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Archive: 4/16/03 - 4/30/03

Wednesday  4/30/03

Cincinnati police union seeks to pull out of post-riot accord  4/30/03 AP 

Trial stokes embers of Brooklyn's ethnic riots  4/30/03 Guardian, UK: "A Hasidic ambulance arrived and took care of the driver and left (under orders from the police, it later transpired) while the boy and his injured cousin had to wait for a city ambulance. He died, and hours later Rosenbaum was attacked as black youths started to riot. One man, Charles Price, was later convicted of instigating the attacks by calling on the crowd to "Get the Jew"and "An eye for an eye!" A fear persists that the trial could reignite tensions in Crown Heights. Much has been done to repair community relations since the riots, but the calm is fragile."

Two groups unite to fight racism  4/30/03 Know News, TN: "Prompted by incidents of racial discrimination and hatred, including recent Klan rallies, two organizations banded together Tuesday to combat racism. In a ceremony at the University of Tennessee Black Cultural Center, "Nine Counties. One Vision." and Knoxville Project Change signed a formal agreement to establish the Race Relations Center of East Tennessee."

Liberia has special relationship with US  4/30/03 Minneapolis Insight News 

Randall Robinson encourages engaged, conscious citizenry  4/30/03 Minneapolis Insight News: “The democratic process has misfired in America,” said Robinson, nationally recognized African American political leader and author. “Democracy is not just about voting and elections. As citizens, we have the far more important responsibility of insuring accountability by being vigilant and involved. We have to stand up and take responsibility when things go wrong.”

The Secrets of September 11  4/30/03 MSNBC: "The report was completed last December; only a bare-bones list of “findings” with virtually no details was made public. But nearly six months later, a “working group” of Bush administration intelligence officials assigned to review the document has taken a hard line against further public disclosure. By refusing to declassify many of its most significant conclusions, the administration has essentially thwarted congressional plans to release the report by the end of this month, congressional and administration sources tell NEWSWEEK. In some cases, these sources say, the administration has even sought to “reclassify” some material that was already discussed in public testimony—a move one Senate staffer described as “ludicrous.” The administration’s stand has infuriated the two members of Congress who oversaw the report—Democratic Sen. Bob Graham and Republican Rep. Porter Goss. The two are now preparing a letter of complaint to Vice President Dick Cheney."

Report Finds Number of Black Children in Deep Poverty Rising  4/30/03 NYT: "The number of black Americans under 18 years old who live in extreme poverty has risen sharply since 2000 and is now at its highest level since the government began collecting such figures in 1980, according to a study by the Children's Defense Fund, a child welfare advocacy group. In 2001, the last year for which government figures are available, nearly one million black children were living in families with after-tax incomes that were less than half the amount used to define poverty, said the new study, which was based on Census Bureau statistics and is to be released publicly today. The defense fund provided a copy in advance to The New York Times."

Philadelphia African-American Chamber of Commerce Joins with Micro Business Owner Services  4/30/03 PRNewswire 

5 cops charged for MLK Day atrocity  4/30/03 SF Bay View: "According to the Chronicle, five SFPD officers could lose their jobs over internal departmental charges for violating the rights of Hunters Point children on Martin Luther King Day 2001 in an incident McAllister calls “terrorism right here in San Francisco in our own back yard.” The police brutally attacked five children, ages 12-14, on Kiska Road, just outside their homes, as a crowd of their parents and neighbors watched in horror. The police held guns to the children’s heads and threatened to shoot anyone who tried to help them."

Black clergy accuse GOP of targeting Harvey  4/30/03 Star Ledger, NJ: "The Black Ministers Council of New Jersey yesterday accused Republican lawmakers of playing politics by holding up the confirmation of Peter Harvey, the first African-American nominated to be Attorney General in New Jersey."

A Reparations Suit for a 1921 Race Riot - A Long Wait for Justice  4/30/03 Village Voice 

Tuesday  4/29/03

South Africa: "AMANDLA!": Decades-long apartheid struggle told in song  4/29/03 Atlanta Tribune: "AMANDLA!: A Revolution in Four Part Harmony" vividly chronicles the lives of South Africans during apartheid and its aftermath. The film begins with the exhumation of South African Vuyisile Mini, a dedicated freedom fighter who was lynched in 1964-the same year Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment. Onlookers watched as Mini's remains were in a white bag filled with dirt as they were pulled from the grave. People said that while on his way to the gallows Mini, a poet, singer, songwriter and activist, courageously sung a freedom song."

