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Black America News
Archive: 1/03-2/03

Monday  3/31/03

Black Caucus Launches Discussions On Civil Rights In Houston  3/31/03 AP: "Members of the Congressional Black Caucus made stops in Texas, Florida and Washington D.C. Sunday to urge Americans to take a break from war coverage and pay attention to civil rights and liberties at home which they say could be stripped away while attention is diverted elsewhere."

O'Connor, Kennedy key to Mich. case  3/31/03 AP: "Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy, the court's perennial swing voters, could write the demise of affirmative action as the nation knows it, or rewrite the rules for when race can be part of government decisions."

An attempt to right a centuries-old wrong  3/31/03 Miami Herald: "The story of affirmative action, supporters say, stretches back to slavery. Slavery flourished from the 1600s, peaking in 1860 with 4 million African-Americans in bondage. It was against the law then to teach a slave to read. Even after the Civil War, many institutions were legally segregated for another 100 years, with the Supreme Court ruling in 1896 in Plessy vs. Ferguson that separate facilities for whites and blacks were constitutional."

Black Republican bucks party  3/31/03 Orange County Register: "Roland Holmes uses radio gig to back national affirmative-action march to coincide with court test."

Sunday  3/30/03

Census estimates now claim that Hispanics outnumber blacks.  3/30/03 Blackapolis Online: "With these delicate issues in mind, Oakland NAACP president Shannon Reeves is planning a black-Hispanic conference this fall. "There's a real need for the black community and Latino community to really get to know each other," he said."

Support From Klan Should Embarass Augusta  3/30/03 Blackapolis Online: "The leader of a Ku Klux Klan splinter group said he will demonstrate in support of Augusta National Golf Club's all-male membership during the Masters, whether the club likes it or not. "This equal rights stuff has gotten out of hand," said Joseph J. Harper of Cordele, imperial wizard of the American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. "We're not concerned with whether they want us there or not. We're concerned with their right to choose who they want to choose" as members."

Leaders: Too few blacks college-bound  3/30/03 DesMoines Register 

Anti-Affirmative Action Groups Say 30 Schools Violate Civil Rights Law  3/30/03 NYT 

Tom Joyner puts in a gold-record performance for education  3/30/03 Tennessean: ''Presented to Tom Joyner in recognition of your outstanding contribution to broadcast journalism, voter registration and African-American education, reaching over 7 million listeners in 120 markets everyday. You truly are a star in Music City,'' the inscription on the record read."

Robert Clark Honored by Black Caucus  3/30/03 WLBT, Mississipi: "In 1968, Clark became the first black to be elected to the House of Representatives in nearly a hundred years. He helped bring education reform to Mississippi. Clark became Speaker Pro Tem in 1992."

Saturday  3/29/03

James Brown donates tickets to military  3/29/03 AP: "Soul superstar James Brown donated 400 tickets to military personnel for his concert in Houston. Brown, 69, said the free tickets for Saturday night's concert were intended to give a boost to military workers as the U.S.-led war with Iraq continues."

CONGRESSMAN CHARLES B. RANGEL VISITS THE TROOPS AT FORT DIX  3/29/03 "Congressman Rangel stated that he was preparing legislation to meet the needs of the troops in appreciation for their service and sacrifice to the nation. Due to the activation status of the 719th, its members have not been allowed to visit home or to have visits by their families. Congressman Rangel, after meeting with military brass, informed the troops that he would personally arrange a charter bus to transport the families of the troops to visit with their loved ones stationed at Fort Dix on April 5th."

Affirmative action: Some colleges not waiting on Supreme Court  3/29/03 NNPA: "The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in a pivotal affirmative action case next week, but some universities are not waiting. They have already eliminated programs geared to helping African Americans gain admission. The Virginia Polytechnic Institute's decision to follow that path has prompted the National Urban League to pull out of a planned partnership with the university designed to interest people of color at an early age to pursue careers in health."

Hair salon accused of 'ethnicity' surcharge  3/29/03 Rocky Mountain News 

Shock and awe  3/29/03 The Afro American Newspapers: "If you think the Iraqis are experiencing shock and awe under the mighty hammer blows of the American military, just wait until the final cost of this little war hits home. We predict widespread shock at the awesome scope of the fiscal irresponsibility of the Bush administration, which will apparently be aided and abetted by a compliant Congress."

Friday  3/28/03

Prince of Darkness: Deals in the shadows  3/28/03 Asia Times: "Perle will stay on as an advisor to the Defense Policy Board. But by relinquishing the chairmanship, he will not be bound by the same governement ethics code."

News of death confirms relatives' fears  3/28/03 Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "George Roberts was talking on the telephone with his daughter Patricia when two Army staff sergeants came to her door. They brought the heartbreaking news about metro Atlanta's first soldier to die in the Iraq war, Spc. Jamaal Addison, 22."

Rev. Jesse Jackson Asks to See Prisoners of War  3/28/03 Black News: "The Rev. Jesse Jackson wants to make a trip to Iraq, if he and a delegation of ministers would be allowed to examine prisoners of war. In a meeting this week, Jackson asked United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan to push for the Red Cross, a group of ministers or both to visit both American and Iraqi prisoners of war."

Yvette Clarke’s war on the home front  3/28/03 Challenge Group: "“War is going on on a daily basis in our community right now, that happens when people live in misery,” as George Bush’s public persona revels in his ground and air bombardment of Iraq, Brooklyn City Councilmember Yvette Clarke said that the war on the homefront is as crucial, relevant and undecided as it has ever been."

Iraq: From Gunboat Diplomacy To Gunpoint Democracy by Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.  3/28/03 Common Dreams 

Civil Rights Legend Dick Gregory, Other Activists & Artists, To Address Fourth Annual “Hip Hop As A Movement” Conference.  3/28/03 Daisey D's: "Human rights anti-war activist and comedian legend Dick Gregory will deliver the keynote speech to open the fourth annual “Hip Hop Generation-Hip Hop As A Movement” Conference, April 11-13, 2003 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus."

