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Archive: 2002

Tuesday  12/31/02

Counting on Democracy Broadcast Schedule  12/31/02 ITVS: “This tale of race, political payback, voter fraud and justice deferred could have come out of a Hollywood thriller. But no—this is the story of the 2000 Presidential election in Florida, one of the most startling, disturbing events in recent years. Directed by investigative reporter Danny Schechter [executive editor of, and executive producer of Globalvision], Counting on Democracy is a jaw-dropping, even terrifying account of just how shallow our nation’s commitment to democracy can be” Taos Film Festival

Monday  12/16/02

Gore takes self out of '04 race  12/16/02 Boston Globe: "The decision had one immediate effect on the race for the Democratic presidential nomination: Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, who was Gore's running mate in 2000, is expected to announce his candidacy as soon as today. Lieberman had pledged not to run if Gore did. In an interview with the Globe last week, he said that were Gore not to run, 'I expect to make it clear very quickly afterward.' " - Lieberman owes his Senate seat to the CANF (Cuban American National Foundation), the organization that represents the Miami Mafia and their narcoterrorist henchmen.

Lott sunk the GOP deeper in the hole with blacks  12/16/02 Florida Times Union: by Tonyaa Weathersbee

Tuesday  12/10/02

Black Lawmakers: Lott Apology Not Enough  12/10/02 AP: "Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., also said that Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle spoke too quickly on Monday when he said he accepted Lott's explanation that he hadn't meant his words to be so interpreted. "This is a Democratic Party issue," Waters said. "It is not enough to simply defend or to explain these kinds of statements and then at election time talk about why black Americans should turn out in large numbers."

Friday  12/6/02

Harris lands key House role  12/6/02 Bradenton Herald, FL: "She's been elected to Congress for just more than a month, but already Katherine Harris has landed a leadership role in the U.S. House. The chamber's third-ranking Republican on Thursday tapped Harris, R-Sarasota, as an assistant majority whip." Rewarding vote fraud!

Thursday  12/5/02

Black Washington: Pacifica Radio’s enemy?  12/5/02 Black Journalism 

Wednesday  11/13/02


Thursday  11/7/02

Buoyant Bush wins mandate for war  11/7/02 Times, UK: David Phillips, a senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, said: “The election is a war mandate. The American people wanted to show solidarity with the Bush Administration’s war against terrorism and their support for the White House’s national security approach. War with Iraq was already likely. It is now inevitable unless Saddam fully complies with his international obligations.”

Wednesday  11/6/02

Broward reports wrong vote totals  11/6/02 Miami Herald: "More than 100,000 votes went missing on Tuesday between the time they were counted by electronic machines and the time they were reported on cable-access television and on the Supervisor of Elections web site. A glitch in the vote reporting system left a 104,000-vote difference between Tuesday night's totals and those reported late Wednesday. Election officials said the error has no effect on the outcome of any races, though voter turnout jumped from 35 percent to 45 percent after it was corrected. And it raises questions about how the supervisor's office could have missed that many votes."

Wall St. Set to Cheer Republican Gains  11/6/02 Reuters: "The battle for control of Congress raged into the morning hours on Wednesday, but Republicans scored huge victories that could add more fuel to a four-week rally on Wall Street."

World braces for 'triumphant' Bush.  11/6/02 UPI: "We are dealing with a power that has no limit in its dealing with foreign issues," said Mohammed Shaker, head of the Egyptian Council on Foreign Relations, whose wariness of a Bush administration unrestrained by any other branch of government was widely shared beyond U.S. shores… Only in Israel did there seem to be little new deference to the Bush administration and its striking new mandate. Israel's new Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu marked his own return to government by asserting the Bush administration's latest "roadmap for peace" was "not on the agenda." Netanyahu also told Israeli TV Wednesday he thought the attack on Saddam would be a good time to expel Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, despite earlier promises from Israeli premier Ariel Sharon to President Bush that Arafat "would not be harmed."

Voters Set Republicans Loose on the World  11/6/02 Village Voice: "In tone, it takes us back to the Eisenhower '50s." And to 1929, the last time the Republicans controlled everything.

