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Archive: 4/1/03 - 4/15/03

Tuesday  4/15/03

African-American Muslim Admits Supporting Taliban  4/15/03 BET 

DeLand’s former police chief says racism still alive  4/15/03 Daytona Beach News Journal: "DeLand's former police chief cautioned other blacks who take on leadership posts to be prepared for a less-than-warm reception once they make it to the top. "Racism is still alive and well," said William Anderson, the city's first black police chief who resigned in January in a swirl of controversy. "You won't see it, but you'll definitely feel it." "

More wars ahead, Americans think  4/15/03 IHT: "There has, not unusually for a president at a time of war, been a jump in Bush's approval rating - it is now at 73 percent - while Americans overwhelmingly approve his handling of foreign affairs. . But there are also indications that at least as of now, the Democrats are not in as strong a position as many had hoped on the issue on which they hope to retake the White House - the economy. . In fact, Americans are exactly divided, 42 percent to 42 percent, on which party would do a better job in managing the economy. And there has been a 7-point jump since January, to 54 percent, in the number of Americans who said they had confidence in Bush's ability to make the right decisions about the economy, even as they express concern about its performance under the president. . The improving view of his capacity to manage the economy might be a function of the overall jump in Americans' view of him because of the battle in Iraq."

Monday  4/14/03

Feds Promote Prison Racial Disparities  4/14/03 Alternet: By Earl Ofari Hutchinson - "Attorney General John Ashcroft vehemently defends the feds tough lock-'em-up policy, and insists that most of those whom the feds slap behind bars are not non-violent, drug petty offenders but the big time drug kings. But a Justice Department study of federal drug offenders refutes this. Nearly half of those charged in federal courts for drug offenses had no prior convictions. For a significant number of drug offenders it was their first arrest. Less than one percent of those jailed and prosecuted by the feds fit the profile of drug lords."

War against Iraq Showcases Top Black Leadership  4/14/03 Amsterdam News: by George Curry

Iraq war, reconstruction stir debate among African-Americans - Reaction to Marine's death shows divisions, especially in families of U.S. troops  4/14/03 Baltimore Sun 

Putting a price tag on the toll of Tulsa's past  4/14/03 CS Monitor: "Churches have sprung up, and parks, too, but ghosts of May 31, 1921, linger in Greenwood. At the time, it was the most affluent African-American community, known by many as Black Wall Street…"

Sunday  4/13/03

Conference weighs problems of blacks  4/13/03 Boston Globe: "Discussions during the second annual, ''21st Century Black Massachusetts Conference: A Call to Action,'' appeared to take on a greater sense of urgency yesterday because of the state's fiscal crisis, which has begun to sap aid programs… The conference, featuring black celebrities, politicians, business leaders, and educators, attracted thousands to the Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center over the weekend, where panel discussions ranged from issues hurting black communities -- such as the poor economy and single parenthood -- to whether blacks have effectively addressed problems in their own neighborhoods. Speakers included presidential candidate the Rev. Al Sharpton, television judge Greg Mathis, and nationally syndicated radio talk show host Russ Parr."

Eight Days in Doha, Qatar—Day 3 By: George E. Curry  4/13/03 Windy City Word, IL 

Saturday  4/12/03

George Curry on the scene in Iraq  4/12/03 Baltimore Afro-American 

Friday  4/11/03

Fla. chief told to apologize for race remark  4/11/03 AP: "The police chief in this Florida Panhandle town has been ordered to apologize for telling a 17-year-old white girl she should stay away from black men. The city's Civil Service Board on Thursday directed Chief John Ferrick to write letters to the girl, her mother and a friend who also was present March 13 when he made the statement. They had gone to Ferrick to complain that the girl's former boyfriend, who is black, had beaten her."

