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Black America News
Archive: 2/04-3/04

Wednesday  3/31/04

"That magnificent 'Gen'ral Moses' - Harriet Tubman" by Mumia Abu-Jamal  3/31/04 SF Bay View 

Tuesday  3/30/04

Michigan Town Facing Racial Tensions  3/30/04 AP: "When a 13-year-old black student was accused of bringing a loaded gun to school, his apparent reason shocked residents: The teen said he wanted to fend off racial harassment. The incident last month, followed by a similar one less than two weeks later involving a knife, has provoked soul-searching about how this bedroom community just outside the city of Saginaw has dealt with diversity."

Slave owner insurance - 200 years on  3/30/04 BBC: "Descendants of black American slaves are suing London's oldest insurance firm, Lloyd's of London, for compensation for allegedly underwriting the ships used in the slave trade. The case will throw a strange light on one of the atrocities of modern times."

National Black Agenda Convention explores needs of Black people  3/30/04 Final Call 

LA: African-American Victim Of Alleged Hate Crimes  3/30/04 NBC 

Monday  3/29/04

Slave Descendants File $1B Lawsuit  3/29/04 AP: "Descendants of slaves filed a $1 billion lawsuit Monday against U.S. and British corporations, accusing them of profiting by committing genocide against their ancestors. Lawyers for the eight plaintiffs said the complaint was the first slave reparations lawsuit to use DNA to link the plaintiffs to Africans who suffered atrocities during the slave trade."

Marvin Gaye's Legacy Looms Large 20 Years Later  3/29/04 Black America Web 

Sunday  3/28/04

Judge Pickering Denies Racism  3/28/04 CBS 

Group wants to reach outbridge gap  3/28/04 Houston Chronicle: "But on that piece of land, a group of mostly Pakistani Muslims hopes to start something new. There will be a soup kitchen first, and then an Islamic learning center and a library. If all goes well, the center will become the model for a plan to build bridges between immigrant Muslims and African-Americans."

Clarke fends off White House dirty tricks  3/28/04 Independent, UK: "By the end of April 2001 - only three months later - the first annual terrorism report issued by the Bush administration made scant mention of al-Qa'ida. A senior State Department official told CNN at the time that the Clinton administration "made a mistake in focusing so much energy on bin Laden". "

Saturday  3/27/04

Report on black America: Disparities abound between blacks and other americans  3/27/04 Griot: "Black Americans are less likely than white Americans to own homes, don't earn as much as whites, don't live as long, and don't do as well in school, according to a report by the National Urban League."

Friday  3/26/04

Past Imperfect: Outkasts and Indians  3/26/04 Africana: "In the crucible of American history, Africans and Native Americans share a kindred experience. But we share an equally long tradition of conflict and contempt."

A Whitewash of In-Your-Face Racism in Detroit  3/26/04 Black America Web 

Thursday  3/25/04

Why Black Leaders are Stone Silent on Wal-Mart Abuses  3/25/04 Black Commentator: "In 2000, Wal-Mart began heavily courting the NAACP. It doled out $300,000 to the NAACP."

Tuesday  3/23/04

Double Setback for Justice Seekers  3/23/04 BWT: "It was a double setback this week for Black Americans seeking justice. Last Friday, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a judge dismissed a lawsuit filed in 2003 in which survivors and descendants of those killed in the Tulsa Riot in 1921 sought reparations for lost property. On Monday, in Cincinnati, police involved in the death of Nathaniel Jones were cleared of any criminal charges. Jones, 41, died last November after a fracas with several police officers who claimed he assaulted them when they tried to subdue him. A videotape of the incident, with the police repeatedly plummeting the 350-pound Jones with their night sticks, was reminiscent of the beating Rodney King endured."

Monday  3/22/04

Fired `Apprentice' star Omarosa stands by claims of racism  3/22/04 AP 

School chief ordered to apologize again for comments to black  3/22/04 AP 

Black Celebrities are backing Candidates with Dollars  3/22/04 Black America Web 

Sunday  3/21/04

BBC Black Radio host fired for being too ‘intellectual’  3/21/04 Final Call: "Accusing the station of failing to address the issues affecting the Afro-Caribbean community and not providing substantive alternatives for Black people to listen to, Mr. Bonsu, an Oxford graduate, was host of the Sunday night show GLR since September of last year. He has interviewed prominent figures within the Black community, such as Winston Silcott, known for his conviction for the murder of Police Constable Keith Blakelock being overturned in 1991, as well as Professor Tony Martin, author of the book, "The Jewish Onslaught," about the Jewish role in the Black Holocaust."