TONYAA WEATHERSBEE: The U.S., not Saddam’s Iraq, the world’s biggest jailer  4/29/03 Black America Web: "Because just as Hussein found a way to make people he believed to be a political threat disappear, the fear-mongering associated with this country’s war on drugs is making a lot of people disappear from view here as well… Blacks make up about half of the U.S. prison population. Most are serving long sentences for offenses such as the sale or possession of illegal substances, and not for violent crimes. When the last federal survey of state inmates was taken in 1997 blacks made up 56 percent of the more than 250,000 people doing time in state prisons on drug charges. Not only is that number disproportionate to the percentage of blacks in the U.S. population, but it is also way out of kilter with the percentage of people who actually use illegal drugs. Blacks make up 13 percent of the people who use drugs within a month, while whites make up 74 percent of all people in this category. Yet whites make up just 19 percent of state drug prisoners."

White media dictate black culture, tastes  4/29/03 Daily Orange, Syracuse: "White people are the dictators of our cultural experience due to their overwhelming control of the monetary economy. During his visit to Syracuse University earlier this month, Haile Gerima posed that point among several others. "White people in positions of power determine the cultural diet of the world," said writer, director and producer of the powerful black film "Sankofa." "

Tribes seek apology from Republicans over 'bad taste' political cartoon on Web  4/29/03 Marshfield News-Herald, WI: ""However, it doesn't seem there's a whole lot of (sensitivity) there. It seems the way they've (Republican Party) been acting that they have a bone to pick with the Native American tribes." However, the political cartoon is only the tip of the iceberg. Republicans on the Legislature's Budget Com-mittee last week attempted to abolish a requirement that state tourism funds be spent on three Milwaukee projects: subsidize the Black Holocaust Museum, subsidize the Na-tive American exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum and pay to broadcast performances of the Milwaukee Symphony, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel."

Bush names lawyer, ex-Helms aide to court  4/29/03 News Observer, NC: "President Bush nominated a Raleigh lawyer and a former aide to U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms on Monday for seats on the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, a federal panel that has been bereft of North Carolina judges because of a standoff between the state's senators. The nomination of Allyson Duncan, a Raleigh lawyer with Kilpatrick Stockton, had been expected for months and drew praise Monday night from the offices of both U.S. Sen. John Edwards, a Democrat, and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole, a Republican… The 4th Circuit, which hears appeals from five Southeastern states, is the last stop for federal cases before they reach the U.S. Supreme Court… Both Duncan and Allen are Republicans. If confirmed, they would be just the second and third black judges to sit on a court that had been long criticized by Democrats as a conservative, all-white bastion."

'The Souls of Black Folk'  4/29/03 Wall Street Journal: "Why are we still caught up in century-old protest politics?"

Chief Targets Black-on-Black Crime  4/29/03 WLBT, MI: "Jackson Police Chief Robert Moore raised some eyebrows in February with the announcement of a new strike force team. He put the blame for skyrocketing crime in the capital city squarely on the shoulders of young African Americans. "It appears we have a cancer within the black community," he said then. "These crimes have been committed by young black men and women." "

Monday  4/28/03

KKK influence on the rise in Wisconsin  4/28/03 Badger Herald, WI: "More than 140 years since its inception during the reconstruction era in the post-Civil War south, the Ku Klux Klan remains in southern Wisconsin. The Milwaukee, Beloit and Janesville areas have seen an increase in Klan activity in recent years. UW history professor Stanley Schultz attributes the influx of African Americans, industrial employment opportunities and the migration of southerners to these areas as possible reasons for the KKK's revival."

Gen. Brooks: Why Be Discredited For Excelling?  4/28/03 BET: "I remember when I got straight A's and the word got out. Some were congratulating me, especially the military kids," Brooks said. "The military kids understood, the Black kids particularly because they were also striving for excellence as part of the culture they were in." "Some said, 'The only way you're going to get straight As is if you're kissing up to the man," he said. "'So you must be an Uncle Tom.' I made straight As at this school, the same school you're in, which says it can be done. For whatever reason it is, follow me. "Even at that early age - I think it was my sophomore year in high school — it was: 'Why would I be discredited for achieving excellence?' Not all saw it that way, but some did."

