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Black America News
Archive: 1/04

Friday  1/30/04

The Black Arts Movement Meets Hip Hop  1/30/04 Davey D's Hip Hop Daily News 

Wednesday  1/28/04

‘Unjustified’: Mayor, commish admit cop killed young man for nothing  1/28/04 Amsterdam News: "A white NYPD housing cop who turned a Black unarmed teenager's shortcut into a fatal path, faces possible indictment. Brooklyn District Attorney, Charles J. Hynes has indicated that he will ask a grand jury to seek an indictment against Officer Richard Neri, 35, who gunned down Timothy Stansbury Jr., 19, last Saturday morning while patrolling the roof of the Louis Armstrong Housing Complex in Bedford-Stuyvesant."

Anti-Defamation League accuses the Bay View of ‘being anti-Semitic’  1/28/04 SF Bay View 

Monday  1/26/04

Federal judge tosses slavery reparations suit  1/26/04 AFP 

Voucher Plan a Trojan Horse to Crush Public Schools  1/26/04 Black America Web: "It’s the D.C. school voucher plan -- the product of a coupling between the Republican president and the Republican-dominated House and Senate -- and, once the U.S. Department of Education decides who’s going to run it, it’s going to be big. Big, because thousands of children in the nation’s capital are languishing in schools that are crammed and stuffy, poorly equipped, undersupplied and disorderly. Many of the public schools are little more than warehouses for poor kids who have no other hopes of getting an education. There are so many of them that teacher supply can’t keep up with demand. So the "individual attention" that is so crucial to quality education -- and which is possible only when the teacher-pupil ratio is low -- is out of the question. A lot of kids get lost in the crowd."

Odds favor whites for plea deals  1/26/04 Miami Herald 

Many Blacks Returning to New South  1/26/04 The Ledger, FL 

Sunday  1/25/04

Still no answers for brothers held in custody in the Philippines  1/25/04 Indianapolis Recorder: at least one of the two brothers was a Panther way back when.

Friday  1/23/04

GOP downplays reading of memos - 'Fact sheet' asserts no rules, laws broken  1/23/04 Boston Globe 

Thursday  1/22/04

Al-Amin asks for new trial  1/22/04 Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

The MLK Jr. Primer for Conservative Blacks  1/22/04 Black America Web 

Search for GSU Pres. ignores LA Black press  1/22/04 Monroe Free Press: "In fact, it seems that ads for the predominately Black university's top spot are being run every place except Black newspapers in Louisiana. When the state released figures this week showing how it would advertise for a new GSU president, it showed two national Black magazines and several white owned but widely circulated papers; but none of the state's 13 Black newspapers were on the list."

Student Sex Case in Georgia Stirs Claims of Old South Justice  1/22/04 NYT: "Marcus Dixon had it all. A 3.96 grade-point average, a football scholarship to Vanderbilt University and the adoration of many teachers and students at Pepperell High School in Rome, a largely white community in the northwest corner of the state. In a place where racial matters still provoke strong emotions, it was no small thing that Mr. Dixon, who is black, was being reared by a white family. These days the former star of the Pepperell Dragons is serving a minimum 10-year sentence for having sex with a fellow student last February. Mr. Dixon, then one course shy of graduation, was 18. The girl, who sat in front of him in a class, was three months short of her 16th birthday. In the trial, Mr. Dixon's accuser, who is white, said she had been raped. The defense said the girl had willingly engaged in intercourse."