Black Ivy League students under attack  3/21/04 Final Call: "Columbia University is now on damage control, as Black members of its student body, local activists and the general public assembled at a local church to protest a growing number of racially-charged incidents on campus. In December, the school’s marching band distributed flyers that asked, "Who needs ethnic studies?" On the flyers were pictures of Michael Jackson as a dark-skinned young man and then as a light-skinned man. This was followed by a Feb. 5 Affirmative Action Bake Sale, sponsored by the Columbia College Conservative Club. During the sale, which coincided with a conference to assist minority students in finding jobs, Blacks, other minorities and female students were charged lower prices for cookies and doughnuts than their White counterparts. The club’s president, Mark Xue, claimed that he did not know it would offend Blacks… "Some of the most brilliant minds in the country are orchestrating this thing. This is more than just about racist attitudes, but more of a well-planned action of gentrification by Columbia University," said Prof. Sales who, in 1968, as a Columbia graduate student, participated in the historic 1968 seizure of Hamilton Hall when students armed themselves and took control of the campus building to protest racial injustices on the campus. Similar incidents, including the bake sales, have occurred on some of the country’s most prominent institutions of higher learning, including the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of Southern California-Berkley. (USC Berkley). Adding to this racially-charged climate, in a post-Sept. 11 wave of neo-conservatism, conservative groups across the country that believe Blacks and other minorities are getting a free ride, have launched a full attack on affirmative action policies in the workplace and in the schools."

Afro-Venezuelans celebrate 150 years of the Abolition of Slavery  3/21/04 Vheadlines: "Commemorating 150 years of the abolition of slavery in Venezuela, the Afro-Venezuelan Organizations Network has announced a seminar at the Caracas Bellas Artes Museum on March 22-24 entitled: A Critical Review of the Historical Dimension of Slavery in Venezuela. The National Culture Council (Conac) is sponsoring the meeting… The black Education, Culture & Sports (MECD) Minister, Aristobulo Isturiz will open the event, along with other guests that include National Assembly (AN) indigenous deputy, Noheli Pocaterra, CONAC president and Deputy Culture Minister, Francisco Sesto, Venezuelan representative to UNESCO, Maria Clemencia Lopez and of course, Afro-Venezuelan Organizations Network leaders, Jesus Garcia and Jorge Guerrero."

Globovision TV assures African diplomats there's no racism in Venezuela  3/21/04 Vheadlines: "In the letter, Ravell says he's surprised about the lack of interest and sociological curiosity on the part of "your respectable diplomatic missions to understand the multiples characteristics of our people's identity." However, in an attempted exculpatory, the Globovision media boss laments the fact that the Africans "do not understand the Venezuelan people's sense of humor." "

Saturday  3/20/04

FBI Probes Rap Star's '97 Killing  3/20/04 LA Times: "Seven years after the killing of rap star Notorious B.I.G., the FBI is investigating allegations that a rogue Los Angeles police officer orchestrated the slaying with rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight, according to court documents and law enforcement sources. The FBI is pursuing a 6-year-old theory that then-Officer David A. Mack, acting at Knight's request, arranged for Amir Muhammad, Mack's friend and college roommate, to ambush the rapper outside the Petersen Automotive Museum on Wilshire Boulevard."

Friday  3/19/04

A Look at Black Women's Military Contributions  3/19/04 Black America Web 

Threats to Aristide supporters  3/19/04 Granma: "Members of the party headed by the deposed president of Haiti, Jean Bertrand Aristide, are being repressed and, according to his former minister Leslie Voltaire, his former aides are under threat."

Panel urges Jews, blacks to renew bond  3/19/04 Winston Salem Journal 

Thursday  3/18/04

Why catching bin Laden is difficult  3/18/04 CSM: "We're kind of losing there," says a senior US official in Washington, with knowledge of intelligence operations. "I just think it's very, very difficult to do anything with 10,000 troops in some of the world's highest mountains in a place the size of Texas." But American politicians and the media need to get realistic about what the CIA and other American operatives can do in Afghanistan, this senior official adds. "People who talk about blaming the intelligence services for not getting assets in that area don't know what they're talking about - it's like sending a white-skinned guy to penetrate an Indian reservation."

