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Black America News
Archive 6/04 - 7/04

Friday  7/30/2004

Rev. Jesse Jackson Apologizes To Boston  7/30/2004 Boston Herald: "It's not often in his career that the Rev. Jesse Jackson has actually apologized for being wrong. But his remarks about Boston were so over the line that he had little choice. ``There is such a class gap between the haves and have-nots,'' Jackson said earlier this week. ``If you look at inner-city Boston and the suburbs, it's like there is a doughnut and then there's the doughnut hole.'' "

Thursday  7/29/2004

Cosby Defends Remarks  7/29/2004 AP 

Building Bridges with Cubans  7/29/2004 Black Commentator: scroll down for this article - "In every U.S. city, including Sacramento, the infant death rate for black babies is at least twice that of other babies. When I realized that Cuba has better healthy birth outcomes than the U.S., plus that island nation has a 66 percent African-based population, I was amazed. I had to go see Cuba for myself."

Author disputes claims about frontier town  7/29/2004 St Louis Post Dispatch: "Walker, a great-great granddaughter of McWorter, said the archaeology team distorted that history - exaggerating the significance of New Philadelphia's "racial harmony" - in an effort to get federal funding for the dig. "This grant is funded on the basis of misrepresentation of historical fact," she said. "There are no kinds of archaeological artifacts from any digs to document whether people lived in harmony or disharmony. It can't be done." Walker, a former history professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, wrote the 1983 book "Free Frank: A Black Pioneer on the Antebellum Frontier" and founded the Center for Black Business History, Entrepreneurship and Technology at the University of Texas."

Slavery still alive  7/29/2004 Trinidad & Tobago Express: "The Emancipation Support Committee seemed to be taken by surprise on Monday evening when it presented the film The Roots Of My Heart by Cuban filmmaker Gloria Victoria Rolando Casamayor. The showing was held at the Audio Visual Room of the National Library, St Vincent Street, Port of Spain, but the venue proved too small for the crowd that turned up to view the film and the members of the committee were at a loss over what to do. Although the security officer continued to plead with officials of the committee to stop people from entering the library, they were still allowed in even though there was simply no accommodation. Many people were sitting on the window sills, in the aisles, on the floor before the stage and crowded at the back entrance, creating a hazard should any emergency have taken place."

Saturday  7/24/2004

A Plea For Help - Caribbean American Children Foundation  7/24/2004 AfroCubaWeb: "But, the severe financial crisis that Cuba is enduring, have had a negative impact on the spartan living conditions of these students, who urgently needs all of our moral and material support and encouragement. In order for us to clearly understand the importance of this project, suffice to say that if those Haitian students that are presently enrolled would successfully graduate, that would mean a 25% increase in Haiti's present physician pool."

When the Panthers and the League Were in Vogue  7/24/2004 Black World Today: "Mumia Abu-Jamal's latest work, We Want Freedom: A Life in The Black Panther Party (South End Press, 2004), made me reflect on my political life. I came of age, politically, about the same time as Abu-Jamal. I participated in forming several organizations in the 1960s and '70s. One, the Detroit-based League of Revolutionary Black Workers, while not as well known as the Black Panther Party (BPP), was just as important. One of Abu-Jamal's quotes made me pause and take a deep breath because it hit the nail on the head. He writes: "To the average Panther, even though he worked daily in the ghetto communities of North America, his thoughts were usually on something larger than himself. It meant being part of a worldwide movement against U.S. imperialism, White supremacy, colonialism and corrupting capitalism. We felt as if we were part of the peasant armies of Vietnam, the fedayeen in Palestine, the students strumming in the streets of Paris, and the disposed of Latin America." "

Friday  7/23/2004

Fairness calls for Jack Johnson's Posthumous Pardon  7/23/2004 Black America Web: "Johnson tracked Tommy Burns down in Sydney, Australia and gave him such a beat-down that films of it were censored in the United States. Johnson became the first black heavyweight champion of the world. The quintessential “bad Negro” of his time, Johnson’s hubris in the ring and out — he had several white women as wives and mistresses — soon ran him afoul of the law. In 1913, he was convicted under the Mann Act of taking a white woman across state lines for immoral purposes and sentenced to jail."

Changing Attitudes About Domestic Violence through Hip Hop  7/23/2004 Black Voice News 

Thursday  7/22/2004

“Acting White?” - African-American Students and Education  7/22/2004 Black Commentator 

The Myths of Bill Cosby by Earl Ofari Hutchinson  7/22/2004 Black Commentator: "Truth: It's not clear what bed and living rooms in poor black households Cosby peeped in to make that charge, but a Justice Department study in 2000 found that since 1993 domestic violence plunged among all groups. It further found that the murder rate of black females killed by their partners sharply dropped, while the murder rate jumped among white females killed by their partners."

Wednesday  7/21/2004

Working for the Man Every Night and Day  7/21/2004 Alternet: "Black conservatives, with their politics of self-abuse, have managed to obtain access to the halls of power – at the expense of respect from within the black community."

The self-hate crimes of Bill Cosby  7/21/2004 SF Bay View 

Monday  7/19/2004

Were My African-American Ancestors Muslims?  7/19/2004 Geneology Today: "While many observed indigenous tribal beliefs, Islamic historians estimate that between 7 and 30 percent of African slaves brought to America were Muslims. As a classic example, in the television series Roots, Alex Haley portrays his black immigrant ancestor as a follower of Muhammad. Historians recognized this interesting and little known fact by identifying historic American texts written in Arabic, pinpointing the location of prominent slave recruiting grounds in Africa, identifying Muslim given names amongst American slaves, and uncovering personal accounts of prominent Islamic African-Americans."

