/26/2002 AP: "Rear Adm. Rodrigo Quinones, Colombia's military attache to Israel, resigned Tuesday after U.S. officials accused him of drug trafficking, the defense minister said. Quinones is the highest-ranking military official in recent memory to be implicated in drug trafficking in Colombia, which produces most of the world's cocaine and most of the heroin used in the United States. Quinones has also been accused of failing to protect villagers who were massacred in northern Colombia last year by right-wing paramilitary gunmen, when Quinones was stationed in the region."

Drug Trafficking by the US National Security Council  11/19/2002 Orlin Grabbe: from Costa Rican Comision Especial's report - "Recommendation number 13 reads: 13. Que el señor Lewis Tambs, Joe Fernández, Oliver North, John M. Poindexter, Richard V. Secord, no se les permita la entrada al pais. [p. 74] Here we have three individuals associated with the US National Security Council—John M. Poindexter, Oliver North, Richard V. Secord—as well as the local CIA Chief of Station, Joe Fernández, and the US Ambassador to Costa Rica, Lewis Tambs, all barred from the country. Fifty members of the legislative assembly voted to approve the report with its recommendations. Two members did not. One of these two—Leonel Salazar Villalobos—is now himself in prison for narcotrafficking." Poindexter is now head of the Pentagon's Office of Information Awareness at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is planning massive surveillance of US citizens.

U.S. Strategy in Colombia Connects Drugs and Terror  11/14/2002 NYT: "The indictment unsealed today accuses three FARC military leaders, including Jorge Briceño Suárez, widely considered the second most powerful man in the rebel organization, of kidnapping and drug trafficking. Eight other, lower-ranking FARC members were charged with the same offenses." Most observers agree that what the FARC does pales next to the activities of the right wing paramilitaries and their government allies, including a certain advisor to the president.

Hellzapoppin' at the Pentagon - Rumsfeld's Defense Science Board proposes 'prodding' terrorists to terrorism  11/13/2002 Working for Change: "How will the terrorists be "sparked… into action?" asks reporter Chris Floyd. Will it be done "by killing their family members? Luring them with loot? Fueling them with drugs? Plying them with jihad propaganda? Messing with their mamas? Or with agents provocateurs, perhaps, who infiltrate groups then plan and direct the attacks themselves?" This part of P2OG's strategy seems eerily reminiscent of the FBI's COINTEL program of the sixties and seventies, when often the people advocating the most violent acts were the FBI's agents."

COVERT, ARMED INTERVENTION IN LATIN AMERICA  11/11/2002 Radio Progresso: "Meanwhile, the Center for High Military Studies in Chile has drawn up plans that, once the guerrillas are exhausted, would allow forces from several countries in the region to finish the task and eliminate the guerrillas entirely. I already touched on this subject in a previous article. It would be the embryo of a regional, multinational army, able to intervene in any country. The U.S. Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM), based in Miami, is in charge of coordinating, planning and directing the United States’ military activities in Latin America and the Caribbean. It controls an area measuring about 19 million square kilometers with more than 400 million inhabitants. In addition to the aforementioned Base of Manta in Ecuador, the Southern Command has built installations and airports in Aruba-Curacao, the Dutch Antilles, and Comalapa in El Salvador. It also maintains operational facilities in Hilopango and Soto Cono in Honduras. There are also operational bases on several South American rivers, including the Amazon, and it plans to build another base in Peru. Under the war on drugs pretext, the Southern Command dominates practically all the skies over Latin America and the Caribbean. In other words, the presence of U.S. military forces is expanding."

October,  2002

Pentagon sends combat troops to Colombia  10/31/2002 ANNCOL: "The U.S. administration has dropped any pretense of fighting a "drug war" in Colombia. Now the U.S. troops are on the battlefield fighting the Marxist insurgencies."

The Secret War  10/27/2002 LA Times: "Known as the Intelligence Support Activity, or ISA, when it was established in 1981, this unit fought in drug wars and counter-terror operations from the Middle East to South America. It built a reputation for daring, flexibility and a degree of lawlessness. In May 1982, Deputy Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci called the ISA "uncoordinated and uncontrolled." Though its freelance tendencies were curbed, the ISA continued to operate under different guises through the ill-starred U.S. involvement in Somalia in 1992 and was reportedly active in the hunt for Bosnian Serbs suspected of war crimes. Today, the ISA operates under the code name Gray Fox. In addition to covert operations, it provides the war on terrorism with the kind of so-called "close-in" signals monitoring -- including the interception of cell phone conversations -- that helped bring down Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar."

Taliban gone, opium returns  10/27/2002 Sydney Morning Herald: "An attempt to curb heroin production in Afghanistan has been overwhelmed by the country's largest-ever opium poppy harvest, according to a UN crop survey published yesterday. It said 3,400 metric tonnes of opium would be produced in Afghanistan this year - higher than the 2,700 tonnes estimated earlier this year, and considerably higher than the 2,000-tonne harvest before the Taliban banned production. The survey shows Afghanistan is set to resume its place as the source of 75per cent of the world's heroin. Opium production under the Taliban fell to only 185 tonnes during 2001. In January the interim Afghan Government announced a ban on opium poppy cultivation, trafficking and abuse." Making the world safe for heroin.

Presidente Chávez Frías: “Hemos abortado un magnicidio”  10/20/2002 VenPres: "Hemos abortado un magnicidio", anunció el presidente de la República, Hugo Chávez Frías, al referirse al intento frustrado de asesinato en contra de su persona, en la madrugada de este sábado, en ocasión de su regreso de la gira que hizo por varios países de Europa y que gracias al trabajo de inteligencia de los organismos de seguridad del Estado, ese suceso fue impedido. La denuncia la formuló en el programa dominical “Aló Presidente” número 123, transmitido desde el Palacio de Miraflores, donde el Primer Mandatario venezolano explicó en detalle, salvo los elementos que debe reservarse para no contaminar las investigaciones, esa develada acción contra su vida."

Military Is Easing Its War on Drugs  10/20/2002 LA Times: "The Pentagon wants to scale back the $1-billion program and focus more on combating terrorism. Such a move could meet strong opposition in Congress."

Jeb Bush in struggle for survival  10/17/2002 Scotsman: "George Bush will today fly to Florida for one last campaign push on behalf of his brother Jeb, after a poll showed the state’s governor locked in a struggle for political survival. Figures released by the public opinion pollster Zogby show Jeb Bush capturing 48 per cent of the vote, while Democrat Bill McBride, a millionaire lawyer who has never held political office, trails by just three points. It is a statistical dead heat that has alarmed the Bush camp and caused near-panic in the White House, only three weeks away from the US mid-term congressional elections, "Democrats and the media will show no mercy if the president’s brother is defeated," a top White House insider told reporters in Washington. "A win by McBride would be viewed as symbolic." Often short on charisma, the governor has earned extra points by finally opening up about his daughter Noelle’s drug problems. The 25-year-old, who is in a rehabilitation clinic in Orlando after posing as a doctor and forging a prescription to obtain drugs, was last month found with crack cocaine hidden in her shoe."

