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Archive 5/1/03 - 5/15/03

Thursday  5/15/03

Compromise verdict in Lemrick Nelson trial  5/15/03 Amsterdam News, NY 

UGA group protests graduation speaker Judge Clarence Thomas  5/15/03 AP 

Suffolk sheriff may leave GOP for Democrats  5/15/03 Boston Globe: "Feeling snubbed by Governor Mitt Romney and other Republicans, Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral is laying plans to switch party registration and become a Democrat, according to those who have been plotting her political strategy. Cabral, a former prosecutor and the county's first African-American sheriff, was praised as a bold choice last November when Acting Governor Jane Swift appointed her to the post."

Community prepares for Malcolm X annual pilgrimage  5/15/03 Challenge Group, NY 

Jury clears gun firms of aiding violence  5/15/03 CNN: "Rejecting a lawsuit brought by the NAACP, a federal jury Wednesday cleared 45 gun manufacturers and distributors of allegations their marketing practices have stoked violence in black and Hispanic neighborhoods."

DANNY GLOVER MUZZLED? Actor’s activism may cost him an endorsement deal.  5/15/03 EUR 

History, race must be factored into Cuban equation  5/15/03 Granma: historic article - first major Cuban piece on the racial dimensions of the Miami - Havana conflict. A sign of things to come?

NAACP Convenes Educational Equity Hearings Nationwide  5/15/03 NAACP 

Firm offers African-Americans Hi-Tech Tools To Search For Roots  5/15/03 NNPA: "Companies offering genetic tests for ancestry are beginning to spring up around the globe and are generating heaps of requests for DNA tests to determine ancestry. For example, one new firm, African Ancestry Inc., has taken center stage in the nation's capital by becoming the exclusive licensee of a prominent genetic researcher's extensive database of genetic lineages from Africa. The company, wholly owned by African-American investors, is now selling DNA-based genealogy tests to members of the public who wish to determine if they have African ancestors."

Review: African-American experience pulses through 'Bring in 'da Noise' musical  5/15/03 Tennessean 

Wednesday  5/14/03

Pa. Families of '85 Bombing Fight Neglect  5/14/03 AP: "It's been 18 years since the city dropped a bomb on Thomas Mapp's neighborhood and burned it to the ground during a battle with the militant antiestablishment group MOVE. Now Mapp and his neighbors are battling a slower devastating force: neglect. The three rows of modern brick homes the city built to replace the 61 destroyed in the assault on the MOVE compound in 1985 are falling apart."

Black columnists across the country react to Blair saga  5/14/03 Black America Web 

Twin Towers at the Times - Racism and Double Standards  5/14/03 Counterpunch: "Already there is a cacophony, nay, a mighty wind of anguished liberals and joyful conservative voices pointing the finger at affirmative action as the culprit responsible for making it possible for Blair to supposedly destroy the "best newspaper in the world." Most of these mighty windbags, however, ignore the obvious fact that there are more than a few white men who have willfully practiced journalistic fraud but are enjoying thriving careers."

Minorities, Rockets reach deal  5/14/03 Houston Chronicle: "Black and Hispanic leaders Tuesday credited their combined forces for convincing Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander to give them a share of the lucrative sales of food and drinks at the new downtown arena."

Former New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial Expected to Head National Urban League  5/14/03 NNPA 

Jury Selection Begins For NAACP President  5/14/03 Seattle Medium: "Mack, shown in this file photo, is embraced by Ophelia Ealy, mother of the late Michael Ealy who was killed during an altercation with police, after Mack was released from the King County Jail on Monday, Oct. 14, 2002 as hundreds of supporters celebrated his release. Mack was arrested by police as he led protestors on a peaceful demonstration against King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng’s decision not to file criminal charges against deputy sheriff Melvin Miller in the shooting death of Robert Thomas, Sr. According to police, Mack was arrested for ignoring police directions to remain on the sidewalk and instead walked into traffic."

Black families have no choice in Pinellas  5/14/03 St Petersburg Times: "Brazilian progressive blacks are doing what they can to allow us to reach the enviable levels of racial hatred of a First World country. They have the valuable support of activists bringing degrees from American universities. We now have academic factories of racism called `centers for black studies'."