Democrats break ranks in vote - 5 members of black caucus side with GOP on budget  4/11/03 Beacon Journal 

DEWAYNE WICKHAM: Brooks must earn black respect  4/11/03 Black America Web 

Supreme Court Grapples with University of Michigan Affirmative Action Plans by George E. Curry  4/11/03 Black Press USA 

Holiday vote leaves little choice, MLK advocates say  4/11/03 Greenville News, SC: "Greenville County employees will get to vote later this year on five of the 10 holidays the county will observe. But one prospect — picking Confederate Memorial Day over Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday — threatens to rain controversy back on the county, leaders said Thursday. Supporters of a holiday honoring King are worried that if employees choose Confederate Memorial Day, it would plunge the county into worse conflict and strife."

Ex-Panther says racism is still here  4/11/03 Middletown Press, CT 

Couple charged with forced labor  4/11/03 Telegraph, NH: "A Litchfield couple was indicted Wednesday on charges they violated federal peonage and slavery laws after they allegedly lied about wages to be paid to four Jamaican men they brought to New Hampshire to work. Timothy H. Bradley, 43, owner of Bradley Tree Service and Kathleen O’Dell, 48, both residents of 21 Pinecrest Road, are also charged with physically abusing two of the men and limiting their freedom. The couple, who brought the men to the state to work for Bradley’s business, face lengthy federal prison sentences and thousands of dollars in fines if convicted."

Study: 20 percent of war deaths are blacks  4/11/03 Times Record News: "Nearly a fifth of the fatalities among U.S. troops in the current war in Iraq are black, which will be the highest cost African Americans have paid in any of America's wars if the trend continues. There are also indications that Hispanics may be over-represented among the war dead, according to a Scripps Howard News Service study."

Where's the Outrage?  4/11/03 Washington Post: "At this point, Rep. Melvin Watt (D-N.C.) demanded that her words be stricken from the record as inappropriate. You might think that Mrs. Cubin then would have realized she had equated African Americans with drug addicts and apologized as profusely as possible. Instead, she told Mr. Watt, who is African American, that she wanted "to apologize to my colleague for his sensitivities." When Mr. Watt noted, correctly, that it was not a matter of whether his feelings were hurt but of "using words that are insulting to the entire African American race," Mrs. Cubin declined the opportunity to back down. "Mr. Chairman," she said, "I do not withdraw my words." "

Thursday  4/10/03

Judge sentences KKK members to prison, calls them 'domestic terrorists' for burning cross  4/10/03 AP 

Babatunde Olatunji, master drummer, passes  4/10/03 Challenger Group 

Nevada - RACIAL PROFILING: Senate panel kills bill  4/10/03 Las Vegas Review Journal 

Lawmarker’s remarks causes uproar - Congresswoman comments about blacks called ‘offensive’  4/10/03 Reuters 

African-American police supervisors crying foul  4/10/03 WKYC, Cleveland 

J.C. Watts returns home - Popular congressman rare lawmaker who quit job voluntarily  4/10/03 WorldNet Daily: lone Republican goes home.

Auto Loan Companies Sued for Racial Discrimination  4/10/03 Yahoo 

Wednesday  4/9/03

Lawmaker Apologizes for Joke About Blacks  4/9/03 AP: "A three-term legislator apologized to members of the Florida House after making a joke stereotyping blacks as superior basketball players. Rep. Fred Brummer, a white Republican, made the remark to another legislator Tuesday during the House session. He joked that an upcoming legislative basketball game would be unfair because the Democratic team would have all the black legislators."

Jail Rate for Young Blacks Hits All-Time High  4/9/03 BET 

GEORGE CURRY REPORTS ON THE WAR FROM BAGHDAD  4/9/03 Dogon Village: "George Curry is the editor-in-chief of the National Newspaper Publishers Association News Service (NNPA) and His weekly national affairs column is syndicated by NNPA to more than 200 African-American newspapers with a combined readership of 15 million. Prior to joining the NNPA, Curry was editor-in-chief of Emerge: Black America’s Newsmagazine from 1993-2000."