Sunday  7/18/2004

Exiles  7/18/2004 Washington Post: "Once they considered themselves black freedom fighters. The FBI considered them armed and dangerous. After more than a generation as fugitives in Castro's Cuba, they are living pieces of unfinished business."

Saturday  7/17/2004

Stop Racial Profiling Of US Muslims: House Democratic Leader  7/17/2004 NNN: "US House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, has called for an end to racial and religious profiling of American Muslims in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks against the United States."

Friday  7/16/2004

New Claims of Serious Abuses at Abu Ghraib Surface  7/16/2004 Common Dreams: "Leading investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has told the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that videotapes were made of young boys being sodomized at Abu Ghraib prison. The Bush administration is holding videotapes of these acts, said Hersh, a regular contributor to the New Yorker and other publications and who spoke this week at the ACLU’s annual membership conference."

The Mumia Case - Support from NAACP, But a Movement in Shambles  7/16/2004 Counterpunch 

Thursday  7/15/2004

Why Is the NAACP Silent on Sudan?  7/15/2004 BeliefNet: by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach - "Hatred, so the saying goes, is blind, and there are times when leaders are so consumed with hatred of their perceived opponents that it blinds them to the real needs of their people. This is an apt description of the leadership of the NAACP who seemed so consumed with a loathing for George W. Bush that they chose to make their hatred of the President the centerpiece of their recent convention in Philadelphia while failing to awaken the world to the genocide of Black Africans in the Sudan."

The New American Apartheid Part 2 of 4 Race and the Drug War by Randall Shelden and William Brown  7/15/2004 Black Commentator 

Colin and Condi in Asia  7/15/2004 Black World Today\ 

Wednesday  7/14/2004

In wake of LAPD beating of Stanley Miller, ‘it’s open season on the Black community’  7/14/2004 NNPA 

Stop the occupation!  7/14/2004 SF Bay View: "One example of that occupation is a new scheme called Operation Impact, in which dozens of state and local police officers descend upon a “high crime” community over a period of days or months, during which they randomly stop vehicles, interrogate pedestrians, strip-search community members and impound cars for petty violations."

Tuesday  7/13/2004

Dozens granted protest permits  7/13/2004 Boston Glove: "Every group that applied for a permit to rally or march got one, she added, although not necessarily in the location originally requested. Several requests to march or rally in Causeway Street, in front of the convention at the FleetCenter, were denied for security reasons. "Nobody should be unhappy," said Malone. "I think that anybody that has anything to say has been given the right to say it, for the most part where they need to say it." For weeks, the most highly anticipated potential protests have been those by organized labor, in particular the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association, which threatened to picket outside the FleetCenter during the convention."

Police kill man in bed - Suspect's uncle slain after cop apparently mistakes soda can for gun  7/13/2004 Denver Post 

Ancient way of mining returns in machine age  7/13/2004 Miami Herald: "Tadó, where Pino lives, is one of the main gold and platinum mining towns in Colombia's Chocó province, which is wedged between the Andes and the Pacific. In its alluvial plains, which hold one of the highest densities of biodiversity on the planet, Afro-Colombian communities have been living off mining since Chocó was first populated with African slaves brought by the Spanish conquerors to extract the gold they found there."

AIDS Contracted by Women of Color at an Alarming Rate  7/13/2004 NNPA: "Although African-American and Latino women represent less than a quarter of all women in the United States, together they make up 80 percent of AIDS cases among women in the United States, according to a report made public here on Wednesday."

Monday  7/12/2004

Don't Criticize Cosby for Telling the Truth  7/12/2004 Atlanta Tribune 

Clear Channel Shuts Down Anti-War Ads  7/12/2004 Davey D's: "A group of antiwar advocates is accusing Clear Channel Communications, one of the nation's largest media companies, with close ties to national Republicans, of preventing the group from displaying a Times Square billboard critical of the war in Iraq. The billboard - an image of a red, white and blue bomb with the words "Democracy Is Best Taught by Example, Not by War" - was supposed to go up next month, the antiwar group said, and it was to be in place when Republicans from across the country gathered in New York City to nominate President Bush for a second term."

HIV prevention program reduces risk in African American girls  7/12/2004 Reuters 

Sunday  7/11/2004

Fla. Won't Reopen 1964 Race Riot Case  7/11/2004 AP: "JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The son of a black maid who was killed during race riots 40 years ago has gotten another rejection in his campaign against three white men who were indicted on murder charges but never stood trial. State Attorney Harry Shorstein wrote to Shelton Chappell, son of Johnnie Mae Chappell, that he is "saddened by ... this historically tragic loss" but will not reopen the 1964 case."

Saturday  7/10/2004

Estate Of Notorious B.I.G. Taking LAPD To Trial By Nolan Strong  7/10/2004 All Hip Hop News 

Iraqi police on the beat as US quits patrols  7/10/2004 Telegraph: "American troops have ceased regular patrolling in many Iraqi cities, leaving anti-insurgent operations to poorly trained local security forces in a high-risk strategy marking the official end to their occupation of the country…. There are also fears that many Iraqi policemen are in league with the insurgents. On a day in April when Capt Royer's men were ambushed they searched the residences of many Iraqi policemen. "We only found two in their houses. Most were not in. So where were they? There were badges, complete uniforms but no guns. What would you surmise from that?" "

Friday  7/9/2004

National Urban League publishes 'State of Black America, 2004  7/9/2004 Afro American 

Report: Videotape doesn't support finding of wire cutters  7/9/2004 AP: "LOS ANGELES - Scrutiny of the videotaped beating of a car-theft suspect has failed to support a police claim that the man had a pair of wire cutters that may have been mistaken for a gun, it was reported Friday."