Monday  11/4/02

Greg Palast, Author of "Best Democracy Money Can Buy," Exposes the Continued Suppression of Florida's Black Vote in Election 2002  11/4/02 Buzzflash: "It's a whole new horror show. Two years ago, I reported that Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush had order county elections officials to erase 57,000 voters from voter rolls -- most of them Black, almost all of them innocent -- on grounds they are felons. It cost Gore the White House. So here’s the new tricks from these old dogs: The company that came up with this rotten little "purge" list has, under threat of suit from the NAACP, confessed that the total purge targeted 94,000 voters -- and that, at outside tops, only 3,000 may be illegal voters. This weekend, on, I'm breaking the ill news that, while the state admits that it kept these legal voters away from the polls, they will not put them back on the registries -- get this -- until AFTER the election on Tuesday. First Bro' Jeb is in the fight of his life -- a statistical dead heat with Democrat Bill McBride ... so the Republicans, with their hands on the elections machinery, seem to be saying, "What’s the use of stealing an election in 2000 if we have to give it back two years later?"

Saturday  11/2/02

The re-election of Jim Crow: How Jeb Bush's team is trying to steal Florida again  11/2/02 Center for Research on Globalization: "Harris and the state admit that tens of thousands of black voters had been wronged, and with plantation noblesse have agreed to return them to the voter rolls -- at the beginning of 2003. In other words, the votes seized in November 2002 will not be emancipated until after the ballots are counted in the race between Governor Jeb Bush and his Democratic opponent Bill McBride."

Friday  11/1/02

The Campaign of Lies Bush Runs the Most Dishonest Campaign in Modern Florida History  11/1/02 Bill McBride for Governor: "In editorials and news coverage, Florida news outlets have described various Bush attacks on McBride as false, misleading, and deceptive. “…Some campaign observers described Bush’s ad as one of the most devious strategies in Florida’s modern political history.” (Sun-Sentinel, 10/22) “It’s terrible. It’s full of lies,” said FSU professor Lance deHaven-Smith of the Bush tax television ad. Following is a sampling of lies."

Thursday  10/31/02

Albanian and Russian observers sent to monitor American elections  10/31/02 Independent, UK: "The joke, during the endless presidential election recounts in Florida two years ago, was that Russia and Albania would send poll monitors to help the United States with its unexpected bump on the road to democracy. Now, the joke has become reality. A high-level delegation of European and North American election observers – including members from Russia and Albania – arrived yesterday for a week-long mission to watch Florida's mid-term elections, which take place on Tuesday… "Whatever else it is, it will be an experience," said a tight-lipped Ilirjan Celibashi, head of Albania's Central Electoral Committee."

Wednesday  10/30/02

McBride's campaign stalled  10/30/02 Boston Globe: Jeb may win Florida.

Tuesday  10/29/02

Kerry faces write-in candidate opposing his vote on Iraq force  10/29/02 Boston Globe: "A Cambridge arms control specialist and peace activist is mounting a write-in campaign against Senator John F. Kerry, hoping to register public disapproval for his recent vote authorizing President Bush to use military force against Iraq. Randall C. Forsberg, a Democrat with a doctorate from MIT who serves as director of the Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies, conceded yesterday that she does not have a strong chance of unseating Kerry next week. Instead, she said she hopes that the votes she receives will send an antiwar message."

Monday  10/28/02

Missing Ingredient For Democracy - The Right to Vote  10/28/02 Pacific News: And they talk about bringing their democracy to other countries. No thanks!

Sunday  10/27/02

Bush adds Sun-Sentinel, News Chief endorsements for governor  10/27/02 Miami Herald: "Bush landed the backing of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and The News Chief of Winter Haven just a day after picking up endorsements from three other newspapers. Democratic challenger Bill McBride picked up one endorsement Saturday. As of Sunday, Bush had seven endorsements to McBride's six… Bush received the endorsements Saturday of The Tampa Tribune, The Miami Herald and the Orlando Sentinel. McBride received the support Saturday of The Palm Beach Post."

Wednesday  10/23/02

McAuliffe Describes Jeb Bush as the Democrats' Top Target  10/23/02 NYT: "Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic national chairman, said today that his No. 1 goal in the Nov. 5 elections was to defeat Gov. Jeb Bush in Florida and that his No. 1 worry was whether Senator Jean Carnahan, Democrat of Missouri, could hold her seat. "Jeb is gone!" Mr. McAuliffe declared brazenly, brushing aside the determination of the White House to protect the president's brother. "There won't be anything as devastating to President Bush as his brother's losing in Florida."