Wednesday  3/17/04

Jesse Jackson's son in joint bid for Chicago Sun-Times  3/17/04 National Post, Canada: "Hollinger International Inc.'s Chicago Sun-Times newspaper has attracted a bid from lawyer and beer distributor Yusef Jackson, the son of politician and activist Rev. Jesse Jackson."

The Height of Disrespect  3/17/04 Village Voice: "The most telling attitudinal change from the "movement" years is the absence of any influence of feminism and the open disdain for black women. As the authors put it, "Black females are valued by no one." The study's glossary includes six nouns used to describe males: Dog, homeboy, playa, lame, sugar daddy, and payload, another word for sugar daddy. For women, there are at least 15, none good: Block bender, woo-wop, flip-flop, skeezer, 'hood rat, 'ho, and trick all mean promiscuous female. In addition, there are freak, bitch, gold digger, hoochie mama, runner, flipper, shorty, and the more ambiguous wifey. Young women in the interviews also use some of these terms."

Tuesday  3/16/04

TV One Premieres Film About Reparations Debate  3/16/04 AP 

UN Recommends Reparations for Africville Residents  3/16/04 The Dominion, Canada: "The fight for compensation for former residents of Africville received a boost when a United Nations report urged Canada to consider paying reparations. Located in north Halifax, Africville was home to about 400 black Nova Scotians until it was razed by the city starting in 1964."

Nagin says goal is to spread work around  3/16/04 Times-Picayune, LA: "Mayor Ray Nagin hired a new vendor on Monday to install and maintain a cutting-edge parking meter system… Facing harsh criticism lately by some people close to his predecessor, including a vocal group of African-American ministers who claim he's not doing enough to support black-owned business, Nagin is fighting back by painting a different picture. In his version, African-American entrepreneurs -- and not just the circle who benefited from Morial's contracts -- have even more opportunity than before."

Monday  3/15/04

Group Races to Save the Cradles of Jazz  3/15/04 LA Times: "In a campaign long on ambition and short on funding, music aficionados and historians have targeted for preservation nearly 2,000 New Orleans-area buildings connected to the birth of jazz — from the childhood homes of its pioneers to the mammoth halls where they performed. By poring over old phone books and dusty property records, through word of mouth and even the stubs of timeworn rent checks, researchers and historians have identified more than 600 homes and 1,300 performance halls linked to the early days of jazz, said Jack Stewart, a New Orleans resident who owns a home restoration company and is a jazz historian leading the project. Many more buildings are expected to be identified in coming months."

Black Americans use DNA to go back to their roots  3/15/04 Telegraph, UK 

Saturday  3/13/04

Iraq deal awarded to Blum venture Feinstein's spouse owns stake in firm fixing energy grid  3/13/04 SF Chronicle: "Perini Corp., a Massachusetts construction company partially owned by the investment firm of California Sen. Dianne Feinstein's husband, landed a $500 million contract Friday to repair southern Iraq's electricity grid."

Friday  3/12/04

Are Blacks Proudly Wearing the Badges of Slavery?  3/12/04 BWT 

Group to act against rapper profiling  3/12/04 Miami Herald: "Members of the Miami Beach Black Host Committee, a group created by the city's mayor to help improve its rapport with black residents and visitors, say they are deeply offended by the police department's monitoring of rappers and their associates."

The Siege of the Sierra Club  3/12/04 Znet: ""Without a doubt, the Sierra Club is the subject of a hostile takeover attempt by forces allied with ... a variety of right-wing extremists," said the Southern Poverty Law Center in a warning letter. "They hope to use the credibility of the Club as a cover to advance their own extremist views." "

Thursday  3/11/04

Penman Has A “Keeping Blacks & Browns” in Their Place Mentality  3/11/04 Black Voices News, Riverside, CA: "The change in the San Bernardino City Charter proposed by City Attorney Jim Penman, must be viewed with jaundiced eyes by Black Americans living in the city. For starters we have not always had representation in the city council and neither did Latino Americans because many Whites would not vote for either group because of race and ethnicity. That is what brought about the ward system we currently have and, believe it or not, we still have racial motives when it comes to voting for our representation. That in my opinion is what’s behind the proposal by Mr. Penman."