Black Artists Bemoan Whitewashing of Smooth Jazz  4/9/03 Hartford Inquirer 

Service is Family Tradition for Army Brig. Gen. Brooks, Spokesman for Iraqi War  4/9/03 Hartford Inquirer 

Blacks seek more clout  4/9/03 Journal News, Yonkers, NY 

Anti-War Rally Eyes Troubles at Home - Harlemites March  4/9/03 Village Voice: "Last Saturday, demonstrators in Harlem braved hand-numbing cold and rain to raise their voices against the war. Organized by the Black Solidarity Against the War Coalition, the crowd was comprised largely of people of color, and their placards and chants stopped local residents in their tracks. It was the most successful demonstration in the city to date to organize blacks and Latinos against the war."

Hispanics Split Over War in Iraq  4/9/03 Washington Post: "Hispanic Americans are divided over support for the war with Iraq, placing the nation's fastest-growing ethnic group firmly between white Americans who overwhelmingly favor the fighting and African Americans who do not, according to a poll released yesterday by the Washington-based Pew Hispanic Center… Latinos born in the United States were more supportive of the invasion of Iraq than those who immigrated, the survey found. Fifty-two percent of foreign-born Hispanics supported the war, compared with 75 percent of U.S.-born residents. Nearly 40 percent of foreign-born residents and 19 percent of native citizens opposed the war."

Tuesday  4/8/03

Cincinnati: Boycott groups offer new list of demands for blacks  4/8/03 AP 

Number of minorities rising in newsrooms  4/8/03 AP: "The number of minorities in newsrooms has inched up from a year ago, but still lags behind both the national population as a whole and the goal editors have set for themselves, according to a survey by the American Society of Newspaper Editors… Blacks, Asian-Americans, Hispanics and Indians made up 12.5 percent of newsroom staff in 2002 - one-half of a percentage point above the previous year, but well behind the national level of 31.1 percent of the population."

Morris Brown loses appeal, may close as aid evaporates  4/8/03 Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Morris Brown College has lost its fight to stay accredited, a devastating blow that could force the 122-year-old school to close."

Why aren't more blacks protesting the war?  4/8/03 Baltimore Sun: "But even if they had made the effort, and more blacks than whites had died in all of America's wars, blacks would still rush to the military. Rally-round-the-flag patriotism has always been intense among blacks in times of war and crisis in America. During the segregation era, war gave blacks a chance to prove their patriotism and loyalty and strike a big blow against racism. Blacks still suffered Jim Crow segregation, were beaten and even killed, sometimes while still in uniform, when they returned from fighting America's wars. Yet they still believed that things would get better. Though war is no longer a racial litmus test for blacks, the military is still regarded as a ticket out of the ghetto and a chance to learn skills, get a quality education and advance their career."

Hip-Hop Conference Tackles War and Other Issues  4/8/03 BET: "A hip-hop conference at the University of Wisconsin-Madison intends to address the current war with Iraq under the theme of Peace and Anti-Militarism, called "Hip Hop Generation - Hip Hop As A Movement." To punctuate its message, human rights activist and comedian Dick Gregory will deliver the keynote speech at the three-day conference, spanning from April 11-13."

Lenny Kravitz Works With Iraqi On Anti-war song  4/8/03 BET 

ROLAND S. MARTIN: Clarence Thomas must own up to his hypocrisy  4/8/03 Black America Web: "Many legal scholars have said that Justices Anthony Kennedy and Sandra Day O'Connor are the swing votes in the case. It should come as no surprise that Thomas is expected to side with the plaintiffs. The issue of each man or woman having his own opinion on the matter is just fine with me, but it deeply troubles me that Thomas has benefited from affirmative action for most of his collegiate and professional life, yet now when he assumes one of the most prestigious jobs in the country, he chooses to forget what helped him get to that level, and instead, will cast a vote to close the door on future Clarence Thomases."