No easy sentence: Peace protesters do time with hardened cons  10/14/2002 AP: "For years, peace protesters arrested for trespassing at Fort Benning were allowed to serve their sentences at minimum-security federal institutions closer to their homes, where they could kiss relatives and hold babies in visiting rooms. Not anymore. Some protesters -- including a priest and a grandmother-to-be -- were sentenced earlier this year to serve their six-month sentences alongside thieves and drug addicts behind razor wire in a rural Georgia jail. "The only thing I can come up with is that they are getting mean," the Rev. Roy Bourgeois, founder of the protest group School of the Americas Watch, said of Bureau of Prison officials." Mean and surly.

THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF A NARCO-TERROR STATE  10/2/2002 ANNCOL: "The most censored and ignored story of the last - and the next - five years must be: "Global Economy Caters to US Addictions." Half of the world's problems are caused by the US addictions to oil and all kinds of drugs. The illegal drug trade is the second largest sector of the global economy. Include all of the legal drugs that US citizens are addicted to and "Drugs" would be the largest sector by far."

September,  2002

Afghan opium production soaring again  9/27/2002 AFP: "DrugScope says poppy cultivation, banned by the ousted government, has leapt from about 185 tonnes a year to up to 2,700 tonnes, and is approaching pre-Taleban levels of over 4,000 tonnes." Now we know why the US got rid of the Taliban!

Massive post-war rise in production of Afghan opium  9/26/2002 Independent, UK: "Britain is expected to be hit by a flood of heroin after a gigantic increase in the production of opium in Afghanistan, the United Nations will warn today. A UN survey estimates the farmers will grow 2,700 tons of opium this year compared with 185 tons in 2001, a 1,400 per cent jump."

Dark Alliance, the Director's Cut  9/6/2002 Counterpunch: by Gay Webb - "I wanted to let every one know that the original Dark Alliance website the Mercury News quietly took down in 1998 is back in all of its flaming glory. I reconstructed it from a CDROM that Jerry Ceppos ordered destroyed after the rest of the press began whining that using the CIA seal in our website logo was just a little too too. So thousands of CDs and paper reprints were burned."

Bulgaria’s élite forces arrested in drugs raids  9/4/2002 Sctosman, UK: "BULGARIA has been stunned by news that a gang of mafia hitmen arrested in a police dragnet have turned out to be from the country’s élite anti-terrorist commando force. The six-strong team were former Barrets - Bulgaria’s equivalent of the SAS - who had quit the service then hired themselves out as killers to the nation’s drug mafia… Most of the heroin bought by Western Europeans arrives from Asia through Bulgaria: last year police made a record haul, seizing 2,000kg of high-grade heroin. Just as significantly, 140 police and customs officers suspected of collusion with the drugs gangs were arrested." From Asia means from Afghanistan.

US links drug money to terrorists  9/2/2002 AP: the mote in your neighbor's eye is always bigger than the beam in yours - "Evidence gathered by the Drug Enforcement Administration since a series of raids in January indicates that a methamphetamine drug operation in the Midwest involving men of Middle Eastern descent has been shipping money back to terrorist groups, officials said."

Cuban Political the US  9/1/2002 Counterpunch: "The arrested Cubans were involved in anti-terrorist activities -- so cherished by the government of the United States in word -- but were acting against the wrong kind of terrorists. Some of what they uncovered about possible terrorist and drug activities of Cuban exiles -- including information concerning the 1997 hotel bombings -- they actually passed to the FBI, usually delivered via diplomats in Havana. This presumably is what lay behind the statement in the Criminal Complaint that the defendants "attempted manipulation of United States political institutions and government entities through disinformation and pretended cooperation"{9} -- i.e., putting every action of the Cuban defendants in the worst possible light…. The United States is currently engaged in a world-wide, open-ended, supra-legal campaign to destroy the rights of any individuals who -- on the most questionable of evidence or literally none at all -- might conceivably represent any kind of terrorist threat. But if the Cubans -- with a much longer history of serious terrorist attacks against them by well known perpetrators -- take the most reasonable steps to protect themselves from further attacks, they find that Washington has forbidden them from taking part in the War Against Terrorism. This is particularly ironic given that the same anti-Castro exiles have committed numerous terrorist acts in the United States itself."

August,  2002

American travesty  8/26/2002 Independent, UK: "When 46 people were arrested for drug offences in the sleepy Texas town of Tulia, the local lawman was hailed as a hero. But there was a problem – almost all of the defendants were black, and there wasn't a shred of evidence. Andrew Gumbel reports on an extraordinary story of racism and police corruption."

Poppy Paradox - U.S. War in Afghanistan Boosts Terror Funds  8/21/2002 Pacific News: by Peter Dale Scott, from 8/1 - "Sources in Washington have suggested that behind the Bush decision to tolerate the return of the Afghan drug traffic was the fear that eliminating it might destabilize the Musharraf government and further encourage ISI-linked extremists to overthrow him. A simpler explanation is U.S. reluctance to take on further responsibility for restoring the Afghan economy, and instead let drugs do the job. A still more cynical possibility is that the Bush administration wants in the short run to limit the embarrassing stories of chaos and rebellion in Afghanistan, which could hurt the Republicans in the November elections."

GOP can't win many friends with this man  8/21/2002 Orlando Sentinel: by María T. Padilla - "Florida Republican leaders could have done much better than Edison Misla Aldarondo when choosing a poster child for their campaign to lure Hispanic voters. Manuel Noriega, perhaps? Misla Aldarondo, former speaker of Puerto Rico's House of Representatives, was charged last week with drugging and raping a 17-year-old girl in his home."

Colombia's Drug War Attracts Dubious Ally  8/19/2002 LA Times: "A fledgling U.S. program to eradicate cocaine in central Colombia has gained a notorious ally: a right-wing paramilitary army that the State Department has labeled a terrorist organization. The so-called self-defense forces, responsible for the majority of massacres in Colombia's bloody internal conflict, have thrown their support behind a U.S. alternative development program that seeks to persuade farmers to give up their profitable coca crops for legal products such as beans, chocolate and cattle."

Afghan opium crop back to record levels  8/19/2002 Scotsman, UK: "THE new Afghan government has "largely failed" in its effort to eradicate the opium poppy crop in Afghanistan, which in recent years became the world’s biggest producer of the raw material for heroin, United Nations crop experts reported yesterday. The 2002 crop was close to the record levels of the late 1990s and could be worth more than $1 billion (£650 million) at the farm level in Afghanistan. The nation’s GDP for 1999 was put at $21 billion"

Claim of FARC-Al Qaida link rescinded  8/9/2002 UPI: narcowars forever: "A top State Department official has rescinded a statement made under oath before a federal court that claimed Colombian rebels and narco-traffickers had trained at al Qaida camps in Afghanistan, after top intelligence and law enforcement officials disputed the claim. Assistant Secretary of State R. Rand Beers -- who heads the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement -- signed a declaration last November that said members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) were thought to have received training at Al Qaida camps located in Afghanistan… The two declarations were filed in support of a motion to dismiss a civil suit against DynCorp, the largest State Department contractor, which performs a host of military, interdiction and support functions for the U.S. and Colombia governments in the fight against Colombia's drug cartels and insurgents." Dyncorp has interesting involvments around the world.

Military looks to drugs for battle readiness  8/9/2002 Christian Science Monitor: "The capability to resist the mental and physiological effects of sleep deprivation will fundamentally change current military concepts of 'operational tempo' and contemporary orders of battle for the military services," states a document from the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). "In short, the capability to operate effectively, without sleep, is no less than a 21st Century revolution in military affairs that results in operational dominance across the whole range of potential U.S. military employments."