$5 Million Settlement Ends Case of Tainted Texas Sting  3/11/04 NYT: "Five years after 46 people, almost all of them black, were arrested on fabricated drug charges in Tulia, Tex., their ordeal will draw to a close today with the announcement of a $5 million settlement in their civil suit and the disbandment of a federally financed 26-county narcotics task force responsible for the arrests."

Wednesday  3/10/04

Local teen selected to meet with national leaders in Washington, DC  3/10/04 African American News & Issues: "Round Rock High School Teen, Kirk Cash will participate in the National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, D.C. from March 9th to March 14th 2004. NYLC is a unique leadership development program for high school students who have demonstrated leadership potential and scholastic merit. Kirk will be one of approximately 400 outstanding scholars from around the county at the conference."

Land of Christian Holy Sites and the Black Experience  3/10/04 Black America Web: "I went to Jordan for the reasons that Murphy tries to get most black people to go: to see some of the holy sites that are the roots of Christianity. I also went for the same reason that Houston went to Israel: to find some spiritual connection in a part of the world whose bloody conflicts have blinded most of humankind to its treasures. But I also went because the Middle East isn’t far from Africa. And I was curious to find out whether any of the ancient civilizations that sprung up in that area had black folks to thank for their prosperity. As it turned out, the Nabataeans did."

"The Republican Party of Texas affirms that the United States is a Christian nation." Texas Republican Party Platform, 2002,  3/10/04 Theocracy Watch 

Black filmmakers use ‘four-walling’ to get their movies seen  3/10/04 WAVE: "The Cal State Northridge television program grad decided to shop the film but with a slightly different twist. Instead of going to distributors, Moore said he wanted to draw distributors to him by creating a buzz about the movie. He did this by taking ‘Steppin’ Back’ directly to moviegoers in an arrangement called four-walling. That means the film’s backers literally buy the four walls of the theater for a select period of time."

Group wants focus to be on teaching blacks  3/10/04 WAVE, LA 

Tuesday  3/9/04

Miami: Police secretly watching hip-hop artists  3/9/04 Miami Herald 

California Named After Black Queen  3/9/04 Sacramento Observer: "It is well documented that of the 44 people who founded the City of Los Angeles, 26 were of Afrikan descent. What is amazing and not taught in California schools is that the majority of the founders of San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego were of Afrikan descent, or that Orange County, Beverly Hills and Malibu were once owned by people of Afrikan descent. The Picos, Black Spanish speaking brothers, Pio and Andres, the former twice California governor, owned San Fernando Valley, Whittier and the Camp Pendleton area. California is in the media everyday. It is incredible most California residents know nothing about the state being named after a Black Woman queen."

Monday  3/8/04

The Road Less Traveled: Q&A with ‘Harriet Tubman' author  3/8/04 Atlanta Tribune 

"Segregation (and Hypocrisy) Forever" The Legacy of Strom Thurmond  3/8/04 Counterpunch 

WALTER C. FIELDS: Trigger happy policing  3/8/04 Northstar: "The name Timothy Stansbury has been added to the roll of young Black men killed by police gunfire. The 19 year-old Brooklyn native was shot by a New York City police officer who came across Stansbury as the youth engaged in the time-honored practice of roof hopping. Unarmed, the young man was shot as he came out of a stairwell and ran into two officers, Richard S. Neri, Jr. and Jason Hallik, who were on vertical patrols at the Louis Armstrong Houses. With their weapons drawn, the officers stumbled upon the unsuspecting Stansbury, and Neri discharged his gun, shooting the young man."

Friday  3/5/04

Almost half of Black men in New York unemployed  3/5/04 NNPA 

Thursday  3/4/04

National Black Agenda Convention in Boston  3/4/04 Black Commentator: "As the 2004 Presidential election approaches, history will be made twice in Boston. Five months prior to the first Democratic National Convention (DNC) in New England’s hub city, numerous political and community leaders will gather for the National Black Agenda Convention 2004 (NBAC 2004), March 17 – 21 at the Boston Marriott Copley Place. This milestone event marks the first such gathering in more than 20 years and another first for Boston."