Tuesday  10/22/02

Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002; Reporting - AGENCY: Federal Election Commission - ACTION: Notice of proposed rulemaking.  10/22/02 Cryptome 

Thursday  10/17/02

18 vote machines missing from Broward elections office  10/17/02 Orlando Sentinel: getting ready for Jeb's re-election.

Jeb Bush in struggle for survival  10/17/02 Scotsman: "George Bush will today fly to Florida for one last campaign push on behalf of his brother Jeb, after a poll showed the state’s governor locked in a struggle for political survival. Figures released by the public opinion pollster Zogby show Jeb Bush capturing 48 per cent of the vote, while Democrat Bill McBride, a millionaire lawyer who has never held political office, trails by just three points. It is a statistical dead heat that has alarmed the Bush camp and caused near-panic in the White House, only three weeks away from the US mid-term congressional elections, "Democrats and the media will show no mercy if the president’s brother is defeated," a top White House insider told reporters in Washington. "A win by McBride would be viewed as symbolic." Often short on charisma, the governor has earned extra points by finally opening up about his daughter Noelle’s drug problems. The 25-year-old, who is in a rehabilitation clinic in Orlando after posing as a doctor and forging a prescription to obtain drugs, was last month found with crack cocaine hidden in her shoe."

Wednesday  10/16/02

Monitors may watch Florida vote  10/16/02 BBC: but will they catch the skilled Batistiano operatives who make the dead vote, etc, etc.

PRESSURE ON: WHITE HOUSE CONCERN OVER BROTHER BUSH; SEEN VULNERABLE IN ELECTION  10/16/02 Drudge Report: "A growing concern that Florida Governor Jeb Bush may be vulnerable in next month's election has become a near-obsession inside of the White House, top sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT. "Democrats and the media will show no mercy if the president's brother is defeated," a top Bush insider said from Washington. "While no one wants to lose a state house, a win by [Democratic challenger Bill] McBride would be viewed as symbolic." President Bush is determined to help his brother in the final weeks of the race, according to sources. Every effort is being made to avoid the embarrassment of a high-profile "Bush Loss." White House guru Karl Rove, said to be increasingly preoccupied with the Florida state race, has argued that a Jeb defeat would not affect the president politically. A new Zogby Poll released this weekend showed Jeb has the support of 48% of voters while McBride has the support of 45% -- a statistical dead heat. Bush's own internal polling also shows McBride in motion, campaign sources tell DRUDGE."

Wednesday  10/2/02

Torricelli Adds to Volatility in Battle for Senate Control  10/2/02 NYT: "Senator Robert G. Torricelli's stunning decision to drop his re-election bid has added new volatility to the battle for control of the Senate, with eight races now considered too close to call and Democrats in a fierce struggle to hang on to their precarious one-seat majority. After two years of dedicated combat between the parties, neither is predicting a large breakthrough next month. Republican and Democratic leaders say it is possible for one side to pick up several seats in the midterm elections. But the more likely outcome, they say, will be a one-seat edge that reflects a nation every bit as divided as it was after the 2000 election."

Tuesday  10/1/02

Torricelli's Out  10/1/02 Newsday: "Vowing not to allow his vulnerability to cost Democrats control of the Senate, embattled Sen. Robert Torricelli (D-N.J.) ended his troubled re-election bid yesterday and yielded to an ethics controversy that had consumed his race and sent his poll numbers diving in recent days." So ends the career of the author of the anti-Cuban Torricelli Act.

Monday  9/30/02

We all count in Florida  9/30/02 more from the Banana Republic of Florida - "We ALL Count, Inc. (WAC) has been created to bring individuals and businesses together to ensure that the interests of ALL citizens of Florida are considered when important issues are decided by the Florida government. WAC will serve as a voters' resource center identifying and comparing the records and platforms of the Florida 2002 gubernatorial candidates. WAC Inc. will dispel political "spin" and provide unfiltered facts about the stances and actions of the current administration as well as those of challenging gubernatorial candidates."

Saturday  9/28/02

Democrats Take the Lead in Midterms  9/28/02 Newsweek: "IF THE NOVEMBER ELECTIONS for U.S. Congress were held today, more registered voters say they would vote for the Democratic candidate (47 percent) than the Republican candidate (40 percent) in their district. Thirteen percent say the would vote for another party’s candidate or are undecided. That’s a turnabout from the NEWSWEEK poll taken just after President George W. Bush’s Sept. 12 speech on Iraq to the United Nations, when 43 percent said they would vote for the GOP candidate, vs. 41 percent fot he Democrat."