Metro police to investigate videotaped clash at traffic stop  7/9/2004 Louisville Courier Journal 

Thursday  7/8/2004

Exemption Allows Medical Studies in Cuba  7/8/2004 Black America Web: "In response to Congressional protest, the Bush administration has adjusted its stance prohibiting black, Hispanic and American Indian students from obtaining free medical education in Cuba."

Foster mom has helped hundreds  7/8/2004 Indianapolis Star: "About a third of Indiana's 3,800 foster parents are black, and most live in urban centers of the state. In many counties where there are black children in need of foster care, there are no black foster parents. Of the approximately 5,100 children in foster care statewide, more than 1,800 are black. Many people, including Johnson, blame illegal drugs for such high numbers. "These drugs are rampant. And so many of these mothers are homeless," Johnson said. She has helped young mothers maintain a bond with their children as they work through problems and the foster care system."

Black journalists fight invisibility  7/8/2004 Michigan Citizen 

The Israel Debate, to a Beat  7/8/2004 NYT: "For the handful of Israeli M.C.'s who performed at the Prospect Park Band Shell last Thursday in a concert called the Unity Sessions, the two concepts go together: no peace in the Holy Land without justice. "You can never say let's live together and then have this thing called occupation," shouted T. N., a Palestinian from the town of Lod, near Tel Aviv. "They call it democracy," he added to growing jeers from the crowd. "It's democracy for Jews and Zionism for Arabs." "

Bringing Back the $600 Billion: The Black Wall Street National Conference  7/8/2004 PR Web: "The purpose of the Black Wall Street National Conference (BWSNC) is to bring the elements together needed to revive the Black Wall Streets of America in theory and in actuality; and in doing so, once again become a driving force in the economic development of African American communities, and the overall economic structure of the United States… There were many Black Wall Streets throughout the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries---with Durham, North Carolina and Tulsa, Oklahoma being the most famous. These professional, prosperous business districts were self-maintained and supported by African Americans and other communities. Boley, OK; Jacksonville, FL; Detroit, MI; and Memphis, TN were some of the other Black Wall Street locations."

Wednesday  7/7/2004

Tuskegee Airman Honored in France  7/7/2004 African American News & Issues: "Col. Charles E. McGee, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), one of the celebrated Tuskegee Airmen of World War II, was named a knight of France's Legion of Honor during a week of events in Paris and Normandy marking the 60th anniversary of D-Day, the landing of Allied forces on the European mainland. Acceptance in to the Legion of Honor is one of the highest awards France gives to non-citizens of the country."

Environmental Justice advocate to chair NWF national board  7/7/2004 Afro American Newspapers: "Jerome C. Ringo is an African American who will soon become chair of the National Wildlife Federation, the nation's largest environmental conservation organization. From humble beginnings, the Lake Charles, La., resident has transformed his life and passion from working on oilrigs in the Gulf of Mexico and the seas in Southeast Asia to become chair of the most prestigious conservation groups in the world."

Death penalty again looms over Mumia's head  7/7/2004 SF Bay View 

Tuesday  7/6/2004

Marcus Mosiah Garvey and Cuba  7/6/2004 AfroCubaWeb: "Marcus Garvey died in 1940. The ideas of Marcus Mosiah Garvey were of great interest to the later to be formed Rasta movement in Jamaica, therefore he was a predecessor to the Rastas. The Rasta movement has a significant presence in present day Cuba, thanks to the work done and examples set forth by Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley, who is adored by a cross section of the Cuban youth and people."

Police dispute study on racial profiling  7/6/2004 Berkshire Eagle, MA: "Jack Collins, legal counsel for the Massachusetts Police Chiefs Association, said the study, conducted by Northeastern University after it was commissioned by the state Legislature in 2000, was based on inaccurate numbers. "These numbers are based upon what they thought was the 2000 U.S. Census," said Collins. "The 2000 U.S. Census has now come out and revised its numbers as the result of a suit by members of Congress who are minorities.""

Boston Hotel Celebrates Grand Opening  7/6/2004 Black Enterprise: "City's first African American-owned hotel hopes to empower community through job creation and economic development."

Promises of 1964 Civil Rights Bill Remain Unfulfilled  7/6/2004 NNPA 

Sunday  7/4/2004

Douglass heard a 'mournful wail' - Famous 1852 speech asked how slaves could enjoy Fourth of July.  7/4/2004 Democrat & Chronicle 

CIVIL RIGHTS VETERAN URGES BLACK PRESS TO REMAIN VIGILANT, WEEK OF JULY 1-JULY 7, 2004  7/4/2004 NNPA: "“We need you. We need the Black Press now because some of our people have gone for the okeydoke. They think because they can eat in the big house, sleep in the big house and play in the big house, they think they’re a member of the family,” says Todd, former president of the Chicago chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Operation PUSH. “Keep on standing up for your people. Keep on educating and empowering a nation, keep on fighting your enemy no matter who they are, Black or White or what have you. Don’t ever go for the okeydoke.”"

Saturday  7/3/2004

Weary of Indigenous Resistances? Just Pretend They're Not There  7/3/2004 Counterpunch: "Only the most inescapable signs of that resistance in Latin America make the corporate media. The list of important events barely covered outside the countries where they happened reveals how popular protest is neglected. For example, the successful 37 day strike by national oil company workers in Colombia this year received virtually no coverage at all… Likewise, serious human rights abuses in Vicente Fox's Mexico also go mostly unreported. An overwhelmingly peaceful recent demonstration in Guadalajara outside the meeting between European and Latin American leaders was violently dispersed after provocations by a small number of aggressive protestors well infiltrated by government provocateurs. Hundreds of bystanders and peaceful demonstrators were rounded up, severely beaten and in many cases tortured during their subsequent detention… Gutierrez is reported to have closed down press and radio media critical of his government. But the formula for the international media seems to be "Cuban censorship, bad: Ecuadoran censorship, so what?...."7 So you only discover these reports on the web… Just as all these events have failed to attract the same level of attention in the international media as similar events in Venezuela, coverage is largely absent of the referendum scheduled for July 18th which will decide the future of Bolivia's huge gas fields. Will they be ransacked by the Pacific LNG consortium of BP- Amoco, British Gas and the Spanish giant Repsol for sale in Mexico and the US? Or will they be exploited so as to benefit Bolivia's impoverished majority? The contrast between the virtually non-existent coverage of the rights and wrongs of this referendum and that given to Venezuela's referendum is sharp."