Glover's dangerous weapon  5/14/03 The Age: "He recently signed an open letter in support of Fidel Castro that stated that the administration's "harassment against Cuba could serve as a pretext for an invasion." A number of groups have threatened to boycott MCI if it doesn't disconnect Glover as pitchman from its ad campaign, MSNBC's The Scoop reports. In a Brazilian magazine interview, Glover accused Bush of pushing a "conservative program designed to eliminate everything Americans had accomplished" in matters of race and equality. In a statement, MCI praised Glover's work. But the company added that it is reviewing "options for new product campaigns." The whole thing may be moot since Glover's contract with MCI runs only two more weeks." On 3/15, Tom Joyner advised his large audience to call into MCI and advise them they would be switching if they even thought of causing trouble for Glover.

Why White America Would Rather Learn Spanish Than Ebonics - Minority Report  5/14/03 Village Voice: "For African Americans, the Latino explosion has no particular significance, except that the mere suggestion of a black-Latino rivalry deflects attention from the most entrenched conflict in American history—the one between blacks and whites. Better yet, Anglos prefer that blacks and Latinos fight it out, allowing them to sidestep race, and black people, altogether. Last January, when the U.S. Census Bureau announced that Latinos had become the country's largest minority, you'd have thought all of black America had lost a marathon. The south Florida Sun-Sentinel announced we'd been "surpassed"; The Washington Post said Hispanics were "outpacing" us; and The Charlotte Observer cast us in a "slow eclipse." Earl Ofari Hutchinson peered into his scrying pool for the Los Angeles Daily News and divined the headline "Latinos' New Clout Threatening to Blacks." "

Tuesday  5/13/03

New TV show for Donna Richardson  5/13/03 Black America Web: "Nationally-renowned fitness and wellness expert Donna Richardson has teamed up with The Word Network to produce Sweating in the Spirit Gospel Workout with Donna Richardson. The new gospel fitness TV show debuts Tuesday, May 7th, at 7:30 a.m. EST on The Word Network. The show will air every Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. EST, PST."

Fraud at the New York Times - Blaming Blacks for White Folks Mistakes  5/13/03 Counterpunch 

UK: Amos takes post as first black woman in Cabinet  5/13/03 Independent: "Baroness Amos became the first black woman appointed to the Cabinet yesterday, 25 minutes after Clare Short resigned as Secretary of State for International Development. The speed of the announcement suggests Tony Blair had earmarked her for elevation to his top table. It also completes a rapid rise through the ranks for a Blairite loyalist who is virtually unknown outside Westminster."

After controversial election battles, AIPAC reaches out to black caucus  5/13/03 JTA: "As it gears up for a struggle over the “road map” toward Israeli-Palestinian peace, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is making special overtures toward the Congressional Black Caucus, a group with which it has had rough relations in the recent past. As part of its annual Washington convention, the pro-Israel lobby honored the caucus chair, Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), and the rest of the caucus at a special dinner March 30, attended by roughly 1,000 AIPAC donors from around the country."

MCI SPOKESMAN SUPPORTS CASTRO: TERRORIST MURDERER WHO SYSTEMATICALLY VIOLATES HUMAN RIGHTS  5/13/03 Judicial Watch: from Black Commentator: "The "Get-Glover" campaign is spearheaded by the far-right attack dog Judicial Watch, a truly primitive outfit. "MCI must fire Glover," howled Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. Outraged at Glover's support for lifting the U.S. embargo against Cuba, Fitton threw a ... fit. "Any more than it should have a spokesman supporting Osama bin Laden, it can't have a spokesman supporting terrorist Castro," he raged."

Colorizing ‘The New York Times’ Plagiarism Case  5/13/03 Northeast Florida Advocate: "Referring to his conservative chums, Safire brings up “the affirmative action angle.” He writes, “See what happens, they taunt, when you treat a minority employee with kid gloves, promoting him when he deserves to be fired.” Safire has it backwards. The only offenders to be treated with kid gloves are White. After Barnicle lost his $250,000-a-year job in Boston, he became a columnist for the “New York Daily News” and has his own radio program. Glass is about to profit on his misdeeds by coming out with a book (this time, billed as fiction) about his experiences as a liar. Meanwhile, Janet Cook has never had her career revived, and, I suspect, nor will Blair."