Government attacks on MLK show need to protect rights  1/22/04 Radio Progresso: "On Nov. 23, 2003, reporters revealed an internal FBI memo showing that the agency has closely monitored antiwar organizations that demonstrated against the Bush administration's belligerent foreign policy. The FBI, which had previously denied the charges, fessed up, but argued that it narrowly limits its surveillance to criminal elements. But the document shows the government singling out even entirely legal activities such as online fundraising and videotaping arrests at protests to record police abuses. In May 2002, Attorney General John Ashcroft announced new FBI guidelines that, with the help of the Patriot Act, allow the agency to have undercover agents infiltrate church groups and political organizations, even without any evidence of a criminal activity. Julian Bond, a prominent 1960s civil rights activist and current chair of the NAACP, recently quipped that we now live in the times of “J. Edgar Ashcroft.” "

Wednesday  1/21/04

"Eco-imperialism" in New York  1/21/04 GM Watch: "A conference that its organisers say will make "eco-imperialism" a household word is taking place at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers, New York, Tuesday. According to the title of the event "eco-imperialism" is, "The global green movement's war on the developing world's poor". Opposition to GM crops, it is claimed, is part of that "war". The conference is being organised by the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). CORE styles itself "one of America's premier civil rights organizations". Its national spokesperson Niger Innis says, "We intend to stop this callous eco-manslaughter". "

The New Educational Eugenics in George Bush's State of the Union  1/21/04 Greg Palast: "And if I bring up the race of the kids with the low score, don't get all snippy with me, telling me your program is color blind. We know the color of the kids left behind; and it's not the color of the kids you went to school with at Philips Andover Academy."

Federal court exonerates cops who beat Black grandmother  1/21/04 SF Bay View: "The fact that Black officers were on the sidelines watching and permitting these three whites to beat a grandmother who looks like their own just shows how brainwashed they are by the white supremacist police department. I doubt any white officer would stand and watch three Black officers throw an elderly white woman into her garage, dislocating her collarbone and dragging her across the concrete. They would initiate a race riot, no doubt, and shoot up the entire Black block."

Nooses enforce economic exclusion of Blacks in San Francisco  1/21/04 SF Bay View: "Murder and threats of murder have always shackled Black people in America, consigning us to slavery, to prison cells and chain gangs, and to redlined ghettos where we’re locked out of jobs and denied the opportunity to own a business that creates jobs. Lynchings were still common in East Texas when I was a child, a particularly notorious one having occurred in the county seat a few miles from my home just 11 years before I was born. Most lynching victims were owners of businesses or property, and by murdering them, white supremacists meant to terrorize the community and stifle hopes of economic empowerment. Today in San Francisco, the lynching noose conveys the same message – even to city workers. Friday, a rally on the steps of City Hall called attention to three Black career city management employees whose jobs are lost or put in jeopardy since they were threatened with nooses at their workplaces."

Tuesday  1/20/04

Rallies Apply King's Message to Issues  1/20/04 AP 

Monday  1/19/04

Black students walk out on Jeb Bush's MLK day speech at FAMU  1/19/04 AP 

‘Citizen King’ Tonight on PBS  1/19/04 Black America News: "While others focused on his struggles with Connor and other classic white racists, Bagwell and Walker delve into the opposition King faced from other blacks in Birmingham and later in Chicago, where King went in 1966 to protest poverty and housing discrimination. “That’s not unusual,” Bagwell said of the intra-racial conflicts regarding civil rights. “Those issues are not just debated across racial lines but along class lines. Many black ministers in Chicago would not let King into their churches.” "

Bush Judge Selection An Insult To Blacks  1/19/04 Black America News: "A worrisome tradition is beginning to emerge on George W. Bush’s watch. This year, for the second in a row, Bush has marked the annual commemoration of Martin Luther King’s birthday with an affront to black Americans. Last year, on the eve of that commemorative Monday, the Bush administration filed a brief with the Supreme Court contesting the University of Michigan law school’s affirmative action plan for student admissions."

Reparations: A View from the Left  1/19/04 Black America News 

Reparations: A View from the Right  1/19/04 Black America News 

GEORGE E. CURRY: Dr. King's legacy of action  1/19/04 Black America Today 

Bush’s Policies Contradict MLK’s Vision, Leaders Say  1/19/04 Black America Web 

Revisiting "Black Power"  1/19/04 Washington Post 

Sunday  1/18/04

Globalization in the African World  1/18/04 American Friends Service Committee: "In preparation for Miami, a group of activists from the African Diaspora decided that the impact of Globalization on the African continent needed to be highlighted. This idea culminated into a half-day forum co-organized by AFSC staff entitled Globalization in the African World."