CHRIS ROCK THREATENS MATT DRUDGE: Comedian pissed over reports that he's being 'strongly advised' by studio not to bash Bush  3/28/03 EURWeb 

Protests meet U.S. war effort  3/28/03 Final Call: "An unnecessary war has begun, the United Nations has been undercut, the future of our children has been clouded by this new cycle of violence," said Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., head of the Chicago-based Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, a civil rights group. Offering prayer for U.S. troops, Rev. Jackson noted that the Archbishop of Cantebury and the leaders of almost every major religion across the globe opposed a first strike. "Nelson Mandela, the greatest moral voice of recent times, has spoken out against a unilateral, aggressive, pre-emptive strike," Rev. Jackson said. "Our nation will have to live with the future consequences of this strike, not just next week, but for decades. Our moral authority has been weakened."

Command Sergeant Major Michele S. Jones Makes African-American History and Helps Our Troops During Deployment  3/28/03 South Carolina Black Media: "As the nation prepares for the possibility of war, our military forces are being mobilized to defend our country. Command Sergeant Major of the Army Reserve, Michele S. Jones, the first female to hold this elite position and who is also African-American, serves as the principal liaison between enlisted soldiers and the Chief of the Army Reserve. The Command Sergeant Major is the highest-ranking enlisted person in the Army Reserve."

Thursday  3/27/03

Speaking Out: Black Americans Talk about the War  3/27/03 

A Look at Families of U.S. POWs, MIAs  3/27/03 AP 

Former Pentagon official Richard Perle resigns as key Rumsfeld adviser  3/27/03 AP: Perle is the target of a Conyers investigation.

Our Fallen Soldiers: African Americans Among Those Killed in Ambush  3/27/03 BET 

Are Black People Pulling Their Anti-War Weight?  3/27/03 Black Commentator: "Some of the most important anti-war efforts - the city council resolutions opposing war - have taken place in cities where whites are a minority. In fact, of the 25 cities with population of over 100,000 that have passed anti-war resolutions, 15 have white minorities. Of these 15, six have an African American majority and six an African American plurality. For the past four decades, Black elected officials and mass organizations have expressly linked issues of domestic social justice and peaceful international relations. Polling evidence is conclusive over two generations: Anti-war politics is mainstream Black politics."

Onward Embedded Soldiers  3/27/03 Black Commentator: "The awesome maratelethon has invaded the nation's households as Manifest Destiny on the march, a political spectacle in which the military are props and the civilian announcers are inspired by the most grotesque delusions of racial triumphalism. "Operation Iraqi Freedom," the embedded multi-media experience, is neither news nor military propaganda. Rather, it is an imperial work in progress, an attempted re-orchestration of the (white) American anthem and saga. Like the musical national anthem, it is an ugly song, and one that a rapidly diminishing number of people want to sing."

War and the Great White Disinformation Machine  3/27/03 Black Commentator: "In the pursuit of national interests abroad, much of white America has been programmed to view policies that aid and abet this process as essential to its survival, regardless of the consequences such policies might have for their (mostly non-white) victims. Such a view, carefully crafted by government propaganda with corporate media complicity, can in large measure be explained and comprehended within the internal logic and assumptions inherent in a cultic creed of white supremacy. Adjunct and mostly fraudulent clichés and phrases such as free trade, human rights and democracy are appended to racist policies to lend an aura of "universal" legitimacy to what in essence amount to little more than universal deception. Notions of supremacy constructed on the quicksand of fantasy and virtual reality, survive only because of the unprecedented, brute military and economic power that prop them."

FRANTI & SPEARHEAD BEING TARGETED BY FBI  3/27/03 Davey D's: features interview with Franti.

Caucuses criticize Bush budget plan  3/27/03 Houston Chronicle: "Congressional black and Hispanic caucus leaders are miffed that the Republican 2004 budget blueprint gives short shrift to minority families, many of whom would lose benefits no matter which of two competing plans lawmakers ultimately choose."

Recall efforts focus on George's failures  3/27/03 Milwaukee Courier: "Efforts and support for the recall drive appear to be gaining momentum as Sen. George’s legislative history is placed under continued review and scrutiny. The most recent attention is being given to George’s apparent lack of legislative action on a key bill that would have made it a felony for prison staff to have sexual contact with inmates."

New Yorkers' Sharp Divisions Fall Roughly on Racial Lines  3/27/03 New York Times: "The poll showed that black Americans were far more likely to oppose President Bush's policy in Iraq, and were much more likely to say that defeating Saddam Hussein was not worth the cost in American lives. For example, 78 percent of white respondents to the poll said they approved of how Mr. Bush was handling the situation, while just 37 percent of blacks agreed with that position. At the same time, 59 percent of blacks said they disapproved of the president's handling of the war, while only 17 percent of whites said the same thing."

More blacks question Iraq conflict  3/27/03 News Observer, North Carolina: "From barber shops to churches, from historically black college campuses to the offices of Raleigh's Martin Luther King Celebration Committee, many in the African-American community throughout the Triangle continue to voice skepticism of and opposition to the war, six days into the conflict… In January, a poll of 603 likely voters in North Carolina showed that 69 percent of whites surveyed supported a war in Iraq, compared with 23 percent of blacks interviewed. The margin of sampling error was 4 percentage points."

THE PULSE OF SOUTH FLORIDA - Candidates Ignore Issues and go the Flag-waving Rout  3/27/03 Radio Progresso, Miami: "Bob Marley would have been delighted in Miramar, a city which just elected two Jamaican city commissioners. At the same time, if Marley had been alive and been stopped by Miramar Police officers, he would have been extremely disappointed to see that the Jamaican flavor of the border city does not reflect the racial and national component of the Miramar Police department."

Wednesday  3/26/03

Rev. Jackson Brands Bush's Foreign Policy Neither Humble Nor Consistent  3/26/03 Rainbow/Push: "Donald Rumsfeld goes to Baghdad in 1983 to assure the Iraqis of our support and friendship, and then leads the invasion forces twenty years later. The United States leads the world in arms sales, yet criticizes other nations for selling technology to Iraq. A Halliburton subsidiary circumvents the boycott to sell equipment to Iraq during the 1990s, and now we discover that Halliburton has won a huge no-bid contract to rebuild Iraq after the war."