TRANSAFRICA FORUM URGENT ACTION APPEAL: Dial In For Democracy and to Support Danny Glover  5/13/03 TransAfrica: "Despite all the rhetoric from the White House and in conservative political circles regarding freedom of speech and human rights, the illegal Anglo-American invasion of Iraq demonstrated that it is all at best disingenuous. This is becoming all too clear at this moment with the concerted attack on TransAfrica Forum Board of Directors Chairperson Danny Glover… The attack on Danny takes place at the same time that other courageous public figures are facing the wrath of the administration and their allies on the political Right for daring to challenge US foreign policy on Iraq, Cuba and countless other situations. The attempt to isolate and destroy political opponents is reminiscent of the McCarthy era. It happened to the great Paul Robeson in the 1950s, and from that lesson we should learn that this can NEVER be allowed to happen again."

Monday  5/12/03

Group looks to combat violence with rap music  5/12/03 Alameda Times-Star, CA 

Share of IT jobs drops for women, blacks  5/12/03 BizJournals: "The percentage of women and blacks in the information technology work force declined from 1996 to 2002, according to a study by the Information Technology Association of America."

Invisible men  5/12/03 Louisiana Weekly: "One needn't be a rocket scientist to discern that there is a direct correlation between the dismal state of black New Orleans and the prosperity, power and privileges whites in the city may take for granted. We are locked into a dichotomous relationship with Europeans in which the average person of color in New Orleans lives in squalor while the average white resident enjoys lives of relative ease and privilege."

Leaders threaten boycott on FCAT  5/12/03 Miami Herald: "Dozens of South Florida's community activists and politicians on Sunday threatened a boycott of several major industries if Gov. Jeb Bush doesn't rectify recent FCAT results that could keep thousands of high school seniors, mostly blacks and Hispanics, from graduating."

2 Groups Say City's Layoff Plan Shows Bias  5/12/03 NYT: "Two groups representing black city employees charged yesterday that the Bloomberg administration's proposed layoffs would disproportionately hit black and Hispanic workers, prompting the mayor's office to call the groups "disgusting race-baiters." "

Sunday  5/11/03

BLOOMBERG LP RAP VIDEO INSULTS BLACKS  5/11/03 Davey D's: "Here in NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg's firm Bloomberg LP decided to do a rap video for their employees last week. It was supposedly part of a taping to help the process of management team building. The sessions were held in London... According to the story, several top Bloomberg executives took on the rap personas of MC Matty Matt, MC Bang Bang and MC Uncle Tom. None of the employees in the video were African American…"

Blacks, whites to discuss Catfish Festival  5/11/03 Palatka Daily News, FL: "Black leaders, police and the Rotary Club will talk about the annual Catfish Festival after a black woman said a heavy police presence made blacks look like animals. The discussion, scheduled for sometime this month, comes after black resident Emmer Williams told city commissioners she was upset about how blacks were treated at last month's festival."

Saturday  5/10/03

State study finds blacks underrepresented on jury pools  5/10/03 AP: "Blacks across Pennsylvania are frequently overlooked for jury duty and are underrepresented on jury pools statewide, according to a legislative research panel."

BLACK AND WHITE AND RED ALL OVER  5/10/03 Calpundit: "Why is it that when one — one! — black con artist scams the Times he's a black con artist, but when white con artists scam the New Republic, the LA Times, and the Salt Lake City Tribune, they're just — con artists? Funny how that works."

Black caucus writes to Bush  5/10/03 Tallahasee Democrat, FL: "The Legislature's black caucus asked Gov. Jeb Bush on Friday to have lawmakers consider a bill giving the attorney general expanded powers to prosecute businesses for civil-rights violations during an upcoming special session."