Desperation and Drastic Measures - The Use and Abuse of Martin Luther King Jr. by Israel's Apologists  1/18/04 Counterpunch: using a phony letter from MLK - "Soon afterwards, CAMERA, a rabidly pro-Israeli organization, published a statement declaring that the letter was "apparently" a hoax. CAMERA explained how it gained so much currency. The "letter" came from a "reputable" book, Shared Dreams, by Rabbi Marc Shneier. Martin Luther King III authored the preface for the book, giving the impression of familial approval."

Saturday  1/17/04

War protesters proud they got to jeer Bush  1/17/04 Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "For two years, the antiwar movement in Atlanta has waited for the moment Thursday when President Bush's motorcade pulled up at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center. "No protester has ever been that close to Bush," crowed organizer Kelli Potts on Friday afternoon as she recalled the Thursday protest when about 1,000 people shouted "Bush Go Home" and waved antiwar placards as the president laid a wreath beside the crypt of Martin Luther King Jr."

Bush bypasses Senate to seat judge  1/17/04 Chicago Sun-Times: ''The president's recess appointment of this anti-civil rights judge the day after laying a wreath on the grave of Martin Luther King is an insult to Dr. King, an insult to every African American, and an insult to all Americans who share Dr. King's great goals,'' said Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.). ''It serves only to emphasize again this administration's shameful opposition to civil rights.''

Friday  1/16/04

Commentary: ‘Authentic Patriot’ Gave Up On America  1/16/04 Black America Web: "In his new book, “Quitting America: The Departure of a Black Man from his Native Land,” TransAfrica founder Randall Robinson says, “I tried to love America, its credos, its ideals, its promise, its process. But these things could mean no more to me than they had to those who had conceived them, written them, recited them, and ultimately, betrayed them. “Then I stopped trying to love America. I have not despaired the moment. For with it has come a measure of unexpected contentment.” "

Abramson, black ministers meet - Later, protesters march and sing at mayor's home  1/16/04 Courier-Journal, KY: "Louisville Metro Mayor Jerry Abramson pledged yesterday to try to better "connect" with African-American youths, many of whom took the police shooting of 19-year-old Michael Newby personally, their ministers say. Abramson also said he will try to find economic opportunities for young black males, including job-training programs. And he will try to raise his visibility in the African-American community, including attending community events, he said."

Conspiracy of deceit  1/16/04 Final Call: "Michael Jackson did something that no one thought a Black man would do. He purchased the Beatles catalog for $48 million and today it is worth $1.5 billion. He didn’t know when he bought it that the Beatles owned Little Richard’s music. Michael gave it back to Little Richard, who is very happy now. Michael also owns the Elvis Presley catalogs. A Black man owns (the music of) two of the most important music figures in the world and anytime something is played by either of them, Michael gets paid."

Cop kills another Black man in Louisville  1/16/04 Final Call 

Prison Transfer Being Sought for Malcolm X’s Troubled Grandson  1/16/04 NNPA 

King's legacy lives on -- in Venezuela  1/16/04 USA Today: "I was delighted, therefore, when I traveled with others from the TransAfrica Forum to celebrate King's birthday in Caracas, Venezuela. We went with Minister of Education Aristobulo Isturiz to open a school named after King. It's among more than 3,000 ''Bolivarian'' schools created since Hugo Chavez became Venezuela's president in 1999. The schools, open all day, provide two meals and a snack to poor children. There's also a new Bolivarian University, which increases higher education's availability, especially to poorer students. Further, more than a million adults have taken literacy classes in the past two years."