TONYAA WEATHERSBEE: Military service: Not for men only  4/8/03 Black America Web: "So many black women are joining the armed forces that their percentage in the military is almost three times higher than their presence in the overall U.S. population. Many of them join because they believe there is less discrimination in the service, Moore said. "I call it economic conscription," said Moore, a former equal opportunity specialist in the Army. "I call it that because many of the black women who go in do it because the economic benefits are greater." "

Court rules cross burning can be crime  4/8/03 Boston Globe 

Davis Speaks Out On Violence Against Women  4/8/03 Sacramento Observer 

Monday  4/7/03

Anglo America and De Beers face multibillion dollar lawsuit for alleged apartheid era abuses  4/7/03 AP: "The suit was filed in a Nevada court, Anglo America's base in the United States, according to Ngcebetsha. It wasn't immediately clear which court in the state was handling the suit."

Black lawmakers say they don't like Georgia flag compromise  4/7/03 AP 

Holiday and Meeropol: PBS film traces roots of 'Strange Fruit'  4/7/03 AP 

O'Connor thinks diverse court is important  4/7/03 AP: "Should diversity on the court be a goal? "It's not for me to say," Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said in an interview with The Associated Press. "But I think it's been desirable from the standpoint of public perceptions of fairness to see a court that includes women and minorities." "

Often overlooked by marketers, black consumers seek own niche  4/7/03 Miami Herald 

Harlem Guard Unit is Prepared for Iraq  4/7/03 NNPA 

Prison Rates Among Blacks Reach a Peak, Report Finds  4/7/03 NYT: "An estimated 12 percent of African-American men ages 20 to 34 are in jail or prison, according to a report released yesterday by the Justice Department. The proportion of young black men who are incarcerated has been rising in recent years, and this is the highest rate ever measured, said Allen J. Beck, the chief prison demographer for the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the statistical arm of the Justice Department."

Supreme Court Gives States Power to Outlaw Some Cross-Burnings  4/7/03 NYT: "The Supreme Court ruled today that states may outlaw cross-burnings that are clearly carried out with the intent to intimidate."

Diversity Or Discrimination? - The Missing U. Michigan Defense  4/7/03 Tom Paine: "Yet one argument was notably absent -- the history and need for race-based remedies in American institutions, such as universities. Lawyers for the University of Michigan studiously avoided the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow and ongoing racism in making their case for a diverse student body. Equal opportunity and the history behind it received far less attention than the minutiae of Michigan's admissions policy, which seeks a "critical mass" of underrepresented minorities."

Iraq war burdens black Americans in many ways  4/7/03 USA Today: by DeWayne Wickham - "Economics certainly has a lot to do with it," agrees Margaret Simms, a senior vice president with the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. "The fact that there is a war that will draw resources means a lot of the things African-Americans need will be put on the back burner." The Bush administration has asked Congress for $75 billion to cover war costs during the next six months. Meanwhile, blacks have an unemployment rate of 10.2% — double that of whites. Nearly 19% of African-Americans didn't have health insurance last year, substantially higher than the U.S. average."

Sunday  4/6/03

Iraq bidder's apartheid past  4/6/03 Guardian, UK: "Fluor Corporation, the US building firm tipped to land a massive reconstruction deal in postwar Iraq, is facing a multibillion-dollar lawsuit claiming ADVERTISEMENT that it exploited and brutalised black workers in apartheid-era South Africa."

Group aims to give voice to blacks  4/6/03 Mail Tribune, OR: "Called Southern Oregonians For African-Americans Rising, the group aims to set up a library of black history, an art gallery of black-oriented art and a theatrical group which can tell the African-American story in schools, churches and night spots, said organizer Dennis Franklin, a state social worker. "The goal is to give African-Americans a voice and a presence and to set up a vehicle for dialogue with a mostly white society that may forget about us, just because there are so few of us," said Franklin, 51, a Medford resident and member of the city’s Multicultural Commission. Blacks make up less than 1 percent of the population in Jackson County, according to the 2000 U.S. Census."

Norm Maleng -- An Undisputable Track Record  4/6/03 Seattle Medium: "I've received many phone calls and e-mails regarding the Robert Thomas, Sr. case. Many people wanting to know if justice will finally find its way into the African American community when it comes to African American males dying due to altercations with local police officers. While many of us waited for the inevitable to occur, the failure of King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng to press criminal charges against King County Deputy Sheriff Melvin Miller, everyone in the community was hoping and praying that some form of justice would be served in this case. But like clock work, Maleng's office announced last Friday that no criminal charges would be filed against Officer Miller."