Black, Hispanic leaders again call on DeLay for apology  4/28/03 Corpus Christi Caller Times: "Hispanic and black congressional leaders again called on House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas to apologize for comments he made about minority legislators while in his home state. The four Democratic lawmakers sent a letter to DeLay dated Friday that called his comments "paternalism" and "arrogance." They said the letter was written on behalf of minority Texas state lawmakers and community organizations. "We demand an apology for your reckless and partisan jabs at minority representatives," said the letter."

Lawmaker says pardons granted for racial reasons  4/28/03 Gadsden Times, AL: "Rep. Alvin Holmes, D-Montgomery, said at a news conference Monday that he has studied board records from Feb. 1, 2000, to Jan. 31, 2003, and found that of 520 pardons issued, 322 went to whites, while 198 went to blacks. Because about 64 percent of Alabama's prison population is black, he said he wants the Justice Department to bring legal action against the board for discrimination."

State GOP chair defends low-income program cuts  4/28/03 Houston Chronicle 

Bay Area Joins Fight to Save Black College  4/28/03 New California Media: "Many have children who attended Morris Brown College. Others just hate the thought of seeing a Black college go under. Regardless of the motivation, African Americans in the Bay Area are joining the movement to save the school in Atlanta. Founded in 1881 in the basement of the legendary Big Bethel A.M.E. Church on Auburn Avenue, it was the first college in Georgia established by and for African Americans. “We are making calls and writing checks,” said John Jeffers of San Francisco. “We can’t let this school go down. Too much history here.” "

For New York's Black Latinos, a Growing Racial Awareness  4/28/03 NYT: "When I state I am a black Latino, some African-Americans feel like I am trying to deny my blackness," she said. "Here, you have to define who you are within these very narrow margins." But recent surveys have shown resistance among Latinos to racial classification. Almost half the respondents to a national survey last year by the Pew Hispanic Center and the Kaiser Family Foundation said they would rather answer "Hispanic" or "Latino" — and leave it at that — than choose from the standard racial categories. This was also evident in the 2000 census, where 42 percent of those identifying themselves as "Hispanic," "Spanish" or "Latino" also identified themselves as a member of "some other race" besides black or white. An additional 6 percent said they were members of "two or more races." "

Parents File Wrongful Death Suit Against County  4/28/03 Sacramento Observer: "On May 30, 2002 Anthony Vontoure's roommates thought he needed medical assistance and called for help. Instead of an ambulance, officers with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department arrived."

Sunday  4/27/03

Blackonomics - Smart Bombs and Dumb Children  4/27/03 Black Press USA 

Enormous Untapped Potential in Urban Areas for Insurance Companies  4/27/03 Insurance NewsNet 

The Force of Nina Simone  4/27/03 Newsday: by Les Payne, member of the Trotter Group

Saturday  4/26/03

As Georgia flag nears vote, black leaders plan boycott  4/26/03 AP 

Georgia's black leaders vow boycott over flag issue  4/26/03 AP 

The Mumia Case, In True Colors  4/26/03 Counterpunch 

Black mayors told of census undercount  4/26/03 Houston Chronicle: "I could do a better census from my front porch," said Mayor Marilyn Murrell, president of the National Conference of Black Mayors. "When you can get an undercount in a city of that size, you've got to have some improvements."

Friday  4/25/03

Black lawmakers winning converts on fight against flag proposal  4/25/03 AP 

Funeral held for Nina Simone  4/25/03 AP: "Nina Simone was a part of history," read a message from the South African government. "She fought for the liberation of black people. It is with much pain that we received the news of her death." Simone left the United States in 1973 and lived in the Caribbean and Africa before settling in Europe. She didn't return to the United States until 1985 for a series of concerts. In a 1998 interview, Simone blamed racism in the United States for her decision to live abroad."