Thursday  1/15/04

Dr. King's Global Vision  1/15/04 Black Commentator 

Bush's Atlanta visit marked by protests  1/15/04 CNN 

“The O’Connor Project”  1/15/04 NRO: "The title alludes to Justice Sandra O'Connor's opinion last summer upholding the use of racial preferences in university admissions, which she concluded by saying that she hoped the academic performance of young African Americans would improve enough so that, in 25 years, this kind of discrimination would no longer be called for. And so, asks Schorr — director of the Project on Effective Interventions at Harvard University — what is to be done in order to make O'Connor's hope come true? "

Wednesday  1/14/04

To Rebel Is Justified: Cuba, Haiti and John Brown  1/14/04 SF Bay View 

Trans Africa Forum: there's racism and discrimination in Venezuela after all  1/14/04 Vheadlines: "Insisting that the delegation did not come to Venezuela to create any conflict, Fletcher referred to opposition media racist characterizations of President Hugo Chavez Frias as a clear example of racial discrimination and says he is surprised at the high level of racial factor negation that the group's visit has aroused in Venezuela. "If we don't confront the heritage of Western Hemisphere invasion, colonialism, slavery and segregation, racism will undermine every attempt at social progress." Trans Africa colleague, James Early insists that the group did not come to Venezuela to start accusing people and but to meet and talk with their African-Venezuelan brothers. "They have been told that some barrio inhabitants are denied access to discotheques because of the color of their skin." "

Tuesday  1/13/04

Internet A "Global Pan-African" Tool  1/13/04 Black World Today 

Monday  1/12/04

The Secret History of Hip-Hop In Miami – Part I: Enter The Wrekonize Factor  1/12/04 DaveyD 

Your Right to Vote Does Not Expire  1/12/04 The Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law: "Your Right to Vote Does Not Expire Contrary to a rumor circulating throughout cyberspace, African Americans will not lose the right to vote in 2007. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 will not expire in 2007. The rumor is false!!! The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is an extension of the 15th amendment, which assures that African Americans will always have the right to vote. No one may be denied the right to vote because of his or her race or color. The prohibitions stated in the 15th amendment are permanent."

Venezuela Will not Tolerate any Intervention in its Internal Affairs, According to Chavez  1/12/04 Venezuela Analysis: "Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez welcomed a delegation of U.S. African-American activists and said that his country will not tolerate any intervention from Washington, in response to negative comments from U.S. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice… Later in the program, President Chávez suggested to actor Danny Glover that he make a movie about ‘el negro Andresote,’ a slave who organized a rebellion against slave owners in Venezuela. Glover responded, "it's a deal!" "

Danny Glover praises Venezuela's education minister ... opposition bristles  1/12/04 Vheadlines: "The Black Americans' visit to Venezuela has raised controversy and created a somewhat irrational response among opposition sectors that deny the existence of racism in Venezuela, accusing the Venezuelan President of artificially whipping up non-existent racial tensions and hatred. Analysts suggest that it is time for Afro-Venezuelans ... such as Barlovento-based and Unesco-sponsored, Jesus Chucho Garcia ... and other domestic black experts to speak out on the matter and place the debate on a more equal footing."

Danny Glover is Making a Difference  1/12/04 WORK, Rochester, NY 

Sunday  1/11/04

National Alliance to End Homelessness: First Steering Committee Meeting, Boston, 1/22/04  1/11/04 Black Voter Net: "Will we be part of such an inhuman conspiracy? Will we be muted militants? Will we wander in complacent despair, placing our energy into trying to stay two or three paychecks away from the plight of those above? Come join us. Our first meeting of the steering committee is Thursday, January 22, 2004 at 6:30pm. Temporary location: 65 Jay St., Cambridge, MA 02139 Contact: "

Saturday  1/10/04

Chavez calls Condoleezza Rice an "illiterate" following sharp criticism  1/10/04 AFP: "Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dismissed US National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice as a "true illiterate" for accusing him of not playing a constructive role in Latin America."

King, Lee celebrations overlap in Lee County  1/10/04 Fayetteville, NC: "On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a Confederate flag will fly over the Lee County Courthouse, if the commissioners allow it. This year, in an odd coincidence that has happened only once in 17 years, the holiday celebrating the slain civil rights leader falls on the birthday of Civil War Gen. Robert E. Lee."