"Another one of ours!"  8/6/2002 Granma: "Thanks to Codina and the Miami-Cuban cabal, he got to know Leonel Martínez, another ultra-right businessman whose known specialty was drug trafficking. Between 1985-6, Martínez brought more than 1,500 kilograms of cocaine into Miami. He was arrested in 1989 and later sent to prison. The federal prosecutors were in possession of a telling photo of Jeb Bush offering Leonel Martínez his hand, but they refused to pass it on to the press. Meanwhile, Martínez had contributed various checks to the Fund for the Future of America, headed by Vice president Bush, and later donated money to his presidential campaign."

Directing the drug war  8/5/2002 Washington Times: "The congressmen were concerned, Mr. Novak wrote, that Mr. Uribe would "appoint to high office Pedro Juan Moreno, a shadowy figure who had run-ins with U.S. and Colombian authorities over importing precursor chemicals of a kind that produce illegal narcotics."

Reasons for Cuban's Ouster Revealed  8/5/2002 Newsday: "According to those who have seen it, Castro's younger brother and designated successor, Defense Minister Raul Castro, takes Robaina to task for unauthorized contacts with former Spanish Foreign Minister Abel Matutes at a time of prickly relations between the two countries. Raul Castro mentions one telephone conversation between the two men -- evidently taped by Cuban state security -- in which Matutes tells Robaina he considers him "my candidate" -- an apparent reference to Cuba's future leadership. As for the favors, Robaina reportedly accepted dining-room and bedroom furniture for his home from an Italian businessman, according those who have seen the video. Robaina also reportedly received $25,000 for the running of the foreign ministry from Mario Villanueva, the jailed former governor of the southern Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Villanueva was arrested for allegedly using his office to protect a drug cartel that smuggled cocaine into the United States from Mexico's Caribbean coast."

July,  2002

IS COLOMBIA THE NEXT VIETNAM?  7/30/2002 ANNCOL: "Our treasury also supported drug traffickers. The Central Intelligence Agency trained, equipped and financed the opium empires of the Golden Triangle, the narcotics-financed Chinese Nationalists, the Corsican Mafia, the Sicilian Mafia, the U.S. Mafia, Afghani-Pakistani heroin traders, the drug kings of the bloodthirsty Guatemalan G-2, key members of Mexico's Guadalajara Cartel, the cocaine-financed Contras of Nicaragua, drug traffickers with the Peruvian National Intelligence Service (SIN), the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army--a Balkan criminal network responsible for over 20 percent of Europe's heroin imports--and the Cali drug cartel in Colombia."

Israeli intelligence: Narco-terror profits funded Sept. 11 attack  7/26/2002 World Tribune: "Profits from drugs shipped by Afghanistan were used by Al Qaida in carrying out the September 11 attacks, according to a classified report by Israel's police intelligence service.' And what were Israel's spies doing dogging the DEA?

Colombia death squads 'disbanded'  7/20/2002 Telegraph, UK: "But observers said the move was part of the death squads' plan to reinvent themselves as the government, backed by America, plans to take action against them. They also hope it will give them a seat at peace talks. The announcement by the feared paramilitary warlords Carlos Castano and Salvatore Mancuso that the 12,000-strong United Self Defence Forces of Colombia (AUC) were being disbanded took the country by surprise. Insisting that "anarchy and drugs trafficking" had penetrated parts of the organisation, the warlords said they had no choice but to break up the federation of death squads."

Bolivia's leftwing upstart alarms US  7/15/2002 Guardian, UK: as in Venezuela and Palestine, the US seeks to promote democracy, aided by noble men such as Otto, who helped get terrorist Orlando Bosch out of jail - "Otto Reich, the Cuban-American appointed by President George Bush as his assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs, warned that American aid to the country would be in danger if Mr Morales was chosen on August.Mr Morales is leader of the country's coca-growers and is opposed to the coca eradication programme sponsored by the US as part of the "war on drugs" on the continent." Could it be that Reich is against removing price support for his narcoterrorist friends?

Girls go to war as Colombia's frontline killers  7/14/2002 Guardian, UK: "At least one third of Farc's 18,000 soldiers are now women. Hundreds more are being recruited as it gears up for a greater challenge from an expanding army expecting to receive more military aid and training from the United States as part of Washington's wars against drugs and terrorism… Defectors, however, say around half of their former comrades would desert the Farc if they thought they could escape safely. One reason for deserting, say the critics, is the guerrillas' double standards. Footsoldiers must lead blameless, disciplined lives, while their leaders get drunk, gamble and kill indiscriminately. And the Farc has largely lost not just its way, but the support of the people. Although the Farc was founded to fight for social justice, in the last decade it has been corrupted by its involvement in the drugs trade. Many of those it kills now are innocent peasants, the very people it set out to liberate."

The Other Harken Energy Scandal - Oil, Death Squads and Corruption in Colombia  7/12/2002 Counterpunch: "The bulk of the oil contracts were in the Magdalena Valley where military officers, drug traffickers, and cattle ranchers had come together to form right wing paramilitary groups that fought guerillas, assassinated union leaders and human rights activists, and terrorized peasants in order to force them off coveted land. Most of the oil companies doing business in the region either tacitly accepted or actively sought out the protection of these death squads. A 1996 Human Rights Watch report documents the fact that the Colombian military armed and assisted these groups and, under the guidance of the CIA, integrated them into its intelligence networks. The close cooperation between the military and the paramilitaries continues today - and tends to be most rampant in areas where there is a lot of oil production."

Arms (Still) for Sale How the Market Has Changed for Dealers of Death Since 9/11  7/10/2002 ABC News: "In the room was Ukrainian-born Israeli Leonid Minin… In addition, police found $150,000 in cash and the equivalent of a half-million dollars in diamonds — as well as nearly 1,500 pages of documents detailing the activities that allowed Minin to enjoy this good life. Today, Minin is in jail in northern Italy on charges of drug possession. In October, he is expected to stand trial for arms trafficking. He faces up to 12 years in prison."

BULLETS AND BOMBS: DAILY LOT FOR UNIONISTS  7/8/2002 ANNCOL: the US persues its "war on drugs" by supporting a government in bed with the paramilitaries who kill trade unionist - "Terrifying record figure of assassinations of trade unionists in Colombia. Most murders take place in Antioquia department and unionists from the public services have been the hardest hit by the paramilitary death squads."

Anti-coca programs shelved to placate farmers  7/4/2002 Washington Times: "Peru, a nation hailed by the United States as an Andean success story in the war on drugs, has suspended its participation in U.S.-funded coca-eradication programs. Also halted in the process was the related crop-substitution program, under which Peruvian farmers are paid to grow crops other than coca. The programs were suspended after Peruvian officials met with farm representatives Friday and agreed to immediately end eradication of the coca plant - from which cocaine is made - in the Upper Huallaga Valley."

U.S. Set to Resume Its Role in Halting Latin Drug Planes  7/4/2002 NYT: "President Bush is expected to approve the resumption of a program to force down or shoot down airplanes suspected of ferrying drugs in Latin America, a year after the program was halted by the mistaken downing of a plane carrying American missionaries in Peru, American officials say."