AIDS tightens grip on South - Region has 40% of U.S. cases, experts report  4/25/03 Atlanta Journal Constitution: "The face of the disease, said the report, is becoming increasingly rural, female, heterosexual and African-American in the South. AIDS is appearing with alarming frequency in rural Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi and Alabama… The South is more greatly plagued by AIDS and HIV infections because of racial and economic differences and a conservative cultural attitude that interferes with attempts to halt the disease, the report said. More than half of the people with AIDS in the South are African-American, though only 20 percent of the region's population is Black. African-American men are less likely to acknowledge that they are in a high-risk group for AIDS and are less likely to volunteer for HIV testing, researchers say. Southern rural areas also have poor health care access. "In some states, due to limited resources, persons with HIV must become considerably ill before obtaining access to necessary care," the report said."

Black Women Outpacing Black Men, Census Says  4/25/03 BET: "Black women are outpacing Black men in jobs and education, according to the Census Department's latest report on the African American population. Released today at the gathering in Houston of the nation's African American mayors, the report, "The Black Population in the United States," is a sweeping look at the demographic and socioeconomic state of Black Americans as of 2002. It sheds light on African Americans' education, family life and economic well-being."

DALLAS POLICE OFFICER INDICTED ON MULTIPLE CHARGES OF CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS  4/25/03 Department of Justice: "The charges are related to an ongoing federal investigation of several former paid Dallas Police Department police informants who fabricated and planted counterfeit drugs on innocent persons in the Dallas area. The planted substances were later determined to be either crushed billiard chalk packaged to resemble powder cocaine or a chemical concoction packaged to resemble methamphetamine. Three of the former informants previously pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate civil rights and are cooperating in the federal investigation."

Some racial progress found - Author to tell NAACP it needs a grassroots focus  4/25/03 Detroit Free Press: "Q: What about the progress that has been made in terms of race relations in this country over the last century? A [Manning Marable]: I think you can be moving forward and backwards at the same time. Listen, the good news is that the black middle class has quadrupled in size since the 1960s; the education gap between blacks and whites has narrowed tremendously. In 1964, there were only 100 black elected officials in America. . . . Today there are over 12,000 African Americans that hold elected office. All of this shows progress. But the bad news is that a third of all black households have negative net wealth, and infant-mortality rates show that black babies are dying twice as often as white babies."

New wave of politicians isn't afraid to tap into culture's power  4/25/03 Detroit News: "Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick wears ice in his ear, diamond-studded "mayor" cuff links, often dressing more like an entertainer than a politician. A long-shot mayoral candidate, he drew thousands of young voters to the polls by saying, "Our Future ... Right Here, Right Now," like he meant it. With that, at 31, he became America's youngest big-city mayor and got national buzz. Comedian Chris Rock says he's the "hip-hop mayor" and loosely based "Head of State," a film about the first black president, on his career."

Texas Agent Indicted After Hearing to Review '99 Drug Sting  4/25/03 NYT: "A former undercover narcotics agent whose testimony led to drug convictions of 38 people, nearly all of them black, in a small, predominantly white Texas Panhandle town was indicted yesterday on three felony perjury charges, a development further damaging the credibility of his investigation."

Racial Bias in Executions Cited as Amnesty International Calls for Moratorium  4/25/03 Republicons 

Painting homeland terrorism black  4/25/03 Working for Change: "The late-March grenade attack in Iraq by an African American Muslim, Sgt. Asan Akbar, which killed two and wounded several others, set off a maelstrom of right-wing criticism of black Muslims in the US. In a recent column, Michelle Malkin sees the sin of political correctness lurking behind the attack: "Sgt. Akbar is not the only MSWA - Muslim soldier with attitude - suspected of infiltrating our military, endangering our troops and undermining national security." She concludes that "Not one more American, soldier or civilian, must be sacrificed at the altar of multiculturalism, diversity, open borders, and tolerance of the murderous 'attitude' of Jihad." "

Thursday  4/24/03

Mobilizing the Hip-Hop Generation  4/24/03 Alternet 

USA: New report shows racist bias in death sentencing  4/24/03 Amnesty International 

Parenting while Black  4/24/03 Amsterdam News: "Six years ago representatives of the Administration for Children's Services (ACS) took Jones' daughter and son from her. She was charged with neglect and abandoning them, though they were home alone less than an hour. ''It all stems from an argument I was having with the landlord to unstop my bathtub,'' she said in a recent interview. ''After repeated reports and their refusal to do anything about it, I called the Department of Health. From then on it was one argument after another,'' Jones continued. ''One morning I left for work an hour before my children, and someone from management saw it and called the ACS. They went to my children's schools and took them without any investigation. Nothing was done to determine if they had been tardy or had a record of being delinquent.'' "

One on One with Tavis Smiley  4/24/03 Atlanta Tribune: "Journalist Tavis Smiley talks politics and the perils of black folks living in a war economy."