Davis Presses Bush on Black Male Commission  1/10/04 NNPA 

DIASPORA DIGEST - Protesting Somalis Face Indefinite Incarceration  1/10/04 NNPA: "Some 20 persons of Somali origin who were detained by the Department of Homeland Security (INS) over the last few years remain incarcerated for an indefinite period says Omar Jamal, executive director, Somali Justice Advocacy Center. “We spoke to Homeland Security on Monday, Dec. 15, and the situation looks grim. The authorities said the detainees will not be released, but if they request to be returned to Somalia, some arrangement could be worked out,” reported Jamal in an interview. The Somali Justice Advocacy Center here had expressed concern about the conditions of the Somali immigrant detainees, some of whom were transferred to Oak Park Heights prison in Stillwater, Minn., after a protest riot broke out at the Rush City Detention Center in late November. The detainees had refused to return to their cells and demanded a resolution of their immigration status after a protracted period of incarceration."

CNN's Novak under fire for calling American Indians election thieves  1/10/04 Rapid City Journal 

Friday  1/9/04

NAACP Images snub several black shows  1/9/04 Beacon Journal, OH 

Malcolm X–Wrong on Canada  1/9/04 Black World Today: "Although he visited award-winning author Austin Clarke and was interviewed by Pierre Berton from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), I don't think he lived long enough to fully grasp the question of race in Canada. He once remarked: "Stop talking about The South. South is anything south of the Canadian border." The Toronto Star and Ontario Human Rights Commissioner Keith Norton have come to the same conclusion that African people in Canada have known for decades. In a report, Paying The Price: The Human Cost of Racial Profiling, it is made clear that there are contradictions between the police and Africans and other people of color."

Cheney's Nigerian Mess  1/9/04 Figaro: published in France's Le Figaro, 12/20/03, translated on this site - "The hypothesis of an eventual indictment of Dick Cheney is officially contemplated by French justice. According to projections of the case, he could be charged with “eventual complicity in supplying the means or the orders or the reception (of stolen goods)”, for the misappropriation of public property. If such a prospect is not on the agenda, it is possible since the opening of the judicial inquiry October 8 for “the bribery of foreign public officials and misappropriation of public property” targeting the American company Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) which is the principal subsidiary of Halliburton, known for having obtained more than 2 billion dollars worth of Iraq reconstruction contracts from the American government and over which Richard Cheney presided as CEO from 1995 to 2000."

Afro-American activists say media misinforms about situation in Venezuela  1/9/04 Vheadlines: "Black Afro-Venezuelan Education, Culture & Sports (MECD) Minister Aristobulo Isturiz will join the delegates at the inauguration of the Bolivarian Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s School in the predominantly black town of Naiguata (Vargas) ... reportedly he could not hide his satisfaction at the way the American delegation handled tricky questions from anti-Chavez journalists who have in the past described him depreciatingly as a "monkey" or "chimpanzee." "

Thursday  1/8/04

Campaign of Fear! Is Homeland Security political terrorism?  1/8/04 African American News & Issues, TX 

Danny Glover y Bill Fletcher Jr. en Venezuela: medios estadounidenses no reflejan realidad venezolana  1/8/04 Aporrea: "Muy emocionado declaró sentirse, por su parte, Danny Glover, protagonista de los filmes "Arma letal" y "El color púrpura", quien aseguró que no podía desperdiciar la oportunidad de ser parte del momento histórico que se vive en Venezuela. Glover definió el proceso venezolano como un intento de hacer un país integracionista, en el que caben todos sus ciudadanos, y confirmó que "lo que se recibe en Estados Unidos, es básicamente desinformación". Lo que dicen los medios allá, agregó, no está acorde con la realidad venezolana y es por eso que hemos venido a escuchar y aprender no sólo de los políticos, sino también de la sociedad civil."