First Black casualty of war  3/26/03 SF Bay View: "Michael Waters-Bey, Kendall’s father, did not react like the average military father who learns that his son has died in the line of duty. With news cameras rolling, Waters-Bey launched into a blistering criticism of Commander in Chief George Bush Jr. and his decision to go to war against Iraq, saying that Bush could have resolved his differences with Saddam without sacrificing his son’s life. Staring into the cameras and holding a picture of his son, Michael Waters-Bey told reporters, “I want President Bush to get a good look at this, really good. Look here. This is the only son I had, only son.” When asked what he would say to Bush if given the opportunity, Michael Waters-Bey said, “This was not your son or daughter. That chair he sat in at Thanksgiving will be empty forever.” "

Tuesday  3/25/03

Attitude Problem? Family: Soldier Accused in Grenade Attack Troubled Over Race & Religion Issues  3/25/03 ABC News: "U.S. Army Sgt. Asan Akbar, the soldier being detained in connection with a grenade attack on his fellow soldiers, told his family members that he encountered racism as an African-American and a Muslim in the armed services."

Massive March To Stop War On Iraq  3/25/03 Black World Today: "Representative Charles Rangel, who has had the courage to vote against this war from the start, pointed out that this demonstration wasn't against the military, but was a chance for those who oppose the war to support each other. "I think so many people are patriotic and oppose the war and love our troops," he said. "This lets them know they are not alone." "

Probe Sought of Pentagon Adviser Perle  3/25/03 Reuters: "A senior U.S. Democrat has called for an investigation of Richard Perle, an architect of the war on Iraq, for possible conflicts of interest in his roles as corporate adviser and Pentagon consultant. Rep. John Conyers, the top Democrat on the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, asked the Pentagon's inspector general to probe Perle's work as a paid adviser to bankrupt telecommunications company Global Crossing Ltd. and his guidance on investment opportunities resulting from the Iraq conflict. "I am aware of several potential conflicts that warrant your immediate review," Conyers said on Monday in a letter to the Defense Department's inspector general, Joseph Schmitz. The letter was made available on Tuesday. "Mr. Perle is considered a 'special government employee' and is subject to government ethics prohibition -- both regulatory and criminal -- on using public office for private gain," Conyers' letter said."

For Blacks, the War Is Another Divide  3/25/03 Washington Post: "African Americans Oppose the Conflict More Than Whites Do, Polling Finds"

Reality of War Hits Close to Home  3/25/03 WAVE 

Monday  3/24/03

DAVID PERSON: Did accused grenade attacker lose his struggle with duality?  3/24/03 Black America Web: "But a military spokesman described Akbar as a disgruntled soldier who had been disciplined recently for insubordination. Beyond that, the Army revealed little about Akbar. But some of his fellow Muslims said tensions between Muslim and non-Muslim soldiers in his unit of the 101st Airborne Division were high. It’s likely that racial tensions were high too."

Poll Shows Most Blacks Still Oppose War  3/24/03 New California Media: "Black faces may not be showing up at anti-war protests in the same numbers as whites, but a new poll shows that African Americans are more opposed to a U.S. war with Iraq than any other major ethnic group in the United States. The new survey mirrors several Gallup polls in recent months that also noted while most whites are backing the Bush administration on the issue of war, most Blacks are not in favor of those policies. The Pew Research Center Survey found 44 percent of African Americans support military action, compared to 73 percent of white Americans and 67 percent of Latinos."

Anti-war troop held in attack on camp  3/24/03 Washington Times: "The Army soldier accused of killing one comrade and wounding 15 others in a grenade attack yesterday morning (local time) is a Muslim who opposes the war to disarm Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, according to a U.S. military source in Kuwait. "He's a Muslim, and it seems he was just against the war," the military source, who did not wish to be identified, told Reuters news agency."

Sunday  3/23/03

DEBORAH MATHIS: Bush's white supremacy agenda  3/23/03 Black America Web: "Now, this is not to be confused with white separatism and mere racism. That’s for the desperate, the threatened and the powerless. The white supremacist doesn’t have to take to the hills in quasi-military encampments, wallowing in a sty of hatred and spite. No, he may remain cool and collected – confident to the point of arrogance – because if he can’t get folks to do what he wants by mere command, he can always outwit or overpower them, thanks to his presumptuously superior everything. It was white supremacy that fueled European colonialism and the agreements among Europe’s imperialists to carve up Africa and the Middle East and to claim slices of Asia."

TYRONE POWERS: Blowback, colorblind terrorism  3/23/03 Black America Web: "There was a time when this country's enemies were reluctant to put African Americans in their crosshairs, but not anymore. They once sympathized with our Civil Rights Movement and our continuing fight against racism, but now they don't view us so innocently - not with Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice having played such key roles in the Bush administration's decision to wage war on Iraq. For many of this nation's enemies, "blowback" is now colorblind."

O'Connor pivotal to U-M's cases  3/23/03 Detroit News: "But in the end, the fate of nationwide college admissions programs that consider race will likely come down to the views of just one person: Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Indeed, in the oral arguments in one of the biggest civil rights cases in a generation, observers will be trying to interpret whether her questions reveal any clues as to which way the swing-voter will swing."

Celebrities speak out against the war, but should they be public?  3/23/03 Okay-Yall!: "I found it interesting how Will Smith dropped out from the Academy Awards because of the war. He never out right spoke out against the war but the tone of his statement concerning the reason for not attending the Academy Awards told another story. I was shocked because he is not known as an outspoken person. But I overall respect him because he did not get outright political."

Look Beyond the Mirror - By Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.  3/23/03 Tribune Syndicate: "Yet, the U.S. coverage of this war – by “embedded reporters” traveling with units, by anchors safely ensconced in Kuwait City or New York – verges on giddiness, reflecting perhaps their relief that the Iraqis are so hapless and their awe of America’s military in motion. . This giddiness is terribly misplaced — and deeply at odds with how most of the world views this war. We’re looking in a mirror and enjoying the view. But we’d be better off if the media devoted more attention to how the rest of the world sees it."