Monday  9/23/02

Goodbye To All That  9/23/02 Black World Today: By Rep. Cynthia McKinney

Another Oil War  9/23/02 Counterpunch: by Rep. Cynthia McKinney

Saturday  9/14/02

Reno's camp may sue over touch screens used in Florida primary  9/14/02 Knigh Ridder: Targetting the Batistiano voting machine - "Janet Reno's campaign for governor is trying to build a sweeping case against the now-infamous touch-screen voting machines that campaign officials believe may be responsible for Reno losing the Democratic nomination. The case, summarized in a draft document obtained by The Herald, would not be used to challenge the results of last week's election, even if Bill McBride is certified Tuesday as the nominee, campaign officials said Saturday. Instead, the evidence would become part of a larger effort to put the blame for Florida's latest election fiasco at the feet of Gov. Jeb Bush and the election reform law he signed with great fanfare last year. "What we're doing is far more important than whoever the nominee is," said Reno campaign manager Mo Elleithee."

Reno's Call for Recount Rejected  9/14/02 Washington Post: "In an increasingly eerie replay of the 2000 presidential election in Florida, former attorney general Janet Reno today demanded a statewide, manual recount of the votes in Tuesday's Democratic gubernatorial primary. But state officials said that was not possible under Florida law. Reno campaign officials made the demand as elections officials here continued to sift through the returns from Miami-Dade County. There are reports that perhaps thousands of votes were not counted Tuesday night in the unofficial tallies of Reno's narrow statewide loss to Tampa lawyer Bill McBride." The Banana Republic of Florida.

Wednesday  9/11/02

Election Glitches Delay Fla. Results  9/11/02 AP: the Batistianos at it again?

Tuesday  9/10/02

Gov. Bush Extends Fla. Voting Hours  9/10/02 Washington Post: "Florida's first big test of its new elections system turned into a nightmare Tuesday as polling stations opened late on a busy primary day and problems cropped up with the touchscreen voting machines brought in after the 2000 debacle."

Thursday  9/5/02

911 Volte-Face For Black America  9/5/02 Black World Today: "Blacks make up a majority of voters in Hilliard's district, and a near majority in McKinney's. Jewish groups and conservative Republicans didn't deliver the knockout punch, black voters did. Many either stayed home on Election Day, or voted against them. They were seen as out of touch and out of step with the mood of many blacks in post 911 America. If McKinney and Hilliard had paid the scantest attention to that changing mood they would have found that blacks are scared stiff of possible new terror attacks, have become passionate rooters for swift military and legislative action against terrorism, worry less about the issues of race and poverty, and more about their personal security, are more enamored of Bush, and more distrustful of the Democrats than ever. Polls taken immediately after the 911 attacks gave the first big hint of the stunning volte-face of blacks on politics and issues. By big margins they backed profiling and the carrying of identity cards, tighter security measures and shakedowns at airports, and were more willing than in the past to enlist and serve in the armed forces."

Monday  9/2/02

Clearing up the election that won't die  9/2/02 Tallahassee Democrat: "Question: Who actually received the most votes in Florida's 2000 presidential election? Answer: Al Gore. State election officials ultimately declared George W. Bush the winner by a margin of 537 votes, but during and after the election dispute, questions remained about the uncounted ballots of 175,010 voters, ballots that had been rejected by error-prone tabulating machines employed in many Florida counties. Confusion and conflict, much of it generated by partisan intrigue, prevented these ballots from being counted during the election controversy. However, in 2001 every uncounted ballot was carefully examined in a scientific study by the University of Chicago, which concluded that when all the votes were counted, more votes had been cast for Gore than for Bush."