EEUU apoyó golpe de Estado en Venezuela afirma TransÁfrica Forum  1/8/04 Aporrea: ""El gobierno de Estados Unidos obviamente apoyó el golpe de Estado en Venezuela en abril de 2002 , de hecho, es un gobierno hostil" hacia uno de los presidentes que en este hemisferio "ha sido elegido tal vez con mayor democracia que en cualquier parte", así lo afirmó el presidente de la organización TransÁfrica, Bill Fletcher, al término de una reunión con funcionarios venezolanos en la Vicepresidencia de la República." Quoting Bill Fletcher, of TransAfrica and formerly Assistant to the President of the AFL-CIO as well as formerly the vice president for international trade union development programs for the George Meany Center of the AFL-CIO.

NFL Players Dancing Dreads Turn Heads  1/8/04 Black America Web 

Lt. Col.: Buffalo Soldiers serve proudly in Iraq  1/8/04 CNN: "For most of its existence, the Buffalo Soldiers were a unit of black soldiers commanded by white officers. Today the now-integrated unit is led by Lt. Col. Reginald Allen, the first African-American to command the Buffalo Soldiers in combat… VAN MARSH: What should people know about the Buffalo Soldiers? ALLEN: The incredible thing about the Buffalo Soldiers, especially those who served early on, is that they loved this country enough that through the racism, through the bigotry, they still wanted to serve."

Wal-Mart and the Economic Destruction of Black Communities  1/8/04 Infoshop 

35TH NAACP Image Awards Nominations Announced - Outkast, Beyoncé and Showtime Drama "Soul Food" Lead Nominees  1/8/04 NAACP 

Group Slams U.S. 'Disinformation' Against Venezuela  1/8/04 Reuters: "The delegation from the TransAfrica Forum, which studies African-American issues, began a week-long visit to Venezuela that included talks with political leaders and visits to schools and social programs in the racially mixed South American nation."

Afro-American celebrities on week-long visit to see Venezuela with their own eyes  1/8/04 Vheadlines: " is reporting that TransAfrica Forum president Bill Fletcher, actor Danny Glover, and US Service Employees International Union (SEIU) vice president Patricia Ford have started a week-long visit to Venezuela to see the results of the 'peaceful revolutionary process' led by President Hugo Chavez Frias… The delegation was accompanied today by Venezuelan Ambassador to Washington, D.C., Bernardo Alvarez Herrera, and included actor Danny Glover, Bill Fletcher, the international vice president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Patricia Ford, professor of criminology and director of the Department of Urban Studies (Washington, D.C.) Sylvia Hill, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) economist Julianne Malyeaux and the vice president of the TransAfrica Forum, Selena Mendy Singleton… Tomorrow, Friday, the group will attend the inauguration of the Bolivarian “Martin Luther King, Jr.” School in the Caribbean coastal town of Naiguata, where large numbers of Afro-Venezuelans live ... it will be the first official recognition in Venezuela of the leadership of one of the most important civil rights leaders from the United States in an event hosted by Minister of Education, Culture & Sports, Aristobulo Isturiz and Ambassador Alvarez Herrera. The delegation’s presence in Venezuela will also launch the official recognition of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday as a day of national celebration in Venezuela where a high percentage of the population traces its roots back to Africa ... the holiday has been celebrated in the United States since January 20 (1986) despite significant controversy, and is the only federal holiday commemorating an Afro-American. They have also been invited to meet local community groups, members of the women’s rights movement, government officials, educators and opposition leaders and will take part in President Chavez Frias’ weekly radio and television program 'Alo Presidente' on Sunday. Continuing to next Monday, the group will visit several working class neighborhoods in Caracas and meet with community activists."

Associated Press reports Danny Glover and black American activists visit Venezuela  1/8/04 Vheadlines: "The Associated Press is reporting that actor Danny Glover was among a delegation of black American activists who began a 9-day visit to meet President Hugo Chavez Frias and study the situation of blacks in Venezuela… Andres Izarra, spokesman for the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C., said the delegation also includes Patricia Ford of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), economist and writer Julianne Malveaux and James Early, director of Cultural Heritage Policy at the Smithsonian Institution's Center for Folklife & Cultural Heritage."