Muslim-American soldier detained in Kuwait attack  3/23/03 WorldNet Daily: "Lacey, the Time magazine reporter imbedded with the 101st, was in the tent next to the two tents that were the object of the grenade attack. In a phone interview, he told Fox News that the soldier responsible has an "Arabic-sounding" last name. Asked what his explanation of the perpetrator's motives, he said he believed "it was part of his misguided interpretation of his Muslim faith." "

Friday  3/21/03

Nigeria accuses U.S. of cutting military assistance over Iraq  3/21/03 AP: "Nigeria's deputy foreign minister on Friday accused the United States of suspending military assistance to the West African nation because of its opposition to the U.S.-led war on Iraq… Nigerian authorities on Thursday banned anti-war demonstrations across the country, fearing violent protests against the U.S.-led attack on Iraq. The U.S. Embassy in the capital, Abuja — and the consulate in Lagos, Nigeria's biggest city — were shut Friday for "security reasons," an embassy official told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity."

White Men Still Outearn Other Groups  3/21/03 AP: "On average, a white man with a college diploma earned about $65,000 in 2001. Similarly educated white women made about 40 percent less, while black and Hispanic men earned 30 percent less, according to Census Bureau estimates being released Friday."

They have reached too far - Bush's road leads to ruin for himself and his Pirates  3/21/03 Black Comentator: "We are all assembled, the world's people, awaiting the Pirates' lunge at history. The Bush men have made sure we pay rapt attention to their Big Bang, their epochal Event, after which the nature of things will have changed unalterably to their advantage - they think. The Bush men are certain of our collective response, convinced that once we have witnessed The Mother of All War Shows, humanity will react according to plan, and submit."

Conyers Studying Impeachment  3/21/03 Black Commentator 

Colin Powell’s Credibility and Iraq  3/21/03 Black Press USA: "Amazingly, Bush has been successful with this lie, since 50 percent of the American people in recent polls indicate that believe Iraq had a role in 9/11, despite the nonexistence of proof. Why? There is something more than race at work here. It is credibility. Bush has relied on the enormous well of credibility Colin Powell has among Whites who trust him. Powell only recently has become popular in the Black community, but for almost a decade, Whites have put him in the top five candidates for president. Once Powell became secretary of state, his view of the best way to pursue Bush’s plan to attack Iraq was to push for the diplomatic option as a way to legitimize the eventual military deployment."

GOP halts Senate vote on AG appointment  3/21/03 Gloucester County Times, NJ: "Under heavy criticism from Republicans, prospects for Gov. James E. McGreevey's choice to be New Jersey's first black attorney general faced an unknown fate Thursday in the state Senate."

Group seeks Sen. George’s ouster from State Senate  3/21/03 Milwaukee Times: "A fundraiser hosted by Senator Gary R. George last Thursday was crashed by several individuals who inundated his guests with leaflets announcing a recall of the 23-year incumbent to the Wisconsin State Senate."

Baltimore Marine Dies In Chopper Crash - Victim's Father Has Strong Words For Bush  3/21/03 WBAL, Baltimore: "It's sad that this war is going on and that we have to lose so many people over nothing. I can't bring my brother back, but I really miss him," one of the soldier's sisters said."

Thursday  3/20/03

DEWAYNE WICKHAM: Guess who's coming to dinner? Not the Congressional Black Caucus  3/20/03 Black America Web: “I’ve been trying for weeks to get the president to meet with us to talk about how a war with Iraq will impact our constituents,” Cummings, D-Md., the black caucus’s chairman told me. “I’ve called the White House several times; I’ve written letters, but the president won’t give us a meeting.” No, but he had time to dine with the president of Cameroon. While African Americans are 12 percent of this nation’s population, they are more than 20 percent of the enlisted men and women in the armed services. And if history is any guide they stand a good chance of being a disproportionately high percentage of the casualties in Iraq."

Racial division seen in war backing  3/20/03 Boston Globe: "Blacks and Hispanics sign up for and serve in the military in slightly disproportionate numbers, but members of Congress from those minority groups, many of them veterans, are nearly all opposed to the war in Iraq."

Among blacks, it's Mr. Bush's war  3/20/03 Palm Beach Post 

To my nephews returning to the Gulf, to his sister going for the first time: Put Down George Bush's Gun and Come Home  3/20/03 South Carolina Black Media 

Wednesday  3/19/03

Obasanjo, Mbeki, Wade Restate Opposition to War  3/19/03 Africa News Service: "Three African leaders including President Olusegun Obasanjo, yesterday dispatched urgent letters to President George Bush of the US, President Saddam Hussein of Iraq and United Nations Secretary General, Mr Kofi Annan, urging that the impending war with Iraq should be reconsidered. Three separate letters were sent out yesterday by the three presidents including President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa and President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal, expressing the reservations of the African continent over the proposed war with Iraq."

For National Black United Front, it’s “No Compromise, No Sell Out”  3/19/03 African American News: "Nationally, there are 15 chapters of the organization throughout the country. The National headquarters is in Chicago, IL. The organizations national campaigns are on the forefront of major issues affecting the African-American community: racial profiling, prison support initiatives and African centered education to name a few."

When it comes to lost Black children, the white media is missing  3/19/03 Amsterdam News 

Black liberals need to respond to insult of Rice by Baraka  3/19/03 Baltimore Sun: Baraka has outdone Belafonte.

African Americans in The War in Iraq  3/19/03 Black State: "African Americans overwhelmingly oppose going to war with another brown nation, Iraq. African Americans though only 12% of the U.S. population account for 21% of military personnel including 30% of the army. African American soldiers are amongst the first into combat and the least acknowledged. The other 70-80% is made of other hyphenated Americans and from the poor rural areas, many fresh from high school."

Cynthia McKinney speaks to the struggle for justice and peace  3/19/03 San Francisco Bay View 

It’s Iraq’s Economy, Stupid!  3/19/03 Tennessee Tribune: "Bomb ‘em and then feed ‘em; take their oil profits and pay for reconstruction of their country; install a puppet government that will take dollars rather than euros for oil; and then maintain military presence in the region to make sure things don’t go back to the way they were. What a plan! And half of the people in the United States believe in it!"