Wednesday  8/28/02

What the Black Caucus needs to learn and do after McKinney loss  8/28/02 SF Bay View: "So instead of the big parties the Caucus usually holds at their annual shindig, what should be on the agenda of this year’s caucus: #1 Workshop on Campaigning 101. Many Black Caucus members need to review, or learn, how to campaign and to eliminate the mindset that Black folks are going to come out to vote just because they are Black Caucus members and that just by showing up on election day they will win without any opposition or by 60-90 percent of the vote. # 2 Establish a national fundraising base. When Earl Hilliard and Cynthia McKinney were in trouble, there were no Black organizations or individuals they could go to match the money Isreali, Jewish and conservative lobby groups poured into the campaigns of Hilliard’s and McKinney’s opponents. If outspoken Black members of Congress are going to be targeted by outside interests, they need to set up a network of wealthy Black individuals and organizations that can match donations dollar for dollar from conservative groups #3 We are your representatives. Most Black caucus members are elected from areas of the country with large black populations, but there are many areas of the country, like Denver, Las Vegas, San Diego, Seattle and other places with growing Black populations that have no Black members of Congress. If Black Caucus members can tap into the concerns and issues of Blacks living in areas with no Black Caucus members, not only can they extend the mandate of the Caucus but tap new sources of fundraising and a national base of support."

Tuesday  8/27/02

Florida primary could be confusing, Democrats warn  8/27/02 CNN: "The ballot instructs voters to "Vote for One Pair," meaning a combined entry of governor and lieutenant governor, though none of the candidates has chosen a running mate. Voters who took the instruction literally would "overvote" and nullify their choice, Democrats said Saturday." Similar instructions caused 50,000 overvotes in 3 black sections of Jacksonville alone in 2000.

Monday  8/26/02

Rift between blacks, Jews worries Democrats for fall  8/26/02 Baltimore Sun: "It has to be a worry for the Democrats," says David Bositis, senior political analyst at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, an African-American think tank. "The worry is that some percentage of black voters will become disaffected and won't vote in November."

Thursday  8/22/02

Crushing Congressional Dissent: The Fall of Hilliard, Barr and McKinney  8/22/02 Counterpunch: "Historians will one day write that the 107th Congress was the last to stand up to the constitutional encroachment by the military and monarchist policies of the Bush II administration. Just as with the Roman Senate, the Congress of the United States is becoming an elite club of pathetic assenters and global elitists. Once the domain of great orators and dissenters like Cato and Cicero, the Roman Senate was eventually subsumed by the Roman Army when the Emperor took on dictatorial powers. The Roman Senate could say nothing as the Roman dictatorship annexed Macedonia, Spain, Greece, the Middle East, and North Africa. By the time Emperors Tiberius and Septimius Severus took power, the Senate, which had grown to an elite club of 600, was a rubber stamp body that had no choice but to go along with the military's continued usurpation of power."

For Black Politicians, 2 Races Suggest a Rise of New Tactics  8/22/02 NYT: "For Democrats to do well this year they need solid numbers of black votes," said David Bositis, senior political analyst for the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a Washington-based research group that looks at issues affecting African Americans. "But if black voters perceive that elections in their districts are ultimately being decided by whites and powerful outside sources with money," Mr. Bositis said, "they may conclude their votes don't matter and decide not to vote at all."

Wednesday  8/21/02

Georgia Voters Oust Two Incumbents  8/21/02 AP: McKinney out, pro-Likud money wins again - "With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Majette had 65,402 votes, or 58 percent; McKinney had 47,651 votes, or 42 percent… McKinney offered only tepid support for Majette in the general election, saying she "will need our prayers to face the coming storm." She also blamed her loss on "massive Republican crossover" voting, which is allowed under Georgia's open primary system."

McKinney Election Loss Represents Landmine For Middle East Issues  8/21/02 Black World Today: "Hilliard also pointed to the constant negative editorials regarding McKinney by the Atlanta Journal Constitution as having an impact that cannot be measured in dollars. “Even as early as July the Atlanta Journal Constitution started a negative campaign against her that cannot be counted.”

From Cynthia McKinney to Katha Pollitt, to the ILWU to Paul Krugman  8/21/02 Counterpunch 

Sunday  8/18/02

Hip-Hop Fridays: Davey D's Exclusive Interview With Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney  8/18/02 Black Electorate 

Revelan que Bush destinó casi 14 millones de dólares a evitar que se repitiera el recuento de votos en Florida y poder ganar la presidencia  8/18/02 Rebelion: "Un nuevo escándalo involucra al presidente de los Estados Unidos, George W. Bush. Ahora, apareció un expediente que revela supuestos pagos a activistas republicanos para frenar el recuento de votos en Miami, Florida, cuya elección definió la llegada de Bush a la Casa Blanca. Los pagos se hicieron para financiar la denominada "Protesta de los Brooks Brothers", que se llevó a cabo el 22 de noviembre de 2000."