Wednesday  1/7/04

CBC draws fire for Haiti support  1/7/04 The Hill 

Tuesday  1/6/04

Anti-FTAA Speaking Tour: AfroVenezuelan Network  1/6/04 AfroCubaWeb 

Monday  1/5/04

RON DANIELS: Promoting Pan-Africanism in the 21st Century  1/5/04 Black America Today: "it is important to remind my readers that among the goals of the Cruising Into History Haiti 2004 Initiative are to build a material support and economic development fund for Haiti and to create the financial foundation for the Institute of the Black World 21st Century. Some will recall the historic State of the Black World Conference (SOBWC) convened in 2001 and the subsequent launch of the Institute in April of 2002, both in Atlanta. In the spirit of DuBois, Garvey, Nkrumah and Malcolm, SOBWC was a pan-African conference which attracted people of African descent from England, Canada, Senegal, Nigeria, Cameroon, Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados and the Bahamas as well as from Black America. The conveners of the conference planned it that way because of the belief that for African people to survive and thrive in the 21st century, we must strive to achieve unity as a basis for developing global Black Power - Pan Africanism is the key to the fate and fortune of Africans as we endeavor to forge a more promising and prosperous future."

Time to quit the knee-jerk Nation of Islam bashing  1/5/04 Chicago Tribune 

New venture looking good - City teacher invests in cosmetics kiosk and expands  1/5/04 Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY: "It used to be that African-American women and other ethnic minorities couldn’t find cosmetics that matched their complexions at most department stores and drugstores. While that has changed over the last decade, LaCassa Jones Felton said she still couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for at stores in the Rochester area."

Sunday  1/4/04

Inventing Africa - New York Times archives reveal a history of racist fabrication  1/4/04 Black Star News: "When New York Times reporters such as Lloyd Garrison in the 1960s and Joseph Lelyveld in the 1980s filed news stories from Africa, editors at the Times routinely fabricated scenes and manufactured quotes for their articles. In some instances, the foreign editor colluded with the reporter to manufacture scenes that they believed would conform to the racist stereotypical biases that U.S. readers had come to expect in reports from Africa. When I brought these examples of racist journalistic concoctions to the attention of New York Times editors more than 10 years ago, I was virtually ignored. That's why recent assertions by Times editors that reporter Jayson Blair's concoctions and fabrications reflected a "low point" in the newspaper's 152-year history (5/11/03) were disingenuous. A much lower point had been reached in the 1960s, when the newspaper began covering Africa consistently, as I discovered when I dug up documents from the Times' archives in 1992."

Jacko, Page Six, Yada Yada Errata  1/4/04 Fox News: "Contrary to today's assertion in Page Six, this column broke the story about the Nation of Islam's influence over Michael Jackson. The item ran in the afternoon of Dec. 17, and it set off a firestorm that has not yet ended."

Opinion & Editorial Commentary - Danny Glover travels to Venezuela to show his support for the Venezuelan Blacks  1/4/04 Petroleum World: "The pretended purpose of the trip is, in itself, an indication of the distorted nature of your visit. You are coming to Venezuela to "study" the situation of the Venezuelan blacks. Sir, you are being a racist. You would be hard put to find "blacks" in Venezuela, except in villages such as Curiepe. In Venezuela almost everybody is dark. We are a mestizo country, Sir. We have no black oppressed minority in Venezuela, but a great mass of mestizos and mulattos lacking running water, decent schools and hospitals, running like rabbits to get home before sunset arrives, together with murderers and robbers; lacking decent employment and the required amount of daily calories. Are you telling me that, in the middle of this social chaos produced by the most inefficient and corrupt government we have had in modern Venezuelan history, you are coming to "study" the situation of blacks in the country? As they say in your native San Francisco: Give me a break."