Friday  5/9/03

Howard berates Altman on House floor after vote  5/9/03 Charleston Post & Courier: "On Thursday morning, after his straw bill was narrowly defeated, Howard charged Altman's desk on the House floor and started berating the West Ashley Republican, calling him a "racist bastard" among other things. A crowd formed around the two men, with Rep. David Mack of North Charleston and others trying to separate them. Shortly after Howard challenged Altman to "step outside," House Sergeant at Arms Mitchell Dorman broke up the minor melee. Howard, a Democrat, said later that Altman's move against his bill was part of a disturbing pattern of blocking legislation by black lawmakers. Altman said he was dumbfounded. "It was a drive-by assault," he said. "I just thought it was a silly, frivolous bill not worthy of our time. I didn't know it was a Black Caucus bill." "

West retains role as black caucus leader  5/9/03 Clarion Ledger, MI: "After a nearly three-hour meeting at the state Capitol Thursday, Mississippi black caucus members said their chairman will remain leader despite his expressed support for a judge accused of having a poor civil rights record. Rep. Phillip West had angered some colleagues by withdrawing his opposition to U.S. District Judge Charles Pickering's controversial appellate court nomination. Black church leaders and civil rights groups, including the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, had also chastised West."

Pentagon Weighs Increased Presence In Africa  5/9/03 Global Black News: "As Congress and the Pentagon consider closing or downsizing some bases in western Europe, officials are looking at stepping up the U.S. military's presence in Africa. "I think Africa is a continent that is going to be of very, very significant interest in the 21st century," Gen. James Jones Jr., head of the United States European Command, told the Senate Military Construction Appropriations Subcommittee last week. While he stopped short of saying the United States would open its first base on the continent, Jones said he believes "that we're going to have to engage more in that theater," in part because large ungoverned sections of Africa "could become terrorist breeding grounds." "

Bursting Bubbles - Why the economy will go from bad to worse  5/9/03 In These Times: "After creating an average of more than 3 million jobs a year from 1996 to 2000, the economy has lost more than 2 million jobs since March 2001. This reversal has been associated with a rise in the unemployment rate from an average of 4 percent in 2000 to 6 percent today. The increase among African-Americans has been even larger, rising from 7.6 percent in 2000 to 10.9 percent in April, and larger yet for African-American teens, with the unemployment rate rising from just over 24 percent in 2000 to peaks as high as 35 percent in March. While real wages were growing at close to a 2 percent annual pace in 2000, wage growth has recently fallen to zero for most workers."

Top-court nominee advances  5/9/03 NJ Star Ledger: "However, Wallace's nomination drew controversy because it came after Gov. James E. McGreevey withdrew his support for Zulima Farber, an Afro-Cuban who was poised to become the first Hispanic to serve on the Supreme Court. Her nomination was scuttled when a background check found that a bench warrant had been issued for her arrest last October for failing to pay a speeding ticket. The move angered Hispanic leaders, who suggested McGreevey seized on Farber's driving record to drop the nomination in the face of pressure from black legislators seeking the appointment of an African-American to replace Coleman. The controversy was not mentioned during yesterday's committee hearing."

Black leaders say rift exists with immigrants  5/9/03 Washington Times: "U.S. black leaders have failed to get African and Caribbean immigrants to think of themselves as "black" and have created a rift among the groups, a panel on diversity said yesterday. Top Stories "When we talk of housing disparities, education problems ... many [immigrants] don't think that affects them," said William Spriggs, executive director of the National Urban League Institute for Opportunity and Equality. "Black politicians ... haven't been able to get [black immigrants] to buy into what white America is all about, about what white privilege is. Immigrants don't come here with that understanding. We have to change our language to let them know that these are their problems." "

Thursday  5/8/03

Brazil: Black judge for top Brazil court  5/8/03 BBC: "Brazil's new left-wing President, Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva, has appointed the country's first black judge to sit on the Supreme Court."

Stars back campaign for King memorial  5/8/03 BBC: "The public service adverts have been put together free of charge by Saatchi and Saatchi, an agency with a reputation for shock tactics. It is hoped that they will help pull in the estimated $100m needed to build a memorial near The Mall in Washington to pay tribute to the civil rights campaigner, who was assassinated in 1968."

TONYAA WEATHERSBEE: U.S. is a refuge for human rights abusers  5/8/03 Black America Web: "Then last year, before the Bush administration began playing up the evils of torture in Iraq as a reason for regime change, it fought against adopting a United Nations’ treaty designed to discourage such acts. The treaty - called the Optional Protocol to the United Nations Convention on Torture - ultimately passed. It aims to prevent torture and other human rights violations by allowing independent, international experts to make regular visits to prisons and places of detention. The administration objected to it because, among other reasons, it was concerned that such visits would violate states’ rights and prisoners’ privacy rights - as if one of the things prisoners crave while they’re being tortured is their privacy."