Tuesday  3/18/03

Black Lawmakers Urge Diplomacy With Iraq  3/18/03 AP 

Amandla! Music and the Movement  3/18/03 Black World Today: "At the beginning of the nearly two-hour long film, which focuses on how the music galvanized the political movement against the draconian system of segregation and oppression in South Africa, a body is being exhumed from a grave. Recovered is the skeletal remains of Vuyisile Mini, a worker, poet, freedom fighter. Mini was a member of the African National Congress when he was arrested and tried for sabotage and the murder of a police informant. He was convicted and hanged in Pretoria Central Prison in November, 1964. "He went to the gallows singing one of his freedom songs," a comrade and fellow musician recalls in the film. Members of his family and a number of friends are gathered around the grave as parts of his body are handed up from the grave. Most moving is when his skull is at last given to his son and daughter. Several times in the film we see Mini's handsome, smiling face as people recall his splendid bass voice and the songs he composed. One of them has been passed down through the years like an anthem. "Watch Out, Verwoerd" is the tune that is a song of defiance, assailing one of the architect's of apartheid. "These songs were meant to scare the shit out of them," said trumpeter Hugh Masekela, whose commentary and music are featured in the film."

Something is Terribly Wrong in America by CYNTHIA McKINNEY  3/18/03 Counterpunch: "Dick Cheney's Halliburton Company which, by the way, just announced that it had a radioactive device stolen in Africa, not only has an unprecedented 10-year, unlimited contract to feed and supply US troops, but it also has a $33 million contract to build the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay. And now we learn that Halliburton will also repair Iraqi oil fields in case of damage in the war. In addition, The Guardian newspaper informs us that Halliburton still pays the Vice President up to $1 million each year in deferred salary payments. Meanwhile, back on the Chickenhawk farm, we learn from the most recent New Yorker magazine that Richard Perle incorporated the Trireme Partners company after September 11 and now stands to gain financially from a war in Iraq."

Congressman says Bush is staging 'high noon' shootout with Iraq  3/18/03 SC Black News: "Congressman Jesse L. Jackson, Jr., said Tuesday “President Bush announced that he is staging a `high noon’ shootout at the Iraq corral. President Bush has ordered Saddam Hussein to `get out of Dodge.’ Without some of our closest allies, the former owner of the Texas Rangers is now acting as the Lone Ranger. Unlike his father’s success at building a United Nation’s `coalition of the willing’ in 1991, this President’s failure to get a UN resolution means he is going to war with a `coalition of the wanting.’ His actions also shred Secretary of State Colin Powell’s military doctrine.” "

Monday  3/17/03

Blacks Fear War with Iraq would Drain Resources from Social Programs  3/17/03 Weekly Challenger: "Former Congressman Walter Fauntroy, just back from a 10-day peace mission to Iraq, says many African-Americans oppose the prospect of war with that country because it would divert resources from more important programs at home. “We know that every bomb that explodes is robbing our children and their families of five things: Income, education, health care, housing and justice,” Fauntroy, a delegate to Congress from the District of Columbia from 1971 to 1990, says in an interview."

Sunday  3/16/03

Lionel Ritchie calls for peace  3/16/03 Black Voices: "I remember I was in Germany at a UNESCO dinner and the next day I was invited to a tea with members of the Israeli, the Palestinian, the Egyptian and the Chinese delegations and they said, 'Last night Lionel, we were watching you perform and we realised something - we don't agree on anything, but last night we all agreed that we like you. So we thought we'd have a tea today to just celebrate that we like something together.'

Family Seeks Exoneration for Executed Black Maid  3/16/03 LA Times: "For a black maid in the segregated South in 1944, her story was a tough sell to a jury of 12 white men. And rumors that she was romantically involved with victim E. B. Knight did not help. Her murder trial lasted just a day, without one witness called by her court-appointed lawyer."

Can Justice Be Done in Tulsa?  3/16/03 Washington Post: "A statewide poll in 1999 showed that only 12 percent of Oklahomans favored using tax dollars for reparations. A more remarkable finding was that only 26 percent supported compensation if no tax money was involved. Faced with that opposition, lawmakers lined up in droves against reparations."

Saturday  3/15/03

Our People  3/15/03 BET News: "How is the possibility of war affecting our lives, our families, our futures? We talk to African Americans across the country to find out."

Police in New Jersey face 5 years in jail, $15,000 fine for racial profiling  3/15/03 Black News: "New Jersey, which helped turn racial profiling by police into a national political issue, yesterday became the first state to make race-based arrests and police searches a crime. A new law signed by Democratic Governor Jim McGreevey made racial profiling by public officials, including police officers, punishable by up to five years' imprisonment and a $15,000 fine."

OP-ED - Bush’s Compassionate Conservatism: What an Oxymoron! by Bill Fletcher Jr.  3/15/03 Black Press USA: "The announcement of the planned cuts coincides with the president’s promise to cut taxes for the wealthiest 5 percent of the population. Thus, unemployment is up, unemployment benefits for more than 800,000 workers have ended, the healthcare crisis for more than 40 million people continues to grow, and now, in the middle of winter our “compassionate” president has decided to cut home heating fuel subsidies for those who need it the most. In listening to this story my stomach turned acidic. At a moment when the economy needs a real boost—from the bottom—resources are being pumped into preparing for the ill-advised, illegal aggression against Iraq. Yet, those who should be sounding the alarm about Bush’s demagoguery are surprisingly muted."

Controversy Simmers over Dallas ‘White Only’ Sign  3/15/03 Dallas Weekly: " "Whites Only” etched on walls above water fountains at the Dallas County Records Building has become the talk of the town since the cover story first appeared in the Dallas Weekly two weeks ago. From businessman Robert Pitre, who first brought signs to the attention of The Dallas Weekly, to Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and leaders of various civic organizations, the fate of the signs is of interest."

Effort to boost black candidacy founders  3/15/03 New Orleans Times-Picayune: "In April, when St. Bernard Parish voters go to the polls, race will be an issue. That's because St. Bernard will have perhaps its best chance ever to elect a black representative to its School Board."

Bill seeks racial quotas for juries  3/15/03 San Antonio Express News: "Two days after the Supreme Court granted a stay of execution for a Texas inmate condemned by an all-Anglo jury, a Port Arthur lawmaker filed legislation requiring juries to reflect the racial and ethnic makeup of their communities."