The cult 'taking control' of Jackson's life  1/4/04 Scotsman: "But media reports in the US claim that the black separatist group’s leader, Louis Farrakhan, is after the pop star’s assets, which remain considerable, at about $200m, despite rumours that Jackson is broke." What happened to the $1.5 billion Beatles catalog Jackson owns?

Saturday  1/3/04

Political Fundraising in Texas Is Target of Probe  1/3/04 LA Times: "Authorities are conducting a criminal investigation into whether corporate money, including hundreds of thousands of dollars linked to U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, improperly financed the Republican Party's takeover of the Texas Capitol. The probe is focused on several political and fundraising organizations run by Republican activists, investigators said. One of the organizations, the political action committee Texans for a Republican Majority, has direct ties to DeLay, a Texas Republican and one of the most powerful politicians in Washington."

Friday  1/2/04

Confused Black leaders must go in 2004  1/2/04 African American News & Issues 

McKinney: Black people need unity and focus  1/2/04 Barbados Advocate 

STUFFED GORILLA SPARKS POLICE RACISM CONTROVERSY  1/2/04 Blackopolis: "We still don't have the photos ourselves, but since it was in the paper, it obviously establishes beyond any doubt that there was a stuffed gorilla on a Portland Police Bureau car," said Richard Rosenthal, the police review board's director. "It's not an issue that's being disputed by anybody." A police spokeswoman, Sgt. Cheryl Robinson, conceded that the cameras give police watchers a handy tool with which to chronicle officers' actions. "Ten years ago, video cameras were large and unwieldy, but people were using them," she said. "Now we have something people can hold in the palm of their hand."

Activists say protests against war continues  1/2/04 Final Call 

CBS and Jacko: New York Times Reporter's Second Mistake?  1/2/04 Fox News 

Thursday  1/1/04

Black America must prepare for the long deep slide  1/1/04 Black Commentator: "In 2000 these Pirates captured Washington, DC with the plainly stated goal of subduing the globe by military force and intimidation. It is at this point that the Dream Period ended, definitively, for Black America. There will be no return in the foreseeable future to the times of robust and general domestic growth. Instead, the era of American decline is well underway, and is likely to be punctuated by abrupt, dramatic, and extremely dangerous social dislocations, during which we will learn the fuller meaning of living “in the belly of the beast.” ...Polls show that majorities of Europeans believe the U.S. is roughly as great a danger to world peace as North Korea and Israel – an astounding result in the historical heartland of colonialism, among people who one would think had become inured to imperial excesses as practiced by some of their own governments. Much more ominous are the clear signals that global elites are quietly drawing red lines around the United States. These are the people who convene and attend the innumerable meetings on countless trade and finance issues that keep a wired planet in some semblance of stability. A general consensus has been reached that the U.S. is the primary source of global instability. The world’s elites are seeking to position their institutions and nations as far from the American axis as is feasible, while carefully avoiding economic catastrophe in the process. It is like planning a divorce from an insane, violent spouse who also has a key to the safety deposit box."

Haiti: a call for global action  1/1/04 Black Commentator: by Randall Robinson - "Between 1791 and 1804, hundreds of thousands of Africans enslaved in Haiti ignored the rivers, forests, precipices, swamps, mountains, gorges, bloodhounds, rifles, cannon, and whips that separated them and united to launch a massive, brilliantly executed, spectacular war of liberation that the armies of Spain, England, and France (with the help of the United States) all fought desperately – and failed absolutely – to crush. The Haitian Revolution was no “lucky break” involving “a few unruly slaves.” This was no “plantation uprising.” … "“Most have assumed that (Haiti’s) slaves had no military experience prior to the revolution,” John K. Thornton explains in African Soldiers in the Haitian Revolution. “Many assume that they rose from agricultural labour to military prowess in an amazingly short time…. However, it is probably a mistake to see the slaves of St. Domingue as simply agricultural workers, like the peasants of Europe… …A majority of St. Domingue’s slaves, especially those who fought steadily in the revolution, were born in Africa… …In fact, a great many… …had served in African armies prior to their enslavement and arrival in Haiti."

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