Beckham to head Detroit Black Chamber  5/8/03 Crains, Detroit 

Hot 93.7 Radio Personality J. D. Houston Silenced  5/8/03 Hartford Inquirer: "Hartford Houston has been dropped from Hot radio, but he's not going away quietly. Houston, an Africanerican professional onair radio talent, came to Hartford three years ago as part of an effort to correct racial disparity at the radio station, which suffered in the ratings and in the community at that time."

Wednesday  5/7/03

Closing Arguments Begin in NAACP Gun Case  5/7/03 1010 WINS 

Marilyn Murrell shows saavy style at National Mayors’ Conference  5/7/03 African American News: "Marilyn Murrell, mayor of Arcadia, Oklahoma, graced the city of Houston by leading the 29th Annual National Conference of Black Mayors Inc. as its president. The theme of this year’s conference: “Black Mayors: Leadership That Makes A Difference.” The convention brought together approximately 200-230 Black mayors from all across the country with the expressed desire to work together, share information and support one another as they deal with many issues facing their cities today."

Mother’s Day 2003 Super sisters engender family values  5/7/03 African American News 

For more black girls, a violent cycle  5/7/03 CS Monitor 

Tensions High After UMB Professor's Arrest  5/7/03 Dorchester Reporter, MA: originally posted 4/10/03, Professor Van der Meer's first court date is 5/28 - "Van Der Meer, an advisor to the Black Student Center and member of the Africana Studies department, arrived on the scene to defend his students' right to distribute information. Visibly agitated, one of the recruiters yelled, "I hope you get shot in the head like Martin Luther King! I hope you all get shot in the head!" according to witnesses. The same recruiter then instigated a short verbal altercation with Van Der Meer, who yelled back, "I hope you get shot too!" The recruiter began to push the professor, who raised nothing but his voice in his own defense. Officer J. St. Ives separated the two men, ordering Van Der Meer to quiet down while the recruiters left the building. This reporter and others present watched as St. Ives, with no further provocation, assaulted the professor, pushing him to the ground, tearing his corduroy jacket and handcuffing him. Several officers dragged Van Der Meer away amidst student chants of "Police brutality, police brutality!" "

'Rap is elitist'  5/7/03 Guardian, UK: "As leader and co-founder of Public Enemy, Chuck D is probably the most outspoken of politically militant rappers. The problem is, he tells Laura Barton, that rap no longer speaks for the people ... "

Analysis: Speaking truth to power  5/7/03 Insight News, MN: "Over 1,000 Minnesotans, Black residents joined by Asian, Latino, American Indian and White citizens, raised voices of protest at the State Capitol last week demanding that the Pawlenty administration and the Legislature "find the revenue" to restore programs and services that protect the poor and people of color."

Prez Wannabe Graham Eyeing Evidence That Bush Blew 9/11  5/7/03 Newsmax 

Bible's Black Women Uncovered  5/7/03 Sacramento Observer: "After 20 years of research through documentation science, history, religious literature, and genealogical relations, Constance C. Ridgeway has discovered that there are more than 140 Black women in the Bible."

Tuesday  5/6/03

Ted Nugent uses racial slurs in interview  5/6/03 AP: "Two Denver disc jockeys stopped a live radio interview with rocker Ted Nugent after he used derogatory racial terms for Asians and blacks… Nugent sits on the National Rifle Association's Board of Directors and is known for his outspokenness."

Cultural Sensitivity Important to Designing Trials for African Americans  5/6/03 Moreover: "Duke University Medical Center researchers say clinical trials that promote behavior modification to prevent cardiovascular disease may challenge African Americans' ethnic identity, making the trials less effective in this group than in non-African American groups."

Ward Connerly: A Black Man Leads the Fight Against Anti-white Bias  5/6/03 NewsMax: "Connerly said that if the court rules that there are no grounds for favoring anybody in any way that involves race, "that would be my dream of the century. I would fold my tent and go back to my office [a land-development consulting firm] and do what I love to do most." "

A Piece of Slavery's Hidden Past  5/6/03 NYT 

Young Blacks Try Entrepreneurship  5/6/03 NYT: "THERE is little official evidence to go by, but the anecdotes are pouring in: across the country, more young black professionals are stepping off the corporate ladder to become entrepreneurs. Joining a big company used to be perceived as the surest route to material success by many black professionals, but lately, owning a business has become as attractive, or more so."