On Kwame Ture's Birthday: No More "Waiting for Griot"  7/3/2004 Dissident Voice 

Friday  7/2/2004

Essence Festival Celebrates 10th Year in New Orleans  7/2/2004 Black America Web: "This is the largest gathering of African-American music and talent in the world," Laura Claverie, editor of and media relations director for New Orleans Tourism and Marketing, told"

Elite Black society celebrates centennial  7/2/2004 Challenge Group: "A record crowd of 1,800 elegantly attired guests attended the historic Boulé Foundation Gala held at Philadelphia’s fashionable downtown Marriott Hotel."

Why the Elites Hate Hugo Chavez - Buzz Words and Venezuela  7/2/2004 Counterpunch: "For the white elite Chavez represents ugliness. The man with Indian and African features has committed the unpardonable sin: redistributing wealth. He increased the percentage of the budget that goes toward public health (8%) and education, although still not up to the level of developed countries. He also stopped subsidizing private schools where the wealthy send their kids… Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, along with the US Government, have contributed not only to political confusion about Venezuela. By misusing the words, democracy and human rights, they have created a semantic nightmare. They seem to accept US coups and destabilization campaigns as compatible with democracy, while Chavez's efforts to make majority rule a reality by providing for basic substantive rights become an offense. He has not shut down, censored or interfered with the media or the property that belong to his enemies."

Fight the power  7/2/2004 Guardian: "American academic John McWhorter is paranoid about being overheard: his views are not popular. Hidden away in a Manhattan bookshop, rap's most fierce opponent tells James Verini why hip-hop must be stopped."

Defense seeks two trials in poet's daughter's killing  7/2/2004 Home News, NJ: "The attorney for a Newark man charged in the double-murder of former state poet laureate Amiri Baraka's daughter and her companion, is seeking two separate trials."

Thursday  7/1/2004

Meet television's latest reality TV host: Al Sharpton  7/1/2004 AP: "Al Sharpton, who failed in his last bid for a new job _ president of the United States _ now has a job on a reality TV show that guides people on career makeovers. Spike TV, the Viacom cable channel that targets a young male audience, said Sharpton will host ``I Hate My Job,'' premiering in the fall."

State Department Backs Down Temporarily on Interrupting Americans’ Study at Cuban Medical School  7/1/2004 Barbara Lee: "Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) received written notice from the State Department that the Bush Administration has temporarily delayed part of the draconian travel restrictions to and from Cuba. Those restrictions could have forced the 80 American medical students studying in Cuba to abandon their studies in the middle of their final exams. Since 2001, American students have studied at the Latin American Medical School in Havana, where tuition is free. Students pledge to return to their communities and offer low-cost health care to those who cannot afford it."

Coalition calls for changes to Romney affirmative action plan  7/1/2004 Bay State Banner: "Civil rights activists converged on the State House Tuesday in a last-minute appeal asking Governor Mitt Romney to amend his proposed changes to the state’s affirmative action policy. During the press conference Tuesday, State Rep. Ellen Storey (D-Amherst) thanked Romney for including provisions in his affirmative action plan for Vietnam war veterans and the disabled, before launching into her criticism. “I would like to remind [Romney] that there are at least two other groups how should be included,” she said. “They are people of color and women. I’m sure this must be an oversight.”

The Miller Beating and LAPD's Culture Of Abuse by Anthony Asadullah Samad  7/1/2004 Black Commentator 

London: Jesse Jackson warns councillors over Mandela statue  7/1/2004 Black Information Link 

Opening marks Roxbury milestone  7/1/2004 Boston Glove: "With the opening today of the Hampton Inn & Suites at Crosstown Center, the Roxbury community will have reached another historical marker, welcoming the city's first African-American-owned national hotel franchise. The 10-story hotel at Massachusetts Avenue and Melnea Cass Boulevard will not only be Boston's first black-owned franchise hotel, it also will be the 18th majority minority-owned brand-name hotel among 47,000 hotels nationwide, officials said."

Bill Cosby has more harsh words for black community  7/1/2004 CNN: "Bill Cosby went off on another tirade against the black community Thursday, telling a room full of activists that black children are running around not knowing how to read or write and "going nowhere." He also had harsh words for struggling black men, telling them: "Stop beating up your women because you can't find a job." "

Hershey, Tenn. college share NIH grant Doctors will study minority issues in reproductive health  7/1/2004 Patriot News, PA 

Wednesday  6/30/2004

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Disappointed by Secretary of State Powell's Failure to Call Sudan Crisis 'Genocide'  6/30/2004 All Africa: "Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) expressed concern today that Secretary of State Colin Powell, on a trip to Sudan with United Nations (UN) Security General Kofi Annan, refused to declare the ethnically-motivated murder of tens of thousands of people "genocide." With the designation of the Sudan crisis as "genocide," any country party to the Genocide Convention can ask relevant UN bodies to take appropriate action to prevent or stop the killing, including bringing the issue before the International Court of Justice. The International Court has the authority to order immediate protective measures."