Iraq war shows up divide between white and black in US  4/6/03 Sydney Morning Herald: "For some blacks, there's an additional complication in all this - what National Public Radio's Tavis Smiley calls the "tricky conversation" regarding Secretary of State Colin Powell and national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, blacks who are among the Bush administration's most visible players in the war. The polls demonstrate that, among black Americans, much anti-war sentiment is directed toward the President - and that the enmity is widely held. "Bush is more of an immediate threat to me," says Quintel Harcum, a 21-year-old philosophy student at Lincoln University, one of America's oldest black universities, tucked into southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. "He's against affirmative action." "

Blacks Seek to Expand Comfort Zone in Boston  4/6/03 Washington Post: "Welcome to the "Friendly Takeover," a sporadic event engineered by local software developer Reggie Cummings to help promote and integrate a city with a tumultuous record on race relations. Via last-minute e-mails, Cummings invites a select group of black professionals essentially to crash Boston venues that need -- as he puts it -- "a little bit of color." They include places from the chic nightspot Vox Populi to the Frog Pond ice rink on Boston Common."

Saturday  4/5/03

Earl Byrd: Is this a holy war for the president, another crusade?  4/5/03 Afro-American Newspapers: "There were reports early on during the war of how White troops were harassing African-American soldiers with Muslim names. A lid was quickly put on that kind of reporting, as if "embedded with the troops" meant putting out only what's written in the script."

Deal Reached on Georgia Flag  4/5/03 AP: "After months of debate on Georgia's flag, state lawmakers struck a compromise today -- a new flag that echoes an old Confederate flag but does not include the divisive Dixie battle emblem. Gov. Sonny Perdue (R), who had proposed a statewide referendum on the flag dispute after his upset victory last November, is endorsing a new design similar to the national flag of the Confederacy -- the "stars and bars" -- rather than the more familiar battle flag."

Boycotters expand the call for sanctions  4/5/03 Cincinnati Inquirer: "The three main groups behind the economic boycott of Cincinnati plan to unveil a list of demands Monday during a special community meeting at New Prospect Baptist Church in Over-the-Rhine. "Cincinnati Sanctions Summit II" is one of two events organized by the Cincinnati Black United Front, Concerned Citizens for Justice and the First Coalition for a Just Cincinnati Inc. to coincide with the fatal shooting of Timothy Thomas and the two-year anniversary of the April 2001 riots."

Mathis urges blacks to new activism  4/5/03 Dayton Daily News: "Blacks who once marched for civil rights now have to march to get blacks to take advantage of the civil rights that black and white people fought for. That irony pointed out by real life and TV Judge Greg Mathis on Friday night was greeted by a standing ovation and shouts of approval from more than 300 who came to the Dayton Convention Center for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s People Helping People event."

Blacks Organize to Fight Pollution  4/5/03 Newsday: "Like Baker, citizens in many poor, black communities around Alabama and the South in recent years have fought companies who have located pollution-spewing industrial plants, hazardous landfills and waste incinerators near homes and schools. Known as "environmental racism," the practice of locating such toxic operations near politically powerless blacks has been stymied by the emerging citizen groups."

Friday  4/4/03

Bringing the War Home  4/4/03 Alternet: "Thirty-six years ago, on April 4, 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King stood in the pulpit of New York's Riverside Church and delivered his first major address against the Vietnam War. "The Americans are forcing their friends into becoming their enemies," King said. "It is curious that Americans, who calculate so carefully on the possibilities of military victory, do not realize that in the process they are incurring deep psychological and political defeat. The image of America will never again be the image of freedom, democracy and revolution, but the image of militarism and defeat." "

Iraq War Protesters Join MLK March  4/4/03 AP:  "The truest kind of patriotism is to challenge your country to do the right thing," Joseph Lowery, a former King associate and longtime civil rights leader, told more than 3,500 people gathered for a memorial service for King following the march. "Of course we support our troops. Don't let anybody insult you by saying because you're opposed to the policy that you don't support the troops. And the best support we can give is bringing them home alive."