Rapper Juvenile bests Jubilee in court - Federal jury backs Cash Money artist  5/6/03 Times-Picayune 

Monday  5/5/03

West Coast Rappers Unite To "S.T.O.P.":  5/5/03 All Hip Hop: "A variety of West coast rappers have recorded "S.T.O.P.," short for 'Stop The Oppressive Politics.' Daz, Everlast, Defari, J-Ro, Trey Dee, Soopafly, RBX, Dilated Peoples, W.C. Mac Minister and Light (BushBaybes), are featured on the Internet only release, produced by Fred Wreck."

ROLAND S. MARTIN: Republicans forget their own judicial games  5/5/03 Black America Web 

Former Woodard associate wants her to apologize  5/5/03 Charlotte Observer: "A former campaign worker for Mecklenburg County commissioner Valerie Woodard is demanding a public apology from her for saying he helped create a split within the Black Political Caucus. Howard McClure has asked the Community Relations Committee, a city agency, to provide a mediator in their dispute.Woodard, a conflict resolution consultant serving her first term on the county board, said she's not interested in mediation."

Minstrels in Baggy Jeans? How to sell a hip-hop movie: make it about white people. Blacks aren’t amused  5/5/03 Newsweek 

Command Sgt. Major Dwight Brown Looks beyond the Uniform  5/5/03 NNPA 

WRKS hosts unite to back Danny Glover  5/5/03 NY Daily News: "WRKS (98.7 FM) morning cohost Jeff Foxx yesterday said his show will actively join in defending actor Danny Glover, who is under fire for his criticism of the Iraqi war and President George W. Bush. Foxx spoke to the WRKS Sunday "Open Line" team of Bob Pickett, James Mtume and Bob Slade, who is also the newsman on the daily "Wake-Up Club" with Foxx and Shaila. Pickett, Mtume and Slade charged there are "echoes of McCarthyism" in the attacks on Glover, who has been a target of MSNBC commentator and former GOP Rep. Joe Scarborough."

LOSING THE RACE  5/5/03 NY Post: "Fifty-six years since Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier, African-Americans are disappearing from major league rosters."

Sunday  5/4/03

Black enclaves see Latino influx  5/4/03 Boston Globe 

War quips wrap up 3-day Pan African Bookfest  5/4/03 Miami Herald 

Clarity in a Blurred Racial Picture  5/4/03 Washington Post: "However, because Hispanics have supplanted blacks as America's largest minority, it is time to remove the race question from the census form. This would move race more toward the margin of American consciousness, where it belongs, and would be more true to racial and ethnic realities. And it would fuel the wholesome revolt against the racial and ethnic spoils system that depends upon racial and ethnic categorizations."

Democrat's Garb Cloaks Closet Republicans  5/4/03 Washington Post: "Why not come right out and say it, D.C.? Mayor Anthony A. Williams, a so-called Democrat, is actually a Republican. And much of this city, which is said to be overwhelmingly Democratic, is in the closet with him."

Saturday  5/3/03

Archivist Locates Graves of Douglass' Kin  5/3/03 AP: "Spotting a familiar name in a marble headstone company's ledgers led a volunteer archivist to a breathtaking discovery: the long-forgotten graves of Frederick Douglass' eldest daughter, Rosetta, and her family."

The Black Burden: The Challenges Of Corporate Success  5/3/03 Atlanta Tribune 

Minority FBI agents file discrimination suit  5/3/03 Black America Web: "Six FBI agents filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the agency in Manhattan alleging they were subjected to harassment because of their race or ethnicity. The suit was filed Friday by five black agents and a Hispanic agent, all based in New York. In it, they say their supervisor subjected them to a "pattern of disparate treatment and harassment based on their race or national origin." "

Friday  5/2/03

Georgians Plan Whites-Only Prom Party  5/2/03 AP: "Juniors are charged with planning the prom each year and last year they decided to have just one dance — the first integrated prom in 31 years in the rural Georgia county 150 miles south of Atlanta. Until then, parents and students organized separate proms for whites and blacks after school officials stopped sponsoring dances, in part because they wanted to avoid problems arising from interracial dating. After school integration, separate proms were common in the rural South. Taylor County was among the last to cling to the practice."