Speaking truth to power: Tavis Smiley visits Cleveland  4/24/03 Ohio City News: "Smiley has received a host of honors, including the NAACP Image Award for “Best News Talk or Information Series,” which he won three years in a row. He also garnered the Congressional Black Caucus’ “Harold Washington Award,” in 2000. Other honors include the Brotherhood Crusade’s 2001 “Walter Bremond Pioneer of African American Achievement Award” and the “Los Angeles Press Club Headliner Award.” In addition to hosting the “Tavis Smiley Show” for years on BET, Smiley regularly adds his signature, rapid-fire, commentary style to the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” where he offers insightful political and social commentary. He is also a contributing editor for CNN and serves as an ABC-TV special correspondent for Good Morning America and Primetime Thursday. In addition, he has provided analysis on everything from Bill Maher’s now-defunct Politically Incorrect, the Today Show, and World News Tonight with Peter Jennings."

Wage a Crusade, Not Lawsuits, Against Black Violence  4/24/03 Pacific News: "A recent NAACP lawsuit against gun makers will do nothing to stop black-on-black violence, writes PNS contributor Earl Ofari Hutchinson. Black leaders shy away from real solutions for fear of bolstering racist stereotypes -- yet a full crusade against raging black violence must be waged."

Professor Boubacar Barry: African Educator In A Changing Society  4/24/03 Philadelphia New Observer: "Islam has become a major factor in global politics in the minds of a growing number of Americans. More information on the religion is being sought by members of diverse communities. The recent colloque devoted to “Islam, Society and the State in West Africa,” contributed immeasurably in filling the information gap. Held at Rutgers University under the auspices of the Center for African Studies, this two day event attracted a number of outstanding scholars in the field."

The Good, Bad And Downright Absurd Of The Check Cashing Industry How An Inner-City Fail Safe Became Its Greatest Victimizer  4/24/03 Philadelphia New Observer: "As American banks devise harsher and more stringent guidelines for opening accounts, the average working-class city dweller (believe it or not) is either ineligible to acquire or cannot afford the services."

Wednesday  4/23/03

Social Security Revamp May Hurt Minorities  4/23/03 AP: "Minorities are greatly helped by disability and survivor benefits in the Social Security system and would be hurt by an overhaul that instead linked benefits mostly to contributions, congressional auditors say."

Amid learning, racial fears  4/23/03 Baltimore Sun: "Edgewater: Slurs and death threats at a predominantly white high school in Anne Arundel County have alarmed black parents and students."

Black Caucus Calls For Senator Fowler's Resignation  4/23/03 Channel 9, Chattanooga: "On Monday, during debate on a lottery amendment that would allow a $1,000 low-income supplement, here's what Senator Fowler had to say. “Who are we going to write the checks to? Are we just going to write checks so they can snort it up their nose or buy kegs?” The inflamatory quote has been widely reported and today a legislative Black Caucus held a news conference. Nearly a dozen lawmakers called for the resignation or censure of Senator Fowler."

How labor can hold back invisible hand of market  4/23/03 Philadelphia Inquirer: "Gillespie was defending his unions against a somewhat different complaint: that 40 years after the civil rights movement, in a city with a large, politically active African American population, the number of blacks in the building-trade ranks remains noticeably low."

Hip-Hop's Islamic Influence  4/23/03 San Jose Mercury News 

Minority health-care numbers down  4/23/03 Tennessean 

Tuesday  4/22/03

N.C. lobbyists bristle at survey of race, sex  4/22/03 News Observer, NC 

First Black War Casualty Is Buried  4/22/03 NNPA 

Monday  4/21/03

Official alleges profiling in war on terror  4/21/03 AP: "The NAACP's chief operating officer and South Carolina native says black Americans are nervous about the war on terrorism because of racial profiling."