Monday  3/1/04

Communities Speak Out Against Army's Hip Hop Recruitment - Hit the Road Sam  3/1/04 Village Voice 

Saturday  2/28/04

UnAnswered Questions for Mel Martinez  2/28/04 Where is the Money 

Friday  2/27/04

The Oscars' Black History Lessons  2/27/04 AlterNet 

Blacks Should be Wary of Heroin Assault on Whites  2/27/04 Black America Web 

Vitter denies targeting Morial associates  2/27/04 Times Picayune: "In the latest political aftershock to result from the federal government's probe of contracts awarded to key associates of former Mayor Marc Morial, U.S. Rep. David Vitter has requested a meeting with a coalition of 30 black ministers to address their claims that he is a racist who helped secure money for the federal investigation to advance his own political agenda."

Thursday  2/26/04

NOW SHOWING: The Fakest Story Ever Told  2/26/04 BET 

Monday  2/23/04

Women Hail Malcolm X's Memory  2/23/04 Black World Today 

Saturday  2/21/04

U.S.-led diplomatic mission presents peace plan to Haitian leaders who show no signs of compromise  2/21/04 AP 

Eyewitness to MLK's death speaks  2/21/04 Parkersburg News, WV 

Friday  2/20/04

Fear of a Black Jesus  2/20/04 Black World Today 

Slave Power and the Origins of the Republic - Jefferson, Slaves, Haiti and Hypocrisy  2/20/04 Counterpunch: "Two hundred years before Stokely Carmichael called for black power, the black slaves in the United States elected a President. How? The much hailed blueprint of justice, the American Constitution, gave each of them, man, woman, or child, status in the political arena as three-fifths of a person. Hence they formed a voting bloc which elected Thomas Jefferson as our nation's third president. But how could they elect a President? They couldn't cast ballots on the plantations. It didn't matter. The Constitutional Convention allowed the counting of slaves as part of the apportionment process for determining the vote allotment for each state's Electoral College representation as well as for the number of seats in the House of Representatives. This set into motion not only the election of Jefferson but made sure that until the Civil War the concerns of southern slaveowners steered national politics."

Thursday  2/19/04

Florida shuns paper backup of computer ballots  2/19/04 Miami Herald: "It is ''extremely unlikely'' that Florida voters in November will be able to check their machine-vote ballots against a paper printout before leaving the polls, the head of the state's election process told the Legislature on Wednesday." Getting ready for the big rig.

Unarmed Black teen killed in New York  2/19/04 NNPA 

Wednesday  2/18/04

A Salute To A Fallen Soldier Samuel (Boogalue) Eastland  2/18/04 African American News & Issues: "As the main stream media down play and celebrates when another Brother or Sister is arrested or Killed we at African American News & Issues salute and mourn for the fallin soldiers in the underworld (the ghetto). This is a special article dedicated to all of the fallin soldiers that has either been killed or locked up that was in the struggle chasing ‘’Ghetto Dreams’’."

Rebel Riddims: Barry Brown Rediscovered  2/18/04 Africana: "Germany's Moll-Selekta label does wonders for reggae legend Barry Brown."

GOP Racial Sensitivity Road Trip  2/18/04 Black America Web: "All in all, it was good to see that the GOP senators were touched by their trip to the civil rights sites. Yet it’s easy for most people to be moved by a painful past in which they had little to no personal responsibility for inflicting. It’s far tougher to muster the collective responsibility that it takes to erase the pain and the problems that still linger from that past."

HIV Outbreak Among Black Collegiate Men Feared  2/18/04 Black America Web 

Civil Rights vs. Hip Hop - Chasm of disrespect separates to generations  2/18/04 Digest, Southern University 

Learning to Love Tha Police - Black for Blue  2/18/04 Village Voice 

Tuesday  2/17/04

Alice Walker debuts Spanish version of book in Cuba  2/17/04 Black America Web 

John Horse, leader of Black Seminoles  2/17/04 St Augustine Record 

Monday  2/16/04

U.S. General Warns of Africa Terror Threat  2/16/04 AP: "A clear terrorist threat still exists in East Africa, and greater military cooperation is needed to defeat it, a top U.S. general warned on Monday during a visit to Ethiopia."

U.S. Blacks should give Haiti Props, and Sober Advice  2/16/04 Black America Web 

Was Abraham Lincoln a Friend to Blacks? A View From The Left  2/16/04 Black America Web 

Was Abraham Lincoln a Friend to Blacks? A View From The Right  2/16/04 Black America Web 

Govt Officials Demand Bribe - Mormon Drops Bomshell  2/16/04 GhanaWeb: "A hardcore Mormon, Darrick Eveson, who lives in Seattle - USA, has told The Chronicle that the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) are paying bribes in Ghana and other African countries because government officials demand them before they allow the church to operate."