June,  2002

Aids legacy of the Russian dolls  6/30/2002 Sunday Herald: "But the trap is about to be sprung. Until 1996, the rate of contamination by HIV was very low. In 1994 just 158 cases were recorded, but now the federal Aids centre estimates that there are more than one million infected people. Critically, the rate of infection in Russia and neighbouring Ukraine is higher than anywhere in the world. Because HIV only began its march through Russia in the mid-1990s, the full implications of its threat are still dimly perceived across the country. It takes anywhere from 10 to 12 years for HIV to develop into full-blown Aids and for people to start dying from the disease, so it could be at least another five years or so before the full horror of what is happening is fully understood. Most Russians write it off as a marginal problem. They still tell you it's not a big issue -- and that, in any case, most of those affected are drug addicts and social outcasts. This is partly because the full consequences of the spread of HIV infection have yet to be felt but perhaps also because Russians are already overwhelmed by other apparently more urgent problems."

Global Eye -- Jungle Fever  6/28/2002 Moscow Times: article is followed by a good set of links on Bolivia's perilous situation at the hands of the Yanqui mercenaries - "And now the "war on drugs" is merging with the "war on terror," with a corresponding growth in scale and firepower, offering excellent potential for long-term profits for the "defense"-related industries that hold such a disproportionate sway in international \politics. This merging also accelerates the moral corrosion that flourishes under the acidic metaphor of "war" -- as we can see in Bolivia."

US SPECIAL FORCES TRAINER: WHY I SUPPORT THE GUERRILLAS  6/28/2002 ANNCOL: "The problem with that story in Colombia is that guerrilla revenues from taxing coca were miniscule compared to the revenues from actual trafficking by army officers and paramilitaries. Not only did the US government not put any pressure on this aspect of the drug trade, the Department of Defense and the CIA assisted the army and paramilitaries in integrating their staffs in 1991, which effectively means that the paramilitaries are an actual, if unacknowledged, component of the Colombian armed forces. Where is the logic in attacking the guerrillas, whose hypothetical subtraction from the drug production and trafficking would not change the volume of production or trafficking one iota? They simply levied a tax between production and process. And the peasants who produce the leaf, well they are making a little money, but the profit hikes from processing to distribution go up exponentially, especially when they get to the United States. Unfortunately, Americans are not trained to ask these simple kinds of questions, and they are not trained to employ logic in their thought processes, and so they never ask these questions. Our society is arguably the most indoctrinated in the world, and the most attached to official pronouncements that amount to denial of reality."

Colombian Rebels Tell Mayors to Resign Now, or Face Death  6/27/2002 NYT: "Colombia's largest rebel army is threatening to kill or kidnap the country's mayors and municipal judges if they do not resign, in its biggest offensive against civilian authorities in 38 years of guerrilla war. In an interview atop a mountain outside the capital, Bogotá, late Tuesday, a commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia said the rebels aimed to destroy the state from the bottom up. He said the elimination of mayors and all municipal authorities was the first step, and he demanded that the mayors resign by midnight tonight… The American ambassador to Colombia, Anne Patterson, said Washington would give mayors financial support under a protection program already earmarked under the Plan Colombia antidrug offensive." The American "drug war" pretext for Plan Colombia finally dropped.

Crack the CIA  6/12/2002 Guerrilla News: "Tracking the covert history of CIA drug smuggling from Nicaragua to Arkansas and South Central Los Angeles, GNN sheds light on the darkest secret of the Agency's operational directorate. Cut to the ambient Hip Hop loops of DJ Trek-e, Crack The CIA features explosive footage of Mike Ruppert's historical televised confrontation with CIA Director John Deutch."

Anti-Castro Activist Gunned Down in Miami  6/12/2002 CNS News: "Villaverde and his brother once ran the "Little Havana Activities Center." They were also indicted in the 1980s for allegedly running a multi-million dollar cocaine smuggling operation. But the charges were dropped because Miami Police had used illegal means to gather evidence in the case. Federal agents raided Jorge Villaverde's home in 1995 but instead of drugs, they found guns." The article blames "Castro" but does not look at possible gang rivalries nor at the history of Miami Mafia squabbles.

Perception management of the US's terror war  6/7/2002 Narco News: "The US has instructed the Colombian military to concentrate its war against the leftist FARC rebel insurgents in the South of Colombia (what the US has termed a Southern Push). These "narco-guerrillas" and "narco-terrorists" are to be targeted, presumably because these are the primary "terrorists" and drug-traffickers. In 1997, James Milford, the former Deputy Administrator with the U.S.'s central drug eradication body the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), stated that Carlos Castaño, the chief of the paramilitary AUC is a "major cocaine trafficker in his own right" and has close links to the North Valle drug syndicate which is "among the most powerful drug trafficking groups in Colombia". Milford went on that to say "there is little to indicate the insurgent groups are trafficking in cocaine themselves, either by producing cocaine…and selling it to Mexican syndicates, or by establishing their own distribution networks in the United States".

THE COLOMBIAN STATE HAS TURNED TO TERROR  6/7/2002 ANNCOL: "Chomsky: Colombia has had the worst human rights record in the hemisphere in the last decade while it has been the leading recipient of US arms and training for the Western Hemisphere and now ranks behind only Israel and Egypt worldwide. There exists a very close correlation that holds over a long period of time between human rights violations and US military aid and training. It's not that the US likes to torture people; it's that it basically doesn't care. For the US government, human rights violations are a secondary consequence. In Colombia, as elsewhere, human rights violations tend to increase as the state tries to violently repress opposition to inequality, oppression, corruption, and other state crimes for which there is no political outlet. The state turns to terror-that's what's been happening in Colombia for a long time, since before there was a Colombian drug trade. Counterinsurgency has been going on there for 40 years; President Kennedy sent a Special Forces mission to Colombia in the early 1960s. Their proposal to the Colombian government was recently declassified, and it called for "paramilitary terror" - those are their words-against what it called 'known communist proponents.' In Colombia, that meant labor leaders, priests, human rights activists, and so on. Colombian military manuals in the 1960s began to reflect this advice. In the last 15 years, as the US has become more deeply involved, human rights violations are up considerably."

One Thousand Coalition Troops Deployed Near Pak-Afghan Border  6/6/2002 Azzam: "Consequently, it is believed that a 16- year-old youth was arrested by U.S. troops on Tuesday, apparently due to intelligence received by their 'reliable' drug addict source. This has resulted in increased anger amongst local tribal leaders and it is unclear as to their expected reaction in what seems to be a new phase of operations in the region."

Women In Prison: Casualties Of The War On The Poor  6/3/2002 Black World Today: "Women in prisons and girls in juvenile detention centers are the fastest growing population in the entire prison system of the United States. And not only are women in prison separated from their own children, but once released, many women face poverty, as the Drug and Felony Disenfranchisement Laws make these women ineligible for welfare or even "workfare." These laws have left 100,000 women without the safety net of such programs and, as a result, 135,000 children have also fallen through the social-safety net."

US pupils face random drug testing  6/2/2002 Guardian: "Twenty-seven million schoolchildren are facing the prospect of random drug testing after a landmark court case described by self-styled religious fundamentalist 'drug warriors' in the United States as their greatest victory. It is a startling example of the ideological shift in American politics since George W. Bush moved into the White House. The Supreme Court is expected within the next few days to rule against a teenager from the Midwest who was forced to undergo a drug test when she signed up to sing in the school choir. Lindsay Earls, a former pupil at Tecumseh High, Oklahoma, had to urinate into a cup while a teacher listened outside the lavatory cubicle."