Minority and small firms win a share  5/2/03 Cincinnati Inquirer: "Black-owned firms have been awarded more than $20 million in construction contracts for the new National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and small businesses have received $16 million, according to figures released Thursday… About 32 percent of a projected $65 million in building, design and management contracts went to black-owned firms for a total of $21.2 million. Small businesses accounted for 42 percent of $38 million in building contracts, or $16 million. Those numbers compare favorably to the work done at the Freedom Center's neighbors on the riverfront - Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ball Park. Paul Brown Stadium saw 13 percent of its $272.9 million in construction contracts go to small businesses. Eight percent went to minority contractors. About 27 percent of the $200.8 million in contracts for Great American Ball Park went to small businesses for a total of $53.2 million. Companies owned by minorities accounted for 11 percent of the work, or $21.5 million."

Jews' Role Murky As Rebel Banner Drops in Georgia  5/2/03 Forward: Forward is a leading Jewish magazine.

US plots to oust Mugabe with African nations' help  5/2/03 Independent, UK: "The United States – backed by Britain – is pushing for "regime change" in Zimbabwe that would see President Robert Mugabe replaced by a member of the ruling Zanu-PF party. The new president would then call a constitutional conference and organise elections to be monitored by the international community. President George Bush is sending Walter Kansteiner, his special adviser on Africa, to the region next week. The US is persuading African leaders to back its strategy to use regional pressure to bring about the regime change… itish ministers denied that the US plan was a payback for Mr Blair's support over Iraq. One Government source said: "If there was a quid pro quo, it was on the Middle East peace process and the publication of the road-map." African leaders, including South Africa's President, Thabo Mbeki, have openly supported Mr Mugabe despite widespread international condemnation. They have also succeeded in undermining British attempts to isolate his regime internationally, most recently insisting that he be invited to the Franco-Africa summit organised by President Jacques Chirac. Over the past three months Mr Mbeki's views on regime change have changed, according to Mr Kansteiner. South Africa now acceptsMr Mugabe should be edged aside, he said."

Doing the Hustle (Again)  5/2/03 National Review: "Jacksonologist Peter Flaherty — president of the Fairfax, Virginia-based National Legal and Policy Center — studies the reverend's behavior. In an April Capital Research Center report, Flaherty explains how Jackson shook down the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, a sports body light on black participants."

The Family That Spies Together Gets Together - New Feud Precedes Jefferson Reunion  5/2/03 Washington Post: "It was August when Cassandra Mays-Lewis first contacted family members of Thomas Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemings and asked if she could join their private Internet chat group. Lewis, who claimed to be a descendant of a Hemings nephew, was invited in, and while she didn't participate in the group's e-mail conversations, she did enjoy access to other members' online musings and strategizing. All they knew about her was what she posted on her Yahoo! profile: that she was a 67-year-old black woman and an avid gardener and quilter who counted African American genealogy among her hobbies. Over time, members began to suspect that she was something else entirely: an infiltrator in their electronic midst. This week they went public with their suspicions, alleging that Mays-Lewis is actually Nat Abeles, president of the Monticello Association, the family tree of Jefferson's white descendants and a group that last year voted overwhelmingly to deny Hemings's offspring a place in their exclusive ranks. Leading the charge was David Works, a lineal descendant of Jefferson and a Hemings family ally, who said he examined the coding in Mays-Lewis's e-mail and discovered Abeles' handiwork."

Thursday  5/1/03

Texas Congresswoman Johnson expresses concerns about domestic issues during war times  5/1/03 African American News & Issues: "Texas Congresswoman U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Dallas, in an exclusive interview with African American News and Issues, expressed concerns about a number of domestic issues as well as the U.S. led war on Iraq last week."