Friday  8/16/02

Congresswoman MckInney Freedom Ride!!!  8/16/02 Black World Today: "I spoke first, and was able to say to Gephardt that the Democratic non-response to this veteran lawmaker's re-election campaign is seen as cowardly and disloyal by the American people. I pointed out that McKinney has opened up an entirely new voting bloc in the Arab-American population, that her organizational skills are awesome. I believe McKinney is the link between Black and White progressives and that lack of Democratic support shows lack of vision and lack of loyalty by the party. I told Gephardt that people have no reason to be Democrats because the Democrats do not support their own, as evidenced by how they are dealing with Congresswoman McKinney. Further, the lack of response on the Democratic party is seen as racially biased, and that if they have any hopes for 2004, they must support the Congresswoman now."

Monday  8/12/02

McKinney Challenger Levels Financial Playing Field  8/12/02 Roll Call: "State Judge Denise Majette raised more than six times as much as Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) last month, according to new reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, closing what had been a huge gap in resources. The financial mismatch was by far the most striking among House campaigns in the Peach State, although most of the other competitive Aug. 20 primaries in the state are open seat races… Both campaigns, however, have received PAC contributions from organizations aligned with each side of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Many of the same political action committees that supported Davis have given money to Majette, while McKinney has received contributions from similar interest groups that backed Hilliard, such as the Arab American Leadership PAC." This is as close as the report comes to identifying the pro-Israel lobby as the funding source.

Saturday  8/10/02

Congresswoman McKinney under attack: please help  8/10/02 AfroCubaWeb: "Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, a Georgia African American Democrat, has been the most outspoken person in Congress against the war on terrorism, attacks on our civil rights, the corporate robbery of the government and the plight of the Palestinians."

Wednesday  8/7/02

McKinney Battles For Her Political Life  8/7/02 Black World Today 

Saturday  8/3/02

McKinney behind in poll despite Arab-American, Muslim support  8/3/02 Arab News: "A newly released poll has revealed that US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is behind her challenger, Denise Majette, 39 percent to 41 percent, in their nationally followed race for Congress. Less than three weeks remain until the Aug. 20 primary election… Former State Judge Denise Majette, McKinney’s rival, is partially being financed by Jewish leaders critical of McKinney’s stand on Israel. Majette has announced she plans to spend $500,000 in contributions she has received in the next three weeks. Members of the Muslim American community, meanwhile, have rallied to support McKinney. At least three-quarters of the $234,299 that McKinney has raised from individuals this year is from donors with Muslim or Arab-American surnames, many who live outside her district."

Some McKinney donors probed for terror ties  8/3/02 Atlanta Journal Constitution: "McKinney campaign coordinator Wendell Muhamad downplayed the FBI investigations of the donors, saying the agency historically has hounded minorities and is now targeting Muslims and people with Arab names. "They're doing stuff like they did in the '60s to Dr. [Martin Luther] King," said Muhamad. "These are American citizens learning to use their money like the very small population which sways a lot of opinion with their money -- the Jewish community. That's the American way." Banks said the campaign accepted contributors' money believing "in good faith that they are law-abiding citizens. If you did an investigation of everyone who gave money, people would stop giving."

Monday  7/29/02

Andy & black vote  7/29/02 NY Daily News: "Cuomo also announced that he hired a top black political operative - Jacques DeGraff, who managed the Rev. Al Sharpton's 1997 mayoral bid - to be a senior campaign adviser."

Friday  7/5/02

Ga. Primary Raising Specter Of Latest Black-Jewish Feud  7/5/02 Forward: "What Aipac needs to realize is that the CBC views this an as attack on them," said one caucus member, who hinted that Aipac could "lose some votes" from caucus members."

Democrats with an eye on 2004 step up criticism of terror war  7/5/02 Navy Times: "She noted the primary map contributes to that approach by potential candidates, with voters in Iowa and New Hampshire — especially Democratic women — more susceptible to arguments against the war. The primary calendar then leads them to South Carolina, where black voters — who also have expressed concerns — are a key group."

Thursday  7/4/02

Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials on McKinney  7/4/02 GABEO News 

Wednesday  6/26/02

Davis ousts Hilliard  6/26/02 Birmingham News: "The 12-county 7th District, joining Birmingham with the rural Black Belt, has a 62 percent black population. Hilliard was the first black elected to Congress from Alabama since Reconstruction… Hilliard tapped veterans of the civil rights movement for his support. But Davis, who holds two degrees from Harvard University, appealed to white voters and bypassed the traditional black power structure by cobbling together his own network."