Man beaten by LAPD moved to hospital  6/30/2004 Black America Web 

Acoli parole decision deferred  6/30/2004 Home News Tribune: ""In these days of violence and terrorism, a so-called domestic terrorist should not be sent back into society until at least his sentence is complete," he told the Home News Tribune this week." Nor should a Nazi cell in the NJ State Troopers go unchecked.

Tuesday  6/29/2004

High court to review Native American tax case  6/29/2004 AP: scroll down for Black Seminoles case.

Study concludes that minorities are rare on corporate boards  6/29/2004 AP 

PROTEST MEASURES AGAINST US STUDENTS IN CUBA  6/29/2004 Cuba Now: "US religious leader Rev. Lucius Walker has circulated an urgent alert on government measures against American youths studying medicine in Cuba and called on supporters of the scholarship program to protest what he described as “unfair and mean-spirited regulations.” The alert says that, among the new and even more stringent measures against Cuba, are “certain changes which, in our view, constitute a direct attack on the scholarship opportunity which Cuba has extended to 500 US students.” Rev. Walker also highlights the racist implications of the new regulations: “Almost 80 (soon to be 100) African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans and poor white students are faced with the loss of their medical careers… they could not afford to pursue their dreams of becoming doctors in the US. Now their own government is telling them that they cannot accept a full scholarship from Cuba.” "

Parole decision due for N.J. trooper's killer  6/29/2004 Home News Tribune: "Sundiata Acoli will learn today whether he will gain his freedom or continue serving time for the May 3, 1973, murder of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster."

Deputies' lawsuit alleges humiliation - Eight say race behind forced lineup  6/29/2004 Houston Chronicle 

Radio station keeping English-only Carib style  6/29/2004 Miami Herald: "A short-lived shock wave rolled through South Florida's Caribbean community this month at the announcement that new owners were taking over WAVS-AM (1170). But the buyers, Haitian-American brothers Manny and Jean Cherubin, have reassured the radio community that the station's English-only format -- including its mostly Jamaican programming -- won't be changing. The purchase -- which won't be final until it's approved by the Federal Communications Commission -- has even won praise from the owner of South Florida's other Caribbean-owned radio station, Mystik 1580 (WSRF-AM)."

Surge in Homeless Families Sets Off Debate  6/29/2004 NYT: " It is hard to count homeless families, because by their very nature they drift from relatives to shelters to friends' homes. The nationwide count most often cited comes from the Urban Institute, a research group in Washington that surveyed homeless assistance providers in 1996. It found that at least 1.4 million children and 2 million adults were homeless, but that number has surely grown as cities like Columbus, Ohio; Philadelphia; St. Louis; and New York have all reported surges at their homeless shelters for the last two or three years. Some experts on homelessness say the numbers are growing because of the widening gap between low pay and high rents. But others say the federally built homeless shelter system, which helped pay for welcoming surroundings like the Landon House Shelter, has become too attractive for poor families to resist."

Monday  6/28/2004

Hip-Hop Cops  6/28/2004 In These Times: "Even before recent revelations of hip-hop surveillance units, in March 2003, The Source declared in a headline: “State of Emergency: Hip-Hop Under Attack.” The magazine, the country’s largest hip-hop oriented publication, sounded the alarm about attacks from the increasingly influential cultural right and more intrusive police scrutiny. It featured an interview with a New York City cop who admitted that a special unit existed specifically to monitor, even harass, hip-hop figures. The unidentified cop told The Source that these efforts were aided by an increased focus on security after 9/11, which “opened up avenues for the government to change laws and violate public rights.” Some see motives that are even more nefarious. Cedric Muhammad, publisher of the webzine and former manager of the hip-hop collective Wu-Tang Clan, ran a series linking police harassment of rappers to the infamous COINTELPRO programs of J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI. Muhammad recently wrote a public letter to the Miami Herald, suggesting that reporters should shift the focus of attention beyond police harassment and racial profiling, “properly placing it where it belongs—at the federal level.” "

InterContinental Hotels Group Launches Incentive Program to Attract African-American, Hispanic and Native American Entrepreneurs to Hotel Industry  6/28/2004 Yahoo 

Sunday  6/27/2004

Afro-Venezuelans celebrate San Juan drum festivities with international flavor  6/27/2004 Vheadline: "The Venezuelan Culture Ministry has organized a drum culture event in Caracas called "All the Drums of the World," inviting drummers from 13 countries, including Venezuela, to play to the public during the festivities of black Venezuelan patron saint, St. John The Baptist (San Juan)."

Friday  6/25/2004

OCALA, FL - Black bus driver complains of kids in KKK robes  6/25/2004 AP 

Evidence of First Black Planned Community in Ill.  6/25/2004 Black America Web 

Rep. Rangel Seeks Congressional Medal for Ray Charles  6/25/2004 Black World Today: "Cong. Charles Rangel today introduced legislation that would honor the late musical great, Ray Charles, with the Congressional Gold Medal, Congress's most distinguished award."

Thursday  6/24/2004

Additional Weapons in the Fight Against White Supremacist Domination  6/24/2004 "When free men of color John Russwurm and Rev. Samuel E. Cornish of New York launched Freedom's Journal in 1827 they did not do so under the delusion or handicap of trying to be "objective" or present "balanced and fair" material."