Cincinnati Black Officers Eye Reform Deal  5/1/03 AP: "An organization of black police officers wants to fill the void left after the city's police union announced it wants out of a reform agreement following the city's 2001 race riots. The Sentinel Police Association, which represents about 300 black officers in Cincinnati's 1,000-member force, said Wednesday it would ask to succeed the Fraternal Order of Police if the union is allowed to pull out of the court-supervised agreement meant to improve relations with the black community."

Majette coming into her own in Congress  5/1/03 Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Her first piece of legislation would turn Arabia Mountain in southeast DeKalb County into a federally protected preserve. U.S. Rep. Denise Majette has also announced $256 million in new federal funding for her district and lectured fellow Democrats on how to take back the White House, Congress and the Georgia Governor's Mansion from the GOP."

Senators seek to expand hate crimes law  5/1/03 Black America Web 

How you gonna export something you ain't even got at home?"  5/1/03 Black Comentator: "Despite abundant factual material demonstrating persistent deep racial inequality in Chicago and the nation, however, conventional majority wisdom in America denies that racial discrimination plays a significant role in American life. "As white America sees it," note academic researchers Leonard Steinhorn and Barbara Diggs-Brown, "every effort has been made to welcome blacks into the American mainstream and now they're on their own." "

The Lena Baker Story: Execution in a Small Town  5/1/03 Black Comentator: "In 1998, the congregation of the church Lena attended as a young woman raised $250 for a slab and marker for her grave. Her relatives, now scattered from New Jersey to Florida, met this year, the 58th anniversary of her death, to place a wreath on her grave. They are beginning to reconnect and plan a reunion on Mothers Day, May 11. They have asked the state Pardons and Parole Board to clear her of the crime. Perhaps if this happens, a healing process can begin. The only response thus far from the Board is that it usually does not grant pardons of this kind."

Treat Corporate Media Like the Enemy  5/1/03 Black Commentator: "On June 2, transnational corporations claiming to be American citizens are likely to win permission to complete their conquest and consolidation of U.S. mass media, both broadcast and print. Their servant is Colin Powell's son, Michael, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and the most anti-public overseer of the public airwaves since passage of the Federal Communications Act of 1934. Powell, intent on nullifying the public hearings process, has doubtless committed a host of felonies in smoothing the way for the final conglomerization of broadcasting. The beneficiaries of the political power that grows out of radio and television ownership have enforced a near universal silence on the issue. In addition to the media giants that already control the vast bulk of what is electronically seen and heard in the United States, the print opinion leaders of The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post have all urged final deregulation of broadcasting, so that they might sit at the feast table with the handful of broadcast and cable conglomerates."

Eight Days in Doha, Qatar—Day 8  5/1/03 Black Press USA: by George Curry

Republicans Fight Dirty Over NAACP Lawsuit against Gun Dealers  5/1/03 Black Press USA: "In case you didn’t know it, while we were watching the war in Iraq, the NAACP was taking care of business, suing gun dealers in order to dramatically slow the carnage in the Black community from the illegal and irresponsible use of guns. But Republicans in the Congress are fighting back, using legislation and racism."

Looking Back to the Future  5/1/03 LA Times: "No one thought of Sandfly as being historical, as being an entity that you need to consider. When we say we want to preserve our history, we want to preserve not only what my great-grandmother did, we want to preserve it for our children and grandchildren," said Aris, who is 40 and works for a human-resources firm. "We fought for this community," she said. The effort has yielded some success. Sandfly recently won recognition from the Georgia Historical Society, and a marker is to be erected here May 10. The marker doesn't offer many tangible benefits, but shows that outsiders are acknowledging Sandfly's history. The community plans a celebration."

Paper Chasers': The True Story of Ludacris, Fat Joe And Tupac?  5/1/03 MTV: "Filmmaker Maxie Collier explores the secrets behind rap's many unexpected business success stories in his new documentary, "Paper Chasers," which premieres next week at New York's Tribeca Film Festival."

500 Attend N.A.A.C.P. Unity Rally in Pahokee  5/1/03 Westside Gazette, FL: "The “Unity Rally” was sponsored by the Glades Area Branch N.A.A.C.P in response to a flurry of divisive race-focused media stories over the past several weeks that pitted the Pahokee Mayor and City Manager against the African-American community."

Pahokee Mayor defends Manager after racist remarks  5/1/03 Westside Gazette, FL 

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