Tuesday  6/25/02

Farrakhan, Jesse and Arafat  6/25/02 NNPA 

Thursday  6/20/02

Name recognition, getting black vote big challenges for Majette in her bit to unseat McKinney  6/20/02 Atlanta Journal Constitution 

Tuesday  6/18/02

With pro-Israeli funding, candidates put reps. Hilliard, McKinney in run-offs  6/18/02 Final Call 

Sunday  6/16/02

Florida Town Hall Meeting Stresses Strategy for Black Voters: “Organize, Organize, Organize”  6/16/02 Black Press USA: en el corazon del monstro - "“We must mobilize, know your rights, stay mad, and keep that fire. If you know a brother that’s not registered, call him out. Organize and organize and organize,” says Andrew Gillum, a coordinator of the “Arrive With Five” campaign that turned out record voter participation in the 2000 election. “We won’t be tricked again.” The comments were made at a packed town hall meeting in Duval County, where an estimated 26,000 votes – largely cast by Black people - were discarded because of antiquated voting machines in the 2000 presidential race between George Bush and Al Gore."

Thursday  6/6/02

Mideast Fuels 2 Democratic Primaries  6/6/02 Washington Post: African Americans are told to toe the line: "While Hilliard and McKinney have come under attack for several reasons, both of their opponents have seized on their foreign policy positions to question the lawmakers' judgment and to tap campaign contributions from Jewish donors."

Thursday  5/30/02

Election Fraud - Connect The Dots  5/30/02 Buzzflash: wonders never cease - "Of the two political operatives hired, one is a former employee of the Voting Integrity Project, which ran the disputed purging of Florida voter rolls of alleged felons during the 2000 election, and the other is a former senior counsel for the Center for Equal Opportunity, an organization that has been sharply critical of preferential affirmative action policies. They will be part of a voting-rights task force Ashcroft announced last year, to be headed by a political appointee."

Saturday  5/25/02

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Feels Vindicated  5/25/02 Black Press USA: “There was adequate warning. There were people who failed to act on the warning. And that’s what ought to be investigated,” she said March 25 on KPFA-FM, a radio station in Berkely, Calif. “What did this administration know and when did it know it about the events of Sept. 11? Who else knew and why did they not warn the innocent people of New York who were needlessly murdered?” On the radio show, McKinney said former President Bush, the president’s father, sits on the board of the Carlyle Group, among America’s largest defense contractors, and that the Bush family stood to benefit as the president called for and received a $40 billion defense-spending budget through fiscal year 2003. The five-term congresswoman and member of the House International Relations and Armed Services committees was excoriated in editorials and by liberal and conservative columnists for her charges."

Monday  5/20/02

Activists Pull Black Agenda from the Shadow of Sept. 11 Attacks  5/20/02 Black Press USA: "Domestic issues that were muted by the September 11 terrorist attacks are being pushed to the forefront as the fall elections approach, say activists and political observers who are gearing up voting and public policy campaigns."

Friday  5/17/02

Defending Cynthia McKinney  5/17/02 Counterpunch 

Terrorist Warnings by Rep. Cynthia McKinney  5/17/02 Counterpunch 

Monday  5/6/02

Public Reaction to Rep. McKinney’s Call for 9-11 Investigation Quashes Intended Media Massacre  5/6/02 From the Wilderness: a list of what McKinney actually said, none of which has been denied, all of which add up to massive flashing danger signals.

Saturday  4/13/02

McKinney draws fire for Bush remarks  4/13/02 Atlanta Journal Constitution: how much of 9-11 was orchestrated, like the alleged murder of demonstrators outside of Chavez' presidential palace in Caracas? The oil boys tried to pass these off as the work of Chavez when it seems at least 6 of his supporters were killed. Texbook CIA action.

Friday  4/12/02

McKinney implies Bush knew of Sept. 11 plot  4/12/02 Atlanta Journal 

Rep. McKinney Accuses Bush of Profiting From 9/11  4/12/02 Fox News 

Monday  12/10/01

Fighting For The Right To Vote  12/10/01 Black Enterprise: "Legislators react to confirmation that African Americans were denied fair chance to cast ballots in presidential election" - and the Voting Right Act expires in 2007, after which African Americans loose the right to vote, which is embodied in a temporary Act, not in the law.