Friday  2/13/04

Race Riot Victims Seek Statute Extension  2/13/04 AP 

Reparations Sought Decades After Race Riot  2/13/04 LA Times 

Thursday  2/12/04

‘Lynch’ing  2/12/04 Amsterdam News 

Housing Discrimination in NY Suburbs, says Report  2/12/04 Black America Web: " "Whites Only: Racial Discrimination in the Nassau County Real Estate Market and in the Public School System," was released Wednesday and reported evidence of widespread, systemic racism in the Long Island housing market. The study chronicled stark differences between experiences of white renters and similarly qualified renters of color."

Wednesday  2/11/04

‘Imagine! Niggers speaking French!’  2/11/04 SF Bay View: "The world considered the dive-bombing of Guernica an atrocity. Unfortunately for us, the world did not know of another Guernica, in Haiti, nearly 20 years earlier, when American dive bombers obliterated peasants, men and women armed with machetes fighting for the freedom of their country. The Haitians are celebrating two centuries of freedom, two centuries since their slave ancestors rose in revolt to throw the French colonizers out of Haiti. They had to do it twice, when Napoleon, newly installed in France, tried to recapture the richest colony in the world for his country. The Haitians threw out a British army too, but neither of these extraordinary and heroic feats is reflected in our history books."

Sunday  2/8/04

Kerry calls Bush 'extreme' and out of touch  2/8/04 CNN 

Thursday  2/5/04

Kiss Your Self: an innerview of legendary cultural and political warrior and literary artist Sonia Sanchez  2/5/04 SF Bay View: "Sonia Sanchez is one of the women warriors or should I say giants of our time, whose career as a lifelong advocate for change standing on the front lines of the Black cultural revolution of the ‘60s and the Black Studies movement since its inception at San Francisco State University has opened the door for many. She was one of the riders who set off the SF State Strike, which ushered in Black Studies and Ethnic Studies courses on campuses all over the nation."

Wednesday  2/4/04

East African Churches Slam US Pressure on Anti-Terror Bills  2/4/04 Antiwar: "The Church in Africa is concerned about the U.S. pressure on African countries to introduce anti-terror legislation on pretext of fighting terrorism. The church is cautioning African governments against enacting such laws blindly, which it warns infringe on human rights. Uganda and Tanzania have already passed Anti-Terror Acts amid protests from human rights groups. Neighbor Kenya may soon join the bandwagon, if the Bill, published last April, sailed through parliament."

'Embedding' CIA Agents Within Local Police Depts  2/4/04 Antiwar: "H.R. 3439, making its way through Congress, would authorize the federal government to "embed" CIA agents within local police departments to blur the distinction between local cops and feds. The Campaign to Demilitarize the Police is organizing to stop the bill, and has been targeting the bill's author, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), with protest actions."

OPEN LETTER TO REP. CAROLYN MALONEY  2/4/04 Demilitarize the Police: "We are writing you this letter to express our extreme displeasure at your sponsorship of HR3439, a piece of legislation which to our mind poses great danger to our civil and human rights. We strongly urge you to withdraw this legislation immediately! "

Tuesday  2/3/04

Slick Rick And His Immigration Detention  2/3/04 Sacramento Observer: "If Black people within this nation do not protest the inhumane treatment of our brothers and sisters trying to get to this nation, who will? The Democrats or the Republicans? They haven't been doing it; what makes you think they will start in the near future? "

Monday  2/2/04

Model Student was Falsely Imprisoned, Advocates Say  2/2/04 Black America Web 

Shirley Chisholm denied place in history books  2/2/04 Houston Chronicle: "Even though she mobilized many feminists, peace activists and other progressives to support her, Chisholm never got the serious media attention, funds or endorsements she needed to win. Some male politicians -- black and white -- mocked her, and others simply ignored her. But Chisholm's voice was not to be silenced. She continued to serve in Congress until 1982, and at age 80, she is still active in public life to this day."

Sunday  2/1/04

Don King praises Venezuela's Chavez  2/1/04 CNN: ""To see what is happening here makes me feel good all over," said King of Chavez's government and his efforts to bring social justice to Venezuela's poor majority. "You are a president of the people, for the people and by the people and your magic lies in your people ties. You are the one concerned about the poor," King said during Chavez's "Hello President" program."

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