Friday  3/14/03

Senior lawmakers attack Bush administration's "messianic zeal" on Iraq  3/14/03 AFP: "Senators Patrick Leahy and Edward Kennedy took to the Senate floor to call on President George W. Bush to "get it right" on ridding Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction. "I am concerned that as we rush to war with Iraq, we are becoming more divided at home and more isolated in the world community," Kennedy warned. "Instead of persuading the dissenters at home and abroad, the administration by its harsh rhetoric is driving the wedge deeper. Never before, even in the Vietnam war, has America taken such bold military action with so little international support." Shocked by the level of bitterness between the United States and its traditional allies across the Atlantic, Leahy warned that going to war with Iraq without the UN Security Council's support would damage alliances and could violate international law."

Congressman Loses Party Post Over Remark About Jews  3/14/03 NYT: "Representative James P. Moran, a Virginia Democrat under fire for blaming Jews for the buildup toward war with Iraq, stepped down from a party leadership post today at the request of the House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi."

Thursday  3/13/03

FBI: Ga. law officers tied to supremacists  3/13/03 AP: "An FBI agent testified Wednesday that some Georgia law enforcement officers may have ties to the National Alliance, the nation's largest white supremacist organization. The testimony came at a bond hearing for Chester James Doles, 42, a Dahlonega man who authorities say was the Georgia organizer of the National Alliance and a former Ku Klux Klan grand dragon. FBI Special Agent Joseph Thompson said an informant who met with Doles since 2001 told police about law enforcement ties to the group. No names were mentioned in court. ``That shows that Mr. Doles has a support network including law enforcement,'' said Thompson. ``You vastly increase the capacity of the network'' by having authorities as members."

Black peace activism questioned  3/13/03 Black Commentator: scroll down the page - "Why don't larger numbers of African Americans march and rally against Bush's war? Whites are constantly posing the question, most often in tones that indicate sincere puzzlement. Although most white Americans appear to know nothing at all about anyone except themselves, the thinking fraction is aware that Blacks are the most consistent national opposition to U.S. military adventure. For the past four decades, Black elected officials and mass organizations have expressly linked issues of domestic social justice and peaceful international relations. Polling evidence is conclusive over two generations: Anti-war politics is mainstream Black politics. That has never been true of white America, or consistently true for any other American ethnicity."

Hip hop movement joins anti-war voices  3/13/03 Final Call: "The Hip Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) announced the formation of Musicians United to Win Without War, a national coalition dedicated to preventing war in Iraq. The new coalition joined the broader Win Without War organization at a Feb. 27 news conference in New York to formally express their position. "Millions of youth and supporters of hip hop will become more vocal in expressing their opposition to war. President George Bush and the established media underestimate the resolve of people of good will. People of peace want it established through justice. There can be no peace after an unjust war."

Mosque in USA Attacked During Worship  3/13/03 PakNews: "Haydar noted that just this week, death threats were made against Muslim students at San Jose State University in California. The threats were just one of several anti-Muslim incidents across the country reported to CAIR within the past month. Physical assaults against Muslims have been reported in Northern California, Southern California, Georgia, New Jersey, and South Carolina. One incident in Yorba Linda, Calif., left a Muslim teenager badly beaten by a group that allegedly included white supremacists."

Wednesday  3/12/03

Get your boot off my neck!  3/12/03 SF Bay View: "A number of people questioned them, trying to prevent more youth from being assaulted. When an officer with badge No. 455 ran over the feet of several youth, I told her to stop because these kids could be her sisters, brothers or children. That is when she yelled, “That’s it!” She then jumped over her motorcycle that stood between us and ran toward me at full speed with her hands stretched out toward my neck. I was hit in the face and chest by her and then put in a chokehold position while other officers rushed me from the back, where I felt blows around my neck, back and legs. Two other officers pulled my arms in opposite directions while one of them grabbed me around my neck."

Hip-Hop Summit tells Bush, ‘Win without war’  3/12/03 SF Bay View: "The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network issued this open letter to President Bush yesterday. It is signed by Russell Simmons and Benjamin Chavis."

Housing prisoners in modern day slave ships  3/12/03 SF Bay View: "In January 2003, officials at William Donaldson prison began the process of adding another bed in the two-men cells. This “triple-celling” is reminiscent of crowding slaves “spoon-fashion” into the holds of nefarious slave ships and into the debilitating squalor of the slave quarters on Southern plantations. The cells at Donaldson Prison were originally designed for one-man occupancy. The original designed capacity was for 500 prisoners."

Tuesday  3/11/03

Supremacist held on gun charges  3/11/03 Atlanta Journal Constitution: "A former leader of a white supremacist group is being held on weapons charges after dozens of federal agents descended on his isolated Dahlonega home to arrest him over the weekend. Chester James Doles, once a local organizer of the National Alliance and a longtime Ku Klux Klan activist, will remain in federal custody at least until Wednesday, when prosecutors will ask that he be detained until trial. Doles was charged with being a felon who illegally possessed a number of rifles and handguns.A former leader of a white supremacist group is being held on weapons charges after dozens of federal agents descended on his isolated Dahlonega home to arrest him over the weekend. Chester James Doles, once a local organizer of the National Alliance and a longtime Ku Klux Klan activist, will remain in federal custody at least until Wednesday, when prosecutors will ask that he be detained until trial. Doles was charged with being a felon who illegally possessed a number of rifles and handguns."

Sorry, Mr. Moran, You're Not Fit For Public Office  3/11/03 Washington Post: Moran will be targeted and removed by AIPAC, the main Jewish lobby, as they did McKinney and Hilliard.

Monday  3/10/03

How A New and Potentially Successful Lawsuit Relating to a 1921 Race Riot In Tulsa May Change the Debate Over Reparations for African-Americans  3/10/03 FindLaw: "The Tulsa lawsuit is important for two reasons. First, its ambition is to remedy one of the ugliest civil rights violations of the 20th Century. The plaintiffs are demanding monetary compensation (compensatory as well as punitive). They also seek injunctive relief, including the establishment of an educational fund to ensure that what happened in Tulsa will be taught and not forgotten. Second, it may serve as a model of a new - and more legally successful - way to approach the question of reparations for slavery. So far, certain precedents and doctrines have hobbled lawsuits attempting to get either government or private defendants to compensate African-Americans for the injuries inflicted both during, and in the aftermath, of slavery. The new Tulsa lawsuit, however, may change that."