Thursday  11/29/01

Who Won?  11/29/01 Shepherd Express 

Tuesday  11/27/01

A Year Later, It’s Still a Sham  11/27/01 NY Observer: Election 2000…

Thursday  11/15/01

Not That It Was Reported, but Gore Won  11/15/01 Newsday: "But as the consortium found when it actually looked at the overvotes, one often could tell what the voter's intent was. Many of the overvotes involved, for example, a voter punching the hole next to a candidate's name, and then writing in the same candidate's name. Since the intent of the voter is clear, these are clearly valid votes under Florida law. And Gore picked up enough of such votes that it almost didn't matter what standard you used when looking at undervotes - whether you counted every dimple or insisted on a fully punched chad, the consortium found that Gore ended up the winner of virtually any full reexamination of rejected ballots."

Tuesday  11/13/01

Florida Black Ballots Affected Most in 2000  11/13/01 Washington Post 

Monday  11/12/01

Gore's Victory  11/12/01 Consortium News: In other words, the elite media’s judgment is in: "Bush won, get over it." Only "Gore partisans" – as both the Washington Post and the New York Times called critics of the official Florida election tallies – would insist on looking at the fine print. While that was the tone of coverage in these leading news outlets, it’s still a bit jarring to go outside the articles and read the actual results of the statewide review of 175,010 disputed ballots. “Full Review Favors Gore,” the Washington Post said in a box on page 10, showing that under all standards applied to the ballots, Gore came out on top. The New York Times' graphic revealed the same outcome.

Florida Recount Media Critique (1): Gore Wins, Media Lies (Yet Again)  11/12/01 

Monday  10/29/01

Cynthia McKinney’s Last Stand  10/29/01 National Review: "As for Ms. McKinney's suggestion that "many" Americans don't want to hear what African-Americans have to say about foreign policy — this idea is simultaneously arrogant, offensive, and moronic (a trifecta!)."

It's Wrong to Deny the Needy  10/29/01 Washington Post: Black Caucus member McKinney defends herself: "In my three-page letter to Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a longtime friend of America, I expressed my disappointment with New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's refusal of a $10 million donation that would have helped the victims of the Sept. 11 tragedies. I asked the prince to direct the $10 million to American charities outside the mayor's control, and I specifically suggested that he direct his charity toward poor blacks who sleep on the street in the shadows of our nation's Capitol.As a result of my letter, I have been condemned by the Anti-Defamation League. I have been attacked as an anti-Semite. All this despite my support of the War Powers Resolution and my long-standing voting record in support of Israel....I am heartened by those who have defended my right to speak. A large group of ministers and civic activists in my district held a news conference in support of my right to speak my mind. Two Jewish organizations that support my right to speak are Not in My Name and Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel.... Why such a negative reaction to my letter? [when many leading politicians have been pointing out the need to deal wiht the Israel Palestine issue] I believe that when it comes to major foreign policy issues, many prefer to have black people seen and not heard."

Thursday  10/18/01

Rep. Cynthia McKinney On Dissent And Her Letter To Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal  10/18/01 Black Electorate: "In the FBI's own words, its counterintelligence program (COINTELPRO) had as a goal, "to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize" the activities of black organizations and to prevent black "leaders from gaining respectability." And instead of real leaders, COINTELPRO offers us hand-picked "court priests" who are more loyal to the plan than to he people. Court priests who preach peace, peace when there is no peace."As you can see, the statistics are very grim for Black America. Although your offer was not accepted by Mayor Giuliani, I would like to ask you to consider assisting Americans who are in dire need right now. I believe we can guide your generosity to help improve the state of Black America and build better lives.

Friday  12/1/00

What was Al Sharpton doing in Cuba?  12/1/00 AfroCubaWeb 

Sunday  10/29/00

Blacks vs. Jews: It's About Who Gets The Money Stupid!  10/29/00 Black Press International: "Israel's battle against the Palestinian uprising has put the United States and Israel at odds with Arabs and many Muslim and Third World nations sympathizers. There is concern among people of color that the U.S. is tilted strongly toward Israel, not sufficiently sympathetic to Arabs. This issue is testing African-American attitudes regarding preferences and our interests."

Friday  2/18/00

Gore, Bradley court African-American vote as they ready for Apollo debate  2/18/00 CNN 

Monday  6/1/92

The Family That Preys Together  6/1/92 Covert Action Quarterly: history of the Bush family.

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