LA police Probe Arrest in Which Suspect Hit After Apparent surrender  6/24/2004 AP 

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Joins Michael Moore in Press Conference on Fahrenheit 911  6/24/2004 Barbara Lee 

L.A. Cops Subdue, Beat Unarmed Black Man  6/24/2004 BET 

2004 Annual Conference: Politics, Business, Education, Hip-Hop Take Center Stage BILL CLINTON, JOHN KERRY, BILL COSBY, DICK GEPHARDT, HOWARD DEAN, BARACK OBAMA HIGHLIGHT ANNUAL RAINBOW/PUSH & CEF CONFERENCE  6/24/2004 Rainbow 

Wednesday  6/23/2004

Oncoming Catastrophe The United Nations’ continued inaction could lead to 1 million deaths in Sudan  6/23/2004 In These Times: 'The genocide in the Darfur region of western Sudan is accelerating in ways that are all too predictable. For months, the National Islamic Front regime in Khartoum has waged war, directly and through proxy Arab militias, on the African civilian populations in this region the size of France. (See “Genocide in Sudan,” May 31.) This deliberate, systematic assault on the African tribal groups—primarily the Fur, Massaleit and Zaghawa—is now universally described as the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis. The impending famine, a result of massive violence and the resulting displacement of people, will claim hundreds of thousands of lives."

Venezuelans in the hurricane’s eye  6/23/2004 Minnesota Spokesman Recorder: "Last week, Afro-Venezuelan activist Jesus “Chucho” Garcia spoke at two private meetings held in Minneapolis, in an attempt to raise awareness about the increasingly tense political atmosphere in his country. “In international politics, we are the only country that has recreated self-determination and sovereignty,” Garcia said. “This is what is at play — participatory democracy and sovereignty,” and “for these reasons we always say we are in the eye of the hurricane,” he added. Before his arrival in Minneapolis, Garcia had been invited by the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) to talk about the issues facing Venezuela. “They [CBC] had doubts because of the mass campaign against our government,” Garcia said. “But I said to the Black caucus, if the signatures are there, we will go to referendum, because this is a proposal from the people of Venezuela.” "

Tuesday  6/22/2004

Mississippi town honors slain civil rights activists 40 years  6/22/2004 AP 

Some groups have already been working to solve the problems cited by Cosby  6/22/2004 Final Call 

Monday  6/21/2004

Rosa Parks Gets Court Date To Battle Outkast By Remmie Fresh  6/21/2004 All Hip Hop News 

Spike Lee honored in Dallas  6/21/2004 AP 

Mainstream media ignore Black issues  6/21/2004 Michigan Citizen: "Most issues of greatest concern for African Americans continue to face a mainstream media blackout, panelists told investigative journalists at the 2004 Investigative Reporters and Editors conference in Atlanta, Ga., June 17-20."

June is Caribbean American Heritage Month  6/21/2004 Sun Sentinel, FL: "Caribbean Americans have influenced every aspect of American culture, society and government," said Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., who introduced the bill. "Their history is interwoven with ours."

Friday  6/18/2004

Afro-American praise Chavez as national hero; symbol of freedom and independence  6/18/2004 Vheadline: "National Afro Brazilian Congress president Eduardo de Oliveira says President Hugo Chavez is a national hero and a symbol of freedom and independence for the majority of Brazilians and especially Black Brazilians. "Our continent Latin America will really be free when have a dozen Chavez Frias that defend freedom and a dozen Lula da Silvas that integrate, unify and build politically and economically independent peoples." The remarks will undoubtedly create a current of adverse opinion among opposition militants in Venezuela who claim that racism isn't an issue and that President Hugo Chavez Frias is stoking racial hatred."

Thursday  6/17/2004

Mass Incarceration and Rape - The Savaging of Black America  6/17/2004 Black Commentator: "Mass incarceration is by far the greatest crisis facing Black America, ultimately eclipsing all others. It is an overarching reality that colors and distorts every aspect of African American political, economic and cultural life, smothering the human – and humane – aspirations of the community… Yet mass Black incarceration is not a political priority for much of what passes for Black leadership. A deep and historical current in Black America feels far more shame than anger at the ever lengthening line of march through the prison gates… Each year, hundreds of thousands of young Black men and boys (and record numbers of women and girls) are immersed in the most intensely coercive environment imaginable. Older inmates and ex-prisoners uniformly report that prison rape has become exponentially more prevalent, with gangs dominating the closed world behind the bars."

Military Luring Black and Latino Youth With Hip-hop  6/17/2004 City News Ohio 

Free-speech lockdown  6/17/2004 SF Bay View: "California prisons are a reporter’s nightmare - will new legislation change that?"

Wednesday  6/16/2004

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Calls 9/11 Commission Finding on No Iraq-Al Qaeda Connection Confirmation that Bush Administration Misled American People  6/16/2004 Barbara Lee 

Racial Profiling, An Excuse For Murder  6/16/2004 New York Beacon 

Tuesday  6/15/2004

Videotape of police killing needs airing  6/15/2004 Afro American Newspapers: published 1/31/04 - "Tensions are running high in Columbus, Ga., despite the statement by the sheriff that he was "shocked, saddened and extremely regretful" about the unnecessary killing of a Black man on a highway. Citizens are demanding that the videotape of the shooting be released, but the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the FBI are saying "No." "

The Compassion of Cuba's Health Care  6/15/2004 Final Call: " While major media reports the war of words between America and Cuba over President George Bush’s new economic sanctions, very little, if anything, is being said about President Fidel Castro’s offer of 500 yearly medical school scholarships to solve the health crisis in the Black community. “We are prepared to grant a number of scholarships to poor youth who cannot afford to pay the $200,000 it costs to get a medical degree in the United States,” said President Castro in 2001 when he announced the offer while speaking in New York."

Monday  6/14/2004

Blacks moving targets for cops  6/14/2004 Final Call: "For the fourth time in four years, Black motorists are far more likely to be stopped by police than Whites or any other minority. In addition, regardless of whether there is a warrant involved, Black drivers are more subject to have their vehicles searched."