Sunday  3/9/03

Bigotry hides behind mask of patriotism  3/9/03 Charlotte Observer 

Disparity Marks Black Ethnic Groups, Report Says  3/9/03 Washington Post: "Black people who immigrate to the United States from the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa tend to earn more money and have a slightly higher level of education than native-born black Americans, according to a report by researchers at the State University of New York at Albany. The report, "Black Diversity in Metropolitan America," said Afro-Caribbeans stay in school for an average of 12.8 years, compared with 12.5 for black Americans. African immigrants, most of whom live in the Washington area, stay in school an average of 14.5 years, a level that is "higher than [the level for] whites and Asians," according to the report."

Thursday  3/6/03

State GOP asks Estrada to run against Schumer in 2004  3/6/03 AP: "New York state GOP chairman Alexander Treadwell on Thursday urged stalled judicial nominee Miguel Estrada to challenge Sen. Charles Schumer in the 2004 election. Treadwell's suggestion came after Senate Republicans tried and failed to break a Democratic filibuster against Estrada. Schumer, as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has been a leader in the Democratic effort."

More than votes drive democracy  3/6/03 USA Today: "Commentators often cite low student turnout as proof of student political apathy: Turnout by 18- to 24-year-olds is typically about half that of their elders. Trying to do something about it is something of a cottage industry: A month ago, ''Smackdown Your Vote!'' -- a coalition of groups ranging from the League of Women Voters to World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. -- launched a program to increase young voter registration by a million before the 2004 elections. At the same time, Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, announced the formation of a Congressional Youth Civil Caucus that will support that project. Yet voting is only one measure of political participation, and not the most revealing one. The Institute of Politics at Harvard University found in 2001 that 70% of college students believe they can make a difference in politics/government and that 27% of them were active in a political organization. Students engage the political process by assisting in letter-writing campaigns. They are a key source of volunteer support for candidate campaigns. Most of all, students are at the heart of peaceful demonstrations on issues they care about -- as Wednesday's national student strike against a war with Iraq underscored."

Wednesday  3/5/03

Racial gridlock holds leadership of Augusta in its grip  3/5/03 AP: "The signs labeled "white" and "colored" came down long ago from the water fountains outside the chambers of the Augusta-Richmond County Commission. But the merger six years ago of the city and county governments has created a new sort of division along racial lines, with the five white commissioners and the five black commissioners deadlocking over everything from renaming streets to hiring a new fire chief."

Monday  3/3/03

GREGORY KANE: Arabs and blacks are not kindred souls  3/3/03 Black America Web: "Seven years ago he found himself on assignment in Iraq when he noticed that the principal of a Baghdad elementary school looked just like his aunt back home in Detroit. After noticing other Iraqis who might be considered black here in the states, Khalid asked from whence they hailed. Most said they came from Basra, a town in southern Iraq. Africans got to Basra in pretty much the same way they arrived in the Americas: on slave ships. “Basra was the entrepot for Africans who were enslaved by the Arabs,” Khalid said last week. He estimates that 10 to 15 percent of Iraq’s population is Afro-Arab, but you’d never know it to look at Hussein’s inner circle of advisors and leaders. Are there any? The question was put to Khalid. “Not at all,” he said. Iraqi Afro-Arabs, according to Khalid, “have been marginalized like all the other people of African descent in the Arab world. The treatment that Africans have historically received at the hands of Arabs is not very good, especially in the last 30 years.” "

Sunday  3/2/03

Black leaders split over city progress  3/2/03 The Capital, Annapolis: "With the election of three of their own and a liberal Democratic mayor to the City Council in 2001, many African-American leaders rejoiced, believing a new era of progress for their community was at hand. More than a year into the new council's reign, how well Annapolis' African-American community has fared depends on who you ask."

Friday  2/28/03

Black network to air 24-hour cable news show  2/28/03 Final Call: "A Black-owned and operated cable network announced Feb. 11 the launching of the nation’s first 24-hour Black news channel. "This is a very exciting day," said attorney William E. Gray, CEO of Atlanta-based Major Broadcasting Cable network (MBC), "not only for MBC, but also for America." The show will be called "MBC News: The Urban Voice." Atty. Gray made the announcement during a press conference held at a mid-town Manhattan hotel… MBC’s other major owners are former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield, former baseball great Cecil G. Fielder, Jackson Five singer Marlon Jackson and broadcast veteran Alvin James. The network was founded in 1998 and achieved basic cable distribution in 1999. According to a network spokesperson, the service is available in more than 24 million homes, 48 states and 2,400 cities. The news channel will launch in late 2003 or early 2004, according to MBC sources."

Dubya hugs ex-Black Panther  2/28/03 Tennessee Tribune: "Now he wears the MLK pin, preaches the Gospel and explains he’s not changed his opinions. He is a different man, saying, “My heart has changed.” That Black Panther no longer exists. Rev. Roley says Bush hasn’t hidden his bout with Mr. Jack and/or Daniel’s brothers, and so there was personal understanding of the stories of changed lives through institutions which, Denson says, are more effective than government-funded programs devoid of devotion to a higher calling."

Thursday  2/27/03

Bush Makes Plea for Estrada  2/27/03 Hispanic Business: "President George W. Bush on Wednesday again urged Senate Democrats to allow an up-or-down vote on his nominee for the D.C. Court of Appeals, Miguel Estrada, who would be the first Hispanic-American to serve on the court."

Clarence Thomas and his Latino clone  2/27/03 The Black Commentator: "The Miguel Estrada spectacle is like watching a rerun of the Clarence Thomas confirmation, poorly dubbed in Spanish. Estrada, too, is a young (41), Hard Right political operative with few qualifications for the federal bench. Like pre-confirmation Thomas, Estrada has refused to say much of anything substantial about his legal opinions, and lies when he does speak."

Tuesday  2/25/03

Filibusted -- Democratic Opposition To Estrada Will Backfire  2/25/03 Black World Today: "Though Latinos have traditionally leaned toward the Democratic Party, PNS Associate Editor Marcelo Rodriguez says an attempt by Democrats to derail the nomination of a mildly conservative Latino appeals court appointee could begin to tip the scales the other way. Rodriquez ( is the former arts and entertainment editor of the Miami Herald."