A CALL TO APRIL 4TH BLACK SOLIDARITY AGAINST THE WAR WE SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE  4/4/03 Black Against War: "The entire Black community must speak with one voice, and demonstrate the power of Black people united. We are calling for Black Solidarity Against the War!"

Come Back Home to NCB  4/4/03 Black Enterprise: "Billionaire Lee-Chin celebrates ongoing transformation of bank into state-of-the-art financial institution, urges other Jamaicans to give back."

Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence By Rev. Martin Luther King  4/4/03 Black Voices for Peace: "Speech delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on April 4, 1967, at a meeting of Clergy and Laity Concerned at Riverside Church in New York City."

Professor, recruiter face off at Umass  4/4/03 Boston Globe: a disturbing trend - the article has inaccuracies, but is fair. Professor Van Der Meer is at Africana Studies and was jumped by Campus Security while verbally intervening to protect a student from a rabid military recruiter.

35th Anniversary of King Assassination brings memories of COINTELPRO  4/4/03 Milwaukee Courier 

NAACP Promotes Brandon Neal To National Youth And College Director  4/4/03 NAACP: "Kweisi Mfume, President and CEO, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), today announced the promotion of Brandon T. Neal to National Director of the Youth & College Division. Previously Neal served as Mid-Atlantic Youth Field Director and National Youth Council Coordinator from the national headquarters in Baltimore."

North Utah Faces Influx of Racists  4/4/03 NYT: "Law enforcement officials here and in other towns in northern Utah say they are grappling with a marked increase in crimes committed by men who joined white supremacist gangs while in prison and who, once released and bound by ideology and kinship, have settled in the area to pursue lives of crime. "They're connecting with people of like mind," said Greg Whinham, the police chief here in Roy, an Ogden suburb of about 35,000 residents between the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake. "The mentality of white supremacy is rampant in the prison system, and now we're seeing it in the streets." …Kirk Egan, the intelligence chief for the Utah Department of Corrections, tracks gang members among the system's approximately 6,000 inmates. "White supremacy has absolutely exploded within our prison system since the mid-1990's," he said. "And it's growing all over the nation." Gangs on the rise include the Aryan Circle and the White Aryan Resistance, in Arkansas; the Southern Brotherhood, in Alabama; the Nazi Low Riders, in California and Nevada; and Soldiers of the Aryan Culture, in Utah. One of the largest white prison gangs, World Church of the Creator, founded in Illinois and active here and in other states, has been tough to control, the authorities say, because of its religious underpinnings, which allow its members to gather for meetings in prison."

Affirmative Action Protestors Descend on U.S. Supreme Court  4/4/03 The Hoya, Goergetown University, DC 

Working to make black saints known  4/4/03 The State, South Carolina: "Although many saints are black and come from Africa — St. Martin de Porres, St. Moses the Black and St. Benedict the Moor — they largely have been overshadowed by white saints, said Deacon Daniel Vincent, head of Black Catholic Ministries for the Archdiocese of New Orleans."

Thursday  4/3/03

Sharpton Makes Appeal to Iraqi Ambassador  4/3/03 AP: "The Rev. Al Sharpton met with the Iraqi ambassador to the United Nations on Thursday to make what he called a moral appeal to the Iraqi government that no harm come to American prisoners of war."

State settles bias case  4/3/03 Baltimore Sun: "The state Board of Public Works approved a settlement yesterday of a racial profiling lawsuit against the Maryland State Police, ending a legal battle that began a decade ago when an African-American lawyer was stopped by a trooper in Cumberland and his car searched for drugs. Under the terms of the settlement, state troopers must videotape traffic stops, document the race of each motorist they stop and search, and distribute brochures explaining motorists' constitutional rights."