We should normalize relations with Cuba  6/14/2004 Final Call: "In what almost sounds like something from a comedy skit, the Bush administration also proposes to offer funds for democracy-building aimed at reaching Afro-Cubans and addressing issues of race. This proposal comes from an administration that has not demonstrated anything other than a symbolic interest in addressing the continuing manifestations of racism in U.S. society."

Saturday  6/12/2004

Tributes to the 'Genius of Soul' are pouring in  6/12/2004 TCPalm 

Friday  6/11/2004

Reagan's Legacy on Minorities Conflicted  6/11/2004 Africana 

Thursday  6/10/2004

‘We should promote the interchanges of ideas’ FULL TEXT OF THE DOCUMENT RELEASED JUNE 5 BY DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE JOHN KERRY. Statement of Principles on U.S. Cuba Policy  6/10/2004 Radio Progreso: "I have also consistently supported remittances because I believe they can become a powerful tool for all Cuban-Americans and all Americans to help Cubans on the island not just to survive, but also to start small businesses and thereby gain a measure of autonomy from the crushing repression of the Cuban state. We should lift the remittance cap and allow all Americans to send remittances to households and humanitarian institutions. The Bush announcement to curb travel and remittances, will not only hurt Cuban families, but will also prompt the Castro regime again to blame the United States for the Cuban people's suffering."

Wednesday  6/9/2004

Mayor held accountable for 3 deaths at hands of Chicago police Anti-police brutality activist and 8-year-old killed  6/9/2004 SF Bay View: "Hicks died less than 12 hours after 55-year-old May Molina, an activist widely respected for her tireless work against police brutality and wrongful convictions, died in a police cell at Belmont and Western after repeated appeals from family members and her attorney for medical treatment for the wheelchair-bound community activist. The cops say her family, her lawyer, and the dead woman herself made no such appeals. Molina's supporters say the cops are liars."

My problem with Bill Cosby  6/9/2004 SF Bay View: "I've heard about his great philanthropic gifts to various charities and colleges across the country, yet I’ve never heard him speak out against the imprisonment and exploitation of millions, the denial of assistance to mothers and all those excluded by the market and exploited by economic prosperity. He’s never spoken out about the funding cuts to our schools or the lack of investment and job creation in our communities. The theft and seizure of 98 percent of Black-owned land since 1920. The flooding of our communities with marketing and advertising, delivering psychological messages of inadequacy which drive our consumptive lifestyles. No, what Bill Cosby does is repeat the mantra of texts such as “The Bell Curve” and other racially motivated theories, which wed the existence of poverty not to political and economic policy choices made in the exclusive halls of power, but to cultural norms of anti-social and pathological behavior. Still, an even greater threat is that the very discourse of what is deemed anti-social and pathological is normalized and its evidence for confirmation sought in those considered economically poor or uneducated."

What makes community anger explode  6/9/2004 SF Bay View: "The selected method of stopping Oakland's murders was to simply pull over cars, in massive doses. Coming home late from work on nights the operation was in full swing, I once saw three cars pulled over by three separate Highway Patrol officers in a 10-block stretch. Why all these cars were being pulled over, and what exactly this had to do with Oakland's murders, we don't exactly know. But the murder rate slowed and so, like the man in the ancient story who went outside before dawn one day and beat on a drum until the sun comes up - thereafter declaring himself to be the cause of it - Oakland deemed Operation Impact a success."

Tuesday  6/8/2004

How Big Brother Is Watching, Listening and Misusing Information About You  6/8/2004 Capitol Hill Blue 

Bill Cosby, You Say the Darndest Things  6/8/2004 Opinion Editorials: "Kevin Martin, a member of the African-American leadership network Project 21. Tom Florip is a research associate for Project 21. Comments may be sent to"

Monday  6/7/2004

P.E. Says 'F**ck War' With Moby  6/7/2004 AllHipHop: "Public Enemy has teamed with Moby to record an anti-war song timed for release near this year’s summer Olympic games. The song, titled “MKLVFKWR” which is an acronym for “make love, f**k war,” features Chuck D. and Flavor Flav rapping about the current status of the world and in reaction to the war in Iraq."

Experts say U.S. Prisoners are subjected to Iraqi-style Abuse  6/7/2004 Baltimore Times: "As Americans continue to recoil at the sight of photographs and videotapes showing handcuffed prisoners piled naked on top of one another, being bitten by dogs, being sexually exploited and subjected to other forms of debasing abuse at the Abu-Ghraib prison in Iraq, human rights advocates say similar constitutional violations occur on a regular basis in United States prisons."

Reagan Made Racism Respectable  6/7/2004 NNPA 

Sunday  6/6/2004

Militants strike at Saudis' weakest point  6/6/2004 Independent: '"Although Saudi Arabia has more than 80 active oil and natural gas fields and a thousand working wells, half its proven oil reserves are contained in only eight fields," said Robert Baer, who served for 21 years with the CIA's Directorate of Operations in the Middle East. "Confidential scenarios have suggested that if terrorists were simultaneously to hit only a few sensitive points from these eight fields, they could effectively put the Saudis out of the oil business for about two years." That could conceivably mean crude oil, which has been trading at more than $40 per barrel, doubling or even trebling in price. Recent Saudi assurances that the oilfields are well protected are sceptically received by expatriates who had also been assured of their personal safety."

Saturday  6/5/2004

US navy plans 'show of force' off oil-rich West Africa  6/5/2004 AFP: "An Abuja-based US diplomat told AFP on condition of anonymity that the Gulf of Guinea was "a place where there is not normally an American presence" and described the operation as "a show of force." "Operation Summer Pulse '04 aims to demonstrate the capabilities of the US navy; before we only had two or three operations involving aircraft carriers at any one time," he said, adding that seven carrier groups are to be deployed in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Guinea."