Rap under wrap  4/21/03 Daily Review, CA: "The issue of music censorship has boiled to the surface in the Bay Area, home to some of the loudest anti-war and anti-Bush voices in the rap world. Local hip-hop musicians such as Paris, an emcee who lives in the Tri-Valley area, say that musicians who attempt to voice anti-establishment points of view face a different type of censorship than was faced by generations past. He calls this new censorship "omission." "

Conference Against Criminal Injustice In New York Ci  4/21/03 Global Black News 

Leave Iraq before U.S. becomes too invested  4/21/03 USA Today: by DeWayne Wickham

WAR DIARY Day 6—Thursday, April 10, 2003  4/21/03 Wave Community Newspapers: "When it came to reporters who would be asking questions, I was still the only fly in a bowl of buttermilk."

Sunday  4/20/03

African Americans Break Billion-Dollar Barrier  4/20/03 Black Enterprise 

Ethnic but not Racial Diversity Prevails at War Headquarters by George E. Curry  4/20/03 Black Press USA: "But when Army Brig. Gen. Vincent Brooks, An African-American, looked into the audience to call on reporters last week, there was only one who shared his racial heritage—me. That’s not a tribute to me or my news organization—it’s an indictment of the American news media."

Ruling Against Black Officers Calls Wiretapping Suit Baseless  4/20/03 NYT: "A federal judge in Manhattan has dismissed a lawsuit by a group of black police officers who accused the Police Department of illegally monitoring their political activities by wiretapping phones."

Pride Goeth Before the Fall  4/20/03 Rainbow/Push 

The Best Kind of Affirmative Action: Remove the Bullseye from African Americans  4/20/03 Tribune Media Services: "The damning fact is that while blacks make up 13 percent of drug users, they account for 37 percent of those arrested on drug charges, 55 percent of those convicted and 74 percent of all drug offenders sentenced to prison."

Friday  4/18/03

Black Caucus may try to delay 3.0 requirement  4/18/03 Tennessean: "Members of the legislature's Black Caucus are trying to find a way to make lottery-funded college scholarships available to students from failing schools, possibly by delaying the adoption of a 3.0 minimum grade-point average requirement."

Thursday  4/17/03

GREGORY KANE: A love that’s lost, or never was  4/17/03 AP: "There have been quite a few changes around here since Muhammad Ali gained worldwide popularity — especially in the Muslim and Arab world — by converting to Islam and refusing to fight in the Vietnam War. The man Ali follows these days, W. D. Muhammad, is quite different from the man he followed then: Elijah Muhammad. W. D. Muhammad leads a group of predominantly African American Muslims who consider themselves loyal citizens of the United States. (How they may feel about the war with Iraq may be another matter.) Those Arabs who figure that all blacks think like Ali or King or Jackson need to get the memo: we don’t all look alike. We don’t all think alike, either. African Americans shouldn’t be surprised to learn that there may be some Arabs who really believe we all do look alike. A friend of mine from Detroit, an African American woman, said an Arab immigrant once told her that in his country, she’d still be a slave. Now, apparently, African Americans will get the same treatment from Arabs that black Africans have traditionally received. The truth is the love might not actually be gone. Maybe it never really existed."

White supremacist faces murder-for-hire charge  4/17/03 AP: "Seace, who belongs to the supremacist group Aryan Nations, is on parole from state prison for burglary, authorities said. Federal officials refused to identify the inmate whom Seace allegedly was willing to kill, saying to do so could endanger the man and his family. FBI agents arrested Seace on Tuesday night after he allegedly accepted a firearm. He had identified himself to a secret government informant as a "domestic terrorist," said Joseph N. Laplante, an assistant U.S. attorney. Laplante said he could not comment on what led investigators to Seace or who had attempted to hire Seace to kill the prisoner. He did say Seace's supremacist ties were relevant to the investigation. Seace is listed as a contact on a Web site for the Eastern Region of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian, an Aryran Nations group."

Wanted: More black faces on campuses - African-American student recruited for Georgia colleges  4/17/03 Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Reclaiming heritage lost to slavery  4/17/03 Baltimore Sun: "With cells collected from simple cheek swabs, individual DNA can be compared with samples from as many as 75 West African ethnic groups - people living in countries that range from Senegal to Angola and as far inland as the Central African Republic, Mali and Niger. Kittles, a Howard University microbiologist, joined forces with business consultant Gina Paige to start African Ancestry, a service to help African-Americans rediscover some of the ethnic ties that slavers replaced with chains."