May,  2002

Miami is not dangerous for the judge who tried the Five  5/31/2002 Granma: "WHEN lawyers for the five Cuban patriots asked for a change of trial venue because of the dangers they faced in the city of Miami and the anti-Cuba mafia’s fanaticism, the court immediately rejected the request. But when it suited Prosecutor Guy Lewis to decree that Miami is too dangerous a place to try a drug baron, the judge immediately complied with Lewis’ wishes."

US plan to strike enemy with Valium  5/26/2002 Guardian, UK: doing what they accuse Cuba of doing: "Most of the research was funded by Washington's joint non-lethal weapons programme, in which Britain plays an active part. But further US documents, also seen by The Observer, reveal how a split has developed between the two nations, with British officials backing campaigners' claims that using drugs such as Valium or other calmatives would be outlawed under the 1991 Chemical Weapons Convention. This protocol prohibits 'any chemical which... can cause death, temporary incapacitation or permanent harm'. "

War in Colombia  5/23/2002 National Security Archives: "Guerrillas, Drugs and Human Rights in U.S.-Colombia Policy, 1988-2002"

PARDONGATE AND BUSHFRAUD  5/16/2002 Sherman Skolnick: readable article from 3/18/01 - "An aircraft departs Colombia, flies to the Bahamas to rest and refuel, and then, when a weather window opens, continues the flight to Nova Scotia or Quebec. Again, rest and refuel. Then continue to a US-Canadian border landing strip." The former operative goes on to detail the acts and doings of FBI Senior Agent Terry Nelson, of southern Florida FBI office, who has business and relatives near the U.S., Montana-Canada border "Nelson not only recruits the law enforcement officials and politicians he needs, he can also supply data from the law enforcement arena such as the DEA NADDIS computer, Customs TECS II, EPIC, FBI, and others involved in ongoing investigations. Nelson then provides this intelligence to his drug contacts. This helps obstruct any investigation and diffuse potential problems. Terry Nelson, a senior agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, continues to provide his valuable services to drug cartels and others who will pay his fee, out of his FBI office in southern Florida."

War in Colombia: Guerrillas, Drugs and Human Rights in U.S.-Colombia Policy, 1988-2002  5/16/2002 National Security Archive: ". But recently declassified U.S. documents show that despite the legal limits and repeated public assurances by government officials, U.S. aid has blurred the lines between counterdrug and counterinsurgency to the point that the U.S. is on the brink of direct confrontation with the guerrillas and ever deeper involvement in Colombia’s seemingly intractable civil conflict. The Bush administration’s proposed aid figure for Colombia in fiscal year 2003 includes nearly $500 million in military and police aid alone." And some of that will wind up in the hands of paramilitary organizations engaged in drug trafficking and terrorism.

Mystery of ‘Israeli spies’ in America: the ecstasy factor  5/14/2002 Daily Star, Lebanon: "US authorities believe Tuito has been seeking to form alliances with US crime families, but in an equally sinister development the United Nations Narcotics Control Board reported in February that Colombian drug cartels were now shipping cocaine to Europe to exchange it for ecstasy which was smuggled into the US through Latin America. Israel has a long history of involvement with the Colombian and other cartels in Latin America. Former Israeli Army and intelligence officers supplied the drug barons with weapons and trained their private armies, including special assassination squads, throughout the 1980s. One of the more notorious of these Israelis, a lieutenant colonel in the army reserve named Yair Klein, was convicted by an Israeli court in 1991 for illegally exporting arms to the Colombian cartels. He was fined $40,000. In 1998, Klein, a balding ex-paratrooper, was indicted in Bogota on charges of training Colombian paramilitaries in terrorist tactics in the 1987-89. He was allegedly one of four Israelis hired by Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, one of the Medellin cartel’s most violent bosses, who was later assassinated…. His current whereabouts are unknown, but Israeli arms dealers are still working with Colombian paramilitaries. On May 7, Nicaraguan and Panamanian authorities launched an investigation into how 3,000 AK-47 assault rifles and 5 million rounds of ammunition shipped from Nicaragua by two Israeli-owned arms companies to Colombia on Nov. 10, 2001, and wound up in the hands of the United Defense Forces of Colombia, a group the US government has branded as terrorist… In the 1980s, with Israelis deeply involved in Latin America’s political turmoil, US and British investigations found that New York’s Hassidic community was being used to launder as much as $200 million a year in drug cartel profits. One such operation was linked to David Marcus Katz, who controlled much of Israel’s arms dealings in Central America from his base in Mexico City throughout the 1970s and 1980s. A 1992 report by Yediot Ahronot, based in part on FBI documentation, said Israeli intelligence organizations were directing a US-based money laundering network, including those run by Hassidic Jews, and using some of the profits to finance clandestine operations." And today in Venezuela, we have a similar tale with another dealer in Israeli arms, Isaac Perez Recao, who was implicated in supporting the recent coup for which he supplied arms.

FORMER US ANTI-DRUG CZAR SAYS WASHINGTON STUCK IN 1960s COLD WAR MENTALITY  5/10/2002 Radio Havana: "Retired US General Barry McCaffrey who was Bill Clinton's anti-drug tzar and a commander in the Gulf War, criticized President George Bush's policy on Cuba in an interview with National Public Radio today."

CIA Missile Misses Ex-Afghan Warlord  5/9/2002 AP: Hekmatyar joins a long line of other CIA agents whose agency turned on them: he was once the CIA's top man in Afghanistan, and held the largest drug networks which he passed on to bin Laden.

Talk of germ weapons in Cuba jolts Congress  5/8/2002 Miami Herald: the facts - "Suspicions about Cuba center on a massive facility known as the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, an installation inaugurated in 1986 in Havana that has received more than $1 billion of funding from the Castro government. One of its top scientists, Jose de la Fuente, who defected in 1999 and is now at Oklahoma State University, said scientists at the sophisticated facilities have done ground-breaking research in recombinant genetic engineering, leading to a hepatitis B vaccine and a clot-busting drug, streptokinase, used against strokes. "I heard no account of any effort for developing biological weapons in Cuba," said de la Fuente, who oversaw some 350 scientists at the center as its research and development chief."

The Israeli "art student" mystery  5/7/2002 Salon: "Yet for the most part the targeted agents weren’t spooks in the strictest sense: They were DEA -- cops who bust drug dealers. And that leads us into Theory No. 1, also known as the Art Student/Drug Dealer Conspiracy. This theory has a piece of evidence to support it: the link, mentioned in the leaked DEA memo, between an Ecstasy investigation and the telephone numbers provided by an Israeli detained in Orlando. There are "problems" with Israeli nationals involved in the Ecstasy business, according to Israeli Embassy spokesman Reguev. "Israeli authorities and the DEA are working together on that issue," he said. In a statement before Congress in 2000, officials with the U.S. Customs Service, which intercepted some 7 million Ecstasy tablets last year, noted that "Israeli organized-crime elements appear to be in control" of the multibillion-dollar U.S. Ecstasy trade, "from production through the international smuggling phase. Couriers associated with Israeli organized crime have been arrested around the world, including ... locations in the U.S. such as Florida, New Jersey, New York and California." Miami was cited as one of the main entry points of Ecstasy into the United States and was specified as one of the central "headquarters for the criminal organizations that smuggle Ecstasy"; Houston was also cited for large Ecstasy seizures -- an interesting nexus, given the large number of "art students" who congregated both in the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area and in Houston. "Israeli nationals in the Ecstasy trade have been very sophisticated in their operations," says a U.S. Customs officer who has investigated the groups. "Some of these individuals have been skilled at counterintelligence and in concealing their communications and movements from law enforcement." It would thus seem that Israeli organized crime has at least the capacity to pull off a widespread surveillance and intelligence operation. The drug connection would also explain the sizable reserves of cash one Tampa student was handling. One DEA agent named in the "art student" report told Salon that the best possible explanation for the affair –- and he admitted to being utterly baffled by it -- was that drug dealers were involved. "Why us if not because of the DEA's mission?" the agent asked. "I mean, what would Israeli intel want with us? Here's another avenue of inquiry to take: Israeli organized crime is the now the biggest dealer of Ecstasy in the United States." The author then goes on to poopoo the theory in what some would call a "blow smoke in their faces" routine, since this seems to be getting a little too close to the truth…