Thursday  2/20/03

There is An Alternative to War, Says Africa  2/20/03 All Africa: "Leaders and representatives of more than 50 African countries meeting in Paris, France for the 22nd Franco-Africa Summit issued the following Declaration on Iraq."

Sunday  2/16/03

Mos Def, Russell Simmons Speak Out Against War in New Ads  2/16/03 

Friday  2/14/03

Slave Labor Amongst Black Prisoners  2/14/03 Challenge Group 

Thursday  2/13/03

An Open Letter To Activists Concerning Racism In The Anti-War Movement  2/13/03 Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace: "A persistent dynamic of white supremacy/racism and white privilege within many organizations, and the resultant perpetuation of racist practices, takes various forms: resistance by predominantly white organizations to sharing leadership with much less following the leadership of activists and organizations of color; the failure of predominantly white organizations to endorse or participate in anti-war activities sponsored by people of color groups; a discussion climate that excludes or demeans the contributions of activists/organizations of color, and disparaging or insensitive remarks by individuals. These practices have alienated individuals and organizations, and they have prevented cooperative bonds from forming as we work to build broad and deep opposition to war."

Thursday  2/6/03

Plain language on Blacks and Hispanics  2/6/03 The Black Commentator: "The Chicano educator and activist provoked an intense reader response to his statement: "The discussion of race in the U.S. is still firmly grounded in a narrow and antiquated black/white reality." Dawn Uwangue offered her own window on race in America: Latinos fit into the American racial madness pretty much according to the old schoolyard rhyme: If you're white, you're all right/If you're brown, stick around/If you're yellow, you're mellow/If you're black, get back. The non-white immigrant groups coming into this country fit into this racial pyramid, whether they know it or not, and whether they like it or not."

Thursday  1/30/03

Black farmers to sell food to Cuba  1/30/03 San Francisco Chronicle: "The National Black Farmers Association is working on a deal to sell Cuba $20 million in food ranging from chicken to wheat this spring. John Boyd, head of the group, said more than 10,000 black farmers would benefit from the agreement with Fidel Castro."

Tuesday  1/21/03

Massive Anti War Protest Held In Nation's Capital On Martin Luther King Weekend  1/21/03 Black World Today: "On Saturday, January 18th, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, between 200,000 and half a million people braved the numbingly cold weather and converged on Washington DC to tell the Bush administration that they vehemently oppose a war on Iraq. The protest was sponsored by the International ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) Coalition and endorsed by thousands of organizations across the nation. The Washington Post called it "the largest anti-war demonstration here since the Vietnam era." … The demonstration began with a rally on the west side of the Capitol Building. Among the speakers who addressed the huge crowd were Congressman John Conyers; former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney; presidential candidate Al Sharpton; Brooklyn Council Member Charles Barron; Rev. Jesse Jackson; Rev. Herbert Daughtry, Pastor of Brooklyn's House of the Lord Church; Viola Plummer, head of the December 12th Movement and actresses Jessica Lange and Tyne Daly. A message from Congressman Charles Rangel was also read."

Thursday  1/16/03

A Chicano Looks at the Trent Lott Affair  1/16/03 The Black Commentator: "Over the last decade, Mexican and Latino immigrants have moved in large numbers into the old Confederacy. According to the most recent census, the increase in Latinos between 1990 and 2000 in North Carolina was 393.9%, in Arkansas 323.3%, in Georgia 299.6%, and in Tennessee 278.2%. In Lott's home state, the number of Latinos more than doubled. Whereas in 1990 only 19 of the state's 82 counties had 200 or more Latino residents, by 2000 more than half or 48 counties had 200 or more. And these numbers are probably too low given the census bureau's track record of undercounting Latinos. From a Chicano perspective, a number of interesting questions arise from these demographic changes. Since most of the new Latinos in the South are first-generation immigrants they have little if any knowledge of the Chicano struggles for equal rights and the history of anti-Mexican racism in the Southwest. As they enter a culture based on black/white relations, these workers are unaware of regional histories, past labor struggles, and the persistence of long-standing "Southern values." In effect, they are walking into a black/white universe like virtual aliens from another planet."

Tuesday  1/14/03

Election 2002: Why The Democrats Lost  1/14/03 Black World Today: "However, don't believe the Republican hype. In reality, there is absolutely no mandate for the Republican regime. First, let's count the votes. About 77 million Americans cast votes last November in 435 House and 34 Senate races. A shift of only 43,000 votes, according to the Washington Post, would have given the Democrats 51 Senate seats and continued control. Republicans today control about 52 percent of the House seats, and about one-half of the state governorships-hardly a "mandate." The hidden story of the 2002 elections was the dramatic breakthrough registered by third parties. In California, 13 percent of the total vote went to third parties. According to historian Gerald Horne, this was "the largest total" received by California third parties "since 1913." Green Party gubernatorial candidate Peter Camejo won five percent of the statewide vote. Even more impressively, Camejo received 15.4 percent of the vote in San Francisco, a higher total than Republican candidate Bill Simon. In Alameda County, Camejo won nearly 11 percent of the vote."

Monday  1/13/03

House Campaign Appointment Upsets Blacks  1/13/03 NYT 

Monday  1/6/03

Candidate for Calif. GOP post apologizes over article  1/6/03 Boston Globe: "Bill Back, a candidate in next month's election for the chairmanship of the California Republican Party, has issued a statement apologizing for distributing an article that suggested the country might be better off, in everything from race relations to international affairs to morality, had the South won the Civil War."

Wednesday  1/1/03

The Crisis in Minority Access to the New Genetic Resources  1/1/03 MCH Neighborhood: by Dr. Ron Walters - "The gap in the overall availability of access to information, treatment and inclusion in research regimes which can be illustrated by reference to the disparity between blacks, other minorities and whites with respect to various diseases and pathological conditions, provides the context within which both the dangers and the opportunities inherent in the new molecular genetic science must be viewed. The danger is illustrated by the overly aggressive and highly problematic attempt by some researchers to input social behavior to certain elements of genetic structure, such as theorized linkage between genetic structure and violence, aggression and perhaps criminal behavior. On the other hand, the genuine and dramatic opportunities fostered by discoveries of the linkage between genetic structure and biological dysfunction of various kinds, gives considerable hope to humanity that the new science will be utilized for the most beneficial purposes."

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