DEWAYNE WICKHAM: Race Matters in war and peace  4/17/03 Black America Web: "Consider this: Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Chicago recently sent 5,000 resumes to 1,250 employers in Boston and Chicago who advertised job openings in a local newspaper. All of the black applicants were given black-sounding names – like Shoshana Johnson. The resumes with white-sounding names got 50 percent more responses that those that sounded black, despite the fact the qualifications and backgrounds listed in both sets of resumes were comparable, the researchers discovered."

The torture of Black Tulia  4/17/03 Black Commentator: scroll down - "Anti-drug law activists say that the 46 men and women arrested in 1999 were victims of a "senseless" drug war run amuck. That explanation fits the bare facts of the case, but is not the essential truth. Black Tulia was viciously assaulted because white Tulia wanted it to happen. Larry Stewart, the elected Sheriff who hired Coleman, is still on the job. That's proof enough of white Tulia's intent."

Clearing the air: Seale speaks about the Black Panther movement  4/17/03 Challenge Group 

Revive black areas run by, for blacks - Music mogul pushing vision in South Philly  4/17/03 Philadelphia Inquirer: "Gamble, 59, the Philadelphia music legend turned developer, notes that before the civil-rights movement, there were thriving African-American communities where "all kinds of people" came to enjoy black food, music and clubs. "We created a community for ourselves. That's the reason why I think the integration movement was not well-thought out, because you devastated the black community," said Gamble."

Blacks trying to derail new Ga. flag bill  4/17/03 Tallahassee Democrat 

Wednesday  4/16/03

Reconstructing Iraq, Northern Ireland and Black America  4/16/03 Amsterdam News: "In addition to supporting the permanency of the Patriot Act, the Justice Department has recently authored the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003. Among other things, the United States will be allowed to arbitrarily, capriciously and summarily strip anyone of citizenship rights, including persons born in the United States. All citizens will be potential aliens. Forecasting who will be the targets of this unprecedented legislation is easier than adding two plus two. Which ethnic group is disproportionately assigned to death row? Which group occupies the most jail cells in the criminal justice system? Which group has four times more males in prison than in college? The natural consequence of stripping a person of American citizenship is deportation. Currently, an American citizen is not subject to a deportation proceeding. Ashcroft is reviving a proposal for a “Back to Africa” movement. This time it will be wholly involuntary."

GOP in no rush to shed 'bigot' label  4/16/03 Atlanta Journal Consitution 

In black press, war skepticism runs high  4/16/03 Boston Globe: "Although there has been debate in the mainstream media over the wisdom and tactics of the fighting in Iraq, many black journalists and commentators - reflecting a black America that, polls said, was overwhelmingly opposed to going to war - have been considerably more outspoken and skeptical about the decision that put US troops onto a Middle East battlefield."

Student leaders vote to criticize e-mail  4/16/03 Herald News. Chicago: "Rossel, a 67-year-old semi-retired professor who works in the university's nursing department, sent him a private reply, saying that while affirmative action is "relevant," it is not a priority during wartime. What angered Bailey, and subsequently students, was Rossel's use of "you and your kind" in her correspondence. "When you and your kind are dying from anthrax or small pox, will it give you peace of mind to know that there is an affirmative action program in place?" she wrote to Bailey, who is black. "When you are dying you won't need an affirmative action program. You and your kind need to reprioritize the issues." "

Passing democracy through generations  4/16/03 Kansas City Star: by Lewis Diuguid, member of the Trotter Group

M.D. blames politics for health-care disparities  4/16/03 Tennessean: "Watkins said minorities are 10% less likely to be diagnosed with an emergency heart situation, 30% less likely to be tested for artery blockage, 40% less likely to be treated with angioplasty and 50% less likely to undergo cardiac surgery. He said recruiting more minority doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals is the solution to the problem, and in an interview before his address he said the primary threat to their recruitment is a national conservatism that favors eliminating affirmative action. He told the TSU gathering he was ''disappointed'' with President Bush for supporting a rollback of affirmative action admission policies at the University of Michigan."

The Gantt Report  4/16/03 Westside Gazette, FL: "Governor Jeb Bush thinks he is doing the right thing by appointing African-Americans to Secretarial, Department Head and other lofty positions in state government. Jeb's intent is good but the people he hired have a lot of love for the Republican administration and a lot of hatred for Black Floridians!"

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