Hugo Banzer Was Narco-Connected  5/5/2002 Narco News: "The Narco News Andean Bureau recently interviewed Catholic Priest Gregorio Iriarte in Cochabamba, Bolivia during the discussions by representatives of Civil Society to forge a new path in the war on drugs. Iriarte is the man the bishop put in charge of studying narco-trafficking issues years ago and one of the most informed experts on the theme…"

Be With Them: Bolivian Civil Society Resists the War on Drugs  5/3/2002 Narco News: "during the last five years at least 200 farmers have lost their lives in conflicts with the different repressive corps of State. Last November, soldiers armed by Washington moved to close the coca markets. And the farmers, supported passionately by the rest of the people, resisted in the Sacaba War. They were shot and gassed, they were jailed, but they could not be defeated."

April,  2002

What are these 'other threats' to Colombia's Security?  4/27/2002 Z Mag: "In April 10, 2000 the US senator Coverdell said that it would be necessary to intervene militarily in Colombia-- to control Venezuela! It's highly likely that this 'mico' added on to the law was added in order to prepare a military aggression against the Chavez government. If the war against drugs was a pretext for a war against the insurgency, now the armed conflict in Colombia has become a pretext for an attack on Venezuela and against the Chavez government."

‘Spy scandal’ to save the CANF  4/26/2002 Granma: for more on this extended tale about La Mas Fea, see The CANF, drugs, and the October 1997 plot to kill Castro.

Israeli Spies Exposed  4/22/2002 Weekly Planet, Tampa, FL: Now we know why the DEA was a primary target: "The document also links the Israelis to possible drug investigations. The report states: "DEA Orlando has developed the first drug nexus to this group. Telephone numbers obtained from an Israeli Art Student encountered at the Orlando (district office) have been linked to several ongoing DEA MDMA (Ecstasy) investigations in Florida, California, Texas, and New York." It is well known that Israeli gangsters control worldwide Ecstasy distribution. This raises the spectre of situations similar to Coca Contra and the numerous documented CIA collaborations with narcoterrorists.

U.S. Fears Afghan Farmers Can't End Cash Crop: Opium  4/1/2002 NYT 

March,  2002

US DRUGGED POLICY  3/28/2002 Boston Phoenix 


The War on Dissent Widens  3/12/2002 Alternet: "Who exactly is behind AVOT's efforts? The newly-formed organization is headed by a formidable array of right-wing luminaries. At the top of the list is former Secretary of Education and drug czar William Bennett, AVOT's chairman. The group's Senior Advisors include former CIA director R. James Woolsey; former Reagan Pentagon official Frank Gaffney; William P. Barr, attorney general under George Bush, Sr; and mega-political donor Lawrence Kadish. AVOT is a project of Empower America -- also co-chaired by Bennett -- whose principal members include conservative political operatives Jeane Kirkpatrick, Jack Kemp, Vin Weber and William Cohen."

EMBASSY CRASHERS FIT PROFILE OF THOSE USED BY MIAMI MAFIA, US GOVT  3/1/2002 Radio Havana: "According to reports, those who responded to the invitation to attack the Mexican embassy -- repeatedly broadcast on Radio Marti, an official radio station of the U.S. government -- were criminal and anti-social elements who had been convicted of serious crimes. Among the long list of convictions: armed robbery, carrying a concealed weapon, drug trafficking and possession, assault and battery."

February,  2002

CIA & Cocaine: Agency Assets Cross the Line  2/28/2002 The Consortium: by Jerry Meldon, 1997

Our Man in Morocco  2/28/2002 Third World Traveler: by Jerry Meldon, 1999, who details an earlier "War on Terrorism" waged in the 60's - "There was reason, however, to suspect an American hand in Ben Barka's disappearance. Besides Washington's sensitivity about Castro and the Non-Aligned Movement, the Johnson administration at the time was moving aggressively around the world to thwart perceived Third World adversaries. Most notably, President Johnson was escalating U.S. involvement in Indochina. But he also dispatched Marines to the Dominican Republic, sent experts to improve the efficiency of Guatemalan security forces and allowed U.S. officials to hand over names of suspected communists to Indonesian generals engaged in exterminating hundreds of thousands of Indonesians."

Return of Bolivia's Drug-Stained Dictator  2/28/2002 Consortium News: by Jerry Meldon, 1997

Drugs and intelligence agencies  2/28/2002 by Jerry Meldon, 1998

POSADA CARRILES - Four bloody decades  2/28/2002 Granma: "...a professor at Tufts University, also an investigative reporter, who exposed himself to the worst reprisals by revealing previously unpublished information about the "private lives" of the CIA and the Miami mafia. In two alternative Internet publications, Professor Jerry Meldon released a "biography" of the best known Cuban exile drug traffickers, especially the central figure: arch-terrorist Luis Posada Carriles. Basing himself on a series of declassified secret documents, Meldon bravely describes Posada Carriles’ relationship with the late Jorge Mas Canosa, founder and leader of the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) and frequent guest at the White House under Reagan, Bush Sr. and Clinton."

US Congress questions efficiency of Colombian anti-drug program  2/26/2002 Yahoo 

MI5 fears flood of Afghan heroin  2/21/2002 Guardian, UK 

Drug War Goes Boom in Colombia  2/21/2002 NarcoNews 

Cheney Led Halliburton To Feast at Federal Trough  2/20/2002 The Public I 

A Tangled Web: A History of CIA Complicity in Drug International Trafficking  2/20/2002 Federation of American Scientists 

Europe Upset by US Inaction Over Resumed Afghan Opium Production  2/19/2002 Peter Dale Scott: by the respected co-author of Cocaine Politics.

Washington reconstructed  2/17/2002 Boston Globe: "The excavators are uncovering the foundation of what once was the nation's biggest whiskey distillery, a slave-operated enterprise that helped make Washington one of the nation's wealthiest men. Washington, whiskey king? Yes, and a major slave profiteer, too. " Drugs and economic oppression have remained mainstays of US dominance.

Corridos y Narcocorridos  2/16/2002 Miami New Times: "In contrast to her hard-bitten "jackal woman" image, Angeleno singer Rivera comes across as a devoted mother and consummate pop professional in Elijah Wald's superb book Narcocorrido: A Journey into the Music of Drugs, Guns, and Guerrillas. Wald travels deep into Mexico and the American Southwest in search of the performers that have made the narcocorrido the hottest trend in Mexican pop. Despite its immense popularity in that country, the genre is effectively banned on Mexican radio. And despite its popularity among the Mexican and Chicano population in our own country, narcocorridos remain invisible to mainstream America and shunned by events like the Grammy Awards that usually reward commercial success."