House votes to study racial profiling  4/3/03 Beacon News: "Urged on by minority lawmakers' personal stories of tense encounters with police, the Illinois House voted Wednesday to study racial profiling in traffic stops."

Students spend the night on steps of Court to fight for affirmative action  4/3/03 Black America Web: "Briones, a native of El Paso, entered the University of Texas a year after the ruling and saw it’s aftermath, noting that minority enrollment dropped 40 percent from the previous year."

NASCAR Urged to Stop Financial Support of Jesse Jackson  4/3/03 Black News: "A conservative group is urging the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing or NASCAR to end its financial support of Jesse Jackson's organizations because of his recent anti-war activities. "NASCAR's support for our troops is undercut by your support for Jackson, which includes substantial monetary contributions, at a time when Jackson is leading anti-war protests, even in foreign countries," Peter Flaherty, president of the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), wrote in an open letter to the head of NASCAR."

Rally Backs Affirmative Action  4/3/03 Cormell Daily Sun 

SBA-Backed Loans to Small Businesses Up Sharply  4/3/03 Entrepreneur: "The growth in the number of loans to minorities, women and veterans also was pronounced. Overall, loans to small businesses owned by minorities increased by 42.1 percent, from 5,972 through March 2002 to 8,486 through March 2003. Within that total, loans to African Americans increased by 68.2 percent, loans to Hispanic Americans increased by 40.6 percent, loans to Asian Americans increased by 33.1 percent, and loans to Native Americans increased by 26.7 percent."

Locally, nationally, most Blacks do not support war  4/3/03 Minnesota Spokesman Recorder 

Army Questions Spearhead Mom  4/3/03 Rolling Stones: "But first, on March 16th, across the country in Boston, the mother of the group's human beatbox Radioactive received a visit from two plainclothes Army officers. "She'd spoken in an interview about her daughter who has been deployed in the Gulf, and her son who is in this band Spearhead," says Spearhead frontman Michael Franti. "They showed her a picture of her son wearing a t-shirt that said 'Unfuck the world' on the front, and 'Dethrone the Bushes' on the back. They told her that was an un-American statement. She said, 'That's free speech,' and they said, 'Well, things are changing these days.'" "

South Carolina: Legislative Black Caucus Meeting Focuses on Appropriations Bill, Health Care and Judicial Races  4/3/03 South Carolina Black Media 

Group joins D.C. affirmative action rally  4/3/03 The Ithican 

Wednesday  4/2/03

War challenges racism  4/2/03 African American News & Issues: “Many African Americans were understandably ambivalent about World War II. Black Americans who had committed themselves wholeheartedly to the “war for democracy” returned from World War I to find the Klan marching in Washington and segregation undiminished. Now the government asked them to risk their lives in a war against Nazi racism abroad, while in many parts of their own country, American law forced them into separate and distinctly unequal facilities. Even the armed forces, within which African-Americans were supposed to strike their blows for democracy, maintained strict segregation, with African-Americans generally relegated to service and support jobs."

BAW coverage of the Mich. affirmative action case  4/2/03 BAW 

Many rally to support race-based admissions  4/2/03 Boston Globe: "A throng of thousands jammed the street between the US Capitol and the Supreme Court yesterday, as the court's nine justices listened to oral arguments in affirmative action cases that have intensified the debate on the use of race in hiring and college admissions."

Supreme Court Ignores University of Michigan’s Racism  4/2/03 BPUSA 

Black Soldier Tried To Balance Muslim, Army  4/2/03 NNPA 

Supreme Court Grapples with University of Michigan Affirmative Action Plans  4/2/03 NNPA 

Hawks and doves shocked and awed into silence in the case of Sgt. Akbar - by James C. McIntosh, M.D.  4/2/03 SF Bay View 

Florida's Boynton Beach and Delray Beach ''I Have A Dream''® Projects Takeover Nationwide  4/2/03 Weekly Challenger 

Hundreds Pack Council Chambers For Discussion On Collaborative  4/2/03 WPCO, Cincinnati: "An explosive day at Cincinnati City Council as hundreds pack council chambers to protest a motion to dismiss lawyers representing the Black United Front from the historic collaborative agreement. The Black United Front has made it clear they want out of the agreement to continue pursuing the boycott on Cincinnati."