Beating Specialist Baker  6/5/2004 NYT: "Then in January 2003, an officer in Guantánamo asked him to pretend to be a prisoner in a training drill. As instructed, Mr. Baker put on an orange prison jumpsuit over his uniform, and then crawled under a bunk in a cell so an "internal reaction force" could practice extracting an uncooperative inmate. The five U.S. soldiers in the reaction force were told that he was a genuine detainee who had already assaulted a sergeant… [beating described] ...But Mr. Baker began suffering seizures, so the military sent him to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center for treatment of a traumatic brain injury. He stayed at the hospital for 48 days, was transferred to light duty in an honor burial detail at Fort Dix, N.J., and was finally given a medical discharge two months ago. Meanwhile, a military investigation concluded that there had been no misconduct involved in Mr. Baker's injury. Hmm. The military also says it can't find a videotape that is believed to have been made of the incident."

Friday  6/4/2004

Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides  6/4/2004 Capitol Hill Blue: "Tenet wanted to quit last year but the President got his back up and wouldn't hear of it," says an aide. "That would have been the opportune time to make a change, not in the middle of an election campaign but when the director challenged the President during the meeting Wednesday, the President cut him off by saying 'that's it George. I cannot abide disloyalty. I want your resignation and I want it now." Tenet was allowed to resign "voluntarily" and Bush informed his shocked staff of the decision Thursday morning. One aide says the President actually described the decision as "God's will."

Thursday  6/3/2004

Black Job Loss Déjà Vu  6/3/2004 Alternet 

Bill Cosby’s Confused Notions of ‘Responsibility’  6/3/2004 Black Commentator: "The Chicago Tribune’s Clarence Page recalls: "Cosby was saying the same thing backstage when I interviewed him during my college days. It was 1968, but he didn't want to talk about black power, Black Panthers or cultural revolutions. He wanted to complain about why so many young blacks of my generation were wasting the great opportunities that hard-won civil rights victories had brought us. In those politically polarized times, I was disappointed by his traditionalist attitude. But I appreciate its wisdom today with new eyes, the eyes of a parent." Actually, Page appreciates Cosby with the "new" eyes of a highly paid corporate journalist who finds enough common ground with white conservatives to appear regularly on shows like The McLaughlin Group." "

Terror Town  6/3/2004 Black Commentator: "Since the advent of "special registration," an estimated 20,000 Pakistanis have fled Brooklyn in order to avoid detention. In New Jersey, which has a large Muslim and Arab population, the FBI has questioned nearly 60,000 people since Sept. 11, according to agency spokesman Steven Kodak. Jersey City's immigrant community is so heavily scrutinized by law enforcement that local residents and even several mainstream newspapers call it "Terror Town." "

No joke for Bill Cosby  6/3/2004 Boston Globe: "Many students go to school and still suffer because their public schools don't offer enough math classes, have enough textbooks, or hire enough certified teachers. In Massachusetts and other states, schools have lost theater, music, art, and sports -- programs that can keep discouraged students in school. Weak public school educations limit college opportunities, which can limit job opportunities, which can limit earnings, which can limit home buying, which can cripple a family's ability to build wealth and invest more in the education of the next generation. It's a chain-link of consequences that has been made worse by racism and segregation. And it's a problem the country still struggles to solve. More than an African-American problem, weak public schools are a problem for even the strongest students who go off to college and discover that their academic best lags far behind the skills of students in better public and private schools."

Terror City  6/3/2004 Color Line: "The lasting effects of the FBI’s anti-terror campaign in Jersey City have local residents, prosecutors and agents wondering where to draw the line."

Wednesday  6/2/2004

Honduras: 'Homies Were Burning Alive'  6/2/2004 Alternet: "In first-ever interviews, representatives of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS) gang in Honduras this week described how security forces were to blame for the May 17 prison fire that killed 105 of those they call their homeboys. In addition to starting the fire, police and prison guards allegedly kept the facility's gates locked for over an hour while trapped inmates were burnt alive or died from smoke inhalation. Human rights observers, children's advocates, and MS members say the tragedy is a direct consequence of Honduras' mano dura (strong fist) policies. These policies employ suppression tactics based on New York City's "zero tolerance" police strategies of the '90s, and were instituted on the advice of the Manhattan Institute think-tank and the Giuliani Group, which have exported the New York model to Latin America."

Study of 14 countries finds mental illness is prevalent  6/2/2004 AP: "Mental illnesses including anxiety disorders and depression are common and under-treated in many developed and developing countries, with the highest rate found in the United States, according to a study of 14 countries."

Prevalence, Severity, and Unmet Need for Treatment of Mental Disorders in the World Health Organization World Mental Health Surveys  6/2/2004 JAMA: "The prevalence of having any WMH-CIDI/DSM-IV [mental] disorder in the prior year varied widely, from 4.3% in Shanghai to 26.4% in the United States, with an interquartile range (IQR) of 9.1%-16.9%."

Cuba vows to fight new U.S. sanctions  6/2/2004 NNPA: Special to the NNPA from the Final Call

Tuesday  6/1/2004

Fort Worth joins Dallas, passes slavery reparations resolution  6/1/2004 Final Call 

Bill Cosby and White America - Cosby feeds White America's 'Can't Do, Won't Do' Attitude  6/1/2004 Znet: "Large numbers of United States Caucasians are grateful for Cosby's widely reported intra-racial top-down smack-down, which gave politically safe - because nominally "black" - confirmation to their own self-satisfied opinion that poor African-Americans have nothing and nobody but themselves to blame for their difficult circumstances in this great "color-blind" "land of opportunity." "

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