Rebels spend drug millions on guns  2/16/2002 Telegraph, UK: "Extremist Albanian rebels seeking to start a new round of conflict in the southern Balkans have been buying millions of pounds worth of weapons with the proceeds of heroin smuggling from Afghanistan to the streets of a dozen European capitals." Just like the cocacontra gangs in Miami.

Noam Chomsky on the Drug-Terror Link  2/14/2002 Alternet: "The state turns to terror -- that's what's been happening in Colombia for a long time, since before there was a Colombian drug trade. Counterinsurgency has been going on there for 40 years; President Kennedy sent a special forces mission to Colombia in the early 1960s. Their proposal to the Colombian government was recently declassified, and it called for "paramilitary terror" -- those are their words -- against what it called known communist proponents. In Colombia, that meant labor leaders, priests, human rights activists, and so on. Colombian military manuals in the 1960s began to reflect this advice. In the last 15 years, as the US has become more deeply involved, human rights violations are up considerably."

Iran acts against Kabul opponent  2/10/2002 BBC: "All the offices in Iran of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar's Hezb-e-Islami faction have been closed down." Hekmatyar, once the darling of the CIA and the largest drug trafficker in Afghanistan, of course. He handed his networks over to bin Laden, according to Le Monde.

January,  2002

Main drug control agency in Kabul is evicted  1/25/2002 Independent, UK: remind you of the Cocaine Coup in Bolivia, right after Reagan came to power?

Hispanics Targeted in Fake Drug Cases  1/20/2002 AP 

US may drug PoWs on way to Cuba  1/10/2002 Times, UK 

Taliban planned to supplant the Cali Cartel  1/7/2002 Online Journal 

Brazil's drug users will get help, instead of jail  1/4/2002 Christian Science Monitor: but the US continues its price support policies to maintain the viability of off the books funding.

‘Silent Thunder’  1/1/2002 Southern Poverty Law Center: "A massive California police raid reveals how white supremacists are making a bid to control methamphetamine distribution."

December,  2001

Onions out, poppies in and let the good times roll  12/31/2001 Sydney Morning Herald: Looks only at the small scale farmer and not at the massive resurgence of major traffickers in the new regime, following the time honored tradition of American clients in Laos, Viet Nam, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and so many other places around the world. Drug war = price support.

Israeli-based drug gang nabbed near WTC  12/20/2001 Jerusalem Post 

Trade Center Attack Reveals Drug Ring  12/20/2001 ABC News: A glimpse into Israeli gangsters in the shadow of 9-11. The details - ecstasy worth $1.25 MM, guns - remind you of the Comverse linked Israeli gang in LA. Scroll down to get to the story.

Heroin, Drug Warlords Reappear on Afghan Scene  12/17/2001 Pacific News: by Peter Dale Scott, co-author of Cocaine Politics and author of Deep Politics and the Death of JFK - "Another dark indicator of a coming boom is the recent and unexpected release from a Pakistani jail of Ayub Afridi, once the Khyber Pass kingpin for a network of Pashtun drug warlords in Nangarhar Province. Some have interpreted his release as a boost to his former contacts such as Haji Abdul Qadir, Haji Mohammed Zaman and Hazrat Ali, who, according to the Asia Times Daily in Hong Kong, used to be the biggest heroin and opium mafia in Afghanistan's Pashtun belt. Haji Abdul Qadir is now the political leader in Nangarhar Province, west of Khyber Pass, while Hazrat Ali and Haji Mohammed Zaman are leading the Afghan ground attack against the al Qaeda holdouts in the nearby Tora Bora caves."

Part 4: Carl Cameron Investigates  12/17/2001 Fox News: This story was pulled by Fox News from,2933,40981,00.html on around 12/21! Does Israeli intelligence have similar relationships with its narcoterrorists as the CIA does with its crews? "Los Angeles, 1997, a major local, state and federal drug investigating sours. The suspects: Israeli organized crime with operations in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Canada, Israel and Egypt. The allegations: cocaine and ecstasy trafficking, and sophisticated white-collar credit card and computer fraud. The problem: according to classified law enforcement documents obtained by Fox News, the bad guys had the cops’ beepers, cell phones, even home phones under surveillance. Some who did get caught admitted to having hundreds of numbers and using them to avoid arrest."

Breaking Stories about Oil, Drugs, and War in Afghanistan  12/17/2001 Peter Dale Scott: from the co-author of Cocaine Politics

November,  2001

Victorious warlords set to open the opium floodgates  11/25/2001 Guardian, UK 

Opium farmers rejoice at defeat of the Taliban  11/21/2001 Independent, UK 

October,  2001

10 kg of opium, 10 rifles seized, four arrested in Fars prov.  10/25/2001 IRNA, Iran 

16 kg of morphine seized in Torbat-e Jaam  10/25/2001 IRNA 

Rebels double opium output  10/22/2001 The Guardian, UK: "Opium cultivation in territory controlled by the opposition Northern Alliance in north-eastern Afghanistan doubled last year, the UN said last night. After the Taliban issued a successful edict banning farmers from growing poppies drug barons pushed their business into Badakshan, the mountainous province under opposition control. Now more than 80% of poppy fields in Afghanistan are in Badakshan, the UN drug control programme said in a report."

Bin Laden linked to Albanian drug gangs  10/21/2001 Independent, UK 

AFGHANISTAN, COLOMBIA, VIETNAM: THE DEEP POLITICS OF DRUGS AND OIL  10/20/2001 Peter Dale Scott: this page will be updated and bears watching

Hostilites at the High Court - In rare act, 4 justices publicly oppose decision  10/16/2001 Newsday: "In an unusual display of disharmony, four Supreme Court justices joined yesterday in a public statement heatedly disagreeing with their colleagues' rejection of an appeal challenging police tactics in an Ohio drug case."

More Collateral Damage In The Terrorism War  10/15/2001 TBWT 

War Views: Afghan heroin trade will live on  10/14/2001 BBC 

Interview: Saad Al Fagih  10/14/2001 Front Line: [Front Line]: You're saying that, under the surface, there's a lot of jubilation that there was a successful attack on the United States. [Saad Al Fagih]:The first thing that happened after the incident, people received a message in their mobile phones, "Congratulations." And then the next message in the mobile phone was, "Our prayers to bin Laden." That was very natural. Not in the religious circles, in the zealot circles or the Islamically devoted circles, [but] very much in the liberal and corrupt circles, people who do not observe Islam, who do not [go] to mosque or [are] maybe involved in drinking or women or even drugs. They were very jubilant and happy and looking at bin Laden as a hero. People started killing sheep and killing camels and making big feasts and inviting their relatives and friends to celebrate the big event in America. You cannot see those things. There's no freedom of expression. There's no freedom of assembly. There's no way to expose those feelings. ...