Tuesday  4/1/03


TONYAA WEATHERSBEE: Boycotting for revenge, not justice  4/1/03 BAW: "Fresh off the heels of that great Republican congressional campaign to change the name of French fries to freedom fries on the cafeteria menus in the House of Representatives, Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., decided it was his turn to up the anti-French ante. Last week, he sent a letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld urging him to terminate a contract between the U.S. government and Sodexho Alliance, a French company."

Black Musicians Respond To The War In Song  4/1/03 BET: "A host of Black musicians have recorded songs in response to the war. Most are opposed to the conflict, but there's some notable dissent."

Blacks in Congress do not support war  4/1/03 Final Call: "When the final votes were tallied in the House of Representatives on a resolution expressing support and appreciation for both the President and members of the armed forces for the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) were once again the leaders of the loyal opposition."

Affirmative Action Arguments Pile Up  4/1/03 Guardian, UK 

Court's lack of diversity reflects minorities' struggle to reach top  4/1/03 Knight Ridder: by the only African American covering the Supreme Court, Stephen Henderson, according to Black America Web,

War troubles black community  4/1/03 Miami Herald: "In three national opinion polls released last week, blacks were as much as three times as likely as whites to oppose the U.S. decision to go to war. American Hispanics are more likely to support the war effort than blacks, but less so than whites. Blacks make up about 21 percent of U.S. military personnel -- a disproportionate rate considering they make up 13 percent of the population. About 15 percent are in the infantry, 18 percent in armored services and 36 percent in support services."

How the Gender Gap is Affecting African-American Households  4/1/03 NNPA: "Today’s black woman isn’t the black woman of old. For some black Americans, particularly black women, these are the best of times. Almost 50 percent of blacks own homes and employment has gone up sharply among black females. The African-American middle-class is growing, and its median annual household income has surpassed $33,500. The economic emergence of the black female is changing the economics of the black household. Nowadays, black men trail black women in educational success. That gap is widening, as is the economic clout black women are gaining with their education."

Showdown Over Affirmative Action? High Court Considers Race as Factor in University Admissions  4/1/03 NPR: "U.S. Supreme Court justices begin debate Tuesday on a case many observers consider to be the most important civil rights case in a generation."

Not All Blacks Say 'No' to Iraq War  4/1/03 Pacific News: "Stereotypes of African Americans as eternally bitter social rebels as well as polls showing great Black antiwar sentiment miss large, patriotic and pro-war segments of the Black community. Blacks, too, are fiercely debating the pros and cons of war in Iraq, writes PNS contributor Earl Ofari Hutchinson."

Commentary on the War  4/1/03 Trotter Group: "Bookmark this page for the latest commentary on the war from members of the Trotter Group."

Black college students need to 'make some noise'  4/1/03 USA Today: "The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments today in the University of Michigan's affirmative action case, the outcome of which could be a major strategic and psychological defeat for civil rights activists. But Lewis, a Georgia Democratic congressman now in his ninth two-year term, thinks that what happens outside the high court today ultimately may have a greater impact on this nation than the decision it soon will render in the Michigan case. Thousands of college students -- many of them from historically black higher-education institutions -- are expected to clog the streets outside the Supreme Court. They will rally in support of Michigan's use of race as one of many factors to determine who is admitted to its undergraduate program and law school. ''This reminds me of another period in our history, when black students took part in the sit-ins and freedom rides,'' Lewis said during a telephone interview. He ought to know. Back in the early 1960s, Lewis headed the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. The group's members, who came largely from the campuses of black colleges, were the storm troopers in the fight against the South's Jim Crow practices. They held sit-ins at restaurants that refused to serve blacks, rode buses throughout the South to challenge segregated services in interstate transportation and marched in support of the right of African-Americans to register and vote."

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