The Lies About Taliban Heroin  10/14/2001 From the Wilderness 

Bin Laden May Have Acquired Small Nuclear Weapons  10/13/2001, Israel: "In a special investigation,DEBKA-Net-Weekly learned from well-placed intelligence sources that the millionaire terror master did procure a supply of uranium-235 six months before his Al Qaeda suicides carried out their September 11 strikes in America. The uranium was delivered following an extraordinary deal between the most wanted terrorist in the world and one of the world’s most dangerous mobsters, a shadowy Ukrainian-born Jew called Semion Mogilevich, who rules over an arms-trafficking, money-laundering, drug-running, prostitution and graft empire. Sources who spoke to DEBKA-Net-Weekly on condition of anonymity report that for a princely sum estimated at US$40 - 75 million, Bin Laden bought between 12 and 15 kilos of uranium-235, all of which came from Russia or some Central Asian Muslim republic. If this is true, the master terrorist has enough fissionable material to build between 3 and 5 nuclear devices."

Semion Mogilevich  10/10/2001 Gangsters Inc: Hunted for selling nukes to Al Qaeda - "Allegations of Mogilevich's devilish array of criminal activities are extensively detailed in the reports: The FBI and Israeli intelligence assert that he traffics in nuclear materials, drugs, prostitutes, precious gems, and stolen art. His contract hit squads operate in the U.S. and Europe. He controls everything that goes in and out of Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport, a "smugglers' paradise, " says Elson. Mogilevich bought a bankrupt airline in a former Central Asian Soviet republic for millions of dollars in cash so he could haul heroin out of the Golden Triangle. Most worrisome to U.S. authorities is Mogilevich's apparently legal purchase of virtually the entire Hungarian armaments industry, jeopardizing regional security, NATO, and the war against terrorism. In one typical criminal deal, Mogilevich and two Moscow-based gangsters sold $20 million worth of pilfered Warsaw Pact weapons from East Germany, including ground-to-air missiles and 12 armored troop carriers, according to the classified Israeli and FBI documents. The buyer was Iran, says a top-level U.S. Customs official ho requested anonymity…. Like mob bosses everywhere, Mogilevich couldn't sustain his empire without the help of corrupt police and politicians. There is one documented example of a criminal associate of Mogilevich mingling with American politicians. In March 1994, Vahtang Ubiriya, one of Mogilevich's top lieutenants, was photographed by the FBI at a tony Republican Party fundraiser in Dallas, says an FBI report."

Osamagate  10/9/2001 Centre for Research on Globalisation: "The 'blowback' thesis is a fabrication. The evidence amply confirms that the CIA never severed its ties to the "Islamic Militant Network". Since the end of the Cold War, these covert intelligence links have not only been maintained, they have in become increasingly sophisticated. New undercover initiatives financed by the Golden Crescent drug trade were set in motion in Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Balkans. Pakistan's military and intelligence apparatus (controlled by the CIA) essentially "served as a catalyst for the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the emergence of six new Muslim republics in Central Asia….A major war supposedly "against international terrorism" has been launched by a government which is harboring international terrorism as part of its foreign policy agenda. "

Opium den: In the Afghan badlands, add drugs to a devil’s brew  10/8/2001 US News 

No peaceful way to resolve crisis: Hikmetyar  10/6/2001 The News. Pakistan: Hekmetyar passed his CIA related drug net on to his friend bin Laden

US and Britain accused of creating heroin trail  10/6/2001 Independent, Uk: "Evidence even exists that the CIA encouraged the spread of hard drugs to demoralise Russian troops."

Afghan Rebels Dominate Opium Growing  10/5/2001 AP 

Pakistan warned against backing US  10/5/2001 Dawn, Pakistan: warning issued by Gulbadin Hekmatyar, CIA related narcoterrorist who turned his drug networks over to Bin Laden

East Africa: Terrorism's Ties to Drugs  10/5/2001 Statfor 

Afghanistan's Northern Alliance A Major Producer Of Opium - Un Drug Expert  10/5/2001 Radio Havana, Cuba 

Taliban Turns to Drugs  10/4/2001 FEER 

US Official: Taliban in Opium Trade  10/3/2001 AP 

September,  2001

Police seize 1.2 tons of narcotics in Golestan province  9/30/2001 IRNA 

Troops will target drugs stockpile  9/30/2001 Observer, UK 

Stockpiles of opium being moved out of Afghanistan  9/29/2001 Ananova 

Flood of cheap Afghan heroin  9/25/2001 The Times of London 

Feds: Drug seizures down following attacks  9/23/2001 CNN 

July,  2001

TAJIKISTAN CAPITAL’S MAYOR INVOLVED IN DRUG BUSINESS  7/30/2001 Pravda: "In the beginning of summer the Moscow Office of Public Prosecutor received a claim from the citizen of Tajikistan with a request to call several Russian citizens in account. The peculiar feature of this fact is that Tajikistan’s citizen was Dushanbe mayor (the capital of the republic), speaker of the upper chamber of the republican parliament M.Ubaidulloyev. His claim was against Russia’s active member of the opposition, supervisor of the Duma committee for industry, Anton Surikov. Ubaidulloyev’s claim was about the article published in The Moscow News paper - “The Military Men Control Tajikistan’s Drug Business”. Anton Surikov said in that article that not only Afghan militants controlled the drug business in the republic but also the local criminal and ruling clans. Surikov also said that activity was thoroughly controlled - mayor and speaker Ubaidulloyev did not only join that criminal conspiracy with some Russian military men, the mayor was ready to assist in giving total control over Afghanistan to the Taliban movement. Ubaidulloyev has the only goal – to increase the income from the drug business, this business could be taken on the state level if the situation in Afghanistan becomes stable. No need to mention Ubaidulloyev did not agree with the role of the recognized “godfather” of the Tajik mafia and started sending letters to different departments. The mayor of the Tajikistan capital wrote to Gennady Seleznyov – the speaker of the Russian parliament. Seleznyov started the investigation against Surikov."

March,  2001

Turkey and the Chechens  3/16/2001 BBC: "But Chechen fighters have been treated in Turkish hospitals, and the ruthlessness of the Russian military has generated considerable sympathy among ordinary Turks for their Chechen brethren."

July,  2000

Increase in Use of "Club Drug" Ecstasy Poses Growing Risk  7/27/2000 US State Department: "Most MDMA is manufactured in small, clandestine "kitchen labs" in the Netherlands or Belgium, and is then shipped to various U.S. ports of entry via couriers and mail carriers like DHL, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service. Despite its European manufacture, Israeli organized crime syndicates ship most of the MDMA available in the US, according to the DEA."

January,  2000

Heroin Heroes  1/15/2000 Mother Jones: "The United States propped up the KLA in the Kosovo conflict. With Milosevic gone, and no one in control, the former freedom fighters are now transforming the province into a major conduit for global drug trafficking."

December,  1997

Chapter VII: Enrique Miranda-Jaime  12/1/1997 US DOJ: "OIG investigators interviewed Miranda in the presence of his attorney, in a Granada, Nicaragua, prison where Miranda was serving his prison sentence. He stated that in 1981 his Sandinista superior, Bayardo Arce Castana (Arce), whose lover, Blanca Castana (a niece of Meneses) had given Meneses' name and telephone number in San Francisco to Miranda. Arce told Miranda to see if Meneses would use his drug network in the United States to sell drugs for the Sandinista government. According to Miranda, when he proposed this plan to Meneses in San Francisco, however, Meneses had refused, explaining that he was already selling drugs for the Contras, with the support of the CIA. Meneses said he was working with Oliver North, that Adolfo Calero and Enrique Bermudez were aware of this arrangement, and that some of the drug profits were going to buy weapons and supplies for the Contras on the United States black market."

February,  1994

The Jewish Laundry of Drug Money  2/9/1994